Monday, 10 January 2011

arizona shooting

What do you think? Think its terrible? Welcome to humanity. Way to go out on a limb.
So what else do you think? Do you think, like some who are saying on the airwaves, that this shooting was caused by "incendary political rhetoric?"
Really? Thats insane, and insulting. When was the last time you attended a political rally, or leafed through a political leaflet, where you heard things like "shoot the bastards, especially the 9 year old girls in the audience" !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
I heard today from someone with nothing but good in her heart, that this could have been prevented "if the shooter didnt have so much ammunition at his disposal".
I suppose having 12 or 9 bullets woould have meant a lower injury/fatality list, but really, is THAT the problem here? Not the loon who got kicked out of college cuz he scared the bejeesus out of people there.......or it couldnt have anything to do with the loon (with the gun) who had satanic worship and voodoo shrines in his backyard, could it??
Nope, its cuz sarah palin said about fiscal responsibility and about returning this nation to its constitutional basis.

Yep, THOSE words made me want to go out and get a gun and a bunch of ammo and start blastin.

This is one of those events that makes my head spin. Not because of the insanity and the indescribable horror of it, but because of what EVERYBODY is on tv saying.
Its the teaparty. Or its the flaming rhetoric present in politics today.
Get this straight from me. Im no teaparty or a sarah palin fanclub member. Nor am I any longer a member of the republican or democratic parties. They're all a pack of retards, taking us to the same place, IMHO. To complete and total destruction. Think I'M the stupid one? Think all we need is "a good conservative leader like ronald reagan again????"
Did Reagan stop the problem at the border when it was just a large leak? Nope. Did he shrink govt. like his fans said he did? Nope. He gave us the dept of education that we can be so proud of, in fact. The dept that a woman named charlotte iserbyt wrote about in her book, "the deliberate dumbing down of america." Check out her videos on youtube. She understands the damage to this country the dept of ed. has done, and she knows better than ANYONE, what the results of reagans programs were.
Her book is damn long on the subject, and I suspect most wont even have the patience for a few minute youtube video, but....................its there.

My point is its not a conservative versus liberal thing. Its a madman thing. Same as Jeffery dahmer. Same as son of sam. B2K. You get the idea. But a politician was killed. A WOMAN politician, a little innocent girl and 4 others, including a very good, very conservative, judge. A horrible tragedy, to be sure. But why is it the ONLY news story, in a world full of news. thirtyleven news stations, and everydamn one of em is doing the same story, with basically the same views, talking points, and people giving them. This isnt 9-11 folks. Its a tragedy to be sure, but is it the ONLY story in the world right now?? Really??

I'll tell you something else. Something happened on 9-10-01. Want to know what that was?
Donald Rumsfeld held a press conference, in which he stated that the pentagon was "missing between 2 and 3 TRILLION dollars".
Huh. 2-3 trillion dollars unaccounted for.
The next day, 9-11, made everybody forget about rumsfeld's press conference, didnt it?
Not to mention that the pentagon got hit with the invisible jet that left no debris, and in the city with probably more video cameras than any other city in america, there is not one picture of the 757 that did manuevers difficult for a fighter pilot to duplicate in a flight simulator, before it hit the pentagon.
Did you digest that?
And, it hit the pentagon, and everybody forgot about that pesky little accounting snafu. And some Hajji who trained in piper cubs maneuvered a 757 in ways that a fighter pilot would be hard pressed to accomplish.
But I digress.

A hundred thousand dead fish in arkansas. 2 MILLION dead fish in the chesapeke. 4 to 5 thousand birds fall from the sky in arkansas, and their insides (guts) were liquified. Huh. Thousands of birds drop out of the sky in It-ly, but we are all ok because officials there said it was because of "overeating". Yeah. Nothing to see here folks. Buncha fat stupid birds too stupid before they went up in the air. Should have waited 20 minutes like their mommy birds told them. Not to mention the dead birds in Louisiana, the dead crabs in England, etc.
No, I'm not saying that birds and fish are more important than people, even a congressperson people.
I'm saying that like rumsfelds 3 trillion disappeariing dollars, the dead bird story is relegated to the idiots on local talk radio who joke about it and throw up their hands saying, I guess it COULDA been lightning or fireworks........WHO KNOWS?!?!?
Yeah. Who knows. Worse yet, who cares. We're now gonna have tributes, speeches, hand holding kumbayah sessions all across the country. Ad infinitum.

But wait, theres more.

Its amazing how fast we can be side tracked.
Not only that, but with this new side track, some politicians are calling for new speech laws. Laws that will "protect us from future events like this".( Gee, Ive heard that tune before) The patriot act ring any bells? You know, all those wonderful new laws meant to "protect us"????
Yeah. Eerily similar, isnt it?

With protecting like this, who needs enemies???

Any speech that can in ANY way incite some retard like the guy in arizona to do something BAD, has to be outlawed...........tooooooooo be described and determined by the offendee.
That means, that is someone (some politician) says your opposition to him/her or your language to him/her is too strong, its off to the gulag for you.

But at least we'll all be safe.

Safety's overrated folks. So are politicians.
And they cant protect you from crazy people.

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