Friday, 4 February 2011

What to do.

The one question that comes up from damn near everyone I've talked to in the past few years, has been, "well, what should we DO about all this....?"

Have you bought food yet? Not food cuz tom clark said its gonna snow tomorrow.
I mean food because you might not be able to afford it beyond much longer........
Food prices are climbing, just as it was predicted and repeated by me, for the past few years.
They are going to increase exponentially from here on out, and you must act NOW.
If you dont have enough canned food to feed your family for a MONTH, at least, then SHAME on you.

Go out and get it.
You need protein, starch, and veggies and fruits .
Do the math, use your imagination and get it while you can.

Get something to PROTECT that food supply.
If you think you can stave off a starving horde (like we are seeing in egypt and tunisia), with a frickin golf club, then practice up swinging it.
And pretend to dodge bullets while you're doing it. *hint*.

I am responsible for my kids, and thats pretty much it.
You are responsible for your family.
The banks are going to close, and you are not going to be able to access your money via debit cards or withdrawls. Plan for it.
If you don't, its your fault at this point.
Food is going to be scarce, maybe due to shortages and hoarding, maybe due to hyper inflation where you wont be able to BUY it, because it will cost ridiculous amounts of money.
This, is going to happen, and it is going to happen sooner rather than later. Not because I say it, but because a million INTELLIGENT people who have been paying attention to world events, say it is going to happen.
Our country, our way of life, our lifestyle, is over. The dollar is going to collapse, again, sooner rather than later, and when that happens, your lifestyle goes with it.

Ive posted links before, and I've warned and sang and begged you to listen for years now.
That time is past.
Ok, ONE more time.


Are you watching whats happening in egypt and yemen and elsewhere in the world?
We are not free and clear anymore. It is not " oh thats over THERE and we're safe over HERE."
We are not what we think we are, because we and our money are not what we used to be. Our dollar, our economy, and our culture is in a race to see who can get to the bottom of the worthless pit the fastest.
Its a tie at this point.
Doesn't matter who wins it.
We all will lose.

MAYBE, there will be a government agency (god help us if its fema) that maintains a sense of normalcy and order when the race ends, but my guess is that if it does, it will be AFTER a period of complete and total societal breakdown .
THAT, is what I've been harping and preaching about for the past few years.

Are you prepared for that?

I'm not by any stretch of the imagination, but I know I'm not going to stare blankly and hyperventilate when my cell phone or my atm card doesnt work.
What are you going to do?
What in the hell are you going to do if we are right in our assesments of events?
Go where some government clown with a bullhorn tells you to go???
They are the goddam reason it IS going to breakdown!!!!

Look at what is happening in Egypt.
SIX days of unrest, and neighborhoods had to set up vigilante groups to protect their own, their little neighborhoods.
SIX frickin days of what appeared to be not-so-extreme protests against the government.
SIX frickin days.

Take a look up and down your street. Think your neighbor Bill the CPA and Jody the mail carrier, armed with flashlights and a stick, can protect YOUR family against roving gangs???
If you're willing to answer yes, or STUPID enough to believe that the "police" will be here to protect your family, than click off this site now. You're not doing either of us any good.

Its up to YOU, and god forbid if and when it comes here, the last thought in your mind right before you scream NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! going to be "god DAMN, that idiot was right.

I am.

And You know it.

Things are going to get very difficult financially at first, most probably starting with surging gas, oil and energy in general, prices.
Those will in turn effect everything else in society, and quite substantially, and it will be all downhill from there.
Once the gas prices surge, which will happen overnight, it will prevent you from "waiting till the last moment to react and get what you need". It will be a downward spiral in which you will be merely swept away, not able to move, react, or avoid it.

Get ready NOW, and pay attention NOW.


I'm begging you.

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