Wednesday, 12 January 2011

point counterpoint

So Oreilly says on his show that its factually obvious that it wasnt political rhetoric that caused the shooting in arizona. And his viewers all agree. Its why they watch him. He preaches to his choir, for the most part.
Oberman, says its indisputable that the current air of inflamatory rhetoric contributed in no small part to the shooting. And his viewer nodded her head in agreement. But even Oberman's mom had to dig deep to agree on this one.
Heres the phrase that you will notice (now that I told you to notice it). "reasonable gun laws".
This phrase is as old as the anti gun movement itself, in fact it was outlined as THE talking point of choice by the leaders of the anti gun movement. After all, reasonable folks cant oppose REASONABLE laws, can they?
Sounds good on the surface, but unfortunately, thats where most of the people swim. On the surface. In the world of news via good morning america. And, THEY get to define what reasonable, is.
Heres a little something to digest. If complete and total gun bans don't work, (like the current law they now enjoy in MeHico.........), then how in the bloody hell does any REASONABLE person expect them to work, here????
Have you seen (even on GMA) the murder rate in mexico lately???
The whole goddam northern mexican border is like one big episode of the Sopranos.
But I suppose we're a more reasonable lot than those mexicans, so LAWS would make all the difference in this country.

Idiocy. Nothing short of blithering idiocy.
But thats not even the worst part.
Swooping in to remove guns from americans hands isnt anything new, but what is, is the growing percentage of stupid americans who actually BELIEVE that a new law or a reasonable law will prevent crimes and acts of insanity like this from EVER happening again.
The number of sheep that this country is producing nowadays is staggering, and much to the glee of our good friends Russia and China.
And another thing.
A national mourning service.
Can you imagine being an Afghan citizen,where 6 of your fellow countrymen get blown to bits by a very impersonal, but very un-insane American Military drone on a damn near daily basis??
Oh, but at least you get an apology via the american news ticker on the bottom of the cnn broadcast.
You dont get what I'm saying do you?
Betcha the Hatians in those corrugated alluminum cities are all broken up over this shooting arent they?
Or how about the family of mexican police officers?
Missing Mexican police officer's heads are as difficult to come across as spines and brains in american politicians.
I bet the families of the 30 thousand or so murdered citizens (LAST YEAR) are all choked up over the weekend over the 6 americans who were gunned down by a frickin madman.
30 thousand. In the past frickin year.
Whats OUR solution?? I mean besides the kumbayah singing hand holding- pathetic speech giving on the house and senate floors????


Actually,( and I know I run the risk of my idiot sister in law turning me in an attempt to have me straight jacketed in the current political climate).........
THAT, is precisely what the founding fathers had in mind when they armed the citizenry.
No, not for nutjobs to be able to kill a politician he was obsessed with and in some wierd form of what he thought was this latest case.

It was in case the government (i.e. POLITICIANS) who completely disregard the constitution and/or the will and wishes of the people, who after ALL other methods and attempts have been exhausted, can if necessary, be run out on a rail. By force. Their words, not my interpretation. Thomas Jefferson actually suggesting overthrowing the government ev ery 50 years, just to keep em honest.

Sheep dont understand that.
And we, are a nation of sheep.
Doubt that?

What makes you more upset, China saying they will no longer purchase any more of our debt, Or Our government airing the possibility of confiscation of at least a percentage of american's 401's? The latter is going to be one of the results of the former, but people will be more upset (understandably) by being told that their precious retirement cache isnt so safe or guaranteed after all. Patrially because they havent been explained to by the fluffy haired folks on good morning america, what exactly china dumping our dollar means. Too many distractions on the surface, what with dancing with the stars and lindsay lohan and all. Who has time to understand china and our dollar if they DONT tell us about it on good morning america?!?!?!?! Geeze freedom is hard to live with.
Oh, and in case you werent aware, our government did confiscate citizens monies before. The same time they closed banks, limited people from accessing the money they had in those banks, and confiscated the gold americans held in their possession.
They're going to take your 401, and you wont give a tinkers dam to what a fuckhead like me says about this. You'll trust the experts, just like they want you to. I understand. Who WANTS to think "negatively" anyways? Nutty people, thats who.

Be "positive" like that expert Cramer on tv. You know, the stock market with his own tv show, who was blindsided by the market crash in 08. You know, the expert who is selling everyone these days on being positive and trusting in the market. Yeah, that guy.
This stupid ass dirt merchant read warnings in may of 08. I posted what Ive read and heard, but the expert with the nation wide tv show??


But back to the original thought of the moment.
27 thousand people are attending the memorial service tonight, and to me it looks like one great big political distraction rally.
The cheers for the president as he took the stage sounded more like a rock concert than a memorial service.

Really? Cheering??
Screaming like its a Big Time Rush Concert?????

And I'M the crazy one!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?

We are so screwed.

Do me a favor. Google anything regarding Juarez Mexico.
THEN join the talking heads on tv who are so traumatized by the shooting of 6 americans in Arizona.

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