Thursday, 21 May 2009


Theres a reason I started off this thing with the words I did.
I mean the first blog post, not the title of this stupid post.

I KNOW that people put waaaay too much credence in titles and social standing,which is why I tried to deflect any attention away from such nonsense.

For your own good.
What, you thought it was to make my words more revelent??
Hardly, it was to soften up you(se) guys.

You see, dirt merchant or not, I've never met ANYONE anywhere who left me feeling "wow, THAT (person) sure was smart!"

Oh I've conversed with people who were flat out geniuses in their fields.
One architect is considered one of the best in the WORLD (in fact a few years ago, received an award proclaiming him THE best IN the world), but the guy supported Obama, and for reasons that left me scratching my head. I remember thinking "I thought this guy was SMART!?!?" as he talked gushingly about hope and change.................
Electrical engineers, doctors, and assorted others who made fortunes selling widgets and you-name-its, and your regular run of the mill educated types have all left impressions on me, but "gosh" was never one of em.

I'm looking for wisdom, not book-learnin.

Know what wisdom is?
Muhammad Ali gave a tour of his farm to a writer who was interviewing him, and during which he took the writer out to one of his barns.
In the dirty barn, were all of his awards, trophies he had accumulated in his unprecedented career. There they sat, collecting dust, and even less dignified deposits from some of the barn residents.
When asked why his golden glove, olympic gold, and world champion trophies were out in the barn, he replied in a barely audible sound,
"I had the whole world, and it didnt mean nuthin..........."

THAT, is wisdom, albeit acquired too late. Everything he once THOUGHT meant everything, he now understood it to mean nothing at all. People like us should take heed when people like that (who have reached the pinacle of success), say things like he said.
That is what I'm searching for. Wisdom to figure things out. Wisdom to understand.
And to find it before I'm shaking uncontrollably and drooling, would be a good thing.

Wisdom escapes most people I know, myself included.
It doesnt come with age, necessarily. Driving down I-81 this evening proved that.
Some wisdom-less old lady decided to STOP on the highway, in rush hour, in heavy traffic, to allow a car waiting on an on-ramp to merge. Oh yeah, in a congested construction zone.

She STOPPED on a highway,and I was the first car behind her.
"probably a frickin democrat do-gooder" I muttered.

One needs wisdom to be able to discern a lie, especially a lie from the lie-master.
When the Puffster equated pro-choice with morality at his recent graduation speech at Notre Dame, the wisdom-less amongst us all giggled and cheered with glee."YAY! We're the good guys in al this!", they cheered.
The rest of us were left with mouthes agape saying "WHAT did he just say!??!?"
That'd be like Yassir Arafat receiving a nobel peace prize.........................
That did happen, didnt it?

Well, Obamas speech was equally preposterous.

Wisdom is EVERYTHING, and is in very short supply of late.

I'm TELLING you people, you better prioritize, and decide which side you really want to be on.

The wisdom side, or the smart side?
I've met plenty of smart idiots, but never a wise idiot. Ever see a wise person strung out?
Or in prison? Its impossible, by definition.
Wise people dont commit suicide, but smart people do, all the time.
Smart people are now runing this country, and the rest of us are screwed because of that fact.
The smart idiots in the media are all being led around as if they are all wearing nose rings, but at least they all look smart doing it.

Dont be an idiot.

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