Monday, 4 July 2011

Star Wars

whoopee. Its tough to get in a celebratory mood today, despite the wonderful weather.

Perhaps I'm spoiled.

Yeah, thats it.

Bin Laden is dead, the market is up, Los Alamos fires are under control, fire works shows to be watched everywhere......all the world's a happy place.

So how come I feel like crap on a stick?

Normally, I spend around 500 or so dollars on fireworks to ooh and aah the family and neighborhood. This year? Zip. Nada.

Besides not having a real family to ooh and aah this year, the 500 dolllars, if it were there, would be used to buy much more realistic freedom expressing items. Like bullets. Or toilet paper.

Its not easy being prepared. Or crazy, depends on who's doing the describin'.

I watched a couple of fireworks/entertainment shows on tv tonight. One from the Capital building in Washington DC and one from NYC. The usual yankee doodle dandy songs were played, and Steve Martin even composed a special song about Paul Revere's horse. Pretty good, actually.

But the song that really froze me in my tracks, was sung by LeeAnn Rhimes.


Amazing Grace.

It was as though America the not so beautiful was making one last ditch effort to stave off the inevidable. At least thats how I saw it.

She did a good job, not a Brooklyn Baptist Choir good, but pretty good. It made me sit up and take notice of what I was seeing. Of everything thats going on. Congressman Weiner, Casey Anthony, Lindsay Lohan, Obama bombing the hell out of Libya.......... you know, America the Beautiful.

I heard that song, and thought, WTF!?!?!?

Then I realize that most of the people watching fireworks on tv, were those people who HAD to watch fireworks on tv . OLD folks. Amazing grace-polka fans-people. Aaaaand those of us who are too cheap or crazy to partake personally in the celebration of starting a war with the British.

I fit into all three of those categories, depending on who you ask.

But if'n you ask me, its because I just don't want to celebrate this country anymore.

Not while we are indeed bombing the hell out of people in Afghanistan and Pakistan and Libya who are in no way a threat to life here in these United States.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not against wars or killing evil-doers or anything Quaker-ish like that.

I'm against what this nation has become.

Lying about middle eastern peoples, greed over their resources, and murdering any and all nations we deem necessary.

We are not the nation I used to plunk down 500 bucks to show my pride over. I don't know what the hell we are anymore.

But I do know that singing Amazing Grace on national tv on the 4th of July, wasn't a bad move, nor do I think it was a mistake.

Just more confusion on a day that has me utterly confounded.

Didja ever notice how in the star wars movies, there was never just ONE war that was waging at a time?

I guess that would be too simple.

Enemies would be too easily defeatable if they only had to be dealt with on one front.

Hitler learned that lesson the hard way. Emperer Palpatin too.

It seems that in this nation's time of times, each and every one of us has some other battle waging, to keep us all from getting organized and united and focused on the battle that is at hand.

At least that's how it is for me. On a personal level, my life is one one second battle after another. In the meantime, I'm supposed to be training for the battle that is for these united states of america.

Its always like that I suppose.

Any fool can prepare for something thats preparable for. Try preparing while someone is trying to defeat you before the battle starts.

I guess thats what they pay me for.

I need a raise.

Or a drink.

Good Night America.

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