Thursday, 25 June 2009

The American Dream.

I wonder if Michael Jackson would rather;
A: have the life he had, and be as dead as he currently is, or
2: wake up and be ME, who eeks out a living and has to wake up and go cut stones all day.
But I get to wake up tomorrow.
I get another chance.

His chances are done, his "appointed time to die, and then the judgement" is here.

Kinda makes the above ground pool in my backyard a lot more attractive than the amusement park in HIS backyard, heyna or no?
I still get to show God that I really Do believe in Him, and am going to show my family that He is real.
After its all said and done, whats Michael Jackson Got??
A legacy?
Pol Pot's got a legacy, big stinkin deal. Mother Theresa's got a Legacy, but thats another story, and more like what I want.
What do YOU want?
Whats the BEST you can hope for from your life?
College and a good career/life for your kids?
Intelligent people think that THAT is "the American Dream".
Thats a lie.
A BIG lie.

Do You REALLY believe that a GOOD college and a GOOD job, is the MOST you can hope for in your or your kids life!?!?!?

(heres where we seperate the thinkers from the "materialists")

What about AFTER that?
I mean after you flatline like michael jackson?
Materialists, you see, dont believe there IS anything after that, and that is where I and they differ.
Do you know who materialists are?
Scientists and the scientific community, for the most part, are materialists.
To them, Michael Jackson is nothing more than a tree that has died and fell over in the forest. All gone.
Worm food, and nothing more.
Well, maybe he contributed to the human experience while he lived and breathed, but now?
But what about michael jackson? What about where HE is right now?
Not the songs or videos he made, but the person of michael jackson?
Materialists believe there is no such thing as a "soul" or a "spirit" or a human.
Once dead, you're as significant as a piece of gravel. You are nothing.

What do YOU think?

Think God cares about song writing abilities? Think "Thriller" impressed a God who made the milky way?
I don't.

If the Materialists are right, nothing matters.
If I'm right, THEY'RE all screwed.

People, like no other time in your lives, you'd better think about what you believe .

Its all that matters.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Did You know.............................

That the reason for the mandated switch to digital television signals, from analog, was to "free up the analog bandwidth for use by emergency first responders"???

Anybody hear or see anything about all the new communication abilities for "emergency first responders"?
Yeah, me neither. Oh well. I'm sure congress had a good reason to pass a law dictating the type of television signal we receive.

Did you know that congress passed a law mandating that automobile tire manufacturers place RFID (radio frequency Identification) chips, into tires??
Why does the government care if RFID chips are (or are not) placed in tires of cars?? Why TIRES, if cars manufactured after 2005(?) already have ID chips installed?

Did you take a trip down any interstate lately? Specifically one that runs through or near a major metropolitan area? Notice (if you do) all the poles along the highway, with small nondescript white boxes place on them, about 10 or more feet off the ground.
Those are RFID readers.
Like your "speed passes", that speed you through the toll booth. You know, for convenience's sake.
DID you know that Houston Texas is the first American city to be completely covered, so that if you enter the city with a speed pass type of device in your car, your car is tracked constantly within those city limits?
Oh, you thought it was just to speed you through the toll booths??
Silly you. Like OnStar is just to help you if you are in a car crash, right?
Silly, silly you.
For whatever reason, the powers that be are interested and/or determined in tracking automobile's movements. Now you can say that it is for our sake, or for our convenience, or what ever nice reason you could get people to swallow, but I ain't buying it.
When congress made the effort to have RFID chips placed in tires, that proved to me that safety and convenience wasn't their motives.
Its to track individuals, not their safety.
Go buy a set of tires today, and see if you have to give the tire seller your name and address, and if the vehicle they go on doesnt HAVE to be registered.
Go ahead, try it.
Big stinkin deal, you say.
Yep, big stinkin deal.
So they track where you go.
Yep, big stinkin deal.
So no books written by Jews will be allowed to be sold.
Do you get it?
Its called incrementalism. Small steps that are not only tiny, but are for your own good. One after another after another, until we are all out of steps.

"This will help fix the problem".
We are told.
"This is necessary to fix the problem".

"Its the dirty Jews", the Germans were told.

I wish I were just being silly, or over exaggurating, or something.
I wish I was as wrong as you think I am.
The minds of the American people have been just as polluted (on purpose) as the minds of the German people were by the nazi propogandists.
No, nobody is going to get rounded up for a "final solution" here, but the results are basically the same.
Control of everything you do and think and say and BELIEVE.
Control. Thats what healthcare is all about. Its not about money, like Rush Limbaugh is ranting. Money is nothing to these people. Just a by product, or a bonus.
Its about control. Obama stated (when he promised not to tax healthcare benefits), that his healthcare plan "would lower healthcare costs through preventative measures..."
That means, that by preventing you from doing things that would adversely affect your health, he would lower healthcare costs.
And he and his panel of experts will be the ones to determine what activity adversely affects your health(care).

Plenty of influencial people are calling healthcare "the final solution". If healthcare reform passes, its all over.
Thats not me saying that (but I agree with it). Thats what SMART conservatives are saying. Like Wall Street Journal writers. And National Review writers.
They suggest that you call, write or email your elected representatives, but I know better than they do on that one.
Like with TARP and the original bailout package, it didnt matter that 90% of those who contacted their representatives opposed the bills. The bills were passed into law anyways.
Congressman Paul Kanjorski even joked afterwards that he had two basic opinons from constituents. "No, and HELL No".
That didnt change his vote.
You calling wont change his or any other voters vote on healthcare, either.
The media and the elected rulers know that this issue has been placed on the front burner, and that America's collective brain has been turned into mush on this issue. They know better than any of you "anti-progress" types, no matter if any number of you call and protest the plan.
But, if it'll make you feel better, call your congressman or representative. At least you'll feel like you've done some good, or at least made an effort.

Me? I'm redirecting energies.
No, not in defeat. Not really. Whats coming is coming, and the preparation thats necessary, isnt in fighting it, but withstanding IN SPITE of it.

Someone asked me if I might be writing this for myself.
The answer is no.
I already know all this, and know where I'm focusing my energies, and why.
I'm asking YOU, where is your focus? What are you prepared for? Life as normal?

Man, are you in for it.

If by chance you're interested in learning one teensy aspect of whats coming, read this.
Drop me a line, and you can borrow my copy (whomever borrowed my copy, bring it back).

Did you know what was in store on the second wednesday, last November?

I did.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Same Old Same Old

Who here believes "OH ITS JUST LIKE IT'S ALWAYS BEEN?"

I've said a few times that I'm sick of poitics. I am. Politics isn't even politics anymore.

First, Obama said he didnt want to run the banks of america.
Then he forced them to take tarp money. The CEO of wells fargo banks said he was told in no uncertain terms, that unless he signed onto the tarp fund "bailout", he would not physically be allowed to leave the room where the "conference" was taking place.
THEN, the Fed said the banks "couldn't" pay back the monies they (forcefully) received, but instead the gov't "requested" that as a repayment, common stocks would be accepted instead.
Common stocks, for those of you who didn't know, give the federal government a SHARE, in the banks...............that Obama SAID he "didn't want to run".

And then Obama said "Ayyyyye, dontwantto run American carcompanies......", aaaaaaaaaaaaand then proceeds to set into motion a series of events that gives the federal government a MAJORITY share, of GM. Oh, and then he proceeds to FIRE the old ceo of GM, and appoint someone he deems "more worthy".

All this from a guy who says he doesnt want to run anything.
Like Healthcare.
He says he doesnt want to run that either, yet hes doing everything in his (omnipotent) power to make certain that the federal government in fact, DOES run healhcare in this country.
He SAYS he doesnt want a socialist healthcare plan, then tells us (over and over and over) that unless the federal government takes over healthcare in this country, the crisis we are supposedly in the midst of, will cause us to go bankrupt, again. You know, like we were going to go bankrupt if he didnt save the banks, and GM. Well, GM did in fact go bankrupt (even after a bazillion taxpayer dollars were spent to prevent exactly that), but its a nice happy kind of bankrupt.
So, Obama SAYS he doesnt want to run banks, but forces them to take federal dollars, and in return, demands common stock from them as a repayment.
He SAYS he doesnt want to run american car companies, but then gets a majority share in them, and fires the boss.
He SAYS he doesnt want a socialist healtcare program for america, and that he WANTS private insurers to remain in the mix, but every human with 4 working brain cells and ANY knowledge at all of The insurance industry, knows that if the federal government enacts this "non-socialist healthcare plan", it will result in every private insurer going belly up. And I dont think that Obama will come to their rescue, either.
THIS, is how this guy operates.
Always has.
Eliminate the competetion.
Sure must suck to be involved in Ford Motors these days. They have a HUGE bullseye on their heads, and Obama is sharpening up the sword as we type. Think I'm being silly about him eliminating the competetion?
Its how he got elected to his first public office. Oh he "regreted doing it", but stated that "it wasn't illegal".
This is how he did it.
He had a staff of "investigators" research every one of the 1,600 signatures collected by longtime south side activist (Chicago) and 5 year incumbent state senator Alice Palmer.
His team disqualified hundreds and hundreds of them, until they had enough disqualified to remove her name off the ballot.
(some for being printed instead of written, some for being filled out in maiden names when the
filler-outer was NOW married....)
Obama did admit to "being uneasy over the tactic", but added "If you couldnt run a successful petetion drive, then that raised questions in terms of how effective a representative you would be..."

"I dont want to run american car companies..."

You people need to wake up. You need to open your eyes to what is happening to OUR country.
Next week, ABC news is going to broadcast their NEWS, from the White House, and later in the evening, they are going to present a "news special" show on Barrack Obama's Healthcare reform Plan. With NO opposing points of view. From the white house.
In other words, ABC news, you know, JOURNALISTS, are going to be selling Obama's (non-socialist) healthcare reform plan. Do you understand what that means?
Does the name Josef Goebels ring any bells?
Google that guy. Oh gee, I just lost credibility because I referenced a nazi propaganda minister, and obama uses ABC to do his work, instead.

I know you want hope and change.
I know you wish for the best, and want the guy to succeed, because hes just so darn SMART and nice and his wife is so hot and all.
I get all that.
What you (collectively speaking to the american public) dont realize is what is actually occuring to our nation, while everyone is hoping for the best.
Whats happening isnt politics, its a coup, done with smiles and lots of "gosh-gees" for the cameras.

Do you care?

"I dont want to tell you what to think"
"I dont want to make you think that the president lies through his teeth every time he speaks"
"I dont want to make you depressed for the future of our great nation, like I am at times".

I should be president.
Then everyone would believe me no matter what I said and did.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

sometimes you just gotta dig the stupid holes...

"God must be busy today"
Ever heard that song?
Man, its pathetic.
Basically, theres war in the middle east and starving kids in africa, so it must be that God is slacking off.

I found Zoe tonight. Like we suspected all along, she went down to the water for a drink, and either had a seizure and keeled over while standing in the water, or something along those lines.
I found her today because the "crick" water lowered just enough where you could see where she was lying. It was an adventure to get her to where I buried her (I'll most graciously spare you the details), but now she is lying in an old camoflauge jacket, buried in the family pet cemetery.

So as I'm digging, I'm thinking, "ok Lord, lemme have today's installment.
Um, God, I'm all (GRUNT) ears, Lord. ( I do some of my best thinkin' while diggin'.
I'll share some of it sometimes.)

Not this time though. Nuthin.
Ah well.

Why'd it play out this way? I don't know.
Some of you more sentimental types believe we should or at the least could have taken her to the vet, you know, to be "put to sleep".
Naaaaah. Not because I wanted her to wander off by herself and not be found for three or four days (trust me on this). I disagree that God screwed up the whole death process, and that its only been finally perfected by Vets with euthenasia. Guess I'm not that enlightened yet.
Having taken a non scientific poll, it appears that the more value one places on animal life, the more likely they were to ask why I didnt have her "put down" yet.
Now some animal rights types believe that animals should have human rights, and no, thats not a typo.
Well, if they equate animals to humans, and they believe that giving those beloved critters a magic needle whenever they deem it "in the best interest of fluffy", then its not too much of a stretch to understand that old Grandma Gertie aint too far from the magic prick of the needle, either.
To put it in Obamics, its called "lowering the cost of healthcare, through preventive medicine".
Like say, preventing grandma Gertie from stressing the system too much. Especially if poor ole grandma gertie isnt very productive anymore. You know, if she cant "volunteer" and "give back" to society anymore.
I know, I know, thats just CRAZY talk, and we as an advanced (amoral), sophisticated (partial birth abortions), thriving (bankrupt) society, would NEVER resort to killing off those who are "just too much of a burden on the system".
No, never. thats crazy talk.

Uh-huh. Following the bouncing ball, kiddies. See where its headed.
It cant go anywhere BUT downhill, and its all downhill from here.

Not enough taxpayers paying in, too many people with needs taking out, and only so much care to go around.
You do the math.

Me? I just had to dig the hole to put zoe in.
Just remember to stay productive.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

being prepared,chicken soup, and leftover sandwiches.

You cant prepare for everything.
Trust me, I know. I've been trying to for a year or so, and its an upstream swim all the way.

Theres so much crapola to prepare for, that there just isnt enough money in the stimulus bill to get everything you need to be prepared for everything.
As it stands, I'm prepared for power outages, prison breaks, food shortages, fuel shortages, break ins (dont EVER walk in my house unannounced), and bad guys in general.
I didnt forget about all the crazy stuff Ive been telling you all about, I'm just redirecting my focus and energies (that, and the bunker is packed so tight I can barely get the concrete lid back on).
I was going to write of past and recent events that pretty much validate my preparedness "kick", but then something else came up.
Something I was "prepared" for, sort of,
but not how events played out.
So much for planning, I guess is the message.

About 30 years ago or so, I had a labrador retriever named nittany, who was really the smartest dog anyone could hope to have as a first dog. Her intellect gave me the confidence to train other labs, because she made it easy.
I could fill a zillion pages of bandwidth (whatever) with stories of things we shared together, and some were pretty good, but I'll fast-forward to the part of the past where she was about to die.
She was in pain at age 15+, and that was the deciding factor in my decision to "take her to the vet". I made a call to my vet, who was also a friend, who knew this dog well, and the appt. was made for the next day.
Nittany was in pain so much that moving her head as she lay caused her to yelp, loudly.
The evening I made the appointment, I lifted her onto a couch cushion, and held her head as she lapped up some chicken soup we made for her.
She lapped it up, and I put her head down, and that, I thought, was that.
The next day, I went to where she was laying, only to find her sitting up, with her tail going "thump thump thump" on the floor.
Well, thats all well and good, but we had this appointment........................
In the truck we both went, but before we made the final stop, we stopped for something we both enjoyed, Ice cream. It was just like the good old days, I held the cone, and she gobbled it up like a T-Rex popping a lawyer off a commode (a little movie reference there)
*poof*, like a fairy, it was gone. After the ice cream stop, we went to the spot where we launched my boat a thousand times to hunt for ducks. I carried her down the ramp, and set her down just outside of the water. She hobbled in, and stood there and looked out over the water. I KNEW she knew where she was. She lapped up a few tongue-fulls, and then I put her back in the truck, and off we went to the appointment.
She walked into the vets office, which was a great improvement for her from just a day ago, and when our name was called to see the doctor, I told him, "I made this appointment because she was in pain", then preceded to tell him about our errand run, and that she doesnt appear to be in pain now. .........
"I gave her some chicken soup last night, you think it had anything to do with her improvement", I asked?
"Couldn't hurt" the good doctor said.
So we both walked out of the doctors office, with a new secret weapon in hand.
A year or so later, she died in the night, at our current home.

I have this other old lab now. Zoe. She is also somewhere around 15 or 16 years old, and in failing health. She is deaf, has cataracs, and cant manage steps too well anymore. I dont even close the gate on the porch anymore because she goes potty often, and just hobbles in the yard, and hobbles back on the porch.
The other day, she stopped her "gakking" which was quite comical to hear, if you werent the one doing the gakking. It sounded like a grizzly bear gettin goosed. Except scarier.
The other morning before work, I carried her down the steps, so she could do her thing in the yard.
I told my wife to check and make sure she can get back up, and she said she made it back up by herself, and was there when she had to go run some errands herself.
When she came home, Zoe wasnt on the porch, but she often wasnt on the porch.
But this time she wasnt hobbling in the grass.
So my wife went down by the creek to see if she went down ther for a drink. Nope. She checked the entire property, and no sign of the old, hobbling deaf labrador. She checked high and lo, and no zoe.
I came home from work, and expanded the search to include water search and rescue, but she wasnt in the creek, nor anywhere downstream, either.
I knew she was going to leave this earth soon, but I thought I'd at least be able to bury her, or stroke her head, or something.
So much for plans.

So the day after she went missing, I came home from work, grabbed my lunchbox, and headed up the porch stairs.
Opening the box to take out the extra sandwich I usually have, and I hold it, realizing that there is no one to give it to anymore.
The new house-pet yip yip dog wanted it, but the new kids pet never plunged enthusiastically into icy water, to get MY dead ducks. She never made me feel important, or taught me anything.

I threw the sandwich in the garbage.

10 o'Clock today, on the jobsite, it hit me.

I could eat my extra sandwich today.
And I finally cried.

Friday, 5 June 2009

The First Stone

Today, I laid the first stone in a large project.
It was (is) a big one, but its only the first, of maybe a few thousand that are needed for this project.
Now by "stones", I'm talking large, flat pieces of bluestone. Random shapes, not geometric ones.
Its what I do, put together really large, heavy puzzles for a living.
A lot had to be done before I could lay that first piece of stone. Lots of prep work. Lots of figuring, struggling, calculating, ordering, choosing, selling, figuring out if there was (and there were) any buried disasters waiting to be found with a machine.
Some of the prep work was done by me, and some was done by others.
Some was recent, some was done over a year ago. Not all the prep work done was even known by all the parties doing the work involved. I believe thay call that compartmentilzation. Or something. Or maybe "just doing what you get paid for and not caring about any other aspects".
Lots of hands in this pot, at any rate.
I'm just the last guy on the scene, to do my part. Granted, I'll be there the longest, doing what could be argued the most difficult work, "in the trenches" as it were, but theres little doubt who will get the most satisfaction when all's said and done.
This is my baby. Its what I do, and what I enjoy the heck out of doing. Making something out of nothing, or out of a mess, at the least. Theres a lot of satisfaction in that, y'know.
As with most large, time consuing projects, this one will have up days, and down days. Hot humid days, days where my fingers get squished under a few hundred pound stone, or when a blow from a chisel aimed hammer goes astray.
It happens regularly, and I have the fingers to prove it.
There will be wet miserable days, too, when every tool and stone, and me, gets covered in unavoidable sticky mud. Those are difficult to work in, but I've learned that they make the 65 degree and clear sunny days, all the more enjoyable.
Its the journey, after all, not the destination, right?

I laid the first stone today, and its been a long time coming.

A good friend had the courage and wisdom to tell me that "you're a jerk and need to do something about it", and I took that friends advice. Of course this friend had the sense and tact to state it in a nice way that would have escaped me, but the message hit me right in the name of the father. BANG. "I'm a jerk and need to do something about it."
Thank God for friends.
Its a book, AND a movie, actually.
I started the journey in the book today, and like most drama queen writer wanna bees, found a correlation between my work day, and my "home"work. (we introspective types do stuff like that all the time. Drives people like accountants nuts.)

The book, is called "the Love dare".
Oh all the tough guys just rolled their eyes and said something snide, maybe like I thought when my friend recommended it.
"tough", huh, thats funny. Tough is as tough does.

So my friend said theres this book that helps people out in the marriages, and I said "you mean it tells wives how to act?"
Not exactly. This is a 40 day project book, and as luck would have it, The work project I'm on now is about 40 days long. I read todays installment at lunchtime (I work by myself, by design), and plan on reading each day's lesson every day for the next 40, on the job. How many of YOU can go to work for some peace and quiet?? Lucky me, huh?

So today the project begins, and the first stone is laid.
This is a picture of the first stone, and for references sake, that level lying on top of it is six and a half feet long.

Even though I've been doing this for some years now, and people tell me I've gotten quite good at it lately, its still daunting to look at how much work has to be done.
And I know I can do better yet.

Work. Hard work. Work that HAS to be done right, or the whole project is bust.
My name is on it, and there is a lot at stake with that. The future, for instance. Future references, future potential additions on this site, as well as on sites of people who MAY see my work here.

I have kids, too. and a wife. (A good-un, I'm told).
Whole lotta potential references there, too, and things even more valuable than references.
If Those arent worth 40days of hard work, I'm doing a whole lot for nothin' when I leave my house every day.

Heyna or no?

Day one's instructions were easy, "Just dont say anything stupid" (my paraphrase to personalize it). Well, maybe "easy" isnt the right word. Simple, would be a better description.
Yeah, easy isnt the right term because as luck would have it, it took all of about 8 seconds after entering my house when something Very stupid (but witty) came to mind.
"nope". Like the book said, if you cant say something good, then just shut your yap. (my paraphrase again)

Y'know, I think it worked. Dont believe me?
Next time you take your wifes car, and after it breaks the mechanic tells you it needs a new transmission, and your wife says "it was fine when EYE drove it..."
See how quickly, is extinguished.

Somehow, I thnk they designed it that way. You know, show results for not a lot of work, which builds confidence and all that.
I got a sneaky feeling that that optimism wont last till day 29.

Heres hopin'.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Theres a MANIAC on the loose............


Ok, sponge bob fans, pull up a chair.

Yesterday was fun. It started like this.
I got to do some of the worst, hardest, back bludgeoning work I could have, because it needed to be done, and I could do it. At the end of that day, I had to rush home, shovel in some Kraft macaroni and cheese while standing by the sink in muddy clothes, and then had to rush through a shower.
All this (oh I'm NOT whining, I'm setting a stage here) was leading up to a high school graduation ceremony for my nephew. I LOVE graduations, dont you??
Anywho, out of the shower I flew, and thought, "huh, I think I'll take my wife's vehicle to the graduation because its nicer and easier to park in the city and all.
So I did.
And left my cell phone and wallet and sanity, in my vehicle, at home.
The ceremony was a typical ceremony, and I was only slightly in danger of falling completely asleep during it.

It ended, we made our way out of the auditorium, and the families and grads had a nice congratulatory time outside for a few minutes.
We said our goodnights, and went off to our respective (wive's) vehicles. A nice night, all in all, I thought. Kraft macaroni and cheese shoveled down and boring speeches notwithstanding, Ive had worse nights.

Or so I thought.

I put the key into the ignition, it started, put it in gear, and away I went.
For about 15 feet, then, zip. Still made nice engine noises, but no MOVING noises. Transmission's kablooey, I thought.
Actually, it was more like "what the freaking frick!?!?!?"
I look in my rearview mirror, no one is there, so I can coast the car back to the curb. Maybe I missed something.
Put it in park, start engine, shift into D for Datway, and ............................nuttin.
Oh yeah, my brother said he was parked about two blocks away, I'll just call him on my cell.......................crap. Friggin frick, again.
So away I run, suit and all, across wilkes barre. Outta my way, mere mortals, its SUPER Stranded Man coming through! I get to the top of the hill where my brother was parked, and can see him pulling out of the lot about 50 yards in front of me.
Oh well. Maybe the car fixed itself like we hope they will every time they break.
And, like every other time they break, it didnt fix itself this time, either.
But I aint a-scared. I, unlike mortal husbands prepare my wives vehicle for times just like this.
I dig in the glove box and pull out the ..................................."click click".............. uncharged tazer.
Crap. Ok,. now its time to start wondering what the hell am I going to do.
"a pay phone", of course.
Right across the street, theres a deli......................thaaaaaaat just turned the lights off...................... so I knock on the window and ask if they have a phone. "No phone, Zoop".
Great. A phone Nazi.

No worry, theres a bar at the other end of the block. I saunter in (suit and all, thinking, "Yeah, I clean up and get stranded, well....."
I Ask the bargirl if theres a public phone in here, and she looks at me like I just stepped out of a time travel worm hole.
Ok, on down the street.
A dark street. A dark desolate dimly lit (ok, it was main street, but it was late, and not exactly my element).
One block, two blocks, three blocks.
Nuthin. No friggin frick of a pay phone, no friggin frick of a cell phone, no friggin frick of ...................oh crap. I dont even have my wallet.
No worry though, we have cups of change in the van, for emergencies like this.
So, back to the van I go, only to remember that I poured all the change into the nice volunteer fireman's boot, during their last beg-a-thon.
Good thing I have messy kids who leave everything (money included) scattered through the back of the van.
So I find 2 quarters, two dimes, four pennies, and enough candy to put half of hannah montanas fan base in sugar shock.
Yippee. Off to the bus station I go. Sweet tarts, gummi worms, something sticky but fuzzy (I threw that one out) and my cash. Lets see, what is my brothers phone number? Thats an easy question normally, but walking in a less than pleasant mood, at 10:30 at night, down a city street, in a suit, with no wallet, makles ones imagination go wild and memory not work too well.

Weeee-ooooh, Weeeee-OOh.

I imagine theresa big freakin frick of a bullseye on my back, is what I imagined.
"Yo Homes, gimme yo wallet..." is what I imagine wll be the next sound I hear.
Nope, theres a payphone, on the back of the closed, desolate, tumbleweed strewn bus station. (oh relax, its MY story,and I was there, not you, so if I say there were tumbleweeds....)
Whats my brothers number..................................oh yeah. Lets see......
Ah, a verizon phone, he has a verizon cell, I drop in my two quarters...........................
click click beep beep ring.
"hello, thank you for using verizon, please deposit 80 more cents for the next 2 minutes....."
What the freakin frick do you mean deposit 80 more cents?!" I yelled. (while in a suit, at a closed bus station, 10 thirty at night....)
At some point during a lull in the yelling I heard behind me "you need help?"
I turn, and a cabbie is there.
"I need a phone " I said.
"here, use mine" (huhm, whats this flatlander want from me, I wondered)
So I call my wife and tell her the good news.
The cabbie asked if I needed a ride, and I said I didnt have enough money in my bank account for him to take me home, so I thanked him for his help, and walked back down to the auditorium where the evening started so beautifully.

Weeee-ooh, WEEEEEEEE-ooooh.

There I go, and here they come.
About 6 or 7 of them..
Should I cross the street?" I thought. "If I dont, I'm liable to
kill em all, in the mood I'm in.
Haaaaaaaaaaaail no, I walk straight ahead. Plow, would be a better description.
It was like Moses parting the red sea, except, well, nevermind that.
I must've looked as crazy as I felt at that point. Not a word was said.
I made it back , and sat down for who knows how long to wait for whomever my wife would contact to hopefully come rescue me.
A little while later, my brother saved the night, and when I got in his truck, said in his oh so eloquent way, "what the frick?"
"Friggin frick" I replied".

We went home.
I uncorked a bottle of much needed wine, and noticed something in my finger.
A thorn, from my wonderful day at work, which I had long since forgotten. I tried to pick it out, daintily, but that got me nowhere.
So, in the spirit of the evening, I plunged a pair of fly tying pinchy things headlong into the hole and extracted a half inch long black thorn.

"what a night".

Which would only be outdone by a morning with no coffee in the house, and upon getting into MY van, I found out that my 5'2" wife, put my 6'2" seat, in her position, and broke it there. (she said it was an accident, but we all know how women are...)
So I drove to work with my knees in my chest, sandwiched against the dashboard.
With no coffee.
God help the laborers today............................................

"Well, at least I didnt get mistakenly arrested as the Maniac, last night.....
How bad can today be?" I thought.

Not too bad at all, as it turns out.
Penguins 4, Red wings 2.

Heres to not getting mistakenly arrested as the Maniac. And to learning how to handle crap thrown our way.

I said learning.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

murder she wrote

Liberals cant understand how people can be pro life, and pro death penalty at the same time.
They cant understand how people can say its alright to kill animals to eat them, but its not alright for a woman to end the life of the (whatever, to them) in their womb.

When roe v. wade was decided in the supreme court, abortions were legalized in the united states, but only for woman who were in the first trimester of pregnancy. Today, a couple two tree decades later, we have evolved as a culture and a society of laws, to include babies partially born. This hideous procedure was one of the ones that the infamous dr george tiller perfomed with apparent indifference.
Theres more to this story,and some news outlets and most partisan bloggers are yakking incessantly about his recent trial and the ramifications of the decision regarding it, but the REAL story, to me, is this.

Who let this guy walk in the doors of that church???
No, not the crazed gunman who gunned down doctor tiller, I mean WHO LET TILLER IN CHURCH!?!?!?
I know, I know, all you libs are shouting the one bible verse you're familiar with........
"JUDGE NOT!!!!!"
Well, as usual, you're wrong. "Judging" is something we are SUPPOSED to do, it's CONDESCENDING that we're not supposed to do. We are also supposed to CONFRONT those who are publicly and knowingly engaged in activities that could harm the body of believers.
Heres where most part ways. By harm, we're talking spiritual consequences for physical activities, not just the ones who are burning down churches and shooting parishoners.
Ok, blah blah blah praise the lord and pass the ammunition already, you're probably saying.
Well, as I've stated before, I'm DONE with politics, and if you want to read "blah blah blah republicans this, and blah blah blah democrats that", then go read a zillion other blogs.
I'm interested in what is shaping, and what is GOING to shape, our nation.
You may believe its going to be political rallies, and grass roots movements that wake up the american masses, but you're wrong about that, too.
Here's why.

simplify simplify simplify.

I've been saying that for years, much to the disgust of over-thinking types everywhere, and its never been more pertinent.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I believe in God. We as a nation have acknowledged that we as a nation do as well, in song, in official creeds and mottos, and in print, in the words that formed our nation in the first place.
Well, heres the kicker.

God aint a sunset, a waterfall, or a baby seal. (if he were the latter, hed be REALLY pissed at the Eskimos by this point......)
Anywho, Who He is, is pertinent to who WE are.
And HOW we are, is pertinent to HOW we are blessed, protected, or not, by Him.
If you believe He is God, (you know, the God of Jesus, Issac, abraham and Moses and all that) then you have to understand that we dont make the rules, and He wont sit by idly forever while we screw tings up in our special evolutionary way. Every step we take that mocks what we KNOW of Him, puts us as a nation, one step further from His "divine providence". You know what "divine providence" is, right?
In simple terms, its dumb luck. Like when heavy rain and fog kept the continental army from being exterminated, when they were outnumbered and surrounded on what is now manhatten island.
There was no doubt in george washington's army who and what saved his army that night, and he wasnt afraid to say it, either.
Well, running out of dumb luck, when there are insane people like radical muslims and unwrapped Korean dictators who are gettting nukes quicker than obama is getting private sector industries, thats a pretty bad thing indeed.
If ever we needed divine providence, its now.
You dont have to believe me, but understand that the men who were considered the most briliant nation builders the world has EVER seen (up until modern day libs hit the scene), felt it necessary to acknowledge Him, in many many writings and official documents.
That says something.
These men were ALL studied men, well educated in history, languages, and classic literature, as well as the scriptures. WELL studied. They were NOT a collection of farmers and back woods folk, like modern day revisionists would have us believe.
My point is these brilliant men (on a historical scale, not just a contemporary one) acknowledged the God of Abraham Issac and Jesus as the guide and guiding force behind them and their nation building endeavor.
So I feel empowered to do the same, and to say that until we realize He still is, all the political correctness and societal evolving we do, is fruitless.
Which, brings us back to the infamous doctor who killed babies that could have survived outside the womb (if their heads werent crushed like over ripe punkins).
We as a nation have decided and declared that this procedure, is "just and humane, and in fact a right in our culture", and THAT, is everything, today.
We can still sing "God Bless America", but I'm telling you it's not going to happen with laws like this.
"Let me assure you, God will not be mocked". Those arent my words, people.

So this abortion champion gets his brains blowed out while supposedly worshipping God, and I believe there is a message somewhere.

Oh yeah. "god will not be mocked".
No, I'm NOT saying that God sent that wacko in that church to kill that Doctor.
I'm saying that THAT is what happens to people who mock God. There is a difference. If you cant see the difference, than maybe a little more learning and a little less indoctrinating is in order.
Decide if you in fact believe in God, and then decide if its God, or some god you can invent everything around. You know, intellectually. with intellectual rules and stuff.
The founders didnt believe in a modern day intellectual kind of god. And they wouldnt have let doctors like george tiller, who believed themselves to be followers of God, to carry on his charade in their day.
Look at the nation THEy created, and look at the nation WE created.
Who's resembles something brilliant, and who's resembles something pathetic, disheveled and discombulated?
George Tliler sitting in church spiked many an Irony-O-meter.
George Tiller getting shot in church, made those meters blow up in a billion little pieces, and it's not by accident, either.

Dont mock God, is the message of the day.

I'm telling you, this is what you need to focus on.
What, you think its what George Will or George Snuffulupagus has to say?

Yeah thats it.

We as a nation of laws, are going to get what George Tiller got.
Our just reward.
We as a nation are toast, and remember, the bible didnt say "if you turn around and elect CONSERVATIVES, I'll spare you my wrath".
Stop believing that this nation is something it isn't, because your (Christian) beliefs are NOT what this nation represents, anymore.
Wake up, focus, and understand that this nation is NOT "one nation under God", anymore.
Despite how desperately you and I want it to be.