Sunday, 21 June 2009

Did You know.............................

That the reason for the mandated switch to digital television signals, from analog, was to "free up the analog bandwidth for use by emergency first responders"???

Anybody hear or see anything about all the new communication abilities for "emergency first responders"?
Yeah, me neither. Oh well. I'm sure congress had a good reason to pass a law dictating the type of television signal we receive.

Did you know that congress passed a law mandating that automobile tire manufacturers place RFID (radio frequency Identification) chips, into tires??
Why does the government care if RFID chips are (or are not) placed in tires of cars?? Why TIRES, if cars manufactured after 2005(?) already have ID chips installed?

Did you take a trip down any interstate lately? Specifically one that runs through or near a major metropolitan area? Notice (if you do) all the poles along the highway, with small nondescript white boxes place on them, about 10 or more feet off the ground.
Those are RFID readers.
Like your "speed passes", that speed you through the toll booth. You know, for convenience's sake.
DID you know that Houston Texas is the first American city to be completely covered, so that if you enter the city with a speed pass type of device in your car, your car is tracked constantly within those city limits?
Oh, you thought it was just to speed you through the toll booths??
Silly you. Like OnStar is just to help you if you are in a car crash, right?
Silly, silly you.
For whatever reason, the powers that be are interested and/or determined in tracking automobile's movements. Now you can say that it is for our sake, or for our convenience, or what ever nice reason you could get people to swallow, but I ain't buying it.
When congress made the effort to have RFID chips placed in tires, that proved to me that safety and convenience wasn't their motives.
Its to track individuals, not their safety.
Go buy a set of tires today, and see if you have to give the tire seller your name and address, and if the vehicle they go on doesnt HAVE to be registered.
Go ahead, try it.
Big stinkin deal, you say.
Yep, big stinkin deal.
So they track where you go.
Yep, big stinkin deal.
So no books written by Jews will be allowed to be sold.
Do you get it?
Its called incrementalism. Small steps that are not only tiny, but are for your own good. One after another after another, until we are all out of steps.

"This will help fix the problem".
We are told.
"This is necessary to fix the problem".

"Its the dirty Jews", the Germans were told.

I wish I were just being silly, or over exaggurating, or something.
I wish I was as wrong as you think I am.
The minds of the American people have been just as polluted (on purpose) as the minds of the German people were by the nazi propogandists.
No, nobody is going to get rounded up for a "final solution" here, but the results are basically the same.
Control of everything you do and think and say and BELIEVE.
Control. Thats what healthcare is all about. Its not about money, like Rush Limbaugh is ranting. Money is nothing to these people. Just a by product, or a bonus.
Its about control. Obama stated (when he promised not to tax healthcare benefits), that his healthcare plan "would lower healthcare costs through preventative measures..."
That means, that by preventing you from doing things that would adversely affect your health, he would lower healthcare costs.
And he and his panel of experts will be the ones to determine what activity adversely affects your health(care).

Plenty of influencial people are calling healthcare "the final solution". If healthcare reform passes, its all over.
Thats not me saying that (but I agree with it). Thats what SMART conservatives are saying. Like Wall Street Journal writers. And National Review writers.
They suggest that you call, write or email your elected representatives, but I know better than they do on that one.
Like with TARP and the original bailout package, it didnt matter that 90% of those who contacted their representatives opposed the bills. The bills were passed into law anyways.
Congressman Paul Kanjorski even joked afterwards that he had two basic opinons from constituents. "No, and HELL No".
That didnt change his vote.
You calling wont change his or any other voters vote on healthcare, either.
The media and the elected rulers know that this issue has been placed on the front burner, and that America's collective brain has been turned into mush on this issue. They know better than any of you "anti-progress" types, no matter if any number of you call and protest the plan.
But, if it'll make you feel better, call your congressman or representative. At least you'll feel like you've done some good, or at least made an effort.

Me? I'm redirecting energies.
No, not in defeat. Not really. Whats coming is coming, and the preparation thats necessary, isnt in fighting it, but withstanding IN SPITE of it.

Someone asked me if I might be writing this for myself.
The answer is no.
I already know all this, and know where I'm focusing my energies, and why.
I'm asking YOU, where is your focus? What are you prepared for? Life as normal?

Man, are you in for it.

If by chance you're interested in learning one teensy aspect of whats coming, read this.
Drop me a line, and you can borrow my copy (whomever borrowed my copy, bring it back).

Did you know what was in store on the second wednesday, last November?

I did.

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