Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Words Matter

Heyna or no?

After George W Bush called N Korea one of the "axis of evil" countries, its glorious leader (a cross between george costanza and mini me) pretty much went into hibernation. We didn't hear much from him or his staff of stooges.

Then OUR nation elected its OWN glorious leader.
The Difference is that in N Korea, it is a crime punishable by imprisonment if one does not have a picture of the glorious leader hanging prominently in one's home.

Here in America, our glorious leader's countenance is on everything from Elvis Presley-esque velevet tapestries, to official authorized coins to Franklin Mint fired, gold leaf embossed (heirloom quality) plates, all sold on QVC.

I havent figured out yet who has the better (or worser) deal.

So their glorious leader knows OUR glorious leader is no W., and for him, thats a good thing. For Kim Jung Il, I mean. He has nothing to fear with this glorious leader. He KNOWS that, as does Mahmoud Achmadinajob from Iran.
Make no mistake about it. While roughly a smidgen more than half of America views our glorious leader as a brilliant statesman, people with titles like "maniac, monster, and mass murderer" have a different description.

It goes something like this. "Alfred E frickin Newman........... A big eared scared little twit of a geek, who doesnt know which end of the "you're playing with the big dogs now" t-shirt to put on first.

N Korea just blew off a frickin nuke, and did it on OUR holiday of memorial day, to boot. If THATS not rubbing the new kids nose in the pile of doggie dung-Il, nothin' is.

But, the intellectual (slightly larger than half) population that voted for this guy, is all safe and secure again because Obamas appointment to ambassador to the UN, (a girly-girl) said "we're REALLY upset at what North Korea has done, and a REAL resolution will follow, an OFFICIAL resolution, with BINDING words, and STUFF!!


No, really. Heres a leader of a country where citizens dont have enough food, where citizens regularly used to drop dead while walking down the streets, mostly due to malnutrition. This is a leader of a country that has laws like "if you're caught listening to radio or television broadcasts from outside of the country, you can be executed".

I cant WAIT to see what kind of "resolutions" this band of twits come up with to make Kim Jung Il toe the line.

No, really, thats the entire point.

These people, these leaders we now have leading us, actually believe (because its what they've been taught by equally idiotic teachers. professors and mentors) that the true intellectual way to deal with people like Kim Jung Il, is to do it with words.

Well, legally binding, official words, but words nonetheless.

Someone ought to remind these leaders of ours that we REALLY tried the "official United Nations sanctions" route, for 13 or 14 years, with Saddam Hussein.

Maniacal dicators who kill their own citizens for the fun of it, dont hold much interest in reading United nations sanctions, some one ought to remind them.

The BAD news is, this maniac has nukes, and missles to strap them onto.

The REALLY bad news is, we have Barrack Hussein Obama (the REALLY good campaign manager), to protect us.

And still the idiots will buy his coins and plates.

Get em while they're hot, I suppose. I mean, before they're like 4,000 degrees hot.

This Korean nutjob has Nukes, and He and Achmad-a-nutjob are trading goodies like a couple of schoolyard bullies with other kids lunch monies. Except they're trading with nukes, and our lives.

While everybody is focused on Obamas nightmare of a supreme court nomination, Rosanna Rosanadanna, the real story is happening in Israel, and Iran, and North Korea.
Well, the United Nations is attentive to whats going on, but As usual, they have nothing but useless (very expensive) words, and nothing else.

You probably didnt like george w bush, because the same people who told you that obama was brilliant, and his supreme court nomination was perfect, and his appointee to the united nations was "smart", hammered the point home for years, that W. was the worst president of the millenium.

Kim Jung Il may have thought so also, but he didnt think it was a good idea to go blasting off nukes until Obama was in charge.

Sometimes words can be powerful, like "I love you" or "I dont love you", but only so to reasonable people.
At least Bush knew what words to use. Words like "or ELSE", or "Hey Kim, hows your buddy Saddam these days??"

Words like "You're a VERY bad leader, and your very bad actions will NOT be tolerated by the citizens of the world.........", dont matter wuff a dam to people like Kim Jung Il or Mahmoud Achmadinajob. People who boast and promise to wipe a nation off the face of the earth, dont put much weight in words like "you're a BAD dictator".

This, folks, is "why liberals are idiots 101".

They REALLY believe if they produce the RIGHT words, it'll all come out ok. And worse(r) than that, they believe they can conjur up those words.

Some other leader thought that way, too.

His name was Neville Chamberlin.

Adolph Hitler LOVED that guy.

Like Kim Jung Il and Achmadinajob LOVE Obama.

I hope my words scared the hell out of you, cuz we're about to get in a REAL war, against REAL enemies, not like the ones we've been in.

No disrespect to anyone intended, but in WWII, we lost 20 thousand people in two weeks in some battles. We've lost a total of less than 5 thousand people in HOW many years?

If Achmadinajob sends one of the missles he has, with one of the nukes he's THIS close to developing onto one of our very large bases over there, he'll quadruple the casualty count in a half an hour.

All the while this is going on, we have a bunch of politically correct social engineering do-gooders in charge of the country.

Trying to find the right words to fix everything.

Thursday, 21 May 2009


Theres a reason I started off this thing with the words I did.
I mean the first blog post, not the title of this stupid post.

I KNOW that people put waaaay too much credence in titles and social standing,which is why I tried to deflect any attention away from such nonsense.

For your own good.
What, you thought it was to make my words more revelent??
Hardly, it was to soften up you(se) guys.

You see, dirt merchant or not, I've never met ANYONE anywhere who left me feeling "wow, THAT (person) sure was smart!"

Oh I've conversed with people who were flat out geniuses in their fields.
One architect is considered one of the best in the WORLD (in fact a few years ago, received an award proclaiming him THE best IN the world), but the guy supported Obama, and for reasons that left me scratching my head. I remember thinking "I thought this guy was SMART!?!?" as he talked gushingly about hope and change.................
Electrical engineers, doctors, and assorted others who made fortunes selling widgets and you-name-its, and your regular run of the mill educated types have all left impressions on me, but "gosh" was never one of em.

I'm looking for wisdom, not book-learnin.

Know what wisdom is?
Muhammad Ali gave a tour of his farm to a writer who was interviewing him, and during which he took the writer out to one of his barns.
In the dirty barn, were all of his awards, trophies he had accumulated in his unprecedented career. There they sat, collecting dust, and even less dignified deposits from some of the barn residents.
When asked why his golden glove, olympic gold, and world champion trophies were out in the barn, he replied in a barely audible sound,
"I had the whole world, and it didnt mean nuthin..........."

THAT, is wisdom, albeit acquired too late. Everything he once THOUGHT meant everything, he now understood it to mean nothing at all. People like us should take heed when people like that (who have reached the pinacle of success), say things like he said.
That is what I'm searching for. Wisdom to figure things out. Wisdom to understand.
And to find it before I'm shaking uncontrollably and drooling, would be a good thing.

Wisdom escapes most people I know, myself included.
It doesnt come with age, necessarily. Driving down I-81 this evening proved that.
Some wisdom-less old lady decided to STOP on the highway, in rush hour, in heavy traffic, to allow a car waiting on an on-ramp to merge. Oh yeah, in a congested construction zone.

She STOPPED on a highway,and I was the first car behind her.
"probably a frickin democrat do-gooder" I muttered.

One needs wisdom to be able to discern a lie, especially a lie from the lie-master.
When the Puffster equated pro-choice with morality at his recent graduation speech at Notre Dame, the wisdom-less amongst us all giggled and cheered with glee."YAY! We're the good guys in al this!", they cheered.
The rest of us were left with mouthes agape saying "WHAT did he just say!??!?"
That'd be like Yassir Arafat receiving a nobel peace prize.........................
That did happen, didnt it?

Well, Obamas speech was equally preposterous.

Wisdom is EVERYTHING, and is in very short supply of late.

I'm TELLING you people, you better prioritize, and decide which side you really want to be on.

The wisdom side, or the smart side?
I've met plenty of smart idiots, but never a wise idiot. Ever see a wise person strung out?
Or in prison? Its impossible, by definition.
Wise people dont commit suicide, but smart people do, all the time.
Smart people are now runing this country, and the rest of us are screwed because of that fact.
The smart idiots in the media are all being led around as if they are all wearing nose rings, but at least they all look smart doing it.

Dont be an idiot.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

An Update

So I ran over my boss's duck.
Actually, it was my boss's wife's goose.

And shes an animal rights EXTREMIST.

And You think YOU've got problems.

This goose, which chased cars like a crazed dog let off a chain, got a little too close to my Penn State Van, and while not REALLY trying to hit it, I did. I didnt kill it, and it doesnt chase cars anymore, but animal rights wackos arent a very optimistic bunch. I dented it pretty good.

And someone felt it necessary to CALL my boss's wife, and inform her that her beloved goose just got goosed by a big white van with white feathers all over it.
And you think you got problems.

Aaaaaah I didnt care, too much. I was more upset that someone felt it necessary to rat me out, but even thats neither here nor there.
I'm secure in my value as an employee. You gotta do better than this.
Especially (EXpecially for you in Nanticoke), this year. Valuable is as valuable does.
Like Yogi Bera said, "If its true, it ain't braggin", and to paraphrase Mell Brooks, "Its good to be good". Comes in handy sometimes.
Like when you run over your boss's goose.

Onto the update.
My "friend" is still ok. You know, the one that told me stories of wanting to end it all.
The bad news is she told me that she still thinks I'm a simplistic fool for believing in God, but at least she didnt go postal yet, and thats a very big plus, all other things being considered. So maybe its enlightened to go postal, I dunno. I'll take simplistic any day.

So how are you doing?
I'm a wreck, thank you very much. And I see a lot of that going around these days.
Especially amongst married folks.
To all my married followers, hang in there, this too shall pass.
This is like a lunar phase, except more hormonic. And of course, its all our wive's faults.
To all you wife friends/followers? Shut up and cook more.

There, I feel better. Won't feel better after my wife reads this, but I got my wacks in now, all brave and all, when shes snoring, so its all good.

On a serious note, when I talk to three married people in a day, and all three say they're experiencing the same phenomenon (miserable spouses) I don't need any further instructions to put two and two together.

Hang in there.
He/She isnt as bad as they seem tonight.
Now you tell me the same thing.

This life thing sure isnt easy, is it?
Throw in kids and running over the boss's wife's goose, and it gets exponentially more difficult.

And some of you believe its hard to be studying in college.
Hell, some of us believe its a relief to get to think about things in depth, and not just rush here and there doing this and that and get screamed to and whined at and tugged on constantly.

I just found out today that another someone who apparently has it all, is about to lose it all.
Getting seperated, from their spouse.
And I mean has it ALL.

Nuthins' guaranteed in this life, folks.


Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Special Olympics

And Eugenics.
Dont know what eugenics is? Dont feel too too bad, lots of supposed intellectuals never heard of it.

Start with this
Then go to this
......and then read this...........

the last one talks of the"progressives".
Remember that term?
Here, I'll refresh your memory.

(stay with me folks, I'm going to the special olympics with this one)
So now (if you read what you should have) you understand eugenics, american progressives and their belief in eugenics, and the connection with nazi germany (who were the first to enact eugenics as policy). Oh, and Hillary Clinton alligning with "early 20th century progressives".
Got it?
I did, and do.
Unfortunately, I got this friend.........................................
They have a child with autism, and were recently at a party where someone there stated their belief in eugenics, to the point of saying;
"I was recently at a special olympics event, and if ever there was a time where a bomb should have been dropped, it was there."
Needless to say, my friend spoke up and stated that her child had autism, and asked if the special olympics bomb proposing person if Her child should be included in his "thin the herd" policy.
He replied, "yep".
Well that didnt sit too well, and needless to say, the party pooped after that point.

24 hours later, and the mom is still upset about the comments. REALLY upset.
What do you care? I dunno. I connected two and two and two, and as usual, came up with 222.
This woman is a HUGE Hillary supporter. Hillary is a Progressive, and in her words, in the way it was meant in the early 20th century.
You know, the founders of eugenics.
Think Hillary would ever say "hell YEAH we support thinning the herd", if asked point blank? Of course not. That part of the "modern progressives" is just icky details, we're much more modern thinking progressives nowadays.

But this is who the progressives are.
This is what they're all about, and much much more.
This is what her healthcare reform is all about.
This is why the government should NEVER be given the opportunity to run healthcare, but they will, and to the cheers of the populus, to boot.
One they have that power (er, responsibility), the decisions of how you live will be determined by a bureaucratic panel of experts. Most probably all of them progressives, too. How you live, what you eat, everything related to and affecting healthcare (that the government controls and pays for) will be controlled, by the government bureaurcatic panel of progressives.
They know better, after all.
They are more capable of managing, and able to see whats really important to the body as a whole (you know, the "village"), and wont be bound by silly thoughts like individual choices and such.

You draw your own conclusions. I dont care.
My wife told me I cant change anyone, especially our friends allegiance to Hillary. No matter that Hillary is a Progressive, and the Progressives very definately support Eugenics, which is the thinning of the herd. Like autistic people. Doesnt matter, she told me. Even if you put links evidencing it all like a CSI show, our friend would still support Hillary's Progressives and the program.

Its the big mouth meanies who STATE their beliefs at parties, that need to be silenced.

No, neither Hillary of president puff daddy or even mr progressive himseff, George Soros, would ever come out and state that autistic people need to be put down like a unclaimed dog at the spca.

but its what their party founders stated. directly.
Once the government controls healthcare, and once there is only "so much money to pay for everybody", then some things (people) will have to be,..................um..........................uncared for.

Where governments control the healthcare now, services are rationed and restricted to the most deserving, based upon a scale that the benovelent beauracrats figured out.
Think it'll be better with Hillary or some other nit-wit power hungry monster in charge in Amerika???
Yeah thats it.
Theres only so much money. Fat people cant get heart operations now in England. Sucks to be you fattie, have another twinkie and have a nice day. Dont produce too much carbon dioxide either, you fattie, its no good for the planet, y'know. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Oh yeah I cant WAIT for the government to take over free healthcare.
I cant stand the wait.

I also cant stand the idiots who continually cheer for its imminent "progressive" inception, either.

Think I'm wrong?
I dont care.
Wake up.
This is whats coming.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

It was Patton's troops that liberated the Jews in Nazi Germany

Not "Jesus".

O geeze.

Stay with me folks, I'm going to make a few points, and piss off EVERYBODY in the process.

I ran into a friend the other day, in a grocery store. My friend is a christian, as I am.

After the usual greeting and pleasantries exchange, the conversation switched to current events (his doing, not mine).

In a nutshell, he asked me "whats wrong with our nation?", and I, not needing too much prodding in this area, proceeded with the readers digest version of an answer.

There was a pause, and then he said, "Its all about Jesus...", to which I replied (to myself) "oh geeze....."

Now I understood his point perfectly, and in fact I said "I understand your point perfectly", but this other stuff, especially the political, military and foreign relation stuff I touched on was all pertinent. He then said that none of the other stuff mattered, that ONLY the spiritual mattered. Again, I agreed it was important, but not in total.

Now I imagine everyone is asking "what the heck do I care about some insane conversation in a checkout line!?!?!?"

Because what HE said mattered, thats why.

Its NOT all that matters, but it most certainly matters. Most people fall into the same category my friend falls into. Except most people believe the spiritual doesnt mater at all, IF they even believe it exists at all. Too narrowly focused, missing very important portions of the equation, as it were. Tough to add it up when one has all the components, leave out a few, and its hopeless.

So heres a couple of points, for my friend and for you who believe the spiritual doesnt matter at all in current events.

First for my friend the Believer;

Jesus didnt liberate the nazi concentration camps, the American 3rd army did (yes, and other units as well). Point is, the military of the united states DOES matter in world events, even those on a biblical scale.

Second, when asked what believers should do regarding Ceasar, Jesus answered "render unto Ceasar what is Ceasars".......which means that this world and things in it, DO matter in the life of believers. If it didnt, the answer would have been more like "who careth?"

Hey, this stuff had me talking to myself for days, trying to figure out what is the correct response to my friend's attitude. This is as much for me, (if not moreso) as it is for you all. My journey is your journey.

Everybody who knows me personally knows what a jerk I can be, and what horrible things I've done in my life (regarding sin).
Thats why what I'm saying is so important.
I know it even better than you do. I'm the king of the dirt bags, and I know that.
But I also "know" that God wants to use me for some reason. Me. He knows what a fool I've been even more than you do, and thats saying something.
Having said that, and understanding to some extent the spiritual aspect of life, I feel its important to keep in mind how our spiritual life is affected by non-spiritual events.
And Vice-Versa.

I'm sick of politics.
I'm sick of news.
I'm sick of entertainment.
I'm sick of being told whats real and important by those trying to sell me something.

are you?

I'm trying to refocus my life and put the puzzle pieces together properly. I'm not trying to invent a "just Jesus" picture, or a "just republican or democrat" picture. (I am SO sick of politics)
I am just asking you all to read and think, and wonder the big question. Yes, a dirt merchant is asking you all to ponder the meaning of our lives.
And to put all the puzzle pieces on the table, even if they make you squirm. "what life is all about" is pertinent to the issues we are dealing with and focusing our attentions on today. One must be focused and grounded to interpret the news of the day. Get your focus out of whack, and your interpretation is automatically out of whack.
To just accept what you are fed, will make you fat, not smart. (mentally speaking)
Too many mentaly fat people believe themselves to be smart. They were fed a HUGE diet of mental junk, and absorbed it like a sponge.

So what makes my junk different from their junk, you ask?

Heck thats easy.

I'm smarter.

I'll get back to rambling about politics, but I want you to understand that those arent the most important or only events that we need to pay attention to. Just ONE of the many puzzle pieces. Dont leave out pieces, and dont focus on only one piece of the puzzle, cuz you wont figure out anything that way.

To my friend in the store, God love ya, you're right. To an extent, but you're wrong, too.
To the rest of you, HE'S right, you know, but theres more we need to pay attention to. A LOT more.

Pay attention people, theres a lot going on now.

Stay tuned for further instructions.