Sunday, 14 June 2009

sometimes you just gotta dig the stupid holes...

"God must be busy today"
Ever heard that song?
Man, its pathetic.
Basically, theres war in the middle east and starving kids in africa, so it must be that God is slacking off.

I found Zoe tonight. Like we suspected all along, she went down to the water for a drink, and either had a seizure and keeled over while standing in the water, or something along those lines.
I found her today because the "crick" water lowered just enough where you could see where she was lying. It was an adventure to get her to where I buried her (I'll most graciously spare you the details), but now she is lying in an old camoflauge jacket, buried in the family pet cemetery.

So as I'm digging, I'm thinking, "ok Lord, lemme have today's installment.
Um, God, I'm all (GRUNT) ears, Lord. ( I do some of my best thinkin' while diggin'.
I'll share some of it sometimes.)

Not this time though. Nuthin.
Ah well.

Why'd it play out this way? I don't know.
Some of you more sentimental types believe we should or at the least could have taken her to the vet, you know, to be "put to sleep".
Naaaaah. Not because I wanted her to wander off by herself and not be found for three or four days (trust me on this). I disagree that God screwed up the whole death process, and that its only been finally perfected by Vets with euthenasia. Guess I'm not that enlightened yet.
Having taken a non scientific poll, it appears that the more value one places on animal life, the more likely they were to ask why I didnt have her "put down" yet.
Now some animal rights types believe that animals should have human rights, and no, thats not a typo.
Well, if they equate animals to humans, and they believe that giving those beloved critters a magic needle whenever they deem it "in the best interest of fluffy", then its not too much of a stretch to understand that old Grandma Gertie aint too far from the magic prick of the needle, either.
To put it in Obamics, its called "lowering the cost of healthcare, through preventive medicine".
Like say, preventing grandma Gertie from stressing the system too much. Especially if poor ole grandma gertie isnt very productive anymore. You know, if she cant "volunteer" and "give back" to society anymore.
I know, I know, thats just CRAZY talk, and we as an advanced (amoral), sophisticated (partial birth abortions), thriving (bankrupt) society, would NEVER resort to killing off those who are "just too much of a burden on the system".
No, never. thats crazy talk.

Uh-huh. Following the bouncing ball, kiddies. See where its headed.
It cant go anywhere BUT downhill, and its all downhill from here.

Not enough taxpayers paying in, too many people with needs taking out, and only so much care to go around.
You do the math.

Me? I just had to dig the hole to put zoe in.
Just remember to stay productive.

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