Saturday, 6 August 2011

Paris Hilton makes the world go round....

Evidently, evidence isn't enough to convince some people. Especially people who view themselves as "smart", or learn-ed. Or intelligent.

I was going to continue a little discussion in the comment section of another post, but for some reason that a technological dope like me can't figure out, "it" wouldn't allow me to do so.

So. We shall continue the free lesson on why a dope like me is infinitely "smarter" than.........


Collectively speaking, of course. Far be it for me to assume any actual superior brain activity to any specific individual reading this nonsense.

For the other reader here, bear with me.

DDT was and is again used to fight malaria, via killing mosquitos, which SPREAD malaria.

Maybe smart people thought I meant ddt was sprayed on patients to cure malaria. I dunno. Who the hell knows what smart people think.

and my favorite article Titled DDT is returning to fight malaria.....

DDT was the primary chemical used to kill mosquitos that spread malaria, smart person said it was never used against it. Found a link to verify her stance, too. Shows you how much you can trust links. Better to be smart than quick with google. Google is smart. You're not. Thats why you need me. Oh I'm not smart either, but years ago I noticed "funny clouds in the sky and said "something doesn't add up......" and you STILL say, "oh its nothing thats just crazy talk!"

I notice and can process things. You obviously, cannot. At least not things that aren't beyond debate, like 2+2 equaling 4. Sunday comes after saturday, those sort of things.

Back to the clouds. Its called geoenginnering, which is a fancy (smart) way to say weather control, or sunlight control. There's thousand smart sites and a hundred scientific organizations involved with geoengineering, but you say Im crazy for noticing or talking about it. Dont bother looking it up, and I wont bother putting links here that you won't go to. Find your own. (hint, DON'T go to the united nations site that discusses the concept/program.)

I believe I heard the single stupidest comment that I've EVER heard in my life, just the other day. I was in the frying pan department of a store looking at stuff because some crazy loon keeps removing my stuff.....anywho.....

My child asked me about a teflon pan, and I said "that stuff is poison", meaning the teflon. The bright yet to be indoctrinated little girl next to me asked her mom, "mom, is teflon POISON?" And the good little sheep of a mom said to her soon to be sheep of a daughter, "no honey, if it WERE poison, they wouldn't be selling it." A rush of calm could be seen sweeping over the traumatized little girl, and the sheep of a mom had a story to tell her coworkers the next day at Reasonable Thinking Inc, where Im certain she worked.

Doesn't get any more reasonable than that.

"And they wouldn't put fluoride in toothpaste if it weren't poison either...." I said.

My kid smiled.

It must be nice to have such faith. Not the faith of a child, but the faith of a sheep. To assume that the larger than description entity called "they", or government, or whomever, really give a rats ass about us other than to extract what they NEED out of us.

Like tax revenues, or labor, or whatever. To believe that "they" sit around wringing their hands wondering how to make our lives safer, more peaceful. Safer. Because they care.

THATS faith. Its certainly not intelligence . Nor is intelligence swallowing what you are fed at some second rate college by some second rate pseudo intellectual expert. That, is accurately described as indoctrination. On a fools level, to boot.

Am I smart? Nope.

Never ever ever said I was. But I notice things and try and decipher them. Which is obviously more than you can say. See that picture on the front of this stupid blog? YOU didnt even notice that. YOU think thats "normal". Whatever you and I are, you're a level below me, so there.

So here's what you need to know.

The same corporations that caused the rivers in cleveland ohio to catch on fire, still are in charge of this nation and world. The same banking organizations that ruled the corporations when someone in europe decided to start a war just to kill people and make money, still are in charge.

Oh look up the history and events and results of world war One.

The financial instiutions and a handful of ruling families in Europe made a bloody fortune, and when public opinion got to a tipping point, WE got involved to prolong it until that didnt even cover up what was going on.

A war with no movement, no objectives, no victories, but defeat enough for everyone.

Oh you dont know the first damn thing about WWI do ya?

Don't worry, nobody does. Point is, like most modern wars, it had nothing to do with nationalism, and everything to do with globalism, and who runs the globe. But I'm sure sentences like that make your pretty little head hurt with anger and indignance, so.............we'll continue.

The League of Nations was a result of WWI. The United Nations was the result of WWII. The New World Order is a result of the political and personal expansion of the United Nations.

More crazy talk? I don't suppose you ever heard of Agenda 21, did you?

I didnt think so. It hasn't been discussed on Good Morning America and it doesn't have a facebook page, so it might as well be saltwater on mars as far as you're concerned. Agenda 21 is the Global plan to micromanage your life, here in these united states. You wont look it up, and Im not going to waste the effort trying to show you.

Oh hell yes I am. How great is that? a link titled "agenda 21 for dummies?"

Watch. Or not. Or go to the keith oberman / kevin lynn site claiming its all good and it'll make the world a better place to exist..............

Are you beginning to see where I'm going yet?

All over? Yep. You HAVE to go all over. You can't understand ANYTHING, if you don't understand everything.

I am called crazy by some bitter female who makes it her mission to discredit what I say here. Thats ok, she's failed miserably to this point.

I get called crazy, but normal people believe that everything is fine and normal and there is no agenda anything and no chemcals in the sky and that american police are SUPPOSED to look like fully armed storm troopers and genetically modified foods are as good as we are told they are and the medical industry would never lie because pharmacuticals are good for us and fluoride ISN'T a poison and even though the radiation leak from Chernobyl caused THIS lady to tell the japanese peole to"RUN", and even though Japans disaster is at LEAST hundreds of times worse..........Everything is fine. Because someone somewhere, said its fine.

Yeah, well, someone somewhere said what Paris Hilton says and does is worth paying attention to, too. And someone somewhere invented a "fine" passtime called farmville and mafia wars and said thats a fine way to spend your time, too. And Im sure someone somewhere believes its fine to keep a 5 year old out till midnight at a stupid ass county fair, too. Oh its "FUN!!!!"

Yeah. Fun.

Im not living in fear or paranoia or any negative state of mind, save for the effect of having to live with hatred and subterfuge by the person who is SUPPOSED to be the one I count on for support. No boo-hoo-ing here, just the facts. On THAT front, Im stressed as hell. But you won't win that battle either, because you are on the wrong side there, too.

Teaching my kids to think and be aware is no more detrimental to them, than it is to teach them to look both ways before crossing the road. Twice, I tell them.

Heres a story that floored me when I saw it. I was watching a foreign made film called "Broken Silence" (I think that was the name).It was directed by some obscure film maker called............lemme see if I can remember it...............oh yeah. Steven Spielberg.
Anywho, in it was a story about the Warsaw Ghettos, and survivors there told about the "crazy rumors" that were flowing about the death camps. About the trains that were taking ghetto residents to those death camps.

NAAAAAH. It CAN'T be true, was the general consenus.

Thats CRAZY talk.

What floored me, was that in that setting, after everything the ghetto prisoners had been through up to that point, they still couldn't allow themselves to accept what was really going on.

They were sheep, right up to the end. We here in present day america are like those warsaw ghetto residents, in a way. Freedoms have been systematically eroded and the noose has been tightened little by little, but the sheep refuse to see and notice, because they still have their safe little fun distractions.

Im right, and all your bitching and condemnation doesn't mean a damn thing.

Im right, and you don't have a clue.

Im a dope, and Im right.

Whats that make you?

Whooo-WHOOOOOOOOOOO! (I hear that train a comin'...........................)

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


in august of 1939, adolph hitler murdered a bunch of polish citizens, placed german military uniforms on them, and then videotaped the dead "german army" bodies and broadcast them to the german people. think Im making that up too? then read, or remain ignorant. It got his people all fired up to attack poland. mis and disinformation, for a purpose.

Rachael Carlson conducted a study on bald eagles in alaska, and the conclusion of her study was that because of the presence of DDT, bald eagles eggs did not have the sufficient calcium present to allow the eggs and their occupants, to mature and hatch. ZERO eggs made it to hatchlings.

Because of that "study", DDT was banned from america.

This isnt about whether or not ddt is harmful. It is about a false deliberately altered "scientific study", that had huge ramifications. What Ms Carlson left out of her official findings, was that in her controlled experiment, racheal removed ALL calcium from the eagles diet. ALL of it. Now what kind of effect do you think THAT little tid bit of info had on the study? Eggs are primarily, calcium. hmmmmm.
Ms carlson admitted it decades later, but you know what, Pittsburgh recently named a bridge after her, for her work to make the planet a better place to live.

Ignorant, stupid fools who think because the results were what THEY wanted, the study was valid.

mis and dis information.

Dont even get me going on global warming. its a hoax created by those who will profit and control in the new "carbon regulated" world. You were told its to save the planet, but thats just a schtick. a pitch. Read.

the ultimate mis and dis information. it is going to RULE your existance, and you are going to allow it joyfully, because you believe you're saving mother earth.

So go ahead and drive across ms carlsons bridge and feel all safe because ddt is nnow banned . Oh, and malaria is at an all time high. Oh, and nations where malaria is rampant are reinstating ddt as an accepted chemical. But you feel good because youre so smart.

Hell, YOU never even hear of rachael carlson before you read this, and you think IM stupid.

Dont worry.

You're like the dad (who played second string in high school) that takes his kid to the super bowl and says, "you know, I used to play football too....."

Just shut up and watch, you dont understand or know about anything, let alone what it takes to get to the super bowl. Shut up and learn.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

read it for yourself

Country folk think they will survive. they also think they will be left free to do so. I wish it were that simple, but it isn't. Every aspect of even rural life will be controlled, and its not by accident, happenstance, or for your own good or safety. Its time for you to grow the frick up and realize whats happening.

Ive commented on this stuff before, but laziness or patronization delayed you from checking this stuff out for yourself.

aspertame is poison. I was in a store with my youngest daughter the other day, when she asked for a pack of sugar gum. I said "hold on". I read the ingredients and lo and behold in a sugar sweetened gum, they put aspertame in. I turned to her and said "nope. This stuff has poison in it. " She still wanted it, but I showed her the label, and said, "see? stuff called Aspertame. " A mother in front of me turned and looked at me like I had lobsters crawling out of my ears. I looked at her and said, "look it up". She won't, and most of you 3 here wont read my link either. Not my fault at this point.

You are being rained on with radiation from japan every time it rains. Scroll down to Boise Idaho's readings. Want to know what the government did when Boise registered the highest levels of radiation in the united states? They shut down the radiation detectors and physically removed them from the state. But trust them, they care about you.

We are being rained on just like when Chernobyl went kablooey, and contaminated people half a world away. Except with Fukushima, the radiation is presently thousands of times worse, and its getting worse daily. So this is Chernobyl. Nice, huh? And thats nothing in comparison. THIS, is Fukushima.

What are you worried about today? Your job? Your bank account?

It may be a shock or a terrible thing to admit for you, but you had better listen to me, cuz I'm not wrong. Read for yourself.

Understand this. I chose these simple couple articles because it proves to you that this stuff is real, and its being done on purpose, to our detriment. The respected established media, government agencies, and the medical communities are deliberately keeping truth from your minds, and now you can see that for yourself. This is baby step numero uno.

Next time you watch an infotainment show like good morning america, look at how STUPID the stories are that we as a nation are being fed. Step back and LOOK.

If you can digest THAT simple fact, you can understand where I will go next. And that is to tell you WHY this is being done.

Unfortunately for me I give a damn, about all this, and you. Whoever you are.

I wish I was as wrong as most people believe I am.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Thinking outside the box

Any football fans here!? If you need to rekindle the excitement of the superduperbowl, then click on this link and watch the highlights from last year's game. Great game wasn't it? Remember who won it?

I didn't. In fact, I didn't even remember who PLAYED in it.

Who DID win, anyways? Oh, the Green Bay Packers won?


So we had these two teams, full of drama and bylines and subplots. Both teams gave their all in training, playing injured, etc. Great efforts and entertainment.

It would hard to believe that it was all staged, wouldn't it? Maybe staged isn't the right word. Or maybe it is.

Who really won?

I would certainly end up looking like Beetle Bailey after Sarge gave him a thumpin, if I went up to some 300 lb lineman who played in that game and said it was all a hoax. A sham. All beccause I dared to speak that a game was fake. Or just an act. Or a product, tool or a program.

Who is in charge ot the TEAMS who played that night? Who is above the players who are duke-ing it out on the field every week during the season? The people who don't get injured, don't have to train, or inject themselves with humanoid drugs that make them super human?? The people who watch (I assume) just like you and I, but who reap more benefits from BOTH teams' efforts, than the teams' players themselves?

You could call them the team owners. The League commissioners. The people who make the rules and decide who plays whom, and when. The money generated by that one final football game is no joke, nor is it an accident. Nor is IT a game. Its serious business, and more.

There are people above and beyond the very real players who get very really injured and who are in most instances very talented at their professions. So what's so outside the box about saying that there are people above the players in the NFL scheme of things?

Nothing. But if I told any "dedicated" (read rabid) fan that the game is a sham, they'd be quite irritated indeed at me. Enough so to get maybe violent. The players DO SO train and "wage war in the trenches"........

hmmmm. Interesting choice of words we hear so often from the sports network talking heads. Waging war.

(insert out loud laughing and guffawing here)...oh hey....imagine if.......oh man this is a good one.....what if we could say the same thing about REAL war!?!? wouldn't that be HILARIOUS!?

Yeah, if real people didnt get dead and maimed, for real.

But we all know that wars are for real, because like I said, real bullets and bombs kill real people. And most of the time, its for REAL reasons. Like political or something.

You know, like communism versus capitalism. Or fascism versus freedom, or republicans versus democra................



Well, we KNOW that these wars we are now engaged in are for REAL reasons. That much is, ok. But we KNOW that the COLD WAR was real, because we KNOW that communism was real, and it had the soviet union and china and all those nasty mean countries who were a THREAT to our way of life, right? And our way of life government had lots of agents and agencies who worked REALLY hard against communist agents and agencies. Why, there were BILLIONS of dollars spent in, we HAD to spend all that money and develop all that technology because there were COMMUNISTS, DAMMIT!!!!! We HAD to!

But what IF. What if the "enemy of Doom!" was just a shell of a boggey man that caused all the chaos of the cold war? What if that "threat" was created, for the exact purpose it produced? Sound preposterous? Too elaborate? Elaborate to the point of building an entire empire and arming it to the vodka fortified teeth. Funny how all those soviet scientists and officials just faded off into the sunset. No mass lynchings from the common rabble with their pitchforks and torches. One day, EEEEEvil Inc., the next day, *poof* like a fairy, all gone.

Kinda like one day, all the eeevil nazi scientists are evil and working for the evil Third Reich, and the next, they're all imported and immigrated and patriotized and working for the good guys at Los Alamos, USA. Nope, not making that up either. Nazi scientists were NASA. Think of it as free agency. Star players get traded to other teams all the time these days. Its all just a game anyways, right?

Oh, THIS is why not many people think outside the box, even though everybody thinks they do. Its loony out here.

Do you think there could be someones out there who are ABOVE the teams in the world? Someone or someones who deicde the schedules, the players on the teams, etc?

Naaaaaaah. Of course not. Thats CRAAAAAZY talk.

But if there were, I bet they'd have a really neat name like The Bilderberg group. (That is the official bilderberg site ). No loony toon site there. Just the facts ma'm. Now THIS one, is a little different story. David Icke is a bit out of my orbit, but he's not wrong about everything.

When George Herbert Walker Bush (daddy) first uttered the words "new world order" in that state of the union address way back when, the hair on the back of my neck stood up. "wait a minute. HE just said new world order, and he's a GOOD guy!" I remember hearing Daddy Bush utter that phrase, and I remember being floored by it. The only thing that didnt end up making any sense, is why I ever thought there was a difference between democrats and republicans in the first place. There isn't.

Both parties have been leading this country down the road to destruction for the past 50 or 60 years. BOTH parties.

No, Reagan DIDN'T turn this country around. We wouldn't be plunging to our deaths like a bag of bowling balls tied to a greased firepole, if he DID, now would we?? He chugged us right along, plunging us further into the abyss that we now are not even able to see the top of.

Did we "spend the soviet union into oblivion", like retarded historians claim, or did we just spend? Sure was a boost for the economy, wasn't it? Sure, the soviet union went pffffffffflt, but SHAAAAAZAAAAAM! Because our country and our government and our corporations...(wait, thats redundant)...........WE arranged to ship ALL of our industry and businesses over to China, making THEM the boggey man super power of the hour.

Convenient, isn't it? Aaaaand we happened to slip them (the chinese govt) 20 years of technology and military secrets through Los Alamos Nuclear testing facility. Interesting story there. I happened to meet and work for a retired couple of "scientists" from Los Alamos, who upon retiring (soon after the secrets scandal), bought a (military contracted production) factory, and a half million dollar home and sunk another half million into it.

Kids, your parents were right, stay in school, the money really IS in math and science.


We seemingly miraculously are faced with ANOTHER eeeeeeevil superpower (that we built and powered and enabled) and thus the Super Stealth Sluethers Inc. could continue to do what they did best. Research and spend. And ramp up the fear of the new boogey man that we just created. And spend.

Makes sense, in a business sort of way. Lotsa people would be unemployed in the intelligence industry if we didn't have any boogey man to be all a-feared of. That would be a bigger crime than the powerful military not having anyone to use all their goodies on. That'd be a REAL shame. Especially if you were one of the manufacturers suppling said military. Wouldn't need bullets, guns, fancy shmancy automatic parking assist fighter jets, aircraft carriers worth more than the island of know, STUFF.

Wars are economy boosters, y'know.

Wars always were. And there are those who profit from BOTH or ALL sides in wars. Peoples or groups who sell to BOTH sides, sometimes at the same time.

Thats the people I'm talking about, and those are the ones who tell governments what to do, who to go to war with, and when.

Sure, real agents do real intelligence work and real soldiers get hit with real bullets, but its still all staged.

Thats the really horrible part about it.

Did you ever hear of bilderberg? Or of the trilatteral commission or council on foreign relations?

Hell, you probably never even heard of the Rothschild family, or the banking industry they OWN. Watch this. Oh for crying out loud. WATCH. Like 3o minutes of your precious time isn't worth it for you to understand what the frick is really going on.

The team owners have owned the banks, and hence the worlds' money, for a couple of centuries now. Remember the Golden Rule. "He who owns the Gold, MAKES the rules....."

They, the team owners, the league commissioners, now own the food industry. You know, what used to be called FARMS. Please watch this. Please. Watch and learn the doublespeak-misinformation being dished out. "ITS GOOD CUZ WE SAY ITS GOOD!!!! WHO KNOWS WHY THE DEFENSE DEPARTMENT IS INVOLVED BUT ITS STILL GOOD!!!!!! " Watch that video and hear those words for yourself. Oh, you think thats just more crazy talk. Yeah, and if you watched that last link, you got more information you couldn't even imagine, from a frickin cartoon, than you could've from a thousand hours of watching cnbc.


You probably still believe that fluoride is a GOOD chemical, don't you? After all, its what we've been told as a nation since the 1950's. If our beloved government officials who we trust with our FRICKIN LIVES, tell us its good, then by god its GOT to be good. Not so much, it seems. Never made sense to me why an ingredient we were supposed to put in our mouth three times a day every day of our lives, had a warning label attached to it that said if any is swallowed, call your poision control center immediately. Aaaaand then they started putting it in water systems.

No, you CAN'T make this stuff up. Whats worse, is people who notice it, are called wackos or conspiracy theorists.

The smart experts on tv tell us is all ok and theres nothing to fear but conspiracy theorists.

And while you're not worrying about fluoride, don't worry about aspertane, msg's, GMO food, increasing prescription drug use for increasing ailments, either.........yeah, we're one super evolved hyper intelligent pack of idiots, and its all by design. Think I'm wrong? Tell me what you saw on the news today, the Casey Anthony verdict, or exactly WHY we are bombing the people of Libya? Yeah. Thats what I thought. We're told what to think about, what to eat, how to think, how NOT to think, what drugs we need, who's important, and what they're wearing. Why do you think that is? Maybe americans really DO need to know what the new princess of la-la-land is wearing while she tours!?!? God I depress myself thinking about how stupid everything is.

Its like watching a bad Bollywood movie about Stupid America.

Unfortunately, there really are people in high unseen places pulling the strings that make the ones who makes the laws for us, dance. They're the ones who told the senators to vote for the bankers' bailouts. The voters overwhelmingly told them to NOT vote for the bailouts. The politicians voted as their bosses told them to, and told us it was what needed to be done. "you commoners don't understand the complexities."***

That is all the evidence you need to understand who really is in charge. It ain't you, and it ain't the politicians.

Call em bankers, call them Illuminati, whatever. But don't say its a conspiracy theory, because you will look stupid. The One World Order is real, documented, and on its way, double time. Only a true blue fool would believe that everything will be ok, america will ride out this tough period like it always has..........

and we will once again be the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Go Team!!!

***adendum*** dateline 7-5-11. On ABC's Nightline show, attorney and extremely annoying to listen to for more than three seconds-nancy grace, said that the casey anthony verdict is proof that our system, a system she believes in and loves, is broken. The verdict was due to "the jury couldn't understand the complex and detailed scientific evidence presented to it", AND, "two of the jurors had negative interactions with the law, thus perverting or hampering their judgement capabilities". One juror had a DUI, and the other had a .....I dunno, a fricking jaywalking ticket or some nonsense.

Nancy grace, an attorney, said that the jury system is incapable of its job anymore, basically because "regular people aren't smart enough to be good jurors".

Sound familiar?

The arrogance she exhuded last night on tv was exactly the same as exhibited by ex-congressman paul kanjorski when he was asked, on camera, about the original TARP bailout vote. He was asked "what kind of calls is your office getting regarding the vote?" The Congressman smiled and responded, "my office is getting two kinds of calls. No, and HELL no".

The reporter-ette then asked, "so how are you voting?

He smiled again and said, "I'm voting yes".

(insert carnival music here.... doo....doot....dooty....dooty....doot...dooot...dooooooooot.........)

Monday, 4 July 2011

Star Wars

whoopee. Its tough to get in a celebratory mood today, despite the wonderful weather.

Perhaps I'm spoiled.

Yeah, thats it.

Bin Laden is dead, the market is up, Los Alamos fires are under control, fire works shows to be watched everywhere......all the world's a happy place.

So how come I feel like crap on a stick?

Normally, I spend around 500 or so dollars on fireworks to ooh and aah the family and neighborhood. This year? Zip. Nada.

Besides not having a real family to ooh and aah this year, the 500 dolllars, if it were there, would be used to buy much more realistic freedom expressing items. Like bullets. Or toilet paper.

Its not easy being prepared. Or crazy, depends on who's doing the describin'.

I watched a couple of fireworks/entertainment shows on tv tonight. One from the Capital building in Washington DC and one from NYC. The usual yankee doodle dandy songs were played, and Steve Martin even composed a special song about Paul Revere's horse. Pretty good, actually.

But the song that really froze me in my tracks, was sung by LeeAnn Rhimes.


Amazing Grace.

It was as though America the not so beautiful was making one last ditch effort to stave off the inevidable. At least thats how I saw it.

She did a good job, not a Brooklyn Baptist Choir good, but pretty good. It made me sit up and take notice of what I was seeing. Of everything thats going on. Congressman Weiner, Casey Anthony, Lindsay Lohan, Obama bombing the hell out of Libya.......... you know, America the Beautiful.

I heard that song, and thought, WTF!?!?!?

Then I realize that most of the people watching fireworks on tv, were those people who HAD to watch fireworks on tv . OLD folks. Amazing grace-polka fans-people. Aaaaand those of us who are too cheap or crazy to partake personally in the celebration of starting a war with the British.

I fit into all three of those categories, depending on who you ask.

But if'n you ask me, its because I just don't want to celebrate this country anymore.

Not while we are indeed bombing the hell out of people in Afghanistan and Pakistan and Libya who are in no way a threat to life here in these United States.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not against wars or killing evil-doers or anything Quaker-ish like that.

I'm against what this nation has become.

Lying about middle eastern peoples, greed over their resources, and murdering any and all nations we deem necessary.

We are not the nation I used to plunk down 500 bucks to show my pride over. I don't know what the hell we are anymore.

But I do know that singing Amazing Grace on national tv on the 4th of July, wasn't a bad move, nor do I think it was a mistake.

Just more confusion on a day that has me utterly confounded.

Didja ever notice how in the star wars movies, there was never just ONE war that was waging at a time?

I guess that would be too simple.

Enemies would be too easily defeatable if they only had to be dealt with on one front.

Hitler learned that lesson the hard way. Emperer Palpatin too.

It seems that in this nation's time of times, each and every one of us has some other battle waging, to keep us all from getting organized and united and focused on the battle that is at hand.

At least that's how it is for me. On a personal level, my life is one one second battle after another. In the meantime, I'm supposed to be training for the battle that is for these united states of america.

Its always like that I suppose.

Any fool can prepare for something thats preparable for. Try preparing while someone is trying to defeat you before the battle starts.

I guess thats what they pay me for.

I need a raise.

Or a drink.

Good Night America.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

whats wrong with this sentence?

"30,000- 55 gallon drums of radioactive plutonium waste, stored in fabric tents...."

Well, if you're staring at the farmville crops or porn online, probably not much. If however, you happen to have access to your cognative thought capabilities, then its a different story.

As if the Fort Calhoun Nebraska nuclear facility being within one foot of missouri river water from becoming a real catastrophe wasn't bad enough. Or that much or most of the midwestern farmland in the united states remains underwater, and hence unplantable, theres this. Theres another fire at the Los Alamos nuclear labratory compound. On those facility's grounds, theres a "section G", where approximately thirty thousand (55 gallon) drums of radioactive waste are stored, under fabric tents. Fabric tents. They're stored in fabric tents because when they used to be buried underground, it was too lately-discovered that they leaked. SO, to make it easier to inspect them, they just roll them to a spot (called area G) and stick them in tents. WHICH might seem sorta reasonable.......

Except that they had another wildfire fire at Los Alamos not too long ago. 2003 I believe, and to the best of my knowledge that fire wasnt dubbed "The one and only wildfire that did or would ever hit new mexico". Its kinda hard to believe that the supposed bright people running a place where things like nuclear bombs are built and developed (among other higher tech gizmos), anyone in charge of something so dangerous there would consider it reasonable to stick 30,000 barrels of radioactive plutonium in tents. Kinda like building a nuclear reactor on top of the most active faultlines in the united states, but thats another story. (equally idiotic)

So what. Who cares. Everyting's fine, and the experts are saying as much.

Again, I have to ask you. At WHAT point do you the farmville playing braindead out there, start to NOT swallow everything you are fed!?!? At this point, I believe its at no point. There is a percentage of the population who see through the BS that is shoveled our way on a constant basis, and the rest just take it in and start chewing. Whether that is due to a lack of flouride in our systems, or simply "genetic deficincies", some of us just see piles of brown stinky yukky stuff whenever some expert takes the microphone. Conditioning maybe. I dunno.

Anybody know the story about how the famous Rothschild Family made their incredible fortune? Pretty interesting, and the rest of this video is worth watching to find out, too.

I suggest you watch it, because its kinda connected to the next disjointed subject.

George Soros, is apparently buying up flooded farmlands in the united states, and hes getting a good deal too. Who wants flooded farmlands anyways? Now if you've been paying attention, you are at least partially aware that A: the nations weather this year alone has been pretty much unprecedented, or at the least VERY unusual.

And B: One man's calamity is another mans profit.

Worst drought, EVER, in Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and the worst flooding EVER, just a hop skip and yee haw to the east, along the mississippi and missouri river basins. But wait, it gets bettter. The army corps of engineers deemed it necessary to open the morganza spillways for the first time ever. They flooded farmlands, instead of risking flooding the city Baton Rouge and other more populated areas downstream. Sounds logical. The really interesting part is, part of the farmland that was flooded by morganza spillway water, was IN that drought zone previously talked about. You cant make that stuff up. From severe drought, to under 15 ft. of water in a day. Progress I suppose. Cant plant crops because of the drought and (unless you're farming catfish) if there's 15 feet of water on your farmland, you're not going to grow too much then either.

So what. I get it. So a rich guy is buying farmlands up and taking advantage of people's misfortunes. Not exactly breaking news there.


Unless the flooding isn't "natural". Unless it was done purposefully to create cheap, buy-up-able-farmlands. Think thats preposterous?

I dunno. What I DO know, is we are being told everything is fine and under control at the fukushima plant. And it isnt.

30,000 barrels of highly radioactive junk in very real danger of becoming airborne, and we're told everything's fine. And it isn't.

The nuke plant in nebraska on the flooding missouri river, is safe and sound. So long as none of the dams or levees upstream break, that is.

So there you have it. Everything's just fine. Or not.

And you're more worried about what food to buy for the 4th of july weekend than you are what kind of mess you're going to be in if, for whatever reason, there is no more food to be bought.

And I'M the crazy one.

Ok by me, but you are what you eat, y'know.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

smart meters

Did you know there are people who wear tinfoil around their heads?
Did you know that I'm not one of them?

Smart meters are fancy little techno devices that connect your house and everything in it, to something esoterically called the smart grid. Well, if its smart, it HAS to ge good, right? and if something is called good, then it has to be good, right?
No, and no.
Smart meters will supposedly save money and electricity, by making your electricity usage viewable by the power companies and the powers that be, in real time. By doing so, they will be able to get rid of meter reader people, and their vehicles used to read your meters physically. That sounds reasonable. Unless of course you happen to be a meter reader or an automobile manufacturer/seller who makes part or all of your living off of reading said meters.
The meters are called smart, purposefully to automatically categorize those who oppose them, as less than smart. That in itself is ingenious, in a dastardly way. But thats the world we live in these days, the world of words.
By enabling the power companies and the powers that be access to individual energy usage, the theory is that.....(and this is the gov. of calif.'s sales pitch).....if we can know when power usage spikes, we can charge more for said power, thus automatically decreasing usage, and preventing rolling black outs.
But wait, it gets stupider. He said as an example, if usage increases during the hottest time of the day, when people will need their air conditioners, then rates can be increased to discourage wasteful usage of electricity.
Doesnt sound so smart when its said like that, does it?
Like, DUH! We KNOW usage will increase during heat waves and in the mornings and evenings, when most people statistically are home DOING STUFF. Why, if we already know this, do we need a radio transmitting (yep, ANOTHER electrical magnetic frequency) signal being sent through us to make our lives better. By knowing when power usage spikes, power companies can and will increase rates in an attempt to discourage over usage. They wont increase output to meet the demands of the customers, they will sock them when they are most vulnerable, and do it in the name of smartness or saving the planet or some other nonsense. AND, their profits will soar in the process.
Sounds like a win win, right?
Again, unless you are a meter reader, or some selfish planet hating neanderthal who isnt wiling to turn your air conditioner off when theres a heat wave.
Booooooooo!! BAD citizen!!!!

But thats just the UP side of the smart meters and the smart grid.
You see, the smart meters and smart appliances that are being manufactured and sold today, are able to transmit radio signals, as well as RECEIVE. That means, and you really are pretty naieve if you cant figure this one out on yur own, that all your smart-make-your-life-skip-to-my-lou-easier appliances can and will be controlled by someone other than you, the appliance owner.
I know, I know, enter the favorite stand by reply of non-smart people, "well, if you're not doing anything WRONG, then theres nothing wrong with the technology, RIGHT!?"

Let me ask you compliance nazis something.
Should WE, the united states of A., be bombing the country of Libya, because their leader is supposedly being mean and bad to those in his country that oppose him!?!?
I bet you think thats a stupid off topic question, but its exactly why you need me.
That country and their problems are their business. MY point is, OUR country and OUR leaders decided to bomb ther hell out of THEIR country, all in the name of humanity.
Imagine if a bomb went off in your neighborhood and there was some foreign leader on CNN proudly stating that you are being bombed because they decided it was in your and your country's best interest.
We are doing that, and we currently have leaders who are in charge of US doing that.
Now, who's the crazy one for not wanting this government in control of ANYTHING else in our personal lives!?!??
ME!?? Not hardly.
You believe what they tell you, even though they said the Libyan "kinetic action " would last days and not months. Even though they said there would be no ground troops there. ( ops troops have been there for months already and are most probably responsible for the "uprisings" in the very first place.) Even though they said we would be getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan.
Do you REALLY believe that ANYTHING they do is for your benefit or your freedom or the good of society?
Why? Upon what do you base that belief or trust?
Because it feels good and is sensible, is why. They, the people running this country, make sure that you believe WHAT you believe, for their benefit, not yours. Everything you see and hear in your daily life is to promote goodness and sensibility. Unless, of course, you're someone like me who searches out what the hell is really going on in the world.
As long as dancing with the stars is on and you can play farmville on facebook, and the fireworks displays are displayed on the 4th of july, you are a very managable herd.

I have taken the red pill folks*, and have awakened from the matrix that is our life and our country. Once you do, there is no going back. Once you realize how much we have been lied to, the lies are much easier to see.
Whats it going to take?
At what point are you willing to say "this doesn't add up?"

Hey, dont worry. After reading my tripe, go to a site called "good". Its smart and educated and reasonable and nice and earth friendly and progressive and ........oh yeah........their motto is "a collaboration of individuals, businesses, and non profits PUSHING the world forward".
I'm not trying to "push" anybody anywhere. I want you to wake up and see for yourselves. Their approach, is to push.
As in shove. As in down your throat. And, as in the article you can read there about smart meters, if you disagree, you aren't smart, and they're going to have to do something about that, too.

Some people are sensitive to the emf signals that smart meters and cell towers send out, and some of them are forced to emf proof their homes or their heads. Some, but not all. Some plants and and animals and insects too. Tomatos, bees and bats, f'rinstance, have all been studied and shown to react negatively to emf signals.
Some humans too. As in cancer. As in migranes. As in a slew of health issues directly related to emf signals.

But, as long as some mega power company can regulate what we can turn on and when, and how much we have to pay for that privelage, everything is honky-dory.

Just don't mess with my internet .

woops. I forgot to mention that one.
Some other day.

Go back to sleep. At this point, with SO much going on, you're probably better off and much happier burying your heads in the proverbial sand.

*this is a Matrix movie reference and in no way indicitave of me actually taking any real pills, so you can't run to your lawyer with this one either.*

Thursday, 16 June 2011

news you can use

and you sure as hell aren't getting it from your tv or facebook pages.

Fukushima Japan is a nightmare of unmeasurable proportions. Heres a story you wont see on cnn these days. You're not hearing any of the important news from japan, because another dimwitted U.S. congressman decided to take pictures of his private parts and send them to other than his wife type of women. Stop the presses eh? Or give this guy his own show on cnn too. It seemed to work out for Elliot Spitzer. Maybe Weiner can team up Spitzer and host the Weiner Spitzer hour. Or not. Has a nice ring to it though. Betcha Bill Clinton wouuld be a regular guest on it.

Oh, and a psychopathic woman from florida killed her daughter, so everybody has to focus all their efforts and thoughts on the court case. This morning, the 3 major network infotainment shows had the casey anthony story on, simultaneously. Naaaah. Its just coincidence. Only CRAZY people believe its done that way by design. Americans really DO want to hear about it.

Its no surprise that americans have no idea about the american nuclear reactor that is in a level four emergency state as we speak. Heres a short video about this story if you can drag yourself away from the weiner or psychopath stories..... Its being reported that the FAA declared the fort calhoun nebraska nuclear facility a "no fly zone", because, and I kid you not, of "high power lines at the site". Huh. A nuclear facility that stores spent (radioactive) fuel rods in below ground level pools, in UNCOVERED areas that may or may not be now part of the flooded missouri river, isn't allowing anyone to fly over the facility, because of high power lines. Yep, that makes perfect sense.
Hey, didja hear that casey anthony may or may NOT take the stand in her defense!?!?!? Wow, huh?

Oh, and then theres this . I dunno. Some official paranoid guy in Kansas (downriver from Nebraska), is warning kansas citizens against using, touching, allowing pets or livestock to contact, missouri river water. But flood waters are always contaminated. Its just that upriver states like montana, iowa and north and south dakota have folks in charge that aren't quite as on the ball as kansas. People in Kansas know this and joke about it all the time. They say things like "hey, how many montanans, north dakotans, or Iowans does it take to screw in a light bulb??" Discard this as well I suppose.

And, Kansans know all about casey anthony too.

Do me a favor. Look at this site. I'm pretty sure I've posted this before, but you've got to see whats going on while the world is all caught up with the new sunscreen labeling and all. This is NOT normal. Its as unusual as it appears to be.

Speaking of sunscreens, theres a reason why the media is bringing up this now. Yeah, another disaster is looming with the suns rays, but theres nothing to worry about because we have sunscreen to protect us and casey anthony to think about.

Far out? Thats nuthin. Ever heard of a brown dwarf star? You will.
You know, when publications like The Scientific American, use phrases like "potentially catastrophic consequences", you really should pay attention. Or not. What the hell.
This story is the biggest of the lot, and the biggest part of it is this. A nasa conspiracy? Doesnt get any better than this folks. This one is OUT there. Literally. Yes, this last link is a lengthy read, and it will take you away from the Weiner photos and CSI90210, but it will be time well wasted. Now take those last two links and watch this one. a NASA email sent to all NASA employees.

Its all about timing folks.

I could go on for hours, but your attention probably crapped out at the mention of fukushima. If there are no pictures on cnn of glowing sushi, we're not going to pay attention to any silly words here.

Hey, farmville has new features.

Gotta go.

Sunday, 29 May 2011


Heres a question for you(se). What do these 10 people have in common?

1: Jesse James.

2: Franklin D. Roosevelt.

3: Johann Sebastian Bach.

4: H.G. Wells.

5: Thomas Jefferson

6: Albert Einstein. (yikes, this list isn't going as I planned it would.....)

7: Charles Darwin (okay, now its getting back to the direction I'd hoped...)

8: Edger Allen Poe.

9: Jerry Lee Lewis. (Yeah, zippity doo dah down crazy lane....)

10: Rudy Giuliani. (No, thats not a picture of a young giuliani. Although.................)

Betcha can't guess what these famous people have in common. Not in a zillion years.

You know, someone once told me that I need to shut up, calm down and listen if I ever wanted to learn ANYTHING. To which I responded, SHUT UP, flailing my arms while shouting YOU DON'T KNOW NUTHIN!, and then plugged my ears with my fingers. I think I was 7. Or maybe 27.

It took a while for the advice to sink in, but it has to an extent, and the advice is holding true.

Guess what happened?

I started to learn things.

Go figure.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The times they are a-changin......

....and I can't even keep up with half of them.
Most of the three people who read this site know about HAARP and its potential, as explained by its primary developer, Bernard Eastland. It is a weather weapon of sorts,
thats not incapable, theoretically, of inflicting disasters of the natural type, upon anyone the powers that be deem deserving.
Lets take a trip backwards down memory lane, to 9-11-01. FEMA scheduled and organized a terrorist preparation exercise to take place in NYC, on 9-11-01. Gee, thats kinda goose-bumpy, isn't it? But wait, theres more.
Seems that the British powers that be, planned a similar terrorist preparation drill, on 7-7-05. But theirs happened to be a drill that focused on the potential terrorist attack on a London subway. Want to guess where the "terrorists" hit, on 7-7-05? In a subway?

You're not going to believe this, but wait, there's more.
Remember the Madrid train bombings? You know, the ones where more crazed "muslim extremists" blew up innocent passengers in Spain's train system??
Do I have to tell you?
It was on 3-11-04. Want to guess what day the Spanish government scheduled an anti terrorist preparedness drill, specifically dealing with a potential train bombing!?!?!?

Oh, and want to guess the date of the Fukishima earthquake? Want to know what ELSE haarp is potentially capable of (according to its primary developer)??
3-11-11. And earthquakes.

The dates are significant, but thats a long post for another time. Your three little boogered up minds can only handle so much info at one time. The dates have to do with a guy named aliester crowley, and he is significant indeed in whats happening in today's world, regardless of whether or not you've heard of him or believe what he is all about.

There was another emergency preparedness exercise planned, and this one was in the good ole U.S. of A. It was for last week, and it was for a region called the"New Madrid Faultline region of the U.S. Unless youre a prepper or a truther or a very non-mainstream-media- informed-type individual, you don't have a clue what the new madrid faultline is.

Lemme connect some dots for you.
Bernard Eastland, the guy who took Nicola Teslas writings (that the U.S. government seized after his death) and expanded and expounded upon them to create what is now the U.S. air force and navy run HAARP project, said HAARP is very much indeed a weather weapon, to say the least. The least.
From the guy who developed the dam thing, not from some crazed three fan lunatic on the web.

So FEMA schedules a disaster preparedness exercise for mid may in 2011. Remember the track record of governments scheduling drils and exercises people. It ain't coincidence.
And its no coincidence that this spring has tornado and DEATH from those tornados levels that are exponentially above averages, since averages have been kept.
What that means, is that the average number of deaths from tornados in the united states, annually, is around 50.
This year, as of yesterday (when the 1500 MISSING people from the Joplin, Mo. tornado are still not considered dead), the death toll was 499.
As compared to the average of 50.
We have two statistics that Ive heard myself, just from watching the weather channel.
We have the single highest death toll from a tornado, ever, and we have the longest "on ground" tornado, ever. Over 200 miles on theground by a single tornado. Which, by the way, happened to be the largest variety of tornados, an F-5.
Now if you believe that its coincidence that there was a terrorist drill scheduled on 9-11, and on 7-7, and on 3-11, AND that one was scheduled for NOW, when the midwest is being obliterated one town at a time, then you might as well go watch dancing with the stars or american idol or go play farmville, because we have nothing in the least in common.

Theres a lot more coming, and its coming very soon. Do what you wish. You have a computer, you can check out everything I've said.
And after you refuse to do so, you can indeed go and check out your bank balances and your facebook pages, because that will certainly take your minds off of the musings of one lone crazed rogue internet commando. But its still coming.

Oh. One more thing.
Lookie here (please).
When you get to this site, go to the real time U.S. map. I want you to look at the global map too, but wait till you look at the U.S. map, especially california and alaska.
Now I have been looking at this map daily since 3-11. The numbers have been increasing almost daily.

Its coming, and you'd have to be a head in the sand fool to not see it. Its coming, and its not accidental. Lookit that north america map. Look at the number of quakes in california and alaska. Look.

Then look at Canada.

Tell me what you see.

Look at Alaska, then look at the whole of canada.

Tell me I'm nuts.
You can if you'd like. I don't care anymore. I can see it. Just cuz you can't doesn't make me nuts.
Our world, YOUR world, is over. Its about to change like you can't even imagine. You can see whats going to happen, and read and learn from those who KNOW and have been saying its going to change, or you can click on facebook and play farmville or mafia wars or whatever you do there.

If you can look at those maps and say "oh its ALWAYS been like this...." then you get what you deserve. If by chance you get the urge to search what people like this are saying, it might change how you see everything.

Everything is about to change.

Friday, 4 February 2011

What to do.

The one question that comes up from damn near everyone I've talked to in the past few years, has been, "well, what should we DO about all this....?"

Have you bought food yet? Not food cuz tom clark said its gonna snow tomorrow.
I mean food because you might not be able to afford it beyond much longer........
Food prices are climbing, just as it was predicted and repeated by me, for the past few years.
They are going to increase exponentially from here on out, and you must act NOW.
If you dont have enough canned food to feed your family for a MONTH, at least, then SHAME on you.

Go out and get it.
You need protein, starch, and veggies and fruits .
Do the math, use your imagination and get it while you can.

Get something to PROTECT that food supply.
If you think you can stave off a starving horde (like we are seeing in egypt and tunisia), with a frickin golf club, then practice up swinging it.
And pretend to dodge bullets while you're doing it. *hint*.

I am responsible for my kids, and thats pretty much it.
You are responsible for your family.
The banks are going to close, and you are not going to be able to access your money via debit cards or withdrawls. Plan for it.
If you don't, its your fault at this point.
Food is going to be scarce, maybe due to shortages and hoarding, maybe due to hyper inflation where you wont be able to BUY it, because it will cost ridiculous amounts of money.
This, is going to happen, and it is going to happen sooner rather than later. Not because I say it, but because a million INTELLIGENT people who have been paying attention to world events, say it is going to happen.
Our country, our way of life, our lifestyle, is over. The dollar is going to collapse, again, sooner rather than later, and when that happens, your lifestyle goes with it.

Ive posted links before, and I've warned and sang and begged you to listen for years now.
That time is past.
Ok, ONE more time.


Are you watching whats happening in egypt and yemen and elsewhere in the world?
We are not free and clear anymore. It is not " oh thats over THERE and we're safe over HERE."
We are not what we think we are, because we and our money are not what we used to be. Our dollar, our economy, and our culture is in a race to see who can get to the bottom of the worthless pit the fastest.
Its a tie at this point.
Doesn't matter who wins it.
We all will lose.

MAYBE, there will be a government agency (god help us if its fema) that maintains a sense of normalcy and order when the race ends, but my guess is that if it does, it will be AFTER a period of complete and total societal breakdown .
THAT, is what I've been harping and preaching about for the past few years.

Are you prepared for that?

I'm not by any stretch of the imagination, but I know I'm not going to stare blankly and hyperventilate when my cell phone or my atm card doesnt work.
What are you going to do?
What in the hell are you going to do if we are right in our assesments of events?
Go where some government clown with a bullhorn tells you to go???
They are the goddam reason it IS going to breakdown!!!!

Look at what is happening in Egypt.
SIX days of unrest, and neighborhoods had to set up vigilante groups to protect their own, their little neighborhoods.
SIX frickin days of what appeared to be not-so-extreme protests against the government.
SIX frickin days.

Take a look up and down your street. Think your neighbor Bill the CPA and Jody the mail carrier, armed with flashlights and a stick, can protect YOUR family against roving gangs???
If you're willing to answer yes, or STUPID enough to believe that the "police" will be here to protect your family, than click off this site now. You're not doing either of us any good.

Its up to YOU, and god forbid if and when it comes here, the last thought in your mind right before you scream NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! going to be "god DAMN, that idiot was right.

I am.

And You know it.

Things are going to get very difficult financially at first, most probably starting with surging gas, oil and energy in general, prices.
Those will in turn effect everything else in society, and quite substantially, and it will be all downhill from there.
Once the gas prices surge, which will happen overnight, it will prevent you from "waiting till the last moment to react and get what you need". It will be a downward spiral in which you will be merely swept away, not able to move, react, or avoid it.

Get ready NOW, and pay attention NOW.


I'm begging you.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

state of the union

all aboard folks. Next stop, crazytown.
No, I'm not going to link any MSNBC clips. I watched that network last night, and listened to their comments regarding the state of the union speech.
THOSE people are nuts.
And thats coming from ME.

I'm going to point out the more subtle messages you are being given, that you dont even know ARE "messages".
Before the speech last night, ABC played what could only be called a pre-game hype promo. People holding signs with three-word messages, on them regarding the upcoming (much anticipated/hyped) State Of The Union address. One of the messages, said, "Don't Fear China".

Think about that.

Think about that.
These placards supposedly represented questions/comments/anxieties of the american public. Comments that ABC chose to represent what the American people were worried/thinking about.

"Don't Fear China".

Now, I have a pocketful of tickets for the crazytown express if you'd like one, but instead of offering you a ticket here, I want you to THINK about why ABC would include that message, at that time. In that manner.

A.D.D. time.

Yesterday, a story on ALL the news networks (I KNOW, because I watch ALL of them), was the anticipated escalating costs of Heart disease.
Today, on ALL the networks, was the story about the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.
Dr. Sanjay Gupta (?) of CNN had a little piece today regarding Davos and the conference.
His commment?

How ALL the world has to get a handle on things like "the rising costs of treating heart disease".
He said that the world needs to consider methods such as prevention and lifestyle changes to offset those anticipated rising costs of treatment.

Now, you may think that sounds reasonable, but then again, you dont have a ticket, do ya?
There isnt going to be a noble proclamation SUGGESTING that you alter your lifestyle and diets for the good of the healthcare budget.
No no no. Your diet, is going to be controlled just as sinisterly as your choice of lightbulbs will be/is.
Think thats silly?
You KNOW that you wont be able to buy regular incandescent lightbulbs after next year, right?
Oh, You really BELIEVE that those pig tail lightbulbs are REALLY about stopping global warming????
(and you think I'M crazy............)
Its about money, and the bajillion dollars that GE has made to date selling them.
And its about control, and getting you do do whateverthehell they want.
You're stupid enough to believe that incandescent lightbulbs are wrecking the planet (please spare me the junk science connect the dot chain between lightbulbs and global warming), so if they can get you to obey their demands to not use or buy incandescent lightbulbs, then they can get you to not eat meat or twinkies for the good of the health care planet.

They led with the story yesterday about the anticilated rising costs of heart disease, and today round two was the davos conference, in which those costs were discussed.

My point is, the message about the rising costs of heart disease was not accidental, nor was it "news".
It was a message, just like the placard on the state of the union pre game show.
"don't fear china".

THATS scary.
The message masters' message of "don't fear china", gives me nothing BUT fear.
The United Nations said not only that, but that china was , "THE MODEL SOCIETY FOR THE WORLD".

10 year olds working 14 hr days in slave labor compounds, 85% of that country living below the U.N.'s poverty line, water they can't drink and air they can't breathe, getting arrested if they (when they were able ) google the word "freedom"......yeah, sounds like your basic Sandals resort.
Don't tell me about their economic prosperity.
300 million comparitively wealthy chinese citizens is not the real statistic.
There are over a billion chinese citizens.
Most of them live in abject poverty.
And the United Nations says its the model society for the world.

"don't fear china".
From the people that say china is a swell place to live.

Fear what china is.
Learn what china is.
And learn to listen to the messages you're being given. If you learn to open your eyes and minds, you'll see what you are being told, and why.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Government mind control!?!?!?

Thats about 30 seconds of searching on my part, but I have an idea where to look for such things.
Most of you dont have a clue, and worse than that, bite the sooundbyte from the news today that the arizona gunman was a wack job conspiracy theorist who believed in government mind control programs.

Last night's memorial service/pep rally/presidential rating bump/t shirt giveaway was about as good of an example of propaganda (mind control, shaping people's opinions via staged orchestrated events) as you will see.
Today, sworn enemies like rush limbaugh and msnbc are all rallying behind the "off with the heads of the conspiracy theorists!!!!!" battle cry. Rush said the shooter was one of those wackos ( or some sort of term) who believes in nonsense like the movie "Zeitgeist". My paraphrase, but that is a pretty close quote. Rush went so far as to mention conspiracy theorists who "believe the nonsense that global bankers are directing what happens in our country..."
"deranged". "wack-jobs". Like the shooter, the whole lot of em are THE problem with our nation today. The rabble rousers. The conspiracy theorists. Beyond the tea partiers, its the NUTTY people like ron paul who say things that just CANT be true.

People who believe that our government is involved in mind control programs are......well.........nutty.


You tell me. I knew from the git-go last night when Obama took the stage like a rock star, at a frickin memorial service, that this was no ordinary memorial service. But thats just me.
I posted three links that will take up about 10 minutes of your life if you choose to read/watch them. In them, are government documents and congressional hearings and washington newspaper reports of government mind control programs dating back to the 50's.
My point?
The shooter was mad, but not wrong about government mind control programs.
See the difference?
See the propoganda in lumping the two together?
See the message meant for the masses?
Thats how it works, and what we, you, this country, is up against. They have to shape the minds of those who MIGHT join the swelling ranks of the 9-11 truthers.
9-11 truthers are gaining in numbers, and in people who you cant just shoo away with a sweep of the conspiracy theorist wand.
Evidence is coming out daily that just blows to smithereenes the official account of what happened and why, on 9-11.

Like this.

The "building what" movement. Ive mentioned it here before but its something that people really need to see and understand.
47 story buildings dont just collapse in their own footprint for no reason.
If they (the government) lied about why building 7 collapsed on 9-11 when it wasnt touoched by anything, then why believe everything they say about the rest of the days events?
Such as the pentagon, and the fact that not a single tourist or resident of D.C. had their cameras with them on 9-11, to get a shot of the 757 that flew a hundred feet off the deck across part of the city. Or that there were no aircraft parts retrieved from the pentagon. Or the fact that the FBI confiscated all the video footage from the 200+ cameras that belong to the pentagon, that had been in operation that day.
Yeah, it all makes perfect sense and anyone who questions the government version is just trouble.
CAPITAL T rouble.Why look what people who believe that kind of stuff DO.............

I USED to be a yankee doodle dandy. Believing that America the Beautiful was everything that was good and decent in the world, and that America the Beautiful (the government) always held its citizens' best interests at heart.

I know better now.
This Government, the federal reserve, is purposefully devaluing our dollar, and deliberately putting into motion events that will at some near point cause hyper inflation, which will result in an economic tsunami the likes of which neither Jim nor Cosmo Cramer can begin to comprehend.
The results of 9-11 were wars that neither end nor lessen. The Patriot act and nonsensical decrees like mandating full body x-ray scans at airports (and soon EVERYWHERE), TSA agents sticking their hands INSIDE your pants, all in the name of "protecting you"............Is whats insane.

Lemme ask you something.
IF mean old muslims terrorists really DID mastermind and were totally responsible for 9-11, and if they were able to blow the hell out of THOUSANDS of military vehicles in countries that our military OCCUPIED, then DONTCHA think that they would have been able to pull off ONE frickin similar type bombing right here in the land of the free and the home of the unprotected!?!?!?!?!?

REALLY????? Ten goddam years and not ONE attack here, but where there are a hundred and fifty thousand of our soldiers, they have pulled off thousands!?!?!?!?

And that makes sense to ANYONE!?!?!?

Think, people.
I know, I know, I didnt, and worse, supported and believed whole heartedly for longer and more intensely than many of you, the party line that we america are the good guys, and the evil terrorists are the bad guys.
But every year that went on past 9-11, and with every law that got passed which did NOTHING to prevent actual terrorist attacks, I grew skeptical.
There was and is something else going on, and now I can see what that is.
9-11 was no different than the staged event that was known as the Gulf Of Tonkin Incident, which propelled us more than any other single event, into the vietnam war. Declassified documents now show IT to be a staged false flag event.
No different that the attack on pearl harbor, in which the very real japanese navy did indeed attack our naval base on Hawaii.
BUT. We knew it was going to happen.

6 months prior to that attack, a washington dc newspaper surveyed america and found that 90%of americans were against joining in the war.
That was AFTER our ally France had fallen to Germany, and our other large ally Britian was in danger of invasion and teeting on the brink of disaster.
Americans still said "nyet"
Then, 6 months later, and a short time after japan attacked pearl harbor, the paper did another survey, in which 99% of those polled were in FAVOR of joining the war effort.

Go back to the first world war where the sinking of the british ship Lusitania (her guts loaded with munitions for the war effort), was sunk off the coast of Ireland. Up to that point, americans as a vote were staunchly against entering the war "over there". That event more than any other changed opinions of american voters, and we entered world war one with public support if not overwhelming, strong because of that ship being sunk. Theories abound, like with every event in history it seems, that perhaps the german navy were not the ones who sunk it. But rather the brits themselves. That conspiracy theory is irrelevent here, what matters is that an event tthe Germans warned would happen, happened, and it changed war opinions of americans.
Oh, and the lusitania was sent into known enemy patrolled waters without any escort.
But thats irrelevent.

Wars are a great money making event and a great economy booster. My fear now is the economic swirlee we're THIS close to, might be construed as a good time to wage the war of wars, to offset the economic crash of crashes.

Wars are great for the economy, so long as they're fought somewhere else. Not so much if your country is the one being blown back to the stone age.

My point of tonights rant?

Somalia has 2.5 million people on the verge of starvation, and our government took the time and effort to print out 14 thousand goddam t shirts and stage a political propoganda rally.
Cuz 6 people got shot by a madman.

6 people. So what. One was a politician. So what.

30 thousand murders on the mexican border last year, and we're cheering our hearts out for a speech giver just across the border.
2 and a half million somalies are about to starve, and damn near every news person in the country is standing in front of the flowers and balloons placed near the site of the shooting, and commenting ad nauseum about any possible thing they can remotely associate with the shooting in arizona.

Like the stores opening for the first time since the shooting.

God we are so screwed.

But watch out for those conspiracy theorists, they're nuts y'know.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

point counterpoint

So Oreilly says on his show that its factually obvious that it wasnt political rhetoric that caused the shooting in arizona. And his viewers all agree. Its why they watch him. He preaches to his choir, for the most part.
Oberman, says its indisputable that the current air of inflamatory rhetoric contributed in no small part to the shooting. And his viewer nodded her head in agreement. But even Oberman's mom had to dig deep to agree on this one.
Heres the phrase that you will notice (now that I told you to notice it). "reasonable gun laws".
This phrase is as old as the anti gun movement itself, in fact it was outlined as THE talking point of choice by the leaders of the anti gun movement. After all, reasonable folks cant oppose REASONABLE laws, can they?
Sounds good on the surface, but unfortunately, thats where most of the people swim. On the surface. In the world of news via good morning america. And, THEY get to define what reasonable, is.
Heres a little something to digest. If complete and total gun bans don't work, (like the current law they now enjoy in MeHico.........), then how in the bloody hell does any REASONABLE person expect them to work, here????
Have you seen (even on GMA) the murder rate in mexico lately???
The whole goddam northern mexican border is like one big episode of the Sopranos.
But I suppose we're a more reasonable lot than those mexicans, so LAWS would make all the difference in this country.

Idiocy. Nothing short of blithering idiocy.
But thats not even the worst part.
Swooping in to remove guns from americans hands isnt anything new, but what is, is the growing percentage of stupid americans who actually BELIEVE that a new law or a reasonable law will prevent crimes and acts of insanity like this from EVER happening again.
The number of sheep that this country is producing nowadays is staggering, and much to the glee of our good friends Russia and China.
And another thing.
A national mourning service.
Can you imagine being an Afghan citizen,where 6 of your fellow countrymen get blown to bits by a very impersonal, but very un-insane American Military drone on a damn near daily basis??
Oh, but at least you get an apology via the american news ticker on the bottom of the cnn broadcast.
You dont get what I'm saying do you?
Betcha the Hatians in those corrugated alluminum cities are all broken up over this shooting arent they?
Or how about the family of mexican police officers?
Missing Mexican police officer's heads are as difficult to come across as spines and brains in american politicians.
I bet the families of the 30 thousand or so murdered citizens (LAST YEAR) are all choked up over the weekend over the 6 americans who were gunned down by a frickin madman.
30 thousand. In the past frickin year.
Whats OUR solution?? I mean besides the kumbayah singing hand holding- pathetic speech giving on the house and senate floors????


Actually,( and I know I run the risk of my idiot sister in law turning me in an attempt to have me straight jacketed in the current political climate).........
THAT, is precisely what the founding fathers had in mind when they armed the citizenry.
No, not for nutjobs to be able to kill a politician he was obsessed with and in some wierd form of what he thought was this latest case.

It was in case the government (i.e. POLITICIANS) who completely disregard the constitution and/or the will and wishes of the people, who after ALL other methods and attempts have been exhausted, can if necessary, be run out on a rail. By force. Their words, not my interpretation. Thomas Jefferson actually suggesting overthrowing the government ev ery 50 years, just to keep em honest.

Sheep dont understand that.
And we, are a nation of sheep.
Doubt that?

What makes you more upset, China saying they will no longer purchase any more of our debt, Or Our government airing the possibility of confiscation of at least a percentage of american's 401's? The latter is going to be one of the results of the former, but people will be more upset (understandably) by being told that their precious retirement cache isnt so safe or guaranteed after all. Patrially because they havent been explained to by the fluffy haired folks on good morning america, what exactly china dumping our dollar means. Too many distractions on the surface, what with dancing with the stars and lindsay lohan and all. Who has time to understand china and our dollar if they DONT tell us about it on good morning america?!?!?!?! Geeze freedom is hard to live with.
Oh, and in case you werent aware, our government did confiscate citizens monies before. The same time they closed banks, limited people from accessing the money they had in those banks, and confiscated the gold americans held in their possession.
They're going to take your 401, and you wont give a tinkers dam to what a fuckhead like me says about this. You'll trust the experts, just like they want you to. I understand. Who WANTS to think "negatively" anyways? Nutty people, thats who.

Be "positive" like that expert Cramer on tv. You know, the stock market with his own tv show, who was blindsided by the market crash in 08. You know, the expert who is selling everyone these days on being positive and trusting in the market. Yeah, that guy.
This stupid ass dirt merchant read warnings in may of 08. I posted what Ive read and heard, but the expert with the nation wide tv show??


But back to the original thought of the moment.
27 thousand people are attending the memorial service tonight, and to me it looks like one great big political distraction rally.
The cheers for the president as he took the stage sounded more like a rock concert than a memorial service.

Really? Cheering??
Screaming like its a Big Time Rush Concert?????

And I'M the crazy one!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?

We are so screwed.

Do me a favor. Google anything regarding Juarez Mexico.
THEN join the talking heads on tv who are so traumatized by the shooting of 6 americans in Arizona.

Monday, 10 January 2011

arizona shooting

What do you think? Think its terrible? Welcome to humanity. Way to go out on a limb.
So what else do you think? Do you think, like some who are saying on the airwaves, that this shooting was caused by "incendary political rhetoric?"
Really? Thats insane, and insulting. When was the last time you attended a political rally, or leafed through a political leaflet, where you heard things like "shoot the bastards, especially the 9 year old girls in the audience" !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
I heard today from someone with nothing but good in her heart, that this could have been prevented "if the shooter didnt have so much ammunition at his disposal".
I suppose having 12 or 9 bullets woould have meant a lower injury/fatality list, but really, is THAT the problem here? Not the loon who got kicked out of college cuz he scared the bejeesus out of people there.......or it couldnt have anything to do with the loon (with the gun) who had satanic worship and voodoo shrines in his backyard, could it??
Nope, its cuz sarah palin said about fiscal responsibility and about returning this nation to its constitutional basis.

Yep, THOSE words made me want to go out and get a gun and a bunch of ammo and start blastin.

This is one of those events that makes my head spin. Not because of the insanity and the indescribable horror of it, but because of what EVERYBODY is on tv saying.
Its the teaparty. Or its the flaming rhetoric present in politics today.
Get this straight from me. Im no teaparty or a sarah palin fanclub member. Nor am I any longer a member of the republican or democratic parties. They're all a pack of retards, taking us to the same place, IMHO. To complete and total destruction. Think I'M the stupid one? Think all we need is "a good conservative leader like ronald reagan again????"
Did Reagan stop the problem at the border when it was just a large leak? Nope. Did he shrink govt. like his fans said he did? Nope. He gave us the dept of education that we can be so proud of, in fact. The dept that a woman named charlotte iserbyt wrote about in her book, "the deliberate dumbing down of america." Check out her videos on youtube. She understands the damage to this country the dept of ed. has done, and she knows better than ANYONE, what the results of reagans programs were.
Her book is damn long on the subject, and I suspect most wont even have the patience for a few minute youtube video, but....................its there.

My point is its not a conservative versus liberal thing. Its a madman thing. Same as Jeffery dahmer. Same as son of sam. B2K. You get the idea. But a politician was killed. A WOMAN politician, a little innocent girl and 4 others, including a very good, very conservative, judge. A horrible tragedy, to be sure. But why is it the ONLY news story, in a world full of news. thirtyleven news stations, and everydamn one of em is doing the same story, with basically the same views, talking points, and people giving them. This isnt 9-11 folks. Its a tragedy to be sure, but is it the ONLY story in the world right now?? Really??

I'll tell you something else. Something happened on 9-10-01. Want to know what that was?
Donald Rumsfeld held a press conference, in which he stated that the pentagon was "missing between 2 and 3 TRILLION dollars".
Huh. 2-3 trillion dollars unaccounted for.
The next day, 9-11, made everybody forget about rumsfeld's press conference, didnt it?
Not to mention that the pentagon got hit with the invisible jet that left no debris, and in the city with probably more video cameras than any other city in america, there is not one picture of the 757 that did manuevers difficult for a fighter pilot to duplicate in a flight simulator, before it hit the pentagon.
Did you digest that?
And, it hit the pentagon, and everybody forgot about that pesky little accounting snafu. And some Hajji who trained in piper cubs maneuvered a 757 in ways that a fighter pilot would be hard pressed to accomplish.
But I digress.

A hundred thousand dead fish in arkansas. 2 MILLION dead fish in the chesapeke. 4 to 5 thousand birds fall from the sky in arkansas, and their insides (guts) were liquified. Huh. Thousands of birds drop out of the sky in It-ly, but we are all ok because officials there said it was because of "overeating". Yeah. Nothing to see here folks. Buncha fat stupid birds too stupid before they went up in the air. Should have waited 20 minutes like their mommy birds told them. Not to mention the dead birds in Louisiana, the dead crabs in England, etc.
No, I'm not saying that birds and fish are more important than people, even a congressperson people.
I'm saying that like rumsfelds 3 trillion disappeariing dollars, the dead bird story is relegated to the idiots on local talk radio who joke about it and throw up their hands saying, I guess it COULDA been lightning or fireworks........WHO KNOWS?!?!?
Yeah. Who knows. Worse yet, who cares. We're now gonna have tributes, speeches, hand holding kumbayah sessions all across the country. Ad infinitum.

But wait, theres more.

Its amazing how fast we can be side tracked.
Not only that, but with this new side track, some politicians are calling for new speech laws. Laws that will "protect us from future events like this".( Gee, Ive heard that tune before) The patriot act ring any bells? You know, all those wonderful new laws meant to "protect us"????
Yeah. Eerily similar, isnt it?

With protecting like this, who needs enemies???

Any speech that can in ANY way incite some retard like the guy in arizona to do something BAD, has to be outlawed...........tooooooooo be described and determined by the offendee.
That means, that is someone (some politician) says your opposition to him/her or your language to him/her is too strong, its off to the gulag for you.

But at least we'll all be safe.

Safety's overrated folks. So are politicians.
And they cant protect you from crazy people.