Sunday, 29 March 2009

Let the Dead Bury the Dead........

Know who said that?
It happens to be my favorite Bible verse.
I know, I know.............most people pick warm and fluffy verses about love and peace and kindness and all.
To those of you who are scared or turned off by bible verses..............tuff.

Do you wonder what makes one news stories worth reporting over another? I do. Too much, perhaps. The big story of the past week or so was the AIG bonuses, which totaled around a hundred and sixty million dollars of taxpayer monies. Thats a lotta money, but it pales by comparison to how much of AIG's bailout (taxpayer) money was given to foreign banks. U.S. taxpayer money, given to banks in countries including France, Germany, and England totaled 50 BILLION. With a b.b.b.b.b.b.b.b..b B.
dont believe me? Read for yourself.
Yet here in the land of the free, we have rallies and protests and all kinds of outrages on EVERY network and comments by every half witted radio "personality" (you know, the crazy morning drive folks on the radio who are never too bashful to show us how little they understand about the world they live in....) All these media types are getting everybody all worked up over a hundred and sixty MILLION dollars being given to AIG execs, when congress not only KNEW about those bonuses, they specifically APPROVED them, before the money was given to AIG.
Can you say slight of hand? Can you say " keep your eye on the cup, and tell me which cup has the REAL story underneath it"?? If theres outrage to be directed in ANY direction, its towards congress, Secretary Geithner, and President Obama, who ALL knew exactly of the details of those bonuses ahead of time, and gave them and AIG, their blessings. But no, we channel our outrage towards the recipients of the money, not those responsible for the money ending up there.
THAT, doesnt add up.

Then theres Fargo North Dakota. Its under just barely unfrozen water right now, and its the story of the week, this week. Nothing against Fargo ND, (even though I've been there) but I hardly think that
A: its been a slow news week, or
B: Fargo ND being underwater is something that the nation is on the edge of its seat over.
But you wouldnt know that by watching, listening to, or reading what the media types are focused on. No offense to Fargo-ians, but as Fargo goes,......................., well, the nation doesnt even know about it.

So what does this all mean?
I think we as a nation and a culture have become people who are told what matters, and whats important, as opposed to bothering or caring enough to find out (pay attention) for and by ouselves.
Who has time? Its much easier to read or listen/watch for 60 seconds to what "professional" news people have figured out for us.
My thats an awfully trusting philosophy. Especially so of a media that has earned nothing but deserved mistrust. And its across the board, not limited to outlets that lean in one way or another, philisophically or politically. CNN, ABC, FOX, MSNBC, the whole lot of em.

Do you know what new and improved laws and programs your congress has passed while you were so attentive to the unfortunate North Dakota residents? Do you know what ELSE besides what was passed in the past week, they are considering passing into law, next?
You should, because what they are doing, is going to change how you (and especially your KIDS) will live your and their lives.
Really, really important stuff, and its not being covered, because of the oh-so-important flood in Fargo, N.D. Center stage is a town that most people only know exists because of a movie title from years past. (no, thats NOT an exagguration)

REgarding the new laws and bill passages, no, I'm NOT going to tell you.
I want you to think, not be directed by me. Go find out for yourself.

But the next time a commuter plane crashes near Ogden Utah, or a tornado touches down in Trailer Park, Alabama, ask yourself "what ELSE is going on right now?" Why THIS story, at this time?
Learn to do that. For your own sake.

Jesus was walking with His disciples when one of them pointed out a funeral procession in the distance. "master, should we go and tend to the greiving relatives of the dead person?" (my paraphrase)

"Let the dead bury the Dead", was Jesus' response.

Pay attention to what really matters, was His response.
Sometimes what you are focused on, is not whats most important, was His response.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Ignorance is Bliss

Not so much.
Its not easy being Ignorant. Trust me. Especially nowadays.
I've been told I cant understand the Nuances of what our Genius of a president has to say, because, well, I'm just not bright enough to "get it".
Take giggling on camera, while discussing the mess that is our current economy. I dont get it. "Gallows humor..." was the definition Obama gave "60 minutes" interviewer Steve Kroft. Gallows humor, huh? Sounds lame, but then again, I'm just a dope.
It seems Youtube yanked videos containing the Giggling Chief Executive. Kinda ironic that they would do that on the same day China announced that Youtube would henceforth be considered Website Non-Gratia in their country. I could yak for an hour on that coincidence, but I'll leave it for you smarter types to contemplate on your own.
I would define "gallows humor", as Reagan telling the EMT just after he'd been shot, "Tell my wife I'm sorry that I forgot to duck". Or when he was being wheeled into an operating room because of said gunshot (as a sitting republican president), he commented: "I hope the doctor's a republican".
THATS, gallows humor.
What we all witnessed on 60 minutes the other night, was frightening.
But, frightening is as frightening does.
You smart types might want to check why someone in his position would giggle at a time like this, in a setting like that. I'd bet the house that there aren't too many psychological experts (outside of malibu California) that would say its a good thing for him to be giggling like that. Sure wish I knew someone who had at least a FEW college psycological courses to explain all this to me. (ok, thats a dig. So sue me)
This president, has taken this (cant mention it enough) "inherited economy", and greased the proverbial firepole in order to fast track all of his ideological programs and agendas.
never waste a good crisis is something we're hearing more and more these days, and it seems that those saying it, are serious about the philosophy.

Without even allowing those who vote on these new programs, to READ what's in them, he shoves them through with the nuanced battle cry;
So much for nuance. Seems to be the m.o. of this administration. They should probably add, "before anyone finds out what the HELL is in here!!!" to their battle cry, too. We "needed" the Porkulus bill passed immediately, without allowing a single voting house and/or senate member any time at all to read what was in the bill. That makes sense. After all, its a crisis and all. Gotta move NOW!!! (um, on a bill that most of the monies contained therein wont even be spent until AFTER 2010. yeah. I know, doesn't add up)
But thats old news. We have new crisees to deal with. Like The new (you dont REALLY need to vote on this thing) Budget, and Cap and Trade. You know, "how to fix the global climate crisis, by taxing carbon dioxide production". This one DOES add up, from a liberal perspective. Most of the time, taxing an activity usually criples or kills said activity, depending on the rate of government While the Harvard giggling genius has stated that there are "details that need to be out", we need to PASS IT NOW!!!!! or......................compete and total disaster will be the result. You know, more nuance.
I'm beginning to see a pattern develop here. "We know what to do, but not exactly what to do yet, but you gotta give us the authority to do whateverthehell we come up with as a solution, when we come up with it." Or else.
Gotta have more money spent than ALL the money thats been previously spent in the history of our nation combined, in order to "fix" our economy, and its being said with straight faces.
Gotta have control over the banks, cuz the banks just cant be trusted.
Gotta have control over private corporations, cuz they can't be trusted.
Heaven forbid they might give out bonuses out that we knew about ahead of time, (but didnt do anything to prevent) so we gotta be in control." Or something like that. I told you I was a dope, and I'm sure someone smart like Keith Oberman can understand it better.
To Regular dopes like me, Last nights speech was confusing, at best. Boringly scary, at worst.
Lines like "we need to seriously invest in the investing of our nation, before theres no more investing to be invested in, so investments are necessary to prevent a lack of investability. For the investments.
Ok, I paraphrased. I probably left out an "invest" or three, but its not too far off what was said, and HE was serious when he said it.
And not a ONE "reporter" (of the bloggers who were given permission to ask questions) bothered to question him on the "investment" thingy, or anything else of imortance.
Regarding the line of reporters, and who was allowed to ask questions last night, did anyone else find it strange that not one question was taken from a member of the "too big to fail" print media? You know, folks like the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, that sort of thing? I would think if they're so important so as to require taxpayer funding to save their financial arses, the least he could have done was to call on one of em.
Instead, we had "representatives of "the politico" and other bloggers who were given the floor to do their best. The upside was, one got Obama's ire aroused (a gold star for him). Disdain and contempt, too. Geniuses dont like to be questioned, and This One especialy so.
I guess its ok to giggle at others expense, or at their lot in life (special olympic types), but dont you DARE question His Geniusness.
Lotsa telling stuff last night, if you had the ears to hear it, which, apparently, not too many media types do.

Obama said in Jan. O8, that his cap and trade plan "would necessarily cause energy prices to spike, and that people would just have to learn to do with less energy", if they couldnt pay the necessary price spikes. Last night in his telepromter conference, Obama said that "we still have to work out the details of the plan, but we need to pass it NOW, for the country's sake". For the EARTH'S sake. Doesnt get much more serious than that. Pay (exponentially) more for your microwaved ravioli, or we all DIE!!!! Well, nancy pelosi will still be able to jet her friends and family back and forth across the Fruited Plains at will (and at taxpayers expense), but you cant have affordable electricity anymore. Sorta like AlGore's bazillion square foot house, preaching to all of us minions how we need to have a smaller footprint on ole mother earth. From his G-8 jet.
You know, the whole "lead by example" thingy that gets the Left all upset whenever a Christian preacher doesnt eat dirt and wear burlap bags for clothes. They point out the hypocricy of all that, but algore somehow "deserves" how he lives. The left knows how WE must live our lives, but they dont consider themselves quite in the same circumstance as us minions. Serfdom is a good thing, for the serfs. (start chanting that now, because it'll take a while to kick in)

On a bad note, Hypocrisy is the least of our worries. We have a president who says we MUST give him all the authority he demands (its for our own good after all) . Even if he doesnt know exactly HOW to fix all these crisees, he surely WILL figure it out eventually, but in the meantime he needs unprecedented authority over previously private institutions and industries.
I say nuh-uh. I say he has to figure out those pesky little details, and figure them out in a way that allows for dopes like me to understand what our government is doing, and why. I say "prove' that carbon dioxide is bad (considering that plants NEED it, and that one eruption of the volcano on the island of Krakatoa produced MORE carbon dioxide in one week, than all the carbon producing man made machines EVER have........................)
I think we need to reseach this eeeevil carbon dioxide thingy a little more. BEFORE we tax the HELL out of Americans to the point where ALL energy is either too expensive to produce, or too regulated to bother producing.
Most of you intelligent types cant even grasp the concept of living in an America where energy (you know, electricity) isnt available. Most intelligent types believe dopes like me to be just dopes, and Chicken Little dopes, to boot. "oh it'll NEVER happen", they smartly say.
I bet there were a boat load of smart peole in Germany saying stuff like that in the 1930's, too.
Right up to the point where the train doors opened.
While there may not be any prisoner train cars being loaded in our country, there ARE programs and plans being put into effect that can drastically change how We The People live our lives.
Drastically. More and more the radicalness of this administration, of this president, becomes evident.
During the campaign, we were told by the smart people that all of those people in Obama's past were irrelevent. That all past and current associations had NOTHING to do with who he was. He was a "centrist" they told us. He would govern us as he SAID he would, with honesty and intelligence and hard work and a chicken in every pot and all. They believed him, for one smart reason or another. They still do. For some smart reason or another. Doesnt matter who he associates with (appoints), doesnt matter the details of his agenda, lets just trust his smartness.
Never mind the giggling.
Or the making fun of the handicapped.
Or even showing up on things like "The Tonight Show"..
Cool presidents do things like that. And thats ok, apparently, with many smart people everywhere.

So he inherited a debt of 1.3 Trillion dollars. Thats a tough position to be (voluntarilly) thrust into, thats for sure.
His plan of escaping that debt??
To multiple the debt. By 9. Like I said, I'm not smart enough to do that kind of math, but on the surface, it doesn't make any mathematical sense.
Not much does anymore.
Up is down and down is up. Ignorance is scary as hell and worrysome, and intelligence seems to be the new place of blind trust and unquestioning, obedient, bliss.

Sure wish I was smart these days.
Well, we could just give him more time, and give his programs more and more control over more and more of our lives, and hope for the best.
Just don't do what I did. Dont read about Saul Olinsky, Noah Chompsky or Jerimiah Wright or Bill Ayers or Cass Sunstein or ANYBODY associated with Barrack Obama.
Cuz it just wont add up in a Blissful kinda way.

I suggest you get ignorant like me, and wake the hell up, before its too late.
And tell your smart friends that its time to jettison the bliss for some good old fashioned common sense.
Go join in on a tea party somewhere.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

so many words, so little time...........

Talk about not addin up.
Tuesday night, on the local news, the weather-person informs all the good viewers that the Space Shuttle Discovery will be visible to us at around 7:40 pm, traveling in the clear sky from west to east.
Neato. I've seen it before on previous launches. It looks like a normally bright star, traveling smoothly and quickly across the sky.
Not this night.
What I can best describe as double or triple the intensity of a commercial jet aircraft landing lights (viewed from the front) streaked across the sky. While watching it with my kids, I commented that it was unbelieveably bright for such a small object, 200+ miles above the earth. Much brighter than the other times I viewed it. Grabbing my large-alien spotting binoculars, I looked at it through them, but that just made it like looking directly into a car's oncoming headlights. Maybe even halogen ones.
Oh well no biggee. 7:42, space shuttle was right on schedule.

um............except when I checked the NASA records, and about a hundred (ok TEN) other sites, they said that the space shuttle had docked with the space station, an hour and a half earlier. Maybe that explains the brightness.
Or not.

The official weatherperson/nasa spokesperson didnt return my call where I asked "what it was that we saw, the shuttle or the space station?"
Truth be told, he never answered my other calls either. I dont think intelligent weather people like being questioned or (GASP) doubted by a regular (NON-SCIENTIST!) person.
This is the same weatherperson who said that those large beautiful contrails are "just due to an approaching warm weather front..................."
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand everytime I catalog them during an approaching COLD front, well, I guess he's too busy to comment or return my calls.

This, is what I DO know.
At multiple times throughout the 50's and 60's (that we know of) the american military sprayed Canadian and American cities, with chemicals and or biological agents in an attempt to learn how to properly.........well..........spray large populations with chemicals and biological agents.
Sounds harmless enough(!?!?!?) read for yourself.......
No need to fear, Congress passed a law making such practices illegal, henceforth.
So that'll fix em. The bastards.
they're persistent bastards to boot .
So they did it once. Ok, dozens of times. They'd NEVER do it again, right? Especially with a congressional order and all, right? Most people believe they wont (the ones who are even aware they did it in the first place). Most people view people like myself as fringe nutjobs who need a hobby. (I tell them that taking photos of jet trails IS a hobby.)

What I think, is that we are like their 300 million guniea pigs. But what the heck do I know. Smart people like television weather persons say its all in my imagination. That its all due to warm weather fronts.
Pictures and stiff neck muscles be DAMNED, its just weather.

Or maybe chemicals.
I'm not alone in this theory. Lotsa sites like this one out there. Lots of illogical types like myself look up with interest, instead of staring at the telly and manufactured crisees like "Porkulus outrage!", or "AIG Bailout outrage!" ...or "Octomom outrage!!" (lotta outrage stories these days) Hey, you believe YOUR stupid stories, and I'll believe mine.

What else I DO know...................
Yesterday, the Fed gave the order to print a trillion NEW crisp clean dollar bills, to buy OUR own debt.
Now this is a step that is pretty much theoretical (that means nobody knows if it'll work), but with a bunch of Harvard geniuses at the helm, we're safe as in church, right??
think you've heard really bad news lately?? Ha. Read that. We're screwed like Paris Hilton at an MTV Hip Hop party.

So, a weather person tells us we can see the space shuttle when its already docked with the space station. (I checked this really cool google site) they said nuh-uh.
So I got my doubts about this weather spokesperson guy.
And our military chemical spraying program.

And all the while THIS stupid stuff is going on, our economy has one foot in its grave, and the other on a banana peel.

And.............. our beloved Harvard Grad Genius of a president, is on the Tonight Show, yukking it up with Jay Leno and an audience of normal, reasonable people.
I'm posting this on Thursday night, because I feel that Tomorrow, Friday, could be the blackest of all black fridays we've ever seen.
Or not.

But what do I know?
I'M the crazy one...............................

Friday, 13 March 2009

Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's

I'm beginning to see a pattern develop here.
Some talk-show-talking head makes a few comments, and because I don't have a show yet, I run here to comment on the comments.
I can't help it.
A: somebody has to do it, and 2: they make it SOOOO easy.
Jon Stewart, Comedy Central Network's (a political heavyweight network if ever there was one) "variety show" host, got his panties all bunched up when CNBC's Jim Cramer made a few comments on air about Stewart.
CNBC is more financial than Comedy Central is political or even valid, so what would make Stewart believe he had a right or even a reason to respond to Kramers comments?? (answer to follow)
Kramer is somewhat of an idol to the younger, more financially intune zombies of today. His on-air antics are a cross between Chuck Barris on the Gong Show and Andy Rooney on "60 Minutes". Serious enough to warrant him to be given a parking space at the studio, I suppose.
Stewart, on the other hand, makes his living, and fills most all of his air time with lampooning other people, their ideologies and stances.
Yeah, on the comedy central network. A good place to do it if you're just trying to be funny, but his humor is just a vehicle to forward his idiotic ideologies. (leftist-thin-skin-ism).
And too many of those younger-zombie-pseudo thinking individuals consider Stewart and others like him to be their source for news, information, and opinions. Why? Because he MENTIONS news articles, and then comments on them with al the intellectual weight of a re-run of "Caddy Shack". Just the mere MENTION of the "story" allows the viewers to feel educated, AND informed. THEN they get the bonus to hear what Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central Network'"news comment" show has to say about it.
Voila, idocy validation.
"Hey! This guy is GREAT!! Its exactly what I was thinking, but he ain't shoving a funnel down his gullet and having friends pour a quart of beer down it while he's saying it!!!!!!!!"
Point is, he appeals to college aged folks, and those who still think like they're in college.

A guy that makes his living spouting his opinions and lampooning those he (well, his WRITERS) disagrees with politically, got a tad bit upset when an admitted admirer of his, made a few semi-harmless comments on air. Pale by comparison to what he says about everybody, on his show.

Jon Stewart PRETENDED to attack the SERIOUSNESS of Kramer's show, saying that peoples investments (MONEY) weren't a joking matter!!!! (my paraphrase)
Oh, is that right, mr stewart?
But, I suppose people's heartfelt and strongly held beliefs, are??
Political, religious, personal beliefs, are fodder for a frat boy pop-culture idiolog???? Thats too rich.
I find it amusing that the Stewart drew the line for "serious behavior and commentary", only when money was involved. Stewart said that Kramer had a duty to inform his viewers of the oncoming disaster .
REALLY, Jon? How bout your PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE!?!?!? Think that maybe HE (being a Harvard Graduate / Genius and all) should have seen this coming!?!?
Chew on that for a while.
Do you think for a second that Stewart (or his writers) didn't watch Kramer's show and DO what he was saying, causing Stewart (his writers) to get Madoff'd?? I'd bet the farm on it. This is personal, and financial. He took a major hit, and hes throwing a major tantrum.

So Jon Stewart can say whatever he wants to on his show, and shape people's opinion on ANY matter/idea he deems worthy, but money???
Oh no, hands off money. All bow down to the idol of the new age.

I believe that Jon Stewart has caused a lot more people to lose a lot more than their 401k's. Jon Stewart and his writers have caused people to become politically and intellectually bankrupt by spewing their idiotic opinions on a "daily" basis, for years. Far worse than any responsibility Kramer has for not shouting that the sky was falling if and when he realized it was.

Oh, and for the record, The Royal Bank of Scotland and other financial heavyweights issued a warning for dopes like me and kramer to read, regarding the "coming economic global catastrophe. this was first posted in june of 08.

Last Spring.
I told people I knew, what I read, and I was discounted as an alarmist loon (still am today).
What do you think Jon Stewarts writers would have come up with if Kramer would have said "get out NOW!", when the DOW was at 13,000, when I read what I was reading???
Yeah, they'd have chewed him up and spit him out.
BUT, because (my hunch) they lost their shirts and their guaranteed sweet retirements, they're now blaming who they can. The guy who didnt warn them but if he did, they'd have ridiculed him. Conjecture?
Not totally. Stephen Colbert proves my point, no more than a few days ago.

Look what happened just last week when Glenn Beck warned of other "possible disasters" (see one of my posts below). Guys like Colbert and Stewart make fun of people for a living, with impunity. Its what they do. The warnings were (are) out there, and they still make jokes at people like myself's expense.
You cant tell "smart" people anything . They have to find out for themselves. And boy oh boy are smart people being educated these days.

Well, Jon, you just found out what NOT to put your hopes and trust in.
Sucks to be you.
At least you have somebody to blame.

What about all those who mistakenly looked up to what YOU had to say???? You could lose more in your life than just your retirement investments, Jon.
If I had a show, Youd be a guest on it tomorrow night, but unlike Kramer, I'd neither claim nor pretend to be a friend or an admirer of yours. Which means the sandbag tactics you used on him, wouldnt work on me.
No backing up to a defensive position for me, Jon.

You get what you get in life, depending on your priorities.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Saving Private Ryan

Just when you thought it couldnt get any worse. Ok, I didnt think it could get any worse, with regards to this administration.
Did you know we now have "Green Czar?" We have a lot of "czars", actually, and the reason why we have "czars", is becausae a "czar" doesnt have to answer to anyone else in the government. No checks and balances, no chain of command, no nuthin, but (I'm guessin) a scepter or somethin to "czar" with.
So you think maybe I'm just some wacko nobody blogger venting his stupidity and ignorance for all the world to see?? A gold star for you.
But I'm not alone in my concerns for all these "czars" in our government.
Maybe if you read some "expert"from the L.A. Times (hardly a right wing, or a dopey representative voice, no?) voice HIS concerns, THEN it would carry some weight?
Ok then, here it is. Please read it for some intellectual balance to my rantings.

Big whoop. One columnist that you say I wouldnt even line my birdcage with, if he didnt agree with me for a change.
Fair enough. See what The Obama Daily Paper (the New York Times) and a Democrat Senator have to say about it. Thats saying something. Sorta like when the New York Times printed a year after AlGores big lie of a movie, that "it WAS in fact, a big ole lie of a movie...."
I digress.
Obama has appointed a Health Reform Czar, a Urban Affairs Czar, Energy and Climate Czar, Car Czar, Aids Czar, Drug Czar, A stimulus Czar, a Regulatory Czar(Read all about Cass Sunstein here, please), and his most unbelieveably telling appointment to date, a Green Czar. A chap by the name of Van Jones. Sound familiar?
Nah. Not to me either. But a "green czar" sounded interesting to me. (translation, scary stupid) Well, on that note, Obama did my instincts fine. He appointed somebody scary stupid, to a scary stupid post.
Here. READ in his own words, in an interview with the Mother Earth News.
The reason I dug up the mother earth news interview, was because I guessed that if this guy would be honest and open with ANYBODY, it'd be with the Mother Earth News.
Then I stumbled onto THIS. ", or some such.
This is great. Not only is his guard down, but I think he and the interviewer are passing a bong back and forth too.
2 fer 2 tonight.
2 homers.

"Jones will work with agencies and departments to advance the administration's climate and energy initiatives"..... among other things. Like being in charge of stimulus monies that are dedicated for "green jobs" (whatevertheheck they are).
Read what the guy in charge of "the administrations climate and energy initiatives" THINKS about our on-the-verge-of-the-point-of-no-return-fragile-as-a-1967-Bald-Eagle's-egg, environment. A guy with capital R radical beliefs, in charge (with NO congressional oversight) of "environmental policies".
Think Mali.
No, not the big lug in the movie "The Jungle Book". The country in Africa, where people live as they have for centuries. You know, dirt floors, dirt roads, dirt hats, dirt for food......... the good lfe.
THAT, is what guys like "Van" envision as a "kindler, gentler, America". Wiiiiith, no oversight, from anybody. Oh I'm neither kidding nor exaggurating here.
You see, thats what most "green" people supporters dont realize about the whole Green movement. The Greens, which is the Mothership organization for most "green" outfits like greenpeace and such, have quite a radical agenda that if left up to them, would make life on Main St Mali, the norm for everybody, worldwide.
Mr Jones has an interesting resume, besides being a greenie. Hes a sooooocil aaaactivist. You know, community organizer. What, you expected me to say engineer, or architect?? Well he IS a lawyer, but up against these other things, that actually looks good.
No, hes just another theoretical genius, hell bent on inflicting his genius on the rest of us, and now he has a willing and equally brilliant administration to allow him to do exactly that.
He is one of the many who believe that Global "climate change" (as it is now called) is irrefutably manmade, and to disagree with that stance, is not only "anti-science", but anti-social.
thoughts like this will get you a ticket to re-education camps in Obamas Future World.....
think I'm exaggurating again? Read This. A site where science types give their true opinions of those "non believers". Like the line about scientists who happen to believe in God.
"walking talking Oxymorons" is how they're described.
Man, you can FEEL the elite-ism in the words.

And people like this, are going to make laws, that govern how you and I live.
They really and truly believe themselves to be superior, and wholly capable of deciding for US, what changes WE must make in our lives.
Sort of like AlGore, saying how bad burning fossil fuels is............ and then flying all over creation in his Private DC-10-ish Jet to repeat it, ad infinitum. Amazing how these super intellects have no problem telling us what WE need to do, to be better citizens and all, but they cant be found on main st mali....anywhere.

Someday after I die, I'm going to visit the massive graveyard at Normandy France, and I'm going to ask some of those soldiers who ran onto (and died on) that beach under a hail of hellish fire. I'm going to ask the guys that died charging those beaches, for THIS country......

"what'd you think when THIS administration started to run things?

"Yeah, me too".

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Papers, Please............

Bad boys Bad boys............
whatcha gonna do................ indeed.

I cannot believe what I'm watching on tv right now.
Its a show about US border and coast guardsmen and such doing their jobs. No applause tracks, but plenty of flag symbolism. To make you proud, I believe.
"Homeland Security".
This is quite a few steps up from the regular "COPS!" show that I'm used to being repulsed by.
You know "COPS!", where they show us how faithfully police all across the country spend countless dollars and hours pursuing and arresting people for having a gram or two of a controlled substance on their person. Oooooooooooooooooh, I feel safer with each episode. Where DO they keep finding all these bad people!?!?
Then there is the "SWAT in DALLAS!" show. I watched one episode where the SWAT team, for lack of a better word, invaded a home, complete with a fancy gadget that hooked onto bars on the windows and yanked them off with a Whoosh! "HUT HUT HUT HUT HUT!!" (Blues Brothers, stay with me)
Only to find out that they got the wrong house. "whoops. gollly gee"
"Damn homeowners were probably up to no damn good anyways. Aaaaaah, we'll be magnanimous and not charge em with anything"............... "yuk yuk yuk,", as they slapped each other on their backs and walked away....

Huh. America the Beautiful.
Now I see a propoganda show that is as slick as any "Matrix" movie. Homeland Security.

Holy Cow, what has happened to us?
I had a whole lengthy fun and fact filled post all ready for you earlier today, but accidentally sent it into never never land with the wrong key. You'd have liked it.
All about Martial Law, FEMA, and the New World Order.
This TV show would have tied into it wonderfully. Teaching us how all these wonderful "law enforcement" uniformed types are really out there for "our own good", and as long as don't break any laws, they will not lock us away. At least not on camera.
Look, I'm not anti-cop, or anti-law. What I AM, is anti-what-our-country-is-being-turned- into. Both by the bad guys, and by the "good guys".
"Homeland Security". "Patriot Act". Those are SUPPOSED to be good things, but I'm not so sure about the first one, and I'm DAMN sure that the second one isn't.
Someday soon I'll retype my thoughts on those previously mentioned matters, but for today, I want you to wake up to the fact that we really shouldnt have police blockades in our roads "for our own good". Not for DUI checkpoints, or especially for the new reason, "safety checkpoints".
Might as well have a sign as you enter the roadstops, "Prepare Your Papers!"
Yeah I know, I sound like a loony Floyd R. Turbo all bent out of shape about "mah con-stah-tooo-shunal-rahts."
I am.
We shouldnt have to be subjected to stops, because driving really ISN'T a "privalege", like they want you to believe it is, because quite simply put, we PAY to do it, and everything that goes with it, including the building of roads and the crews that service them. Thats like saying working is a privelage. (oh wait, my state DOES say that. Damn)
"oh as long as you're not doing anything wrong...."
I can hear the chorus of baaaaah-baaaaahs now.
The problem with that convaluted logic, is that THEY make the laws, and the laws are made on a sliding scale anymore, not even set in anything as stable as sand. Whats legal today, might be on the "do not allow" list tomorrow, to preserve our freedom and keep us all safe know...."bad" people.
Just THINK, about where "safety checkpoints" are going to lead to. You dont think it WON'T lead anywhere else, do you??
We went from...... me as a child spending most every car ride either on my dad's lap wedged between him and the steering wheel, or standing on the front seat with my hands on the dashboard (and never a scratch).....oh, and breathin in cigarette smoke 24/7 to boot........
To.......... a neurotic generation of ninnys where parents are frantic if their 9 year old doesnt have the proper booster seat/belt configuration on. In one generation. Thats not "enlightenment" to safety issues, that idiotic ninny-ism. (you can quote me on that).
Whats next, Helmets for everybody in cars?? Oh, THATS unreasonable?? It'll prevent head injuries, y'know. It will. That alone is reason enough to mandate them, using current logic. All these changes, "for our own good". All these "necessary" infringements on our rights as citizens.
Sure each one all by themself is no biggee, but they're NOT all by themself alone. They're connected, and parasitic. They feed off the last one, and necessitate the next one.....
"safety". Who knew we needed so much of it?

Speaking of Safety on Steroids, You know what I REALLY love seeing on the road?
Women driving Volvos, with their "man" sitting in the back seat, in the center. (you know, thats the "safe" place to be and all)
THAT, is a Poster child for Eugenics. The Thumbs down side of the Eugenics program, that is.
Serves em right, Volvo drivers. The Swedes are pretty much responsible for the whole eugenics movement anyways.

If you non Volvo-drivers are ok with the concept of being stopped on you law-abidin' way, then not much will change that I suppose.
But next time you are, ask yourself how we got to this point, and what is the next point you are willing to acquiesce to in the name of "safety". And the next.
And the next.

If you cant stand up to simple stupid things like this, do you REALLY want me to tell you whats coming regarding FEMA, Martial Law, and the suspending of the constitution (for specifically stated reasons like......."economic unrest"??? Yeah, like thats a real stretch of the imagination anymore.)

"britains top cops prepares for possible summer of rage"

We and our "officials" in this country, ( like the ones on those slick tv shows) are preparing for exactly the same thing.
You think about the stupid stuff in this, and we'll deal with the really scary stuff, later.
For now you gotta get either your priorities, or your papers, in order.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Stupid is as Stupid does............

so much for "repairing our image throughout the world"..........

Oh but her ARMS!!!! They're so MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!
The things this media focuses on, its no wonder why Americans in general are attracted to American Idol and such. American Idol is an intellectual step UP from the news reporting thats going on anymore.
Maybe its just that Barry and Michelle dont really LIKE England all that much.
Maybe thats why they decided to send back the gift given to the "people of the united states, by the people of England", when they "moved it on up" and checked into the white house.
Seems a Bust made in the Image of Winston Churchill, which was presented to the people of America after 9-11 in the spirit of resoluteness and unity, was "offensive" to the current administration/first family.
Seems that being a gift from one people to another, doesnt matter much when compared to "personal offense". At least when the offend-ee is the new president of the united states.
After all, Winston Chrchill, of all people, was a staunch enemy of "da people", (as defined by people who wave red flags with gold stars on them) If you have a better explanation, I'm all ears. Winston Churchill wouldnt exactly be on Bill Ayers "people I'd like to meet", list.
Oh, the official response was "it was offensive because Barry's grandfather was "tortured" by Britain in a war. Long ago. In Africa. (huh. Another Obama on the wrong side of things. I'm begining to see a pattern develop here.........)
So 9-11 and a message of hope and alliegance be damned. Barry was offended for an ancestor's sake.
Chew on that for a while. Really (turn off the dammed I-pod and THINK, for a change) about what you just read.
No biggee, you conclude. Just a bust of a dead english guy. England even said "it was a gift to your people, put it in a museum, please" (brits are a polite lot)
Nope. Barry (Michelle?) wanted it GONE. Bust-non-gratia.

Then theres the official gift exchange between the Obamas and the Browns You heard about this, right? It was like The Bradys meet the Bundys. I'm surprised that the Obamas didnt give them some left over campaign buttons and posters with "Yes we CAN" on them.

Gordon Brown gives Obama a pencil set/holder made out of the wood from this ship. . A desk is already present in the white house, made out of the sister's ship's wood, and the pencil set was to match that desk. Well thought out gift-givers, those Brits. History, alligiences and craftsmanship all in a gift.
So what did Barry the Harvard Grad/genius give in exchange???
A DVD set of american classic movies, that the Browns cant even view in England, due to their configuration, and Europe's DVD viewing systems. I think he either sent someone out to the corner 7-11 to get a quick gift, or maybe the DVDs were left there by a recent visitor to the white house, Stevie Wonder. Some dope probably gave them to Stevie, and Stevie (having little need for DVD's) gave them to Barry, and Obama (in the true spirit of saving the earth via re-cycling) gave them to The Browns.
Maybe Barry thought when he heard that "the Browns" were coming, it was Chris Brown and his entourage /battered girlfriend Rhyanna (whatever).
Who knows.
The Obama whitehouse-tailspin control folks have an answer for this. "The president is extremely tired from dealing with the current economic crisis, and" it comes, and I quote
" doesnt even want to pretend to be interested in foreign policies, especialy protocals. "

hmm. Not a good sign for a nation at war.
Not a good sign for a nation that has bullyseyes being fixed upon it by every two bit despot run country (with NUKES) around the globe. "dont even want to pretend to have an interest in foreign policy..." "too tired"
Oh the poor babies!!!!!
Maybe they should curtail the "Wednesday night in Big Mama's House" parties that are becomming regular there.

and Pelosi called Bush "stupid"........ "dangerous".........
This administration is, pardon the pun, beyond the pale.
And THIS gang promised to "fix america's standing and image around the globe".
They cant even "fix" a frickin gift, for cryin out loud!

Never mind Hillary handing Hamas a check for billions of American taxpayer dollars.
Nevermind Obama's apointee to the National Security Council, Samantha Power's words, (regurgitated from Thomas Erudite Friedman) promising/suggesting/threatening Israel with the United States placing military troops IN PALESTINE, TO KEEP ISRAEL IN CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!!! .
No, nevermind that.

Hamas is good, and Palestine is (according to Hillary) "going to be a seperate state, and we are going to make sure of that."
Wow. That'll sure improve our standing.
With terrorists everywhere.
Well, what'd you expect from a president who's FIRST phone call as president, was to the Mahmoud Abas, chairman of the PLO?
Who's first TV interview, was with Al-Arabyia television.
His first attempt to restore Americas image in the middle east?
Hand Hamas a check for 20 million, and then have Hillary promise 900 billion more shortly afterwards.
A president who cant figure out a proper gift, a president who couldnt figure out without a teleprompter, to say "God Bless you" (not that he would) if someone were to sneeze in the room.

What DO they teach at Harvard, anyways??
Sure as heck aint Economics. Or how to appoint someone who understands economics.
Or how to fulfil your promise to "stand behind Israel as America has always done.."
like he promised during the campaign..........

Sure must suck to be an American Jew who supported this president, huh?
70some% of them voted for Obama, and they have only themselves to blame for what is about to happen to Israel.

People said he cared, that he was "smart" and that he would "fix" things. People said to me "he is running a masterful campaign, so he will naturally run a masterful administration".
Oh yes they did say that, to me personally, and to the voting public via their mouthpieces in the American (and worldwide) media.
SMART people said that to me. Smart people, who inferred (in no uncertain terms) that the reason I didnt understand that, was because I wasnt quite smart enough.

I could agree to that.
But if this president is "smart", somebody had better get busy painting ceilings with my images on them, for posterity's sake, cuz I'm off the frickin charts.

It just depends upon what your definition of "smart", is.
(I learned to think like that from another "smart" American President.)

Please Use a Condom

Here's an update on the honeybees story.

Its getting increasingly discouraging with every step these days.
One has to look no further than the mysterious honeybee die-off to reach that conclusion.
It appears as though we are faced with another enviornmental/health/social disaster, for which we have been given a bum steer.
As with the AIDS virus, there was hoopla, and a "caring" suggestion given that we all wear condoms.
Voila. That'll fix it.
Pay no attention to that man over there behind the curtain, we were told. Wear condoms.
Many of you less thoughtful types may not even realize how dying honeybees can even rank up there with being mentioned with the AIDS virus.
I'll splain it for you loocy.
If we dont have honeybees to polinate crops, food doesnt grow. There ARE other ways were crops are polinated, spiders, flies, mosquitos, butterflies....................
but when was the last time you noticed a gaggle of busy little spiders in a patch of wildflowers?
Or in your tomato garden?

Sure, you CAN "do it with a Q-tip", like some half-full-glass drinking scholar on an internet chat site suggested, but I have one word to anyone with that idiotic idea.

Kansas. ok, two words. Iowa. Go visit a "garden" that is measured in sq. miles, not square feet, and get back to us.
Theres a reason why honeybees are a commodity that are vital to crop pollination. They get the job done.
Not to mention that currently, we are at the doorstep of a worldwide food shortage, with a little known (well, outside of farmers) wheat blight sweeping the world which threatens our very breadbasket's bread basket.
In short, if we cant grow the food like we have been, the whole world is screwed.
Whether Einstein said it or not, if honeybees go, we go with them, within 4 or 5 years.
Some internet evolutionist scholars are quick to point out that "honeybees took millions and millions of years to evolve to where they became proficient and abundant enough to do what they do, and life survived before they did, so its all good."
Now, I'm not one to quickly jump on the whole evolution from a ball of fire and gas and now we're the Planet Earth being celebrated on the National Geographic Channel bandwagon, but...............................
We didnt have bees for millions and millions of years...................but we weren't exactly *poofed* into a state of double latte mocha sippin beings overnight, now were we?? We might have been in Slug form when bees were making their big transmorgification.
Not very encoraging, those evolutionists.
So. Back to the story on the story.
The BBC says that there is NO evidence that the mysterious bee die-off is being caused by the previously thought(condom wearing) diseas, like we have been told it was.
That REALLY doesnt add up. I mean, its not like SCIENTISTS would deliberately deceive us, would they?? Scientists!?!?
They're like the Priests of the New Church of Progress. They couldn't lie!!
Ok, so maybe they didnt lie. Maybe they just gave us the best answer they could.

Like "Wear a condom and have a nice day. Now go wear the appropriate colored ribbon......and...well, have a nice day."

I've mentioned that little thing about whales and dolphins and bats and bees.
Read this story, and see if maybe this story merits at least a "huh, how bout that" from you.
Things are happening in our world, that while you may view them as insignificant or not even view them at all, their effects will eventually smack you in the forehead like an "I coulda had a V-8" moment, administered by Mike Tyson.
If we dont find out, or identify what is causing these events, your world just might go from worrying about (fill in the blank) to survival.
The second article linked talks about the GWEN network. That takes us headlong into the conspiracy "eeeevil dark Lords of Government" territory. From there, its a hop, skip and a flick of the switch to HAARP-ville.. (neato, a cartoon illustration that even an idiot like myself can follow).
Some have even theorised that its HAARP itself thats responsible.

I dunno.
What I DO know, is that once again, we have a dilemma that is not being reported with forthrightedness.
(I dont know if forthrightnedness even exists anymore.)

Maybe we just need to start making a lot of little bee-sized condoms.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

God Bless the USA

Let the grave rolling begin.
I'm sure Terry Schiavo is tossing and turning with the proud proclamation by our government (through one of its official mouthpieces, NPR), that on Monday, March 9, 2009, restrictions placed on the funding for embryonic stem cell research will be "reversed".
Do any of you you-tube generation types even KNOW who terry schiavo was?
Old fuddy duddy anti-progress and anti-science types like myself got HAMMERED by the intelligencia for even entertaining the thought of allowing terry schiavo to continue to live.

If ever there was a story that didnt add up, it was this one.
I'm not going to go into painful detail about it, but the significant point is this. when given the chance, the state via a judge and the courts, erred on the side of death. Instead of doing whatever it took to maintain a human life (however frail and "non-productive") her state, the "State", weighed the evidence and decided to err on the side of death.
That says something.
It is decisions like that one that define a society, and its destiny.

Didja notice after 9-11, how many people who NEVER would be caught dead (court ordered dead or not) praying, were now seeking divine protection and intervention? Lotsa people started prayin' and going to church again.
My guess is that they realized that even if they lived in America, they might someday die, and just in case, they'd better at least acknowledge a belief in some kind of God. Its a start, I suppose. Large building being blown out from under you will have that effect. I suppose.
So how does 9-11 tie into Terry Schiavo, and stem cell research?
It doesnt. It ties into who we are as a society. It defines who we are, and, (in case you are not particularly scholarly in the religion category), it defines how God responds to us.
I'm not going to preach, but I'm not going to be a milquetoast-mamby-pamby-can't-we-all -just-get-along-weenie, either.
Most people view God like the police. "He'll be there if we need Him" (we hope). As long as we dont break any MAJOR laws, its all good (the little ones, and the ones we get away with, don't REALLY matter anyways)
Then we go and redefine what constitutes a "major" law breaking, when we become "enlightened". Its a pretty simple albeit enlightened process.
Meahwhile,. we expect God to change how HE views things also. After all, if we little humans can become enlightened in our thinking, surely an omnipotent being can tag along as well.
If that sounds a tad bit arrogant, then perhaps you need to visit a site called "think progress" and view their opinion/viewpoint on terry schiavo and the sanctity of human life. To disagree with their elevated point of view is "idiotic".
I dont claim to know or understand more than a God who was able to create me (as I believe) out of a handful of dirt. Therefore, when He makes His views known (as I believe He did) by having written down for posterity "the two things He hates the MOST, are a lying tongue, and the shedding of innocent blood", it says something. Of ALL the things that could piss God off, lying and innocent blood being shed, are the worst.
Well, when a society through its laws and leaders declare "an innocent" human life to be not really all that its cracked up to be on the scale of importance (like, say, a progress-thinking individual) it might have a cosmic effect on that society. Like breaking Rule Number One, with extreme prejudice.
It has consequences, whether we progressively ignore that fact, or not.

Josef Goebels said "tell a big enough lie often enough, and it'll become truth". Goebels was the head of one of the most evil propoganda machines known to mankind, Hitler's Nazi Party.
One of the worst.

I believe it and He have been relegated to second place, by this gang of miscreants who now run our country. Our current president, while as a junior senator from the state of Illinois (never reached the point of being a senior senator), publicly and solely supported the death of any newborn (human beings) who had survived an abortion.
The process was one of a drug induced abortion that caused (through extreme contractions) the fetus (whatever) to be killed during the contractions and the prematurely, deliberately caused delivery. More than a few "babies" survived this nightmare, which left healthcare workers with a conundrum. "What do we DO with these "babies" ?
Well, after the public was made aware of these procedures/events, the state of Illinois decided to do something about it.
Our Harvard Graduate of a genius (now) president, decided that any person in any capacity while employed in any institution/business where this event occurs, is forbidden by law from assisting the newborn (accidently) alive, baby(thing).
It must be placed, unassisted, uncomforted, in a way which will alow the newborn (whatever) to complete the procedure that was started. It must be allowed to die.
That says something.
Thats extreme.
That, my friends, is evil personafied. "the sheeding of innocent blood.." is not something thats done lightly, nor is it considered lightly by God.

Then theres Terry Schiavo.
Hardly anyone who wasn't a member of the O.J. Simpson Jury believed what her "husband" claimed to be his version of events/statements. Hardly anyone (including his live in girlfriend of a few years) could bring themselves to believe that this man had his wife's "best interests" at heart when he petioned the courts to "just kill" his wife, already. Well, except progressive types, of course.
Like the judge and the Florida courts.
Life support was ended, and she died, starving to death.
What DID we gain, as a society, as a result of that decision?? A few less taxpayer dollars being spent to keep someone alive?? Careful which road you take with that kind of thinking, because all forks of that road lead to some REALLY dark, dangerous locations. Someone (like that benovolent judge) will someday redefine the word "productive" as it relates to YOU, or maybe your parents, etc. It can't HELP but end up there. When the sanctity of life it debated, life itself gets debated.

Back to the recent news flash that has the folks at NPR (and I'm sure all a-flitter with progressive glee.
So now we can begin experimenting with human embryonic stem cells . YAY!!!!

One problem. There never WAS any "restriction" placed upon embryonic stem cell research, by the eeeeeevil George W bush or even dick cheney or carl rove.
There were only restrictions placed on TAXPAYER monies regarding it all.
So we were forced to endure countless lies regarding "how Bush and the religious right wackos staunchly "resisted progress and science by NOT allowing stem cell research". You thought that W. wouldnt allow stem cell research, didntcha??
Well he didnt. Just the funding.
I also bet you didnt know that not ONE lead, not ONE promise of ANYTHING, was ever connected to "embryonic stem cell research".
Even though Christopher Reeves and lots of peole on the Left made claims to the opposite. Even though LOTS of progress and discoveries WERE made regarding ADULT stem cell research, the Left hammered the lie home that embryonic stem cell research held THE answers.

And most peolple believe that lie, currently.

Goebels was correct.

Second fiddle as far as applying the concept,but correct nonetheless.

We as a nation will now fund the creation of human life (in whatever form) for the sole purpose of destroying that life.
God Bless the USA.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Strange Things in Strange Places

Theres a lot of weird stuff going on these days. No not in American/global political scene, but in the natural world.
Seems that in Australia, Whales and dolphins have been washing up on their beaches recently like lawyers at the scene of a plane crash. Hundreds of em. (link)
This kind of thing has happened before, globally, but what happened there today (yesterday, if you are there) is quite interesting indeed.
Australia experienced a rare (for them) earthquake. (link)
I've read responses to those stories that range from; "This shows you that dolphins ARE indeed more intelligent than we are!!! They were trying to WARN us!!!"...................
to; "earthquake shmirthquake, this was caused by Alien Radar tractor beams" (or some such nonsense)...........
Now unlucky for you, I'm not very read in either Dolphin warning languages, or Alien tractor beams, but I can't help but connect the two events. Especially given the sequence of events.
This one DOES add up, I just dont know how to do the math here.

A little closer to home, we have a little natural disaster of our own to contend with.
Bats are dying, and nobody knows why. Seems like honeybees, bats are a pretty important part of our world, and like the honeybees, something is killing them off in biblical proportions. Oh theres "theories" about whats killing off both the bats and the bees. Viruses and heretofore undiscoved diseases...............but no one is sure, for sure.
The bats problem is being pursued (as you can read in the one article) from the "white fungus" angle.
I'm not saying its NOT "white fungus" which is kiling the bats, I'm saying in a very unscientific, very anecdotal way, "there aint no white fungus on the dead bats I've collected here in the past few weeks".
February in my neck of the woods is not exactly the kind of time for a warm blooded mammal to come out of hibernation. Especially for warm blooded mammals who rely on eating insects to survive. There's not much in ther way of insect life around here in Feb. Pests, yes, insects, no.
I noticed Bats flying on three different days in February this year, and two different species of them, to boot. Now I have a small collection of dead bats, and am not quite sure what to do with the frozen little victims.
The curious thing about the dolphins, whales, and the bats, is that they all navigate, or utilize a form of radar-sonar for navigational purposes. Do you think THAT, could be significant?
The white fungus thingy is said to cause the bats to not be able to store energy for hibernating, which is why they are coming out of hibernation early (like February) and when they do, they find no insects to consume and replenish their depleted energy stores, and they die.
That all makes perfect (albeit scary) sense, but why now? Where'd the fungus come from? And how did it spread so fast?
Lots of smart people are working on those questions, and even ones that really matter, I'm sure. I'm just here to notice stuff, and to point it out.

I wont even mention how many new manmade electronic transmissions are being pumped into the stuff-O-sphere, or how THAT might have something to do with it.

Because I dont want to scare you off.
Or scare you.


Thursday, 5 March 2009


So Stephen Colbert, (who's audience resembles a cast of "High School Musical", recently, again, hammers Glenn Beck for..................well...................for being "anti-intellectual", among other things.
Like for being an alarmist nut-job. (my translation)
I like Stephen Colbert, really I do. Hes like novacaine. I especially like his vapid expressions when he thinks he's said something amusing. Hes good at that.
I like him more than I like Keith Oberman, thats for sure. Cant even watch that guy.
If I ever have to go to war, and am forced to make a suicidal charge, I have prepared a "Best Of Keith Oberman" show on tape to give me the inspiration(rage) to accomplish my task. It'll make me make the Muslim suicide bombers look like girl scout cookie sales(persons) by comparison.

So anyways.
Colbert says Beck is among other things, always wrong.
Well, this much I do know.
I've read all the executive orders that the Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil George W. Bush signed, regarding martial law, FEMA, and related subjects. I read them waaaaay before I saw Glenn Beck talk about such things. I KNOW what these executive orders say, (and you can by just clicking here), and it always struck me as odd that the federal government would take the time to make such detailed executive orders regarding such matters, if its all just "anti-intellectual nonsense".
What Beck said, to you High School Musical types was that there are a lot of events occuring that MIGHT lead us to a place that isnt all sunshine and lollypops. I guess thats anti-intellectual. Or maybe its the part that if you even ENTERTAIN the possibility of those events resulting in a less than rosy ending, thats anti-intellectual.
I suppose that not taking at face value what this administration is saying is in itself anti-intellectual. Couple that with reading about the "global economic collapse" being harped about by fellow anti-intellectuals, (The Royal Bank Of Scotland)............I dunno.......maybe it makes you an extremist anti-intellectual.
Me, a little ole dope out here in the hinter lands of Free speech and (reading) told everyone I knew of a coming ecomomic tsunami. Last spring.
I was considered even lower than someone with a TV show who would say the exact same thing months after I did.

Until about last October. Then I was some kind of a Prophet to some, aaaaaaaaaand just a lucky roulette wheel spinner to others. (even a blind man finds a light switch once in a while......that sort of thing)
I suppose the "others" would be the High School Musical/ types, who just dont want to even entertain the possibility that everything is not Sunshine and My Little Ponys in this world. You know, the Intellectuals. So I got lucky once. Big stinkin deal. It'll be alright. The Harvard Grad said so.
THAT, I'm guessing, is the intellectual way to approach the issues.

I'm not sure if being an Intellectual makes you opposed, impervious, allergic, or just scared to see what is happening in our world. Maybe they are so intellectual because they have no time to bother with trivial matters like "imminent global catastrophic collapse", and instead focus their time and energies on important things.
Like Stephen Colbert.

It just doesnt add up.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Happy Thoughts

I'm not going to say anything about who or what I am, because then you(collectively) will be uber-focused on that. This is about "stuff", not me.
Not about politics, not about conservativism vs. liberalism, (although I'm sure theres room for ONE more of those in the blogosphere). Its not about religion, sports, the economy, or even UFO's.
Its not about who I follow, who I believe in, or who I hate.
Its about stuff, and I want you to think about stuff.
Stuff that we're being told to hate, believe in, follow and avoid.
Stuff, that when you look at the stuff presented, against other stuff out there........................
it just doesnt add up right.
My reason for not telling you anything about myself is this. If I told you I was a Harvard graduate with an advanced degree from (pick an ooh-aaah institution), you'd automatically think my idears were top shelf, right??
Well, thats what lots of people thought regarding our president, isnt it?
Turns out to be not-so-written in stone, doesnt it?

I have this senator, and this senator recently voted on this "stimulus package of a porkulus (non-earmarked) bill", and I told my senator if my household were this nation, I wouldnt handle this current "crisis" quite the same way he or his fellow geniuses in Office were handling it. I wouldnt be asking my wife if she thought that since we're so deep in debt, and since we dont have any money to spend, and no way to really create any more money (besides going down to the basement and firing up the old printin' press), and nothing to offer anyone in exchange for obtaining more money, and no way really to pay the bills that are staring us in the face now..............................
"honey, do you think we should just SPEND more money than ALL the families of this country COMBINED, have EVER spent, in TOTAL, since our country was FORMED!?!?!? Do you think THAT would solve this "crisis", honey?"
yeah thats it.
But thats what our beloved senators thought was a good idea(r). Doesnt make sense. Doesnt add up.
BUT, when a Harvard muckety-muck speaks, we lower echelon types had just better toe the line. (I'm guessing here). After all, HE's the one who went to Harvard, and understands such things. Maybe at Harvard they teach how to add like that.
Maybe Wall Street types need to send more of their folks to Harvard too, because they apparently dont know how to add like that, what with their responses and reactions to what the Harvard Grad is doing these days.
I have some regular educated friends, not Harvard of course but by regular universities, and they are standin' at the Eternal Spring of Hope with all this stuff. They tell me to "give the guy a chance", give his policies a chance.
"A chance for WHAT?", is my response? I READ what his idea(r)s are, and they aint good.
Maybe they meant a chance to totally fail so miserably that THEN his Harvard genius will kick in and save us all.
I dunno. Doesnt add up.

I heard they "need" another 3 or 400 Billion to re-stimulate the stimulus bill they just passed. And maybe 800 more billion on top of that one later on.
No wonder Harvard is so expensive. It must take all that money stimulated educatin' to figure out scenarios like this.
What do I know.

Hey, know what I learned today?
An Ex-KGB agent (turned Billionaire) just purchased Englands largest newspaper.
Heres the story
Seems like a nice enough guy.
Although I think even even a Harvard grad would be hard pressed to make sense out of that one.
Most of you younger generation types dont know what the KGB was. Think Gestapo. Don't know what that is either? Ok, think George Bush with a trenchcoat and lots of nasty little Dick Cheneys running all over the country making sure that nobody is doing anything wrong...OR ELSE!!!
(gotta speak to the audience, folks, sorry)
So this Ex-KGB guy turned billionaire (that ALONE doesnt add up) buys a newspaper and says that his politics will in no way interfere with the running of his new paper.
Of COURSE they wont interfere.
They'll DICTATE.

One has to ask why an ex-KGB turned billionaire would invest his however gotten fortune (I'm SURE it was completely on the up and up) into a newspaper that is less than succesful, as business investments go.
You add part A, an Ex-KGB guy, to part B, a failing newspaper, and you come up with................
I dunno.
I think one needs a big ole glass of water from the eternal spring of Hope for this one. Maybe two.
The water kinda smells like dead ex-kgb enemies, however. Like that Alexander Litvenindo chap that ended up dead yeah England.
Just doesnt add up.
Not much does these days.