Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The times they are a-changin......

....and I can't even keep up with half of them.
Most of the three people who read this site know about HAARP and its potential, as explained by its primary developer, Bernard Eastland. It is a weather weapon of sorts,
thats not incapable, theoretically, of inflicting disasters of the natural type, upon anyone the powers that be deem deserving.
Lets take a trip backwards down memory lane, to 9-11-01. FEMA scheduled and organized a terrorist preparation exercise to take place in NYC, on 9-11-01. Gee, thats kinda goose-bumpy, isn't it? But wait, theres more.
Seems that the British powers that be, planned a similar terrorist preparation drill, on 7-7-05. But theirs happened to be a drill that focused on the potential terrorist attack on a London subway. Want to guess where the "terrorists" hit, on 7-7-05? In a subway?

You're not going to believe this, but wait, there's more.
Remember the Madrid train bombings? You know, the ones where more crazed "muslim extremists" blew up innocent passengers in Spain's train system??
Do I have to tell you?
It was on 3-11-04. Want to guess what day the Spanish government scheduled an anti terrorist preparedness drill, specifically dealing with a potential train bombing!?!?!?

Oh, and want to guess the date of the Fukishima earthquake? Want to know what ELSE haarp is potentially capable of (according to its primary developer)??
3-11-11. And earthquakes.

The dates are significant, but thats a long post for another time. Your three little boogered up minds can only handle so much info at one time. The dates have to do with a guy named aliester crowley, and he is significant indeed in whats happening in today's world, regardless of whether or not you've heard of him or believe what he is all about.

There was another emergency preparedness exercise planned, and this one was in the good ole U.S. of A. It was for last week, and it was for a region called the"New Madrid Faultline region of the U.S. Unless youre a prepper or a truther or a very non-mainstream-media- informed-type individual, you don't have a clue what the new madrid faultline is.

Lemme connect some dots for you.
Bernard Eastland, the guy who took Nicola Teslas writings (that the U.S. government seized after his death) and expanded and expounded upon them to create what is now the U.S. air force and navy run HAARP project, said HAARP is very much indeed a weather weapon, to say the least. The least.
From the guy who developed the dam thing, not from some crazed three fan lunatic on the web.

So FEMA schedules a disaster preparedness exercise for mid may in 2011. Remember the track record of governments scheduling drils and exercises people. It ain't coincidence.
And its no coincidence that this spring has tornado and DEATH from those tornados levels that are exponentially above averages, since averages have been kept.
What that means, is that the average number of deaths from tornados in the united states, annually, is around 50.
This year, as of yesterday (when the 1500 MISSING people from the Joplin, Mo. tornado are still not considered dead), the death toll was 499.
As compared to the average of 50.
We have two statistics that Ive heard myself, just from watching the weather channel.
We have the single highest death toll from a tornado, ever, and we have the longest "on ground" tornado, ever. Over 200 miles on theground by a single tornado. Which, by the way, happened to be the largest variety of tornados, an F-5.
Now if you believe that its coincidence that there was a terrorist drill scheduled on 9-11, and on 7-7, and on 3-11, AND that one was scheduled for NOW, when the midwest is being obliterated one town at a time, then you might as well go watch dancing with the stars or american idol or go play farmville, because we have nothing in the least in common.

Theres a lot more coming, and its coming very soon. Do what you wish. You have a computer, you can check out everything I've said.
And after you refuse to do so, you can indeed go and check out your bank balances and your facebook pages, because that will certainly take your minds off of the musings of one lone crazed rogue internet commando. But its still coming.

Oh. One more thing.
Lookie here (please).
When you get to this site, go to the real time U.S. map. I want you to look at the global map too, but wait till you look at the U.S. map, especially california and alaska.
Now I have been looking at this map daily since 3-11. The numbers have been increasing almost daily.

Its coming, and you'd have to be a head in the sand fool to not see it. Its coming, and its not accidental. Lookit that north america map. Look at the number of quakes in california and alaska. Look.

Then look at Canada.

Tell me what you see.

Look at Alaska, then look at the whole of canada.

Tell me I'm nuts.
You can if you'd like. I don't care anymore. I can see it. Just cuz you can't doesn't make me nuts.
Our world, YOUR world, is over. Its about to change like you can't even imagine. You can see whats going to happen, and read and learn from those who KNOW and have been saying its going to change, or you can click on facebook and play farmville or mafia wars or whatever you do there.

If you can look at those maps and say "oh its ALWAYS been like this...." then you get what you deserve. If by chance you get the urge to search what people like this are saying, it might change how you see everything.

Everything is about to change.

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