Tuesday, 19 July 2011

read it for yourself

Country folk think they will survive. they also think they will be left free to do so. I wish it were that simple, but it isn't. Every aspect of even rural life will be controlled, and its not by accident, happenstance, or for your own good or safety. Its time for you to grow the frick up and realize whats happening.

Ive commented on this stuff before, but laziness or patronization delayed you from checking this stuff out for yourself.

aspertame is poison. I was in a store with my youngest daughter the other day, when she asked for a pack of sugar gum. I said "hold on". I read the ingredients and lo and behold in a sugar sweetened gum, they put aspertame in. I turned to her and said "nope. This stuff has poison in it. " She still wanted it, but I showed her the label, and said, "see? stuff called Aspertame. " A mother in front of me turned and looked at me like I had lobsters crawling out of my ears. I looked at her and said, "look it up". She won't, and most of you 3 here wont read my link either. Not my fault at this point.

You are being rained on with radiation from japan every time it rains. Scroll down to Boise Idaho's readings. Want to know what the government did when Boise registered the highest levels of radiation in the united states? They shut down the radiation detectors and physically removed them from the state. But trust them, they care about you.

We are being rained on just like when Chernobyl went kablooey, and contaminated people half a world away. Except with Fukushima, the radiation is presently thousands of times worse, and its getting worse daily. So this is Chernobyl. Nice, huh? And thats nothing in comparison. THIS, is Fukushima.

What are you worried about today? Your job? Your bank account?

It may be a shock or a terrible thing to admit for you, but you had better listen to me, cuz I'm not wrong. Read for yourself.

Understand this. I chose these simple couple articles because it proves to you that this stuff is real, and its being done on purpose, to our detriment. The respected established media, government agencies, and the medical communities are deliberately keeping truth from your minds, and now you can see that for yourself. This is baby step numero uno.

Next time you watch an infotainment show like good morning america, look at how STUPID the stories are that we as a nation are being fed. Step back and LOOK.

If you can digest THAT simple fact, you can understand where I will go next. And that is to tell you WHY this is being done.

Unfortunately for me I give a damn, about all this, and you. Whoever you are.

I wish I was as wrong as most people believe I am.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Thinking outside the box

Any football fans here!? If you need to rekindle the excitement of the superduperbowl, then click on this link and watch the highlights from last year's game. Great game wasn't it? Remember who won it?

I didn't. In fact, I didn't even remember who PLAYED in it.

Who DID win, anyways? Oh, the Green Bay Packers won?


So we had these two teams, full of drama and bylines and subplots. Both teams gave their all in training, playing injured, etc. Great efforts and entertainment.

It would hard to believe that it was all staged, wouldn't it? Maybe staged isn't the right word. Or maybe it is.

Who really won?

I would certainly end up looking like Beetle Bailey after Sarge gave him a thumpin, if I went up to some 300 lb lineman who played in that game and said it was all a hoax. A sham. All beccause I dared to speak that a game was fake. Or just an act. Or a product, tool or a program.

Who is in charge ot the TEAMS who played that night? Who is above the players who are duke-ing it out on the field every week during the season? The people who don't get injured, don't have to train, or inject themselves with humanoid drugs that make them super human?? The people who watch (I assume) just like you and I, but who reap more benefits from BOTH teams' efforts, than the teams' players themselves?

You could call them the team owners. The League commissioners. The people who make the rules and decide who plays whom, and when. The money generated by that one final football game is no joke, nor is it an accident. Nor is IT a game. Its serious business, and more.

There are people above and beyond the very real players who get very really injured and who are in most instances very talented at their professions. So what's so outside the box about saying that there are people above the players in the NFL scheme of things?

Nothing. But if I told any "dedicated" (read rabid) fan that the game is a sham, they'd be quite irritated indeed at me. Enough so to get maybe violent. The players DO SO train and "wage war in the trenches"........

hmmmm. Interesting choice of words we hear so often from the sports network talking heads. Waging war.

(insert out loud laughing and guffawing here)...oh hey....imagine if.......oh man this is a good one.....what if we could say the same thing about REAL war!?!? wouldn't that be HILARIOUS!?

Yeah, if real people didnt get dead and maimed, for real.

But we all know that wars are for real, because like I said, real bullets and bombs kill real people. And most of the time, its for REAL reasons. Like political or something.

You know, like communism versus capitalism. Or fascism versus freedom, or republicans versus democra................



Well, we KNOW that THIS..um these wars we are now engaged in are for REAL reasons. That much is cert........um, ok. But we KNOW that the COLD WAR was real, because we KNOW that communism was real, and it had the soviet union and china and all those nasty mean countries who were a THREAT to our way of life, right? And our way of life government had lots of agents and agencies who worked REALLY hard against communist agents and agencies. Why, there were BILLIONS of dollars spent in operat.........um.............well, we HAD to spend all that money and develop all that technology because there were COMMUNISTS, DAMMIT!!!!! We HAD to!

But what IF. What if the "enemy of Doom!" was just a shell of a boggey man that caused all the chaos of the cold war? What if that "threat" was created, for the exact purpose it produced? Sound preposterous? Too elaborate? Elaborate to the point of building an entire empire and arming it to the vodka fortified teeth. Funny how all those soviet scientists and officials just faded off into the sunset. No mass lynchings from the common rabble with their pitchforks and torches. One day, EEEEEvil Inc., the next day, *poof* like a fairy, all gone.

Kinda like one day, all the eeevil nazi scientists are evil and working for the evil Third Reich, and the next, they're all imported and immigrated and patriotized and working for the good guys at Los Alamos, USA. Nope, not making that up either. Nazi scientists were NASA. Think of it as free agency. Star players get traded to other teams all the time these days. Its all just a game anyways, right?

Oh, THIS is why not many people think outside the box, even though everybody thinks they do. Its loony out here.

Do you think there could be someones out there who are ABOVE the teams in the world? Someone or someones who deicde the schedules, the players on the teams, etc?

Naaaaaaah. Of course not. Thats CRAAAAAZY talk.

But if there were, I bet they'd have a really neat name like The Bilderberg group. (That is the official bilderberg site ). No loony toon site there. Just the facts ma'm. Now THIS one, is a little different story. David Icke is a bit out of my orbit, but he's not wrong about everything.

When George Herbert Walker Bush (daddy) first uttered the words "new world order" in that state of the union address way back when, the hair on the back of my neck stood up. "wait a minute. HE just said new world order, and he's a GOOD guy!" I remember hearing Daddy Bush utter that phrase, and I remember being floored by it. The only thing that didnt end up making any sense, is why I ever thought there was a difference between democrats and republicans in the first place. There isn't.

Both parties have been leading this country down the road to destruction for the past 50 or 60 years. BOTH parties.

No, Reagan DIDN'T turn this country around. We wouldn't be plunging to our deaths like a bag of bowling balls tied to a greased firepole, if he DID, now would we?? He chugged us right along, plunging us further into the abyss that we now are not even able to see the top of.

Did we "spend the soviet union into oblivion", like retarded historians claim, or did we just spend? Sure was a boost for the economy, wasn't it? Sure, the soviet union went pffffffffflt, but SHAAAAAZAAAAAM! Because our country and our government and our corporations...(wait, thats redundant)...........WE arranged to ship ALL of our industry and businesses over to China, making THEM the boggey man super power of the hour.

Convenient, isn't it? Aaaaand we happened to slip them (the chinese govt) 20 years of technology and military secrets through Los Alamos Nuclear testing facility. Interesting story there. I happened to meet and work for a retired couple of "scientists" from Los Alamos, who upon retiring (soon after the secrets scandal), bought a (military contracted production) factory, and a half million dollar home and sunk another half million into it.

Kids, your parents were right, stay in school, the money really IS in math and science.


We seemingly miraculously are faced with ANOTHER eeeeeeevil superpower (that we built and powered and enabled) and thus the Super Stealth Sluethers Inc. could continue to do what they did best. Research and spend. And ramp up the fear of the new boogey man that we just created. And spend.

Makes sense, in a business sort of way. Lotsa people would be unemployed in the intelligence industry if we didn't have any boogey man to be all a-feared of. That would be a bigger crime than the powerful military not having anyone to use all their goodies on. That'd be a REAL shame. Especially if you were one of the manufacturers suppling said military. Wouldn't need bullets, guns, fancy shmancy automatic parking assist fighter jets, aircraft carriers worth more than the island of manhatten...................you know, STUFF.

Wars are economy boosters, y'know.

Wars always were. And there are those who profit from BOTH or ALL sides in wars. Peoples or groups who sell to BOTH sides, sometimes at the same time.

Thats the people I'm talking about, and those are the ones who tell governments what to do, who to go to war with, and when.

Sure, real agents do real intelligence work and real soldiers get hit with real bullets, but its still all staged.

Thats the really horrible part about it.

Did you ever hear of bilderberg? Or of the trilatteral commission or council on foreign relations?

Hell, you probably never even heard of the Rothschild family, or the banking industry they OWN. Watch this. Oh for crying out loud. WATCH. Like 3o minutes of your precious time isn't worth it for you to understand what the frick is really going on.

The team owners have owned the banks, and hence the worlds' money, for a couple of centuries now. Remember the Golden Rule. "He who owns the Gold, MAKES the rules....."

They, the team owners, the league commissioners, now own the food industry. You know, what used to be called FARMS. Please watch this. Please. Watch and learn the doublespeak-misinformation being dished out. "ITS GOOD CUZ WE SAY ITS GOOD!!!! WHO KNOWS WHY THE DEFENSE DEPARTMENT IS INVOLVED BUT ITS STILL GOOD!!!!!! " Watch that video and hear those words for yourself. Oh, you think thats just more crazy talk. Yeah, and if you watched that last link, you got more information you couldn't even imagine, from a frickin cartoon, than you could've from a thousand hours of watching cnbc.


You probably still believe that fluoride is a GOOD chemical, don't you? After all, its what we've been told as a nation since the 1950's. If our beloved government officials who we trust with our FRICKIN LIVES, tell us its good, then by god its GOT to be good. Not so much, it seems. Never made sense to me why an ingredient we were supposed to put in our mouth three times a day every day of our lives, had a warning label attached to it that said if any is swallowed, call your poision control center immediately. Aaaaand then they started putting it in water systems.

No, you CAN'T make this stuff up. Whats worse, is people who notice it, are called wackos or conspiracy theorists.

The smart experts on tv tell us is all ok and theres nothing to fear but conspiracy theorists.

And while you're not worrying about fluoride, don't worry about aspertane, msg's, GMO food, increasing prescription drug use for increasing ailments, either.........yeah, we're one super evolved hyper intelligent pack of idiots, and its all by design. Think I'm wrong? Tell me what you saw on the news today, the Casey Anthony verdict, or exactly WHY we are bombing the people of Libya? Yeah. Thats what I thought. We're told what to think about, what to eat, how to think, how NOT to think, what drugs we need, who's important, and what they're wearing. Why do you think that is? Maybe americans really DO need to know what the new princess of la-la-land is wearing while she tours!?!? God I depress myself thinking about how stupid everything is.

Its like watching a bad Bollywood movie about Stupid America.

Unfortunately, there really are people in high unseen places pulling the strings that make the ones who makes the laws for us, dance. They're the ones who told the senators to vote for the bankers' bailouts. The voters overwhelmingly told them to NOT vote for the bailouts. The politicians voted as their bosses told them to, and told us it was what needed to be done. "you commoners don't understand the complexities."***

That is all the evidence you need to understand who really is in charge. It ain't you, and it ain't the politicians.

Call em bankers, call them Illuminati, whatever. But don't say its a conspiracy theory, because you will look stupid. The One World Order is real, documented, and on its way, double time. Only a true blue fool would believe that everything will be ok, america will ride out this tough period like it always has..........

and we will once again be the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Go Team!!!

***adendum*** dateline 7-5-11. On ABC's Nightline show, attorney and extremely annoying to listen to for more than three seconds-nancy grace, said that the casey anthony verdict is proof that our system, a system she believes in and loves, is broken. The verdict was due to "the jury couldn't understand the complex and detailed scientific evidence presented to it", AND, "two of the jurors had negative interactions with the law, thus perverting or hampering their judgement capabilities". One juror had a DUI, and the other had a .....I dunno, a fricking jaywalking ticket or some nonsense.

Nancy grace, an attorney, said that the jury system is incapable of its job anymore, basically because "regular people aren't smart enough to be good jurors".

Sound familiar?

The arrogance she exhuded last night on tv was exactly the same as exhibited by ex-congressman paul kanjorski when he was asked, on camera, about the original TARP bailout vote. He was asked "what kind of calls is your office getting regarding the vote?" The Congressman smiled and responded, "my office is getting two kinds of calls. No, and HELL no".

The reporter-ette then asked, "so how are you voting?

He smiled again and said, "I'm voting yes".

(insert carnival music here.... doo....doot....dooty....dooty....doot...dooot...dooooooooot.........)

Monday, 4 July 2011

Star Wars

whoopee. Its tough to get in a celebratory mood today, despite the wonderful weather.

Perhaps I'm spoiled.

Yeah, thats it.

Bin Laden is dead, the market is up, Los Alamos fires are under control, fire works shows to be watched everywhere......all the world's a happy place.

So how come I feel like crap on a stick?

Normally, I spend around 500 or so dollars on fireworks to ooh and aah the family and neighborhood. This year? Zip. Nada.

Besides not having a real family to ooh and aah this year, the 500 dolllars, if it were there, would be used to buy much more realistic freedom expressing items. Like bullets. Or toilet paper.

Its not easy being prepared. Or crazy, depends on who's doing the describin'.

I watched a couple of fireworks/entertainment shows on tv tonight. One from the Capital building in Washington DC and one from NYC. The usual yankee doodle dandy songs were played, and Steve Martin even composed a special song about Paul Revere's horse. Pretty good, actually.

But the song that really froze me in my tracks, was sung by LeeAnn Rhimes.


Amazing Grace.

It was as though America the not so beautiful was making one last ditch effort to stave off the inevidable. At least thats how I saw it.

She did a good job, not a Brooklyn Baptist Choir good, but pretty good. It made me sit up and take notice of what I was seeing. Of everything thats going on. Congressman Weiner, Casey Anthony, Lindsay Lohan, Obama bombing the hell out of Libya.......... you know, America the Beautiful.

I heard that song, and thought, WTF!?!?!?

Then I realize that most of the people watching fireworks on tv, were those people who HAD to watch fireworks on tv . OLD folks. Amazing grace-polka fans-people. Aaaaand those of us who are too cheap or crazy to partake personally in the celebration of starting a war with the British.

I fit into all three of those categories, depending on who you ask.

But if'n you ask me, its because I just don't want to celebrate this country anymore.

Not while we are indeed bombing the hell out of people in Afghanistan and Pakistan and Libya who are in no way a threat to life here in these United States.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not against wars or killing evil-doers or anything Quaker-ish like that.

I'm against what this nation has become.

Lying about middle eastern peoples, greed over their resources, and murdering any and all nations we deem necessary.

We are not the nation I used to plunk down 500 bucks to show my pride over. I don't know what the hell we are anymore.

But I do know that singing Amazing Grace on national tv on the 4th of July, wasn't a bad move, nor do I think it was a mistake.

Just more confusion on a day that has me utterly confounded.

Didja ever notice how in the star wars movies, there was never just ONE war that was waging at a time?

I guess that would be too simple.

Enemies would be too easily defeatable if they only had to be dealt with on one front.

Hitler learned that lesson the hard way. Emperer Palpatin too.

It seems that in this nation's time of times, each and every one of us has some other battle waging, to keep us all from getting organized and united and focused on the battle that is at hand.

At least that's how it is for me. On a personal level, my life is one one second battle after another. In the meantime, I'm supposed to be training for the battle that is for these united states of america.

Its always like that I suppose.

Any fool can prepare for something thats preparable for. Try preparing while someone is trying to defeat you before the battle starts.

I guess thats what they pay me for.

I need a raise.

Or a drink.

Good Night America.