Tuesday, 19 July 2011

read it for yourself

Country folk think they will survive. they also think they will be left free to do so. I wish it were that simple, but it isn't. Every aspect of even rural life will be controlled, and its not by accident, happenstance, or for your own good or safety. Its time for you to grow the frick up and realize whats happening.

Ive commented on this stuff before, but laziness or patronization delayed you from checking this stuff out for yourself.

aspertame is poison. I was in a store with my youngest daughter the other day, when she asked for a pack of sugar gum. I said "hold on". I read the ingredients and lo and behold in a sugar sweetened gum, they put aspertame in. I turned to her and said "nope. This stuff has poison in it. " She still wanted it, but I showed her the label, and said, "see? stuff called Aspertame. " A mother in front of me turned and looked at me like I had lobsters crawling out of my ears. I looked at her and said, "look it up". She won't, and most of you 3 here wont read my link either. Not my fault at this point.

You are being rained on with radiation from japan every time it rains. Scroll down to Boise Idaho's readings. Want to know what the government did when Boise registered the highest levels of radiation in the united states? They shut down the radiation detectors and physically removed them from the state. But trust them, they care about you.

We are being rained on just like when Chernobyl went kablooey, and contaminated people half a world away. Except with Fukushima, the radiation is presently thousands of times worse, and its getting worse daily. So this is Chernobyl. Nice, huh? And thats nothing in comparison. THIS, is Fukushima.

What are you worried about today? Your job? Your bank account?

It may be a shock or a terrible thing to admit for you, but you had better listen to me, cuz I'm not wrong. Read for yourself.

Understand this. I chose these simple couple articles because it proves to you that this stuff is real, and its being done on purpose, to our detriment. The respected established media, government agencies, and the medical communities are deliberately keeping truth from your minds, and now you can see that for yourself. This is baby step numero uno.

Next time you watch an infotainment show like good morning america, look at how STUPID the stories are that we as a nation are being fed. Step back and LOOK.

If you can digest THAT simple fact, you can understand where I will go next. And that is to tell you WHY this is being done.

Unfortunately for me I give a damn, about all this, and you. Whoever you are.

I wish I was as wrong as most people believe I am.


  1. http://health.howstuffworks.com/wellness/beauty-hygiene/fluoride-poisoning.htm



    The fact of the matter is, for every nut that says the sky is falling, there is another nut that says it isn't.

    Believe what you want. I choose to not worry, enjoy life and live it up. 2012 is just around the corner ya know. You might want to also work on not making your kids as paranoid as you.

  2. you choose not to worry. you choose not to put two and two together. You, are a fool, but dont worry, youre in the majority.
    sodium flouride is a poison. Period. It has a skull and crossbones rating and there are warning labels on toothpaste that state "if a pea sized amount is swallowed, contact your poison control center".
    Now because youre not bright enough or non fluoridated enough to understand that, it doesnt mean youre enlightened. it means you are a fool. a sheep
    On a product that people are told to put in the mouths three times a day, is a statement that if a tiny amount is swallowed, you are to contact your poison control center.
    and you smugly think you're smart.
    as far as japan goes, you didnt link to what I posted, nor will you. You sought out the info that makes you smugly stupid and ignorant. You dont want to learn, nor be told what is real. To you, your life and how its always has been, is reality, and therefore it will always be as you perceived it.

    stay there. but dont assume that you are going to make my children as stupid and as ignorant as you.

    aspertame was developed as a biological weapon. deny that. aspertame was rejected for approval three times until donald rumsfeld became ceo of the company applying.
    then sha-zaaaaam, it got approved.
    youre not bright enough to make those connections.

    to you, its still 1978 and you still believe iin little house on the prarie.

    the world is changing every second, and you refuse to be taught anything.

    The definition of a fool.

  3. if Japans radiationis NO threat, then why did the U.S. REMOVE, shut down, and stop recording, all of the radiation detectors all over the country??? because its all safe???

    My god the stupidity of that assumption is staggering. they turned them off, stopped openly recording levels, and flat out removed some recorders (boise idaho, f'rinstance, the highest recorded levels of radiation from fukushima in the united states), because its easy to fool fools like yourself. tell them its ok, and the fools believe its ok. good sheeple. go to sleeple, sheeple.

    My god if you werent so dangerously ignorant in your stupidity, you'd be laughable.

  4. Aspartame was successfully kept off the market for over ten years prior to GD Searle hiring Donald Rumsfeld as their CEO. Shortly after he was hired aspartame became approved through an unbelievable conflict of interest. Several FDA commissioners that voted against approving aspartame were replaced by those that voted for it [creating a tie]. Shortly after aspartame approval these FDA commissioners were given cushy jobs with quarter million dollar salaries as a reward for their help.

    my god why do I waste the blood pressure spikes on such idiotic comments???

  5. I will not protect you nor will you profit from my preparedness. You will be left to your own ignorance in the times to come.

    laugh on.

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