Thursday, 16 June 2011

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and you sure as hell aren't getting it from your tv or facebook pages.

Fukushima Japan is a nightmare of unmeasurable proportions. Heres a story you wont see on cnn these days. You're not hearing any of the important news from japan, because another dimwitted U.S. congressman decided to take pictures of his private parts and send them to other than his wife type of women. Stop the presses eh? Or give this guy his own show on cnn too. It seemed to work out for Elliot Spitzer. Maybe Weiner can team up Spitzer and host the Weiner Spitzer hour. Or not. Has a nice ring to it though. Betcha Bill Clinton wouuld be a regular guest on it.

Oh, and a psychopathic woman from florida killed her daughter, so everybody has to focus all their efforts and thoughts on the court case. This morning, the 3 major network infotainment shows had the casey anthony story on, simultaneously. Naaaah. Its just coincidence. Only CRAZY people believe its done that way by design. Americans really DO want to hear about it.

Its no surprise that americans have no idea about the american nuclear reactor that is in a level four emergency state as we speak. Heres a short video about this story if you can drag yourself away from the weiner or psychopath stories..... Its being reported that the FAA declared the fort calhoun nebraska nuclear facility a "no fly zone", because, and I kid you not, of "high power lines at the site". Huh. A nuclear facility that stores spent (radioactive) fuel rods in below ground level pools, in UNCOVERED areas that may or may not be now part of the flooded missouri river, isn't allowing anyone to fly over the facility, because of high power lines. Yep, that makes perfect sense.
Hey, didja hear that casey anthony may or may NOT take the stand in her defense!?!?!? Wow, huh?

Oh, and then theres this . I dunno. Some official paranoid guy in Kansas (downriver from Nebraska), is warning kansas citizens against using, touching, allowing pets or livestock to contact, missouri river water. But flood waters are always contaminated. Its just that upriver states like montana, iowa and north and south dakota have folks in charge that aren't quite as on the ball as kansas. People in Kansas know this and joke about it all the time. They say things like "hey, how many montanans, north dakotans, or Iowans does it take to screw in a light bulb??" Discard this as well I suppose.

And, Kansans know all about casey anthony too.

Do me a favor. Look at this site. I'm pretty sure I've posted this before, but you've got to see whats going on while the world is all caught up with the new sunscreen labeling and all. This is NOT normal. Its as unusual as it appears to be.

Speaking of sunscreens, theres a reason why the media is bringing up this now. Yeah, another disaster is looming with the suns rays, but theres nothing to worry about because we have sunscreen to protect us and casey anthony to think about.

Far out? Thats nuthin. Ever heard of a brown dwarf star? You will.
You know, when publications like The Scientific American, use phrases like "potentially catastrophic consequences", you really should pay attention. Or not. What the hell.
This story is the biggest of the lot, and the biggest part of it is this. A nasa conspiracy? Doesnt get any better than this folks. This one is OUT there. Literally. Yes, this last link is a lengthy read, and it will take you away from the Weiner photos and CSI90210, but it will be time well wasted. Now take those last two links and watch this one. a NASA email sent to all NASA employees.

Its all about timing folks.

I could go on for hours, but your attention probably crapped out at the mention of fukushima. If there are no pictures on cnn of glowing sushi, we're not going to pay attention to any silly words here.

Hey, farmville has new features.

Gotta go.

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