Monday, 30 April 2012

Judo tactics in the War of The Roses.

Johnathan Kay wrote a book debunking in a very logical very intellectual way, conspiracy theories in the west.  His comments can be heard here.   Evidently its ok for Syrians or people in "that kind of a closed society" to believe that THEIR government is less than honorable, but here in the west, where we have an open and independent media, its a preposterous concept.   Basically, its nothing more than
"theres nothing to see here folks, there is nothing behind the curtain to see, just move along and believe what you are told."  ANY thought regarding reality, that is anything other that what we are told by our government and/or our media sources, is silly nonsense.  One can't even inspect or research any ideas other than mainstream, because to do so is wacked-out idiocy.  To entertain ideas  other than mainstream, IS other than mainstream, and that can only be categorized as loony.  Insane.  Mal-adjusted irrational unbalanced unhealthy conspiracy theories.  
I have posted a lot of thoughts here in the past few years.  A lot of things that amateurs have tried to debunk, and others have tried to discredit me for.  Ok, more than tried.  Just giving to  others what I have posted here  to READ is enough to discredit me in some circles.   To believe what I have written and purport to believe is evidence enough  for 99.999% of people in America today.   Most of the stuff I've written about is easily debunked, for people that want to debunk it.   For non-believers that is.  As I have stated on numerous occasions building seven was the lynchpin of paradigm shifts for me, and there is no government or media evidence to change my mind regarding it.  At least none that I have seen.   And anyone who knows me knows that I too poo-poohed 9-11 conspiracy theories up until just a few years ago.   Vehemently. The evidence and facts surrounding building seven at ground zero, things like  the BBC reporter reporting building seven has collapsed on live tv, while building seven still stood in the background in her video report, make it insane FOR ME, to believe that what we were told, is the truth.  You can't look at the evidence and conclude, UNLESS YOU WANT TO BELIEVE WHAT YOU WERE TOLD, that it was in fact, truth.
As with most conspiracy theorists, my train of thinking evolved from the "well if they lied to us about (X), then what ELSE are they lying to us about???   Once you stick your  head down the proverbial rabbit hole, there really is no turning back. All bets are off and everything is open to inspection and re-thinking.  
I have written on false flags, 9-11,  and eeeeevil conspiracies of all types sizes and origins.   A few who read my opinions, out of the few who actually do, have attempted to debunk with easily googled-retorts.  It didnt work.  They went back to their corner of reality where everything is as they  believe and are told it is, and I went back to my reality of "holy frick.  what IF....."  
In the video debate (C-SPAN) that I linked above, webster tarpley detailed WHY the conspiracy theory of 9-11 isn't as preposterous as people think it is.  BUT, it won't matter.   It is so very hard to flip that switch that changes EVERYTHING in one's life.   Everything.  Trust me, I know.  Its safer and cozier in la-la land, where one does and believes what they are told, where life is as its always been. 
I am writing this here and now because my beliefs and my posts here, are going to be used in an attempt to discredit me, as a father and as a rational thinking human being.   
In typical mob mentality fashion, presenting what I write and believe, and then saying ANYTHING one feels like saying, makes what they are saying more credible, and me less so.   "lookit what he wrote here!!! THEN he said and did........"
See how it works?   
I'm BEGGING for this to be brought up, and in case you didn't notice, my mind is a veritable cornucopia of information,  filled with a zillion lit wires and lightbulbs pointing  in a zillion different directions, yet all somehow connected.  I DARE you to bring this up.  I don't need google or wikileaks to respond to questions or accusations, the magazine is locked and loaded and ready to go.   And so am I.
You won't listen to the interviews on the link I posted here, because there is facebook to update and angry birds to play and dancing with the stars to watch.   So yet again, you don't know what you're getting into.   All you know is what you are told.  
Yeah yeah yeah.  You still think I'M the crazy one.  Lemme ax you sumtin. 
What religion do you belong to?  I mean, what church, denomination, or sub-demonination do you belong to? 
Christianity?  Catholic? Evangelical?
So you believe that a 40 somethin year old man was bethrothed to a 15 year old girl, the girl became miraculously preggers, the old man bought the story, because of a visit from a magical being in a dream?   The baby grew up to perform miracles and teach people about God in the sky?  He also talked about, and TO, so called "demonic" beings affecting and inhabiting other peoples??  That he was killed than he came back to life and walked around for 40 days and then was whisked up into the sky???    That the earth is supposedly only 6 or so thousand years old, and that The God who is the father of the baby born under miraculous circumstances made EVERYTHING in 6 days!?!?!?!?!?    That 2 people named adam and eve were the beginning of human beings on earth, and of their first two offspring, one killed the other??????   WHO did they breed with to populate the earth????  Why did adam cry out to The God because he was scared of WHO was outside the garden,  when The God ordered him out of the garden of eden???  Who WHO?!?!?  He and his wife were the only ones around!!!
YOU subscribe to THAT, and you call ME, crazy?  Or is it because you don't believe EVERYTHING about the church or religious denomination you belong to.  You BELONG to it, but you pick and choose what you believe about it.  Or more likely, you don't THINK about what it is you purport to believe in.  You hold a general "god is a nice benovolent Uncle-kinda guy in the sky who we turn to when we need a raise or a vacation or cancer cured or when buildings get hit by planes".     You know,  god.  You know, what EVERYBODY believes in about god.  What won't get you ostracised or laughed at or criticized or banned from facebook.  
You may go to a church and go through the motions and hope for the best and even DO your pretty close to good enough, best.  Most catholics under 50 or 60 have NEVER believed in the catholic church's stance on birth control, or even sex for that matter.  Yet they remained catholics.  I guess they(we) knew better than the designers of the faith.  Or at least that denomination. 
Huh.   You came to a different conclusion than what you were told.  By officials.   I suspect its because sex feels so dammed good and it CAN'T be something a uncle-kinda-guy-in-the-sky-we-turn-to would EVER label a BAD thing, right???  So we came to a different conclusion because it affected us so dammed personally.  And it feels so good. 
Amazing what influences our decisions. 
We can't take shampoo or bottled water on an airplane, for our safety. We  have to take our shoes off and have your naked body viewed by less than professional, officials of the government, for our safety.  Pretty soon, as per statements and proclomations by official homeland security officials, we are ALL going to be subjected to intrusive extreme levels of inspection, to enter shopping malls and bus terminals and sports arenas..........all in the name of our safety. 
And all of this is because of 9-11.  Yet to link the idiocy of the former with the latter, is considered lunacy.  Kinda like virgin birth stories and angel and demon stories, heyna?  Its a good thing homeland security doesn't outlaw sex.  THEN the enlightment would begin in earnest in this country.
So we moderate our beliefs.  A little of this, a little of that..........and we have OUR faith.  At least one that we can kinda sometimes unless it interferes with our goals, adhere to.  
Oh, you don't have a faith?  At least not one lumped into a major religion category?
Oh, you're one of the really enlightened folks, arentcha??
The faith of goodness of people or at least, SMART people.  The ones who sit around big wooden tables on sunday mornings sipping coffee and discussing enlightened ideas. 
Doesn't matter.  One cancer diagnosis usually turns enlightened believers in the goodness of mankind, into pretty strong believers in a good uncle in the sky, god religion. 
Doesn't matter.  Pick a religion.  ANY religion.   Muhammed married a 9 year old.  Waited till she was 12 to have sex with her, but he married her when she was in 2nd grade.  (oh fer cryin out loud you KNOW what I mean).  Buddha named his son garbage.  And Buddah never claimed to be anyone or anything.  It'd be like naming Dick Clark a god and studying all of his wonderful philosophies, if he had any.  Point is, Dick Clark never claimed to be a god. 
Pick a religion any religion, and I can pick it apart for you believing in it.
And if you are an atheist, then you're the stupid-est of the bunch, because to not believe in anything, is the stupid-est belief of all.  Yeah, humans are a hundred zillion years old and we haven't wiped ourselves out yet.  The 6,000 year old scenario seems more realistic when you look at how we seem so hell-bent on destroying each other. 6,000 years seems to be a stretch of the imagination when it comes to humans allowing other humans to exist on earth.  Oldest civilization on earth is the Chinese, and they ENSLAVE their citizens.  
Yeah.  Evolution.  Thats it.

So there you have it.  You're as crazy as I am, maybe moreso.  Or, you don't even really know what it is you believe about what you believe.  At least I know and can talk about what I believe.  Most of you would never state what it is you believe, for moderations sake.  To not offend or appear to be an extremist.  To not stand out. I'm not like you.  
We (you) live for what we (you) are told to live for.  The weekend.  Vacations.    Holidays that are for "families getting together".   Retirement at the end of the long green line.   Or our children. 
Sounds reasonable. And of course we go to church sometimes  and pray when its 4th and goal and like I said, when we get a cancer diagnosis. 

There is nothing crazier in what I have posted here, about anything, than there is about the so called faith you so called believe in.   The only difference is, I know more about both what I have written about, and what you supposedly believe in.  And I dont have a church full of like minded believers to hide behind.   Not on some of the so called conspiracy  stuff. 

Use the momentum of your opponents actions to defeat him.  Use what HE does, to defeat him.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Dazed and Confused

Opinions are like………well…….you know.  And everybody has them. 

What if they’re ALL wrong!?  Not just the ones you disagree with, I mean ALL of them!?  Even   (GASP!) yours?   I have linked a video of Judge  Andrew  Napolitano in a previous post, in which he talked along this very subject  line.  What IF…… in, “what IF everything you believed, (in this case, about America), was wrong”?  Now you can claim the Judge was as wacked out as you claim I am, and he  having been fired from the much respected, much  maligned Foxnews, you think you’d have a case there.  But  you’d be wrong about that too.   I believe he was fired, because he was one of the very few people who GOT it right, or correct, as the case may be.  Can’t have revolutionary nonsense like that on something so mainstream a  (yankee doodle dandy Veteran-supporting-pro-apple pie-and-drone-attack-backers that they are) network like Foxnews, now can we???

   I’m going to dumb down his version of my thoughts, or verse-vice-a.

  What IF, America wasn’t all you believed it was?  What IF, WE weren’t the “good” guys in the world? What IF, voting was as useless an endeavor as placing a smoke alarm on top of the pile of rubble at ground zero on 9-12??? 

I read some opinions in the newspaper today, regarding the current elections to be held in Pa.  The writers stated how their guy, was just what was needed, to FINALLY get Washington D.C. “back on track”, or to make lollypops grow on trees or to make Unicorns out of groundhogs, or some such ridiculous fantasy.  I can’t believe that people STILL believe that “if we just elect the right guy or gal, THEN we will set this country “back on track”.  I know, I know, all politics are local, and all perception is even more local, or anecdotal, as the case may be.  What is  one man’s  American Rockwell Utopia, is another (African-American’s) “can’t drink out of their water fountain or  ride on their bus”, hell on earth.   Same exact time period, same exact country, but two very different opinions.  Both right, both wrong.  Just depends on which one you ask for the definition. 

People thought JFK was THE guy to get this country back on track.  Back on the track that his predecessor,  Dwight David Eisenhower, warned quite alarmingly, that we have swerved completely off the rails. (read Eisenhower’s farewell speech to America.  It’ll open your eyes) Well, it seems that someone disagreed with the notion of JFK being the end all be all for this nations re-allignment programs, as it were.  Oh I KNOW, more conspiracy nonsense from a conspiracy nut.   Well here’s what I DO know, and not just suspect.     There was a CIA plan called Operation Northwoods, where American military troops and CIA operatives, were to be used to attack specific neighborhoods in the Miami, Fla area, while masquerading as Cuban military force members.  This was to be done, according to official CIA documents, to stir up support for an invasion of Cuba, and a coup of the Castro regime there.   Well, JFK said Ixnay to the CIA’s plan, and not only that, but he said double Ixnay to sending troops into Vietnam, because he felt it wasn’t a war or conflict that the united states of America had any business being involved with.  The military industrial complex, which by the by Eisenhower mentioned specifically as THE greatest threat this nation faced,  had a completely different opinion regarding Vietnam, and soon after JFK was killed by one crazed lone gunman for crazy reasons we will never know,  Kennedy’s successor LBJ said “sure, why NOT?” to sending advisors, arms, equipment  and eventually, 56,000 americans to their graves there.    But the economy sure perked up with all war stuff that needed making, didn’t it?  Now only a crazy conspiracy theorist would EVER connect dots between a sitting president disagreeing to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars,  with what the immediately previous sitting president called “the greatest threat this nation faces”, and said sitting president getting assassinated, but hey, that’s just the way I think.  SMART people think it was one lone wack-job for wacky reasons shooting said president……….

Back to the future, and   the current senate races in Pa.  So we STILL have people who believe “if ONLY we could get the right guy in office…….”   And they believe it with all their heart, soul, and minds.    Are they wrong, or just misguided? 

Here’s what they’re wrong about.     America.  Voting.   Believing that they have a choice, or that supposed choice makes ANY difference at all.    Young voters in particular believe they  have a choice.  They are all kinds of supportive for Ron Paul in the presidential race, but like I told every Ron Paul supporter I’ve talked to in the past year or two, your choice and enthusiasm won’t amount to anything at all.  Ron Paul isn’t going to win the nomination, because as Lindsay Williams stated 18 months ago, before all the hyped up pseudo drama of the republican primary race, “Mitt Romney is the chosen republican nominee”.   18 months ago.  Having read heard and understood that fact 18 months ago, it made the idiocy of the political pundits who hand wrung every possible bit of false drama they could out of the so called primary so called elections, crystal stinking clear.   It was laughable to the point of being heartbreaking.    While watching the "race" unfold, the obviousness of the grand illusion and everything that went with it, was crystal-obvious-clear .    Everything I had believed in and held dear, was shown to me to be a disgusting murderous lie.  

The Gulf of Tonkin.

Ever heard of that?  It was a false flag operation, like operation northwoods, except it was “allowed” (that means unlike JFK, LBJ gave it his stamp of presidential approval) to be a successful operation.   It was executed with perfection to the point that it was THE event that got congress at least, behind the effort  that was necessary to defeat those damn commies in the region there.   False flags are historically designed to muster up patriotism and vengeance of the people of a nation against a supposed perpetrating nation.  The Gulf of Tonkin incident hardly drummed up the masses here in America, but it was sufficient to get congress and a seemingly skeptical media enough in line to move forward with the militarization of VietNam.   For those of you who haven’t googled it yet, the gulf Of Tonkin incident was where U.S. Naval ships supposedly were (without provocation or cause), attacked by forces from the peoples republic of North Vietnam.   Except that in 2004, while speaking at Harvard University, Robert McNamara (then U.S. sec. of defense) admitted publicly that it was in fact a false flag event.  In other words, a lie, by the military industrial complex, and it was THE reason we had to get involved in Vietnam, militarily.  Do you SEE how easy it is to be a “conspiracy theorist”?  Almost as easy as believing your political party is the good one.  The one with america’s best interests at heart.   It takes more effort to NOT come to these conclusions.  And we all know Americans are about nothing if not minimal effort. 

So what does this mean?  So what, incidents from half a generation ago.  So what?    Well, unless Dwight David Eisenhower’s warning came with the caveat “oh, and you don’t have to worry beyond the year 1999, because by then the military industrial complex will go away by design…….”  You HAVE to assume, conspiracy theorist or not, that the same people/ powers that be, will not stop doing what they have been caught doing, even WITH some silly congressional proclamation demanding as much.  Unless you’re a trusting political party member Farmville mafiawars zombie apocalypse hero goofball,  it means you HAVE to think about it.  Or not.  I understand what it means to be trusting.   Unless and until it is a story on Nightline or GMA or NBC nightly news, its not REAL.  Because we trust.  We believe. 

Falsely.  Fatally, falsely, and in perpetuity.  

So how far down the rabbit hole does this story go?  Well for most, the story ends at the rim of the hole, and they stand above scoffing and ridiculing anything contained therein.  That’s the easy, reasonable way to deal with troubling information. 

I saw an interview by foxnews of a navy seal sniper.  Not just any sniper, but the sniper with more recorded documented verified kills than any other American sniper.   He was asked why, in his book, did he call the people he was about to or did kill, “savages”. His reply was, “because they were.  Because of their actions".   I understand that its easier to pull the trigger on a human being if you believe hes not a human being, but merely some lesser, say 2/3rds of a human, humanoid.   But this much I do know.  It is and was a war that once again, we had no right to be involved with, and the people we killed wholesale, had their country invaded and occupied unjustly (if there is such a thing as a just war), and by God if some other nation invaded and set up camp in MY nation, I’d surely be cataloged by them, as a “savage”.  But hey, WE’RE the good guys.  We’re the American military!   We don’t kill innocents…….um, well sometimes, but if that dammed traitor Julian Assange hadn’t leaked the video from that traitor American corporal, the guilty parties would STILL be free…………um….well….the guilty helicopter pilots who killed civilians like bugs or aliens  on a computer game, ARE free and uncharged, while the eeeeeeeevil peon of an army cpl, is locked up and forever disgraced, with the help even of the American media.    Yeah, and we’re the good guys.    The whole war in Iraq was supposedly because saddam Hussein was involved with 9-11.   SOME say 9-11 was the false flags of false flag events.  I say it wasn’t.   THAT one, is coming up, soon.  There are some estimates that place the number of Iraqi citizens killed by American soldiers, to be at least, a million.   For a war that we never should have started in the first place.  In a place we never should have been in. 

  Even the republican conservative Floyd R. Turbos are beginning to question what the heck we’re doing in Afghanistan.   We need a REAL war, with the support of the American people behind it!!!!!  No more fence sittin next time, we need solidarity!!!   (look out Iran, the military industrial complex has you squarely in its sights, and they ain’t kidding around this time.  )  The Chinese Lithium miners in Afghanistan are pretty safe, for the most part.  The grumblings of the American taxpayers are getting louder and louder, and at some point, the American  military escort for Chinese miners, is going to come to an end.  

Today, I was listening to  Dr. Tony Evans on the radio, and he was talking about “being a good Godly voter in the upcoming elections”.   Again, another perfect example of everyone getting it wrong.    A Godly voter???  Really?   What exactly does a godly voter, vote for?   A Godly candidate?  You mean Like George W Bush!?  The conservative evangelical right was all behind Bush in the last election he was in, and they stood holding their noses behind McCain in the election after that.   Because Bush had the title of “saved”, a TRUE believer in Jesus, the voting right stood lockstep behind him.  And, I was one of them doing so.    THE issue to most evangelicals, is the abortion situation in America today.  Their hope and prayer is to outlaw abortion in this country, but to believe that is going to happen, is idiocy, not just silly.   This nation, the one that the evangelicals believe can be brought back to its right standing in God’s sight, is instead (in my opinion), about to be judged by the same god, for what we really are.  Not for what evangelicals BELIEVE this country is, it is going to be laid waste, for what “conspiracy theorists” understand it to be.  The evil it is.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe Mary the 2nd grade teacher or Joe the garbage truck driver is evil,  but America the beautiful, is evil at its heart, its organizational core.  The marys and the joes are just deceived into believing its all sunshine and lollypops and spreading democracy with drones is a good thing.  And all that.

Christians, wake up.  America isn’t what you believe it is.  Let me ask you something.  At what point in biblical history did people EVER get it “right”?   Did people get it right when Noah was building his ark??  Did the king and his soldiers get it right while hiding from Goliath as he boasted and dared to challenge him?   Did Pharoh get it right when Moses tried to explain it to him?   Did the Jews themselves get it right when Moses tried to explain it to THEM????  Lets just let em wander around the desert for 40 MORE years and see if THAT works…………    Did the apostles get it right when Jesus told them he had to be taken away and killed?   Did Saul get it right when his greatest passion was to persecute and kill believers!?!?!?     Pontius  Pilate was one of the few who got it right. “ This man did nothing wrong, I wash my hands of the whole affair. “     

The Jewish scholars, who studied the Torah like we study Dancing with the Stars nowadays, KNEW what God’s word said, yet they couldn’t be more wrong,  even and especially when God was standing right in front of them.  

Getting it wrong is what we do.   

Conservative Christians now champion the cause of the nation of Israel, even though mocking Jesus publicly is as popular there as fighting in soccer stadiums is to the English.  We have it wrong.  About pretty much everything, and we don’t have a lot of time to get it straightened out.   And now Americans champion America, because we believe, we KNOW, that America is GOOD.  

And we have it all wrong. 

We have been deceived, deliberately and magnificently.    Biblical history is littered with cases of the majority of people getting it wrong, and those who point that out, usually got killed for mentioning as much. 

Heres your homework assignment for the rest of your life.  Go find out how many of the disciples lived to be grand old men bouncing their grandchildren on their knees while sitting on rocking chairs outside their Villas.  Then go find out how many were crucified, beheaded, stoned to death (the bad kind), and burned alive, for being followers of “The Way”.   What we think is good, is usually opposite what God has shown us it is, time and time again, throughout history. 

This time is no exception.