Thursday, 13 January 2011

Government mind control!?!?!?

Thats about 30 seconds of searching on my part, but I have an idea where to look for such things.
Most of you dont have a clue, and worse than that, bite the sooundbyte from the news today that the arizona gunman was a wack job conspiracy theorist who believed in government mind control programs.

Last night's memorial service/pep rally/presidential rating bump/t shirt giveaway was about as good of an example of propaganda (mind control, shaping people's opinions via staged orchestrated events) as you will see.
Today, sworn enemies like rush limbaugh and msnbc are all rallying behind the "off with the heads of the conspiracy theorists!!!!!" battle cry. Rush said the shooter was one of those wackos ( or some sort of term) who believes in nonsense like the movie "Zeitgeist". My paraphrase, but that is a pretty close quote. Rush went so far as to mention conspiracy theorists who "believe the nonsense that global bankers are directing what happens in our country..."
"deranged". "wack-jobs". Like the shooter, the whole lot of em are THE problem with our nation today. The rabble rousers. The conspiracy theorists. Beyond the tea partiers, its the NUTTY people like ron paul who say things that just CANT be true.

People who believe that our government is involved in mind control programs are......well.........nutty.


You tell me. I knew from the git-go last night when Obama took the stage like a rock star, at a frickin memorial service, that this was no ordinary memorial service. But thats just me.
I posted three links that will take up about 10 minutes of your life if you choose to read/watch them. In them, are government documents and congressional hearings and washington newspaper reports of government mind control programs dating back to the 50's.
My point?
The shooter was mad, but not wrong about government mind control programs.
See the difference?
See the propoganda in lumping the two together?
See the message meant for the masses?
Thats how it works, and what we, you, this country, is up against. They have to shape the minds of those who MIGHT join the swelling ranks of the 9-11 truthers.
9-11 truthers are gaining in numbers, and in people who you cant just shoo away with a sweep of the conspiracy theorist wand.
Evidence is coming out daily that just blows to smithereenes the official account of what happened and why, on 9-11.

Like this.

The "building what" movement. Ive mentioned it here before but its something that people really need to see and understand.
47 story buildings dont just collapse in their own footprint for no reason.
If they (the government) lied about why building 7 collapsed on 9-11 when it wasnt touoched by anything, then why believe everything they say about the rest of the days events?
Such as the pentagon, and the fact that not a single tourist or resident of D.C. had their cameras with them on 9-11, to get a shot of the 757 that flew a hundred feet off the deck across part of the city. Or that there were no aircraft parts retrieved from the pentagon. Or the fact that the FBI confiscated all the video footage from the 200+ cameras that belong to the pentagon, that had been in operation that day.
Yeah, it all makes perfect sense and anyone who questions the government version is just trouble.
CAPITAL T rouble.Why look what people who believe that kind of stuff DO.............

I USED to be a yankee doodle dandy. Believing that America the Beautiful was everything that was good and decent in the world, and that America the Beautiful (the government) always held its citizens' best interests at heart.

I know better now.
This Government, the federal reserve, is purposefully devaluing our dollar, and deliberately putting into motion events that will at some near point cause hyper inflation, which will result in an economic tsunami the likes of which neither Jim nor Cosmo Cramer can begin to comprehend.
The results of 9-11 were wars that neither end nor lessen. The Patriot act and nonsensical decrees like mandating full body x-ray scans at airports (and soon EVERYWHERE), TSA agents sticking their hands INSIDE your pants, all in the name of "protecting you"............Is whats insane.

Lemme ask you something.
IF mean old muslims terrorists really DID mastermind and were totally responsible for 9-11, and if they were able to blow the hell out of THOUSANDS of military vehicles in countries that our military OCCUPIED, then DONTCHA think that they would have been able to pull off ONE frickin similar type bombing right here in the land of the free and the home of the unprotected!?!?!?!?!?

REALLY????? Ten goddam years and not ONE attack here, but where there are a hundred and fifty thousand of our soldiers, they have pulled off thousands!?!?!?!?

And that makes sense to ANYONE!?!?!?

Think, people.
I know, I know, I didnt, and worse, supported and believed whole heartedly for longer and more intensely than many of you, the party line that we america are the good guys, and the evil terrorists are the bad guys.
But every year that went on past 9-11, and with every law that got passed which did NOTHING to prevent actual terrorist attacks, I grew skeptical.
There was and is something else going on, and now I can see what that is.
9-11 was no different than the staged event that was known as the Gulf Of Tonkin Incident, which propelled us more than any other single event, into the vietnam war. Declassified documents now show IT to be a staged false flag event.
No different that the attack on pearl harbor, in which the very real japanese navy did indeed attack our naval base on Hawaii.
BUT. We knew it was going to happen.

6 months prior to that attack, a washington dc newspaper surveyed america and found that 90%of americans were against joining in the war.
That was AFTER our ally France had fallen to Germany, and our other large ally Britian was in danger of invasion and teeting on the brink of disaster.
Americans still said "nyet"
Then, 6 months later, and a short time after japan attacked pearl harbor, the paper did another survey, in which 99% of those polled were in FAVOR of joining the war effort.

Go back to the first world war where the sinking of the british ship Lusitania (her guts loaded with munitions for the war effort), was sunk off the coast of Ireland. Up to that point, americans as a vote were staunchly against entering the war "over there". That event more than any other changed opinions of american voters, and we entered world war one with public support if not overwhelming, strong because of that ship being sunk. Theories abound, like with every event in history it seems, that perhaps the german navy were not the ones who sunk it. But rather the brits themselves. That conspiracy theory is irrelevent here, what matters is that an event tthe Germans warned would happen, happened, and it changed war opinions of americans.
Oh, and the lusitania was sent into known enemy patrolled waters without any escort.
But thats irrelevent.

Wars are a great money making event and a great economy booster. My fear now is the economic swirlee we're THIS close to, might be construed as a good time to wage the war of wars, to offset the economic crash of crashes.

Wars are great for the economy, so long as they're fought somewhere else. Not so much if your country is the one being blown back to the stone age.

My point of tonights rant?

Somalia has 2.5 million people on the verge of starvation, and our government took the time and effort to print out 14 thousand goddam t shirts and stage a political propoganda rally.
Cuz 6 people got shot by a madman.

6 people. So what. One was a politician. So what.

30 thousand murders on the mexican border last year, and we're cheering our hearts out for a speech giver just across the border.
2 and a half million somalies are about to starve, and damn near every news person in the country is standing in front of the flowers and balloons placed near the site of the shooting, and commenting ad nauseum about any possible thing they can remotely associate with the shooting in arizona.

Like the stores opening for the first time since the shooting.

God we are so screwed.

But watch out for those conspiracy theorists, they're nuts y'know.

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