Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Special Olympics

And Eugenics.
Dont know what eugenics is? Dont feel too too bad, lots of supposed intellectuals never heard of it.

Start with this
Then go to this
......and then read this...........

the last one talks of the"progressives".
Remember that term?
Here, I'll refresh your memory.

(stay with me folks, I'm going to the special olympics with this one)
So now (if you read what you should have) you understand eugenics, american progressives and their belief in eugenics, and the connection with nazi germany (who were the first to enact eugenics as policy). Oh, and Hillary Clinton alligning with "early 20th century progressives".
Got it?
I did, and do.
Unfortunately, I got this friend.........................................
They have a child with autism, and were recently at a party where someone there stated their belief in eugenics, to the point of saying;
"I was recently at a special olympics event, and if ever there was a time where a bomb should have been dropped, it was there."
Needless to say, my friend spoke up and stated that her child had autism, and asked if the special olympics bomb proposing person if Her child should be included in his "thin the herd" policy.
He replied, "yep".
Well that didnt sit too well, and needless to say, the party pooped after that point.

24 hours later, and the mom is still upset about the comments. REALLY upset.
What do you care? I dunno. I connected two and two and two, and as usual, came up with 222.
This woman is a HUGE Hillary supporter. Hillary is a Progressive, and in her words, in the way it was meant in the early 20th century.
You know, the founders of eugenics.
Think Hillary would ever say "hell YEAH we support thinning the herd", if asked point blank? Of course not. That part of the "modern progressives" is just icky details, we're much more modern thinking progressives nowadays.

But this is who the progressives are.
This is what they're all about, and much much more.
This is what her healthcare reform is all about.
This is why the government should NEVER be given the opportunity to run healthcare, but they will, and to the cheers of the populus, to boot.
One they have that power (er, responsibility), the decisions of how you live will be determined by a bureaucratic panel of experts. Most probably all of them progressives, too. How you live, what you eat, everything related to and affecting healthcare (that the government controls and pays for) will be controlled, by the government bureaurcatic panel of progressives.
They know better, after all.
They are more capable of managing, and able to see whats really important to the body as a whole (you know, the "village"), and wont be bound by silly thoughts like individual choices and such.

You draw your own conclusions. I dont care.
My wife told me I cant change anyone, especially our friends allegiance to Hillary. No matter that Hillary is a Progressive, and the Progressives very definately support Eugenics, which is the thinning of the herd. Like autistic people. Doesnt matter, she told me. Even if you put links evidencing it all like a CSI show, our friend would still support Hillary's Progressives and the program.

Its the big mouth meanies who STATE their beliefs at parties, that need to be silenced.

No, neither Hillary of president puff daddy or even mr progressive himseff, George Soros, would ever come out and state that autistic people need to be put down like a unclaimed dog at the spca.

but its what their party founders stated. directly.
Once the government controls healthcare, and once there is only "so much money to pay for everybody", then some things (people) will have to be, for.

Where governments control the healthcare now, services are rationed and restricted to the most deserving, based upon a scale that the benovelent beauracrats figured out.
Think it'll be better with Hillary or some other nit-wit power hungry monster in charge in Amerika???
Yeah thats it.
Theres only so much money. Fat people cant get heart operations now in England. Sucks to be you fattie, have another twinkie and have a nice day. Dont produce too much carbon dioxide either, you fattie, its no good for the planet, y'know. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Oh yeah I cant WAIT for the government to take over free healthcare.
I cant stand the wait.

I also cant stand the idiots who continually cheer for its imminent "progressive" inception, either.

Think I'm wrong?
I dont care.
Wake up.
This is whats coming.

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