Sunday, 29 May 2011


Heres a question for you(se). What do these 10 people have in common?

1: Jesse James.

2: Franklin D. Roosevelt.

3: Johann Sebastian Bach.

4: H.G. Wells.

5: Thomas Jefferson

6: Albert Einstein. (yikes, this list isn't going as I planned it would.....)

7: Charles Darwin (okay, now its getting back to the direction I'd hoped...)

8: Edger Allen Poe.

9: Jerry Lee Lewis. (Yeah, zippity doo dah down crazy lane....)

10: Rudy Giuliani. (No, thats not a picture of a young giuliani. Although.................)

Betcha can't guess what these famous people have in common. Not in a zillion years.

You know, someone once told me that I need to shut up, calm down and listen if I ever wanted to learn ANYTHING. To which I responded, SHUT UP, flailing my arms while shouting YOU DON'T KNOW NUTHIN!, and then plugged my ears with my fingers. I think I was 7. Or maybe 27.

It took a while for the advice to sink in, but it has to an extent, and the advice is holding true.

Guess what happened?

I started to learn things.

Go figure.

Curiouser and curiouser.

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