Wednesday, 26 January 2011

state of the union

all aboard folks. Next stop, crazytown.
No, I'm not going to link any MSNBC clips. I watched that network last night, and listened to their comments regarding the state of the union speech.
THOSE people are nuts.
And thats coming from ME.

I'm going to point out the more subtle messages you are being given, that you dont even know ARE "messages".
Before the speech last night, ABC played what could only be called a pre-game hype promo. People holding signs with three-word messages, on them regarding the upcoming (much anticipated/hyped) State Of The Union address. One of the messages, said, "Don't Fear China".

Think about that.

Think about that.
These placards supposedly represented questions/comments/anxieties of the american public. Comments that ABC chose to represent what the American people were worried/thinking about.

"Don't Fear China".

Now, I have a pocketful of tickets for the crazytown express if you'd like one, but instead of offering you a ticket here, I want you to THINK about why ABC would include that message, at that time. In that manner.

A.D.D. time.

Yesterday, a story on ALL the news networks (I KNOW, because I watch ALL of them), was the anticipated escalating costs of Heart disease.
Today, on ALL the networks, was the story about the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.
Dr. Sanjay Gupta (?) of CNN had a little piece today regarding Davos and the conference.
His commment?

How ALL the world has to get a handle on things like "the rising costs of treating heart disease".
He said that the world needs to consider methods such as prevention and lifestyle changes to offset those anticipated rising costs of treatment.

Now, you may think that sounds reasonable, but then again, you dont have a ticket, do ya?
There isnt going to be a noble proclamation SUGGESTING that you alter your lifestyle and diets for the good of the healthcare budget.
No no no. Your diet, is going to be controlled just as sinisterly as your choice of lightbulbs will be/is.
Think thats silly?
You KNOW that you wont be able to buy regular incandescent lightbulbs after next year, right?
Oh, You really BELIEVE that those pig tail lightbulbs are REALLY about stopping global warming????
(and you think I'M crazy............)
Its about money, and the bajillion dollars that GE has made to date selling them.
And its about control, and getting you do do whateverthehell they want.
You're stupid enough to believe that incandescent lightbulbs are wrecking the planet (please spare me the junk science connect the dot chain between lightbulbs and global warming), so if they can get you to obey their demands to not use or buy incandescent lightbulbs, then they can get you to not eat meat or twinkies for the good of the health care planet.

They led with the story yesterday about the anticilated rising costs of heart disease, and today round two was the davos conference, in which those costs were discussed.

My point is, the message about the rising costs of heart disease was not accidental, nor was it "news".
It was a message, just like the placard on the state of the union pre game show.
"don't fear china".

THATS scary.
The message masters' message of "don't fear china", gives me nothing BUT fear.
The United Nations said not only that, but that china was , "THE MODEL SOCIETY FOR THE WORLD".

10 year olds working 14 hr days in slave labor compounds, 85% of that country living below the U.N.'s poverty line, water they can't drink and air they can't breathe, getting arrested if they (when they were able ) google the word "freedom"......yeah, sounds like your basic Sandals resort.
Don't tell me about their economic prosperity.
300 million comparitively wealthy chinese citizens is not the real statistic.
There are over a billion chinese citizens.
Most of them live in abject poverty.
And the United Nations says its the model society for the world.

"don't fear china".
From the people that say china is a swell place to live.

Fear what china is.
Learn what china is.
And learn to listen to the messages you're being given. If you learn to open your eyes and minds, you'll see what you are being told, and why.

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