It Just Doesn't Add Up

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Once Upon A Time........

...there was a country founded on the concept that "all men are created equal (and free)".
Well, almost all men.  Basically, white English speaking men.  The rest of the lot had to wait a while to even be CONSIDERED  human, men.  No, I'm not making that up, and you know that.  But we were and are constantly bombarded with the words "all men created equal", and gloss over the fact that  all black men, weren't even considered men, let alone free men.   And to those of you who are shouting "that was only in the redneck SOUTH!!", it wasn't.  In fact, just when the notion of slavery being wrong (and insanely so)  was really catching on thanks to  the works of William Lloyd Garrison and Fredrick Douglas and others, the united states (all men are created equal) gov't, passed THIS law.  Two states forward, the whole country goes backwards.  Long about this time, we had a civil war, WHICH, we are told, was to free those black people from "southern" slavery.   Yeeeeah not so much.  I know, because I live and grew up in a very white, very "regular folk" part of the north, and in the 1960's and 70's and 80's when I was growing up, there was NO WAY IN HELL, that ANY of the people/families I knew, would have gone off to war, to free black people.  In 1960.   I can't imagine that the people in the north in 1860 were 180 degrees on the enlightened scale, away from the people I grew up with and know today.  No way in hell.  And sure as hell the (all men are created equal) gov't of the united states didn't see it that way either, as evidenced by all the laws that kept black people, quite lower on the "all men are created equal"  scale, for the next hundred years AFTER the war that supposedly freed them.  
Ok, at this point you are thinking that this is just a "black lives matter" rambling.  It ain't.  Its a different kind of rambling.  I'm merely pointing out how you have been told one thing, and reality is quite different.  BUT, you've been told by EVERYONE all the years of your life, so it HAS to be true, right??  Nope.  Eerrrrrrnt . It ain't.  
Movin on.   To the Melting Pot.  
Want to know why we became a melting pot?   (that means all kinds of people coming here from all kinds of countries, just to be part of the "all men are created equal" society)  ?     They (we) were "allowed" to come here, because worker drones were needed to man the mines, and the expanding factories that were really expanding the economy of the (all men are created equal) land.    Tweren't enough regular americans to fill all those jobs that had to be done.  So what was the solution?   "Bring me your tired huddled masses (who will work for peanuts and shop at the company stores and live in company housing and........) Voila.  The American Dream.     There was a lot of discontent in the (white English speaking America) over the number of immigrants being allowed into the country.  But, as with the original constitution drafters, the Golden rule applied.  That being, He who has the gold, makes the rules.  And he who needs the worker drones,  tells the politicians which laws to pass.  Immigration laws included.  Like when we had enough Chinese workers to build the railroads. 
But you cling to your (beat into your brain since old enough to understand words) notion that America wanted immigrants to come here so they could enjoy a better life.   Its nicer and gentler.  I get it .   The same people who ran the original constitutional congress, ran the country a hundred years later, and they always get what the hell they want.  Always.  Sure you can come here and work.  for 16 hours a day for just enough wages to keep yourself and your family in survival mode. Hell, that was better than where they came from.  I get it.  But.   That doesn't change the fact that they were treated hardly better than the original "not so created equal" folks.   (and I didn't even mention the people who used to OWN the "land of the Free".  Talk about getting the shaft.  Oy. )
I digress. 
Still with me?   (I'm barely here).      I'm gonna skip over the facts of two world wars with the evidences that the govt of the united states allowed major corporate leaders here, to do open market trading with the nations of Germany, Italy, and Japan.  Its there if you want to read about it.  Kinda puts a dent into the notion of us-good, them-bad, that most Americans have of the world wars. 
Suffice to say, We The People have been told all of our lives what's real, when exactly the opposite, is.   And now, its done nonstop, 24-7-365, ad nauseam.   We get bombarded of every "news" story, from the second it happens, and we are told what happened (even when what we are told doesn't make sense with regards to what we are seeing, more on that), and we are told what to THINK about what we were told happened.  And what to think about those who don't think what we were told to think about it.   
I've said this before, and I'll go to my grave saying it.  You can't understand ANYTHING, until you understand EVERYTHING.   Unfortunately, we hardly have room in our brains for EVERYTHING, what with tweets and The Bachelor and our sports teams and posting where we're going out to eat tonight.....sheesh. Who the hell has time to understand EVERYTHING?!     
I'll explain.   I used to be what's generally categorized as a conservative.  That means, I knew all the good conservative news sources and facts and judged pretty much everything, through my beliefs/categorization.   And that's exactly how everybody is.  Liberals can't see the facts the conservatives see, and verse vice-a.     We take the image of what we believe in (pin it to a party candidate), and then accept/reject all facts related to said candidate accordingly.     You really can't understand or see anything, until you step back and away from the nonsense that keeps us apart.    Don't believe me?  Watch a talking heads political show, and listen to the answers given to questions.  Questions like, "Is that tree green?"  "Well, I like green because in my district I have consistently voted for making green businesses stronger and I support any legislation that has the best interest of the green industries in mind.."   And we accept those answers from the people we call our "leaders", because hell, they could say "poopy headed banana fish heads", and we would pretend like we believe it and understand.  Hell, they're the leaders, so if we don't get it, must mean that WE'RE the stupid ones, so we go along for the ride. 
Which can be quite troublesome when it comes to things like wars.  And laws like The Patriot Act.  And the (god help me its really called this) the USA Freedom Act.   What the laws are, are completely irrelevant, so long as they title them like that, and then tell us "poopy headed banana fish heads, and its for our GOOD!   Oh, and everyone who DOESNT believe its good, is BAAAD!!"
Oh hell, if its for our good, then I'm all for it.  And I never liked bad people much anyways.  they tend to not know too much like us informed voters.

We are lied to, constantly.  We are told bad people are out to take our freedoms (all men are created equal, remember?) so we NEED to send our army half way around the goddam world for 5 or 10 years to destroy the shit out of a country(s) there, onaconna we love freedom and all men are created equal.  And the news people repeat exactly what the gov't says (and nobody since 1985 has a problem wit dat), and anybody who disagrees, well they just don't support the troops protectin our freedoms so GIT THE HELL OUT IF YOU DON'T LIKE MURICA!  I wish it weren't true.  I wish I were wrong , but the more I see, the more crazy what YOU believe, becomes to me. 
Things like this woke me up.  what I saw, became very different from what we were told happened.  And the lies go on to this day.  And the extent of the beliefs that the people who trust and believe in the "all men are created equal" country, is no less staggering than the Church of Scientology is to a Quaker.   
Thats my point.  You can't see, or understand, so long as you clutch to the belief you've had drilled into your brain since you stood  in class and muttered..."I pledge Legience to da flag......"
You have been drilled and brainwashed to BELIEVE.  Land of the Free.  All men are created equal.   We're the GOOD guys.  Despite, everything.  Cuz its what we've been told, forever.  And we are now told on a constant basis, from the time we wake up till the time our eyes close on our blinking phone screen.  We're TOLD what to think, and  how to think.   How to react to what we are told is happening.   Here's a perfect example of what I speak of.     "all of it fell down into the ground, it pulverized".   In other words, "poopy headed banana fish heads".   And we believe it.  But it doesn't stop here.  Hell, its just getting warmed up here.  All kinds of experts seem all too eager to convince us why a steel and concrete building fell at freefall speed, perfectly straight down.  A third of the time when buildings are imploded on purpose, they don't fall so perfectly.  Yet we are told by gobs of science-y experts, that this time, yuh-huh, it did. 
Well, I'm going to prove them, and you wrong, with ONE word.  One word to prove that in fact, the media is nothing more than part of the machine used to keep you believing whateverthehell you are supposed to believe.  And you HAVE to believe me.  You can't argue this one, not with opposing science-y info or official explanations, or nuthin. 
One word.  


You see, there are three nuclear reactors that have been in 100% meltdown for over 5 years now, and its being reported by NOT ONE media outlet.  Not one.  Oh sure PBS did a 5 year anniversary story where they focused on the tragedy and the cleanup efforts.   Problem is, when the worlds greatest and brightest engineers and physicists assembled in Tokyo soon after the disaster, their conclusion was
"we don't know what to do.  The technology doesn't exist to fix this".
The radiation and specifically the spent fuel rods that blew "sky fucking high" from reactor #3 continue to leak into the ground water and into the pacific ocean, and into the air.  Which, by the by, has been circumnavigating the globe for about....oh 4 years and 10 months now.   Non stop.  Non decreasing.   I could go on with stories and links and 8X10 color glossys regarding what your EPA did to fix this.  Um, they increased the acceptable levels of radiation by 300% .  Ok, that's not true.  I meant 3000 %.  Poof like a fairy, you are magically able to absorb 3000% more radiation now than before Fukushima.  Oh, and the FDA ordered NO radiation testing for Alaskan seafood.  ORDERED it.   Just a few weeks ago, TEPCO said "um.   yep.    its a meltdown.  Sorry for covering it up and saying it wasn't a meltdown, but yeah, its a meltdown."    I'm SURE you saw all the reports on it.  I'm sure you remember the horror on the reporters faces when told that nuclear reactors have been melting down for 5 years now.    No?   You must be watchin the wrong news.
I was just in a discussion online with a conservative flag waving believer, and when I presented this fact to her, the reply was, "oh, that's from a LIBERAL source."   I guess being told by a liberal that nuclear reactors are in 100% meltdown, its not so scary.
You can't understand ANYTHING, until you understand everything, folks.  And you can't understand that your country and pretty much everything you believe in and has been drilled into your brain since birth, is a goddamed lie.  All of it. 
The fact that NO news source is reporting what it undeniably happening, is all the proof you need, but unless and until you can get your mind around that, you will stay in your matrix.
I'm sorry.  Its true.    

Sunday, 20 December 2015

We Need To Talk

About Sandy Hook.   Actually, that's a title of a video on youtube.   I watched it, twice.    The significance of that is, its 2+ hrs long, and I have the attention span of horny gnat.   There was a lot of information in it, and some of it makes watching the whole thing worthwhile.      I'm writing about this now because a recent event on the news was brought to my attention.   A professor from Florida Atlantic U. wrote a book titled "Nobody died At Sandy Hook".     And that got the guy fired.   And, has banned his book from their website.  Now Amazon has plenty of bat-shit crazy books for sale on their site, many about 9-11 and alternative versions of the official story.   Why ban THIS book, is my question?  The link I posted blames Amazon for "not allowing non-government versions", but like I said, amazon has plenty of non-gov't version 9-11 books for sale there.   This is different.  Sandy Hook was different.   One of the liberal mantras I've heard repeatedly is "If Sandy Hook didn't change us, what will???"    (and I HATE using that label, because labels like conservative and liberal are just words to keep us all apart and at each other's throats, BUT, libs ARE the ones on the side of gun control its applicable)    Sandy Hook was THE heart string tugging event that should have changed America, for the better (in some people's opinions).    But it seems the only thing it changed, was Conn. laws regarding the release of information related to "anyone murdered in the state, to non-law enforcement personnel."     In fact, its a mandatory 5 yr. prison term for just ASKING for records of murder victims in the state.   See above picture.    That's what we are experiencing.    Now look at the picture here. 
THIS, is what we believe, and what we believe we live in.   Oh wait. 
There.  That's what we believe.  
What's real, is at the top of this page, and what's perceived, is what's directly above.        Imagine a mass shooting where dozens of victims, mostly little kids, were supposedly shot.  Now imagine that NOT ONE of those victims, were taken by ambulance to hospitals.   Not one.  Ambulances were parked on the access road to the school, and NEVER moved to take any victims anywhere.   And no one questioned that, because no one except the crazy folk out there knew that.  The rest of the world was busy wringing their hands and holding burning candles and lamenting over the horror of the events there.  We have to do SOMETHING, was the cry heard all across the country.   Well, we do.  We have to finally talk about Sandy Hook.    The only thing crazy about it, is what you believe, and how much you've been fooled.   Why?    That's easy.   We're much more malable when we're an emotional mess.  
You've gotta trust me on this one.   And, You've gotta watch this video.                         

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Korea, Cuba, and the rest of it

I wish I were like you(se).
I wish I believed the News.  I wish I believed in Christmas, other than a revenue generating season of giving (buying).   We're exchanging gifts like usual, but for me, its VERY different than it used to be.   The Santa Claus hawking cars commercials this year are more than I can stand.  Everything is different.  Everything.
 I wish this never happened, or at least that I'd never seen it.  I wish I still believed in everything I used to believe in.  
One of my best friend's sons recently became a state trooper, which even I think is a good thing, but I've noticed (with no imagination inserted whatsoever) that we are very definitely on different "sides" now.  My beliefs, which are known by them, are not as trusting or as warm and fuzzy regarding our great nation. When you're a cop, you're IN the recipie.  The badge means more, the flag means more, the whole mixture becomes a black and white stained glass picture framed in steel bars.  Its bad for both of us, because both of us know the other is wrong.  They don't question anything, and I don't believe anything.   The middle innocuous ground still exists, like dogs and seasons and work.  Life goes on (I guess), just with lots of broken glass around to walk on.

From the moment the story of N. Korea (allegedly, supposedly, possibly, sorta-kinda-maybe) hacking into Sony studio computers was broke, I smelled the distinct  odor or heavy  induced bullshit around it.  From what we know and see, N. Korea is a backwards starving nation ruled by a iron fisted loon.  We KNOW that, because that's what we are told it is.   THEY, we are told, are told the U.S. is an evil money worshipping war mongering nuclear weapon wielding nation of meddlers and sovereign nation destroying narcissists.
At least one of the stories is right, eh?  Well we're the good guys and they're the bad guys.  They, with ONE ISP for the whole 3 goat and 11 chicken country, hacked into Sony Studios computer systems because Sony made a movie about assassinating Korea's beloved leader.  We can't tell the public HOW we know what we know, (that alone should have the American braindead public mumbling,  WTF!?) but we are told by none other than OUR beloved leader, that N. Korea is the badguy here.   Yuh-huh, the president said it.
This is one of those areas where the believers (most all americans), and people like me, part ways.   Believers can't imagine NOT believing network news or heaven forbid the president, while people like me stopped believing them a long time ago.  People like me are CRAZY, and believers are just plain old good and normal.  
It took 2 or three days for me to get an idear of what the hell was going on here, but then a little story surfaced about an "internet security bill", that died a couple times in session.    Then a light bulb went on.   now the stories of "well if Sony studios can be hacked, whats NEXT!?!?!?!  Our INFRASTRUCTURE!!!!!"  Good frickin grief get that bill PASSED!!!!  NOW!!!!!! we don't care what the hell is in it, we just want to be SAFE!!!
You know, like the Patriot act, and Obamacare, which NO ONE read or understood before voting on.
The lobbyists told the politicians, "THIS is what you think, this is how you vote", and they did.   A couple loons spoke out (cuz they READ the bills), but they were and are just rabble rousing trouble making America-non-lovers.  You know, BAD guys.   Like N. Korea.

The internet security  bill is a now considered a "zombie bill.  A  kinda un-dead thing, just waiting to be revived by a Murican-loving god-fearin-public-protectin-politician, or an  AMC network executive.
It seems that hardy anything gets done in this country anymore without great fear predicating its doing. (again, read the patriot act).  This is Standard Operating Procedure anymore, and its working swimmingly.  
Make an event that scares the public and the legislators, pump the story in the news with every angle covered, with obligatory arguments on Foxnews and CNN, and let the Murica-lovers do the rest.

It matters, because, well, everything matters, eventually.  
But as long as you think your gov't is good and wants to PROTECT you, you won't see or hear ANYTHING, until its either too late, or it doesn't matter anymore.

Just watch the story with a bit of suspicion.  Ask "who has something to GAIN from this story?"
In other words, follow the money, or the control.   Who gets $$$$, or Control, because of this story?
STOP believing (like a goddam child) that your voted for politicians are thinking of YOU and your safety and security in Washington D.C.    Its no less or more a fairy tale, than the story of santy-claus.

Same with the story of Cuba.
The embargo was a symbol of everything that's wrong with America (especially since the fall of the soviet union), and its' ending now, is not for why we are being told.   Not completely, anyways.
The day of the story, we were told "banks would benefit because debit cards and credit cards could be used there ....."
Just a 5 second blip but it speaks volumes.
Banks run the world.  Banks run the gov't(s). 

Banks run your life.

Think I'm exagurating?  Not only do they run it, you cant seem to let them run it enough!
Your "credit rating", is YOU.
It affects what kind of home you can rent, or buy.
It affects what kind of job you can get. 
It affects how much you pay for Insurance.
You can't do SHIT without it, and you (collectively) are now taught that you MUST have an app on your phone that enables you to access and check your credit rating, while walking in the park, or eating lunch.  You have been taught to make it your priority, just so you can become MORE indebted to, you guessed it, the bank system.
A good citizen has a GOOD credit rating.  And that sounds normal and right, doesn't it.  Logical even.  Its for your own benefit, right? 

Well I won't change you and you surely know I'm hopelessly beyond changing back to the numb side.

Just wake up.  Wake the frick up a little bit at least.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Insane ramblings from insane-ville

Why stop now eh?
I'm on vacation.  1st one in 4 or 5 yrs.  Not the south of France, but it sure is a nice change from the castle on the dirt road that I currently call my bunker. 
I just said goodbye to my oldest (married) child and sent her on her way on life's adventure highway which for now will end in London.  England. 
Lots of emotions on this one, not the least of which is a sense of relief that she is getting the hell out of NYC, which isnt fit for man nor beast to live properly and sanely, IMO.   As I drove her to her bus we talked about similar goodbyes we've had in the past, and how this one ranks with them.  Maybe its age, maybe its from having the mental shit kicked out of my head for the past few yrs., I dunno.   This one, as seemingly permanent and distancing as it seems, wasn't as hard as the time I drove her to her new home with her mother half a state away.  Had to stop the car a few times to regain my vision on that trip.  
I told her the good news is, you ARE going to be across a pretty big ocean from your mother.   So there's that. 
The greatest sense of loss I felt this morning, was for her siblings, who while not having seen her much since she got all grown up and moved to the big city and all, they still weren't an ocean away.   And the very positive very feminine impact she had (especially on her sisters, will be very missed indeed. 
Of course there was talk of visiting and such, but good bye does mean goodbye, even if it isn't totally permanent, and unless you are hanging up on an Ex, it usually is acompanied by a bit of a sting. 

And so it goes.   Vacation continues with the other kids, even on a gray drizzly day by the lake.  

A good day to sit and ramble.
And reflect.

And be sad.

Its good to know I'm not totally dead inside, even if its cuz I feel such loss.  

Thursday, 10 April 2014

who do you trust, the dog or the tail wagging the dog?

Life in a rabbit hole isn't nearly as much fun as one might think it is.  For starters, you don't know if what you see is real, and if it is, you don't really know what to make of what you are seeing.   
Kinda like watching television.  
"the U.S State dept. accuses Russia (and vladamir putin) of staging the insurrection in The Ukraine, for the purposes of becoming involved militarily there....."
Um, and where do you think Mr Putin might have learned THAT trick?    I suggest by watching CNN, and american policy of the past few decades.   No?   You might want to read up on Syria, Libya, Iraq, et al.

Atty Gen. Eric Holder, after being "grilled" by congressman yesterday, spoke before a sympathetic crowd and asked (repeatedly) "When was the last time a U.S. atty gen. was treated like that!?!?!"
Um, when was the last time a U.S. atty gen. ACTED like that, mr Holder!?!?!?  was my response.       Thats like that blade runner chap, on trial for shooting his supermodel girlfriend through a bathroom door, asking the jury, "yeah, but what about my bleeding bathroom door!?!?  Who is going to see to it that IT gets repaired properly!?!?"
Oh yes it is.    Holder completely discounted everything he has been accused and charged with, (like contempt, f'rinstance)  and instead whined about being picked on. 

Houdini airlines flight 3-7-0.
I couldn't even have made up this story.     Like I've previously said, this one made my rabbit hole sensors go off from the git go.   Maybe its me.   Maybe I can see bullshit more clearly now, or maybe bullshit isnt as camoflauged as it used to be.    Nothing about what we have been told, has been true.  We have been TOLD its true, and experts have even painstakingly said so, but it aint so.   
Like f'rinstance, did YOU know that all boeing 777's have fly by wire capability?   Fly by wire, is the ability to fly the plane, remotely.  Like from Langley Va.      But experts (ON AIRCRAFT RELATED TECH SITES) have stated that it would take someone with "extensive knowledge of aircraft computer systems" to be able to hack into an aircraft and take over controls of said aircraft.
Oh, THAT makes me feel better.    Good thing there aren't any of THEM out there, huh?   Places like the pentagon and the CIA and even the frickin white house can and HAVE been hacked, but boeing's airplanes???  Nah.   Impossible.    they're MUCH more difficult to hack into than say.......the NSA.  
Flag waving veteran-centered websites expertly point out the obvious, that it was a plane from a muslim country piloted by muslims.   Nuff said.
Pointy headtechno geeks said we need MORE technology to protect us more better.   Yeah thats it.  
Fly by wire, sheep.   fly by wire.    Look into that, the most highly ignored secret of the past 15 minutes.

And...........we have a current love affair with Lyndon B. Johnson.  The president who "reluctently" assumed power after JFK was shot by those miracle bullets.   
Current focus is centered on LBJ's pushing forward of the civil rights agenda that JFK  championed.    You would think that LBJ was the greatest thing to happen to black americans since Popeye's chicken.  
It makes a nice story, and evidently a pretty good broadway play too, but the devil is indeed in the details on this one.   JFK was "presented" a plan, in which American military forces would get incrementally involved in S.E. Asia, and JFK wasn't too receptive of said plan. 
In fact, if he were Vladimir Putin, he would have said HELL NYET!   Well it seems that the CIA and the people who run THEM, didnt like JFK's answer to their plan, and JFK was shot 6 months later by some guy.   Wasn't a muslim though.  
LBJ, on the otherhand, was balls to the walls enthusiastic about crushing the dire threat in S.E Asia, posed by the (muslim of that day) communist movement.   
So here's my take on mr-civil-rights-president-post-mortem-tony-award winner-LBJ.
Civil rights?
58,000 american servicemen were killed in Vietnam.   roughly 8,000 were african-americans.    viva la freedom.

Oh yeah.  And we lost.  And now our clothes are made in vietnam.   But that has nothing to do with the war there.   It never does, does it.  
I've written this before, and I'm gonna write it again because the three of you(se) need to understand it.   Its pretty much everything.
In his farewell address, Dwight Eisenhower stated that the "greatest threat America faces in the 20th century, was the AMERICAN military industrial complex".
You know, the people who brought you viet nam a few short years after Ike wrote that.  After JFK  said america would NOT get into an extensive prolonged military action in vietnam.   And he was shot shortly thereafter.   By some guy.  Obviously crazy, but not a muslim.

Anybody watch the Stock Market channel?  I dont know what the hell its called, CBNBSMSBC or somethin,  but its one of the funniest networks on tv today.   Watch the experts opine on what is what, and keep an eye on the DOW numbers as they are happening.   First of all you should notice that while sounding all expert-y and informative, if you REALLY listen, you will hear nothing but a white noise that could easily be coming from your clothes dryer exhaust vent.  
My point?   Opinions, moods and messages change  there almost as fast as the direction of the DOW nowadays.   And much like atty gen. eric holder, being ghastly wrong 3 minutes previous is of no matter.   They're still experts dammit, and that other thing....well......naaah thats them damn balsams.

At the end of the Not-A-War in Vietnam, some infamous videos were shot (along with a million or so vietnamese) that sum up life in these united states.
Helicopters, tanks, trucks, equiptment of all kinds (expensive as hell and bought and paid for, to boot) were jetisoned off of ships and into the briny deep as american troops pulled out of Vietnam.   Millions and millions (and millions) of dollars worth of equipment scuttled because, well, we didn't need it anymore.
No, Northrup Grummen didnt send the american people a rebate check for any of it.   Hell, America was glad to be out of that damn place, and the cost of a few (thousand) expensive vehicles being sent to their grave ala Osama Bin Laden, was of little importance then, or now.   Splash, glug glug glug.   Thanks for the gumball america.  See you next war.
The only difference between Vietnam and Afghanistan, is the cheerleading on the sidelines nowadays.  Everybody in a military uniform is a hero, praised and applauded at every sporting event and national newscast.    Why, they're there to protect US, thats why!  OUR way of life.
Uh huh.  
And to think I used to buy that line of bullshit.   

Google pallets of money, and afghanistan, and tell me Im wrong.
Its patriotic to bitch about govt waste and whats wrong with the system, but by god dont you dare say its the system itself!
Problem is, the system is camoflauged under a mountain of bullshit, all covered by multiple layers of american flags.

NOTHING, is as it appears.   

But you can trust me, because I dont want anything.   Not a goddam thing.

Friday, 21 March 2014

much ado about nuthin.............

Forgive me for writing about nothing at all but if the MSM can do it relentlessly for almost two weeks straight then some shlep in podunk pa. can do it too.  
As with the Boston "bombing" of a year or so ago, as soon as I heard the stories of the missing malaysia airlines boeing 777, my bullshit alarms went off, and havent stopped since.  In the very first report on tv just hours into the mystery, knowledge was had of "2 passengers on board the aircraft with stolen passports".    It rang as true as "its a group called AlQeda from some cave in Pakistan..." just MINUTES into the 9-11 report-a-thon.   Not as good as the "Boston Globe tweets that there is going to be a bomb squad exercise @ 1pm today...." the day of the boston marathon bombing.  
Like the title says.   It just doesnt add up.   
Most interesting to me in the missing airliner, is the daily tidbits of useless info that seems to get reported on ad nauseum, with equal fervor and interest to both the reporters and the report-ees.   By that, I mean that the idjits talking about the non-news is equalled by the idjits watching/reading/listening/hoping on it.    I have seen everyone ever associated with Boeing, pilots, the NTSB, the US Navy, and every person who has ever ridden more than twice on a jet, paraded out on CNN and the rest of the networks, as "experts".    NPR even went a step further and quoted "most talked about theories on social media and around the office water cooler", as news.    No, they weren't kidding.   

I'm tired of a lot of things,  most of all being sold a load of bullshit packaged as truth.  
One thing I'm absolutely certain of in my old age, is that nothing is as it seems, that more and more people are easier and easier to get to believe that it is.    

I don't have any stupid theories, save for the one about Al Sharpton's mothership (which is being piloted by L. Ron Hubbard with Timothy Leary as his first officer) used a ION cannon and kablooey-blasted the Malysian airliner out of the sky, just because.

I just want you to think about why you believe what you do, and what you see and hear, just because people deemed experts tell you it is so.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Lewis and Clarke meet the Fockers

Just when I thought it was safe, or at least tolerable, to deal with the general nit-wittery of people that I have to suffer, an event occurred that had me shaking my head.   And believe me, that is saying something.
My local PBS station just re-ran the Ken Burns mini-series on the Lewis and Clark expedition.   It was fascinating in many aspects, besides the obvious.   The most obvious and least emphasised to me, was how different we are today in our click and paste and google to learn society, as compared to the drag the big-ass boat upriver for a couple of hundred miles and see what's there mentality, of their time.   Besides mountains, praries, rivers, grizzlys, waterfalls, mosquito swarms thick enough to challenge sanity, and hostile Injuns, there were the timeless challenges of frustration, disease, boredom, hopelessness, tiredness and women folk.
Oh.  And slavery.  More on that later.
Not two out of the ten thousand people I've met in my life would be able to achieve anything like what those people did back then. I'd like to think I could.  My friend Chris Cole could too. I know its a different time, but we as mentally stunted humans cant even comprehend embarking on a trip without making reservations ahead of time for lodging and such.   Imagine not even knowing what to expect when you set out!   I thought I was adventurous when I set out with a backpack and my labrador into the Bob Marshall wilderness area.  (google it idiots)   By mydamnself.  There were no injuns when I did it, and I was probably too stupid to know how stupid it was, but I did it.  By myself.
      When I was in my 20's, not knowing was part of the trip.

I had an adventure, and I probably could have twisted my ankle and never been found.   That didn't stop me from going.  

Ah yes, the event that had me shaking my head.
My 12 yr old started football practice this week, 90 degree temps and all.  After the first practice, he wanted to ride in the back of the truck the two miles back home, and it didnt seem like an earth altering event to me, so I said sure.
Well, someone thought differently, and called the local authorities and expressed her concerns for my childrens' well-being.   Not completely insane on the me maybe, but not unreasonable by reasonable standards.
The problem lies with the concerned parent  being friends with my EX wife, whoslike  a Purple Minion (you have to see Despicable Me 2 to understand that one), .................and ...............well............its not a pretty picture.    Everyone who's been deceived by the dark side (through the prompting of the purple minion), thinks  I'M the monster who is wreckless with my kids.   I could write a frickin war and peace sized novel  (without the peace part)   regarding stupid-child destructive behavior on HER part.  
Heres a newsflash to anyone who is most certainly going to be shown this post.
Just today, friday, july 19th, when she came to pick up my kids, she allowed my son who has neither a license nor a permit nor insurance, to drive HER van, WITH the kids in it, from my house.
I personally think its no big deal because like I said its a desolate quiet country road.
BUT, I'M not the one saying I'M the stickler for rules and permits and such.  I admit I am not.
She is.
So.    If you want to play this game, I will.  

My only message to the concerned parent who felt the need to call the police on me out of fear for my childrens' safety, is to take the log out of your own damn eye, as someone once said.
If you're too stupid to safely drive your kids slowly down a quiet country road, then don't do it.
Oh, and before you start screaming "ITS THE LAW!!!"...............
Women not being able to vote was the law too.
As was slavery.  We've had a lot of stupid WRONG laws in this country.    Some laws are stupid, and some are put there now because we have become a nation of nitwits and ninnies incapable of anything that isn't liked on facebook.  I and everyone I grew up with , grew up riding in the back of pickup trucks.  On HIGHWAYS, not on slow quiet country roads.  

And if Obamacare goes through, twinkies will be illegal too.
I'm just saying.

People are as blind as Lewis and Clark were when they started their journey, but people believe they know things now because, well, they were TOLD something, or they googled something.  
I've been to court twice, and won twice.  I will go back 3 or 30 times.  All I want is a peaceful life for me and my kids.    And I will not give up.

At the end of the Lewis and Clark journey, each member of the team was awarded 360 acres of land, save for the captains.  They were given 1600 acres each for their accomplishment.
Exeeeeeeeeeeeeeeept for this one member.
A black man who was a slave when the journey started.  HE was rewarded with his old job back when he returned to civilization.  
A teensy weensy byline in the history books, but it SCREAMS volumes.  
Land of the Free, home of the Brave.  And the Brave, even when they're NOT free.

And I'm the crazy one.

That picture, by the by, is of the great china wall in the bob marshall wilderness area in montana.

Its worth the effort to see it.