Saturday, 6 August 2011

Paris Hilton makes the world go round....

Evidently, evidence isn't enough to convince some people. Especially people who view themselves as "smart", or learn-ed. Or intelligent.

I was going to continue a little discussion in the comment section of another post, but for some reason that a technological dope like me can't figure out, "it" wouldn't allow me to do so.

So. We shall continue the free lesson on why a dope like me is infinitely "smarter" than.........


Collectively speaking, of course. Far be it for me to assume any actual superior brain activity to any specific individual reading this nonsense.

For the other reader here, bear with me.

DDT was and is again used to fight malaria, via killing mosquitos, which SPREAD malaria.

Maybe smart people thought I meant ddt was sprayed on patients to cure malaria. I dunno. Who the hell knows what smart people think.

and my favorite article Titled DDT is returning to fight malaria.....

DDT was the primary chemical used to kill mosquitos that spread malaria, smart person said it was never used against it. Found a link to verify her stance, too. Shows you how much you can trust links. Better to be smart than quick with google. Google is smart. You're not. Thats why you need me. Oh I'm not smart either, but years ago I noticed "funny clouds in the sky and said "something doesn't add up......" and you STILL say, "oh its nothing thats just crazy talk!"

I notice and can process things. You obviously, cannot. At least not things that aren't beyond debate, like 2+2 equaling 4. Sunday comes after saturday, those sort of things.

Back to the clouds. Its called geoenginnering, which is a fancy (smart) way to say weather control, or sunlight control. There's thousand smart sites and a hundred scientific organizations involved with geoengineering, but you say Im crazy for noticing or talking about it. Dont bother looking it up, and I wont bother putting links here that you won't go to. Find your own. (hint, DON'T go to the united nations site that discusses the concept/program.)

I believe I heard the single stupidest comment that I've EVER heard in my life, just the other day. I was in the frying pan department of a store looking at stuff because some crazy loon keeps removing my stuff.....anywho.....

My child asked me about a teflon pan, and I said "that stuff is poison", meaning the teflon. The bright yet to be indoctrinated little girl next to me asked her mom, "mom, is teflon POISON?" And the good little sheep of a mom said to her soon to be sheep of a daughter, "no honey, if it WERE poison, they wouldn't be selling it." A rush of calm could be seen sweeping over the traumatized little girl, and the sheep of a mom had a story to tell her coworkers the next day at Reasonable Thinking Inc, where Im certain she worked.

Doesn't get any more reasonable than that.

"And they wouldn't put fluoride in toothpaste if it weren't poison either...." I said.

My kid smiled.

It must be nice to have such faith. Not the faith of a child, but the faith of a sheep. To assume that the larger than description entity called "they", or government, or whomever, really give a rats ass about us other than to extract what they NEED out of us.

Like tax revenues, or labor, or whatever. To believe that "they" sit around wringing their hands wondering how to make our lives safer, more peaceful. Safer. Because they care.

THATS faith. Its certainly not intelligence . Nor is intelligence swallowing what you are fed at some second rate college by some second rate pseudo intellectual expert. That, is accurately described as indoctrination. On a fools level, to boot.

Am I smart? Nope.

Never ever ever said I was. But I notice things and try and decipher them. Which is obviously more than you can say. See that picture on the front of this stupid blog? YOU didnt even notice that. YOU think thats "normal". Whatever you and I are, you're a level below me, so there.

So here's what you need to know.

The same corporations that caused the rivers in cleveland ohio to catch on fire, still are in charge of this nation and world. The same banking organizations that ruled the corporations when someone in europe decided to start a war just to kill people and make money, still are in charge.

Oh look up the history and events and results of world war One.

The financial instiutions and a handful of ruling families in Europe made a bloody fortune, and when public opinion got to a tipping point, WE got involved to prolong it until that didnt even cover up what was going on.

A war with no movement, no objectives, no victories, but defeat enough for everyone.

Oh you dont know the first damn thing about WWI do ya?

Don't worry, nobody does. Point is, like most modern wars, it had nothing to do with nationalism, and everything to do with globalism, and who runs the globe. But I'm sure sentences like that make your pretty little head hurt with anger and indignance, so.............we'll continue.

The League of Nations was a result of WWI. The United Nations was the result of WWII. The New World Order is a result of the political and personal expansion of the United Nations.

More crazy talk? I don't suppose you ever heard of Agenda 21, did you?

I didnt think so. It hasn't been discussed on Good Morning America and it doesn't have a facebook page, so it might as well be saltwater on mars as far as you're concerned. Agenda 21 is the Global plan to micromanage your life, here in these united states. You wont look it up, and Im not going to waste the effort trying to show you.

Oh hell yes I am. How great is that? a link titled "agenda 21 for dummies?"

Watch. Or not. Or go to the keith oberman / kevin lynn site claiming its all good and it'll make the world a better place to exist..............

Are you beginning to see where I'm going yet?

All over? Yep. You HAVE to go all over. You can't understand ANYTHING, if you don't understand everything.

I am called crazy by some bitter female who makes it her mission to discredit what I say here. Thats ok, she's failed miserably to this point.

I get called crazy, but normal people believe that everything is fine and normal and there is no agenda anything and no chemcals in the sky and that american police are SUPPOSED to look like fully armed storm troopers and genetically modified foods are as good as we are told they are and the medical industry would never lie because pharmacuticals are good for us and fluoride ISN'T a poison and even though the radiation leak from Chernobyl caused THIS lady to tell the japanese peole to"RUN", and even though Japans disaster is at LEAST hundreds of times worse..........Everything is fine. Because someone somewhere, said its fine.

Yeah, well, someone somewhere said what Paris Hilton says and does is worth paying attention to, too. And someone somewhere invented a "fine" passtime called farmville and mafia wars and said thats a fine way to spend your time, too. And Im sure someone somewhere believes its fine to keep a 5 year old out till midnight at a stupid ass county fair, too. Oh its "FUN!!!!"

Yeah. Fun.

Im not living in fear or paranoia or any negative state of mind, save for the effect of having to live with hatred and subterfuge by the person who is SUPPOSED to be the one I count on for support. No boo-hoo-ing here, just the facts. On THAT front, Im stressed as hell. But you won't win that battle either, because you are on the wrong side there, too.

Teaching my kids to think and be aware is no more detrimental to them, than it is to teach them to look both ways before crossing the road. Twice, I tell them.

Heres a story that floored me when I saw it. I was watching a foreign made film called "Broken Silence" (I think that was the name).It was directed by some obscure film maker called............lemme see if I can remember it...............oh yeah. Steven Spielberg.
Anywho, in it was a story about the Warsaw Ghettos, and survivors there told about the "crazy rumors" that were flowing about the death camps. About the trains that were taking ghetto residents to those death camps.

NAAAAAH. It CAN'T be true, was the general consenus.

Thats CRAZY talk.

What floored me, was that in that setting, after everything the ghetto prisoners had been through up to that point, they still couldn't allow themselves to accept what was really going on.

They were sheep, right up to the end. We here in present day america are like those warsaw ghetto residents, in a way. Freedoms have been systematically eroded and the noose has been tightened little by little, but the sheep refuse to see and notice, because they still have their safe little fun distractions.

Im right, and all your bitching and condemnation doesn't mean a damn thing.

Im right, and you don't have a clue.

Im a dope, and Im right.

Whats that make you?

Whooo-WHOOOOOOOOOOO! (I hear that train a comin'...........................)

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


in august of 1939, adolph hitler murdered a bunch of polish citizens, placed german military uniforms on them, and then videotaped the dead "german army" bodies and broadcast them to the german people. think Im making that up too? then read, or remain ignorant. It got his people all fired up to attack poland. mis and disinformation, for a purpose.

Rachael Carlson conducted a study on bald eagles in alaska, and the conclusion of her study was that because of the presence of DDT, bald eagles eggs did not have the sufficient calcium present to allow the eggs and their occupants, to mature and hatch. ZERO eggs made it to hatchlings.

Because of that "study", DDT was banned from america.

This isnt about whether or not ddt is harmful. It is about a false deliberately altered "scientific study", that had huge ramifications. What Ms Carlson left out of her official findings, was that in her controlled experiment, racheal removed ALL calcium from the eagles diet. ALL of it. Now what kind of effect do you think THAT little tid bit of info had on the study? Eggs are primarily, calcium. hmmmmm.
Ms carlson admitted it decades later, but you know what, Pittsburgh recently named a bridge after her, for her work to make the planet a better place to live.

Ignorant, stupid fools who think because the results were what THEY wanted, the study was valid.

mis and dis information.

Dont even get me going on global warming. its a hoax created by those who will profit and control in the new "carbon regulated" world. You were told its to save the planet, but thats just a schtick. a pitch. Read.

the ultimate mis and dis information. it is going to RULE your existance, and you are going to allow it joyfully, because you believe you're saving mother earth.

So go ahead and drive across ms carlsons bridge and feel all safe because ddt is nnow banned . Oh, and malaria is at an all time high. Oh, and nations where malaria is rampant are reinstating ddt as an accepted chemical. But you feel good because youre so smart.

Hell, YOU never even hear of rachael carlson before you read this, and you think IM stupid.

Dont worry.

You're like the dad (who played second string in high school) that takes his kid to the super bowl and says, "you know, I used to play football too....."

Just shut up and watch, you dont understand or know about anything, let alone what it takes to get to the super bowl. Shut up and learn.