Sunday, 21 December 2014

Korea, Cuba, and the rest of it

I wish I were like you(se).
I wish I believed the News.  I wish I believed in Christmas, other than a revenue generating season of giving (buying).   We're exchanging gifts like usual, but for me, its VERY different than it used to be.   The Santa Claus hawking cars commercials this year are more than I can stand.  Everything is different.  Everything.
 I wish this never happened, or at least that I'd never seen it.  I wish I still believed in everything I used to believe in.  
One of my best friend's sons recently became a state trooper, which even I think is a good thing, but I've noticed (with no imagination inserted whatsoever) that we are very definitely on different "sides" now.  My beliefs, which are known by them, are not as trusting or as warm and fuzzy regarding our great nation. When you're a cop, you're IN the recipie.  The badge means more, the flag means more, the whole mixture becomes a black and white stained glass picture framed in steel bars.  Its bad for both of us, because both of us know the other is wrong.  They don't question anything, and I don't believe anything.   The middle innocuous ground still exists, like dogs and seasons and work.  Life goes on (I guess), just with lots of broken glass around to walk on.

From the moment the story of N. Korea (allegedly, supposedly, possibly, sorta-kinda-maybe) hacking into Sony studio computers was broke, I smelled the distinct  odor or heavy  induced bullshit around it.  From what we know and see, N. Korea is a backwards starving nation ruled by a iron fisted loon.  We KNOW that, because that's what we are told it is.   THEY, we are told, are told the U.S. is an evil money worshipping war mongering nuclear weapon wielding nation of meddlers and sovereign nation destroying narcissists.
At least one of the stories is right, eh?  Well we're the good guys and they're the bad guys.  They, with ONE ISP for the whole 3 goat and 11 chicken country, hacked into Sony Studios computer systems because Sony made a movie about assassinating Korea's beloved leader.  We can't tell the public HOW we know what we know, (that alone should have the American braindead public mumbling,  WTF!?) but we are told by none other than OUR beloved leader, that N. Korea is the badguy here.   Yuh-huh, the president said it.
This is one of those areas where the believers (most all americans), and people like me, part ways.   Believers can't imagine NOT believing network news or heaven forbid the president, while people like me stopped believing them a long time ago.  People like me are CRAZY, and believers are just plain old good and normal.  
It took 2 or three days for me to get an idear of what the hell was going on here, but then a little story surfaced about an "internet security bill", that died a couple times in session.    Then a light bulb went on.   now the stories of "well if Sony studios can be hacked, whats NEXT!?!?!?!  Our INFRASTRUCTURE!!!!!"  Good frickin grief get that bill PASSED!!!!  NOW!!!!!! we don't care what the hell is in it, we just want to be SAFE!!!
You know, like the Patriot act, and Obamacare, which NO ONE read or understood before voting on.
The lobbyists told the politicians, "THIS is what you think, this is how you vote", and they did.   A couple loons spoke out (cuz they READ the bills), but they were and are just rabble rousing trouble making America-non-lovers.  You know, BAD guys.   Like N. Korea.

The internet security  bill is a now considered a "zombie bill.  A  kinda un-dead thing, just waiting to be revived by a Murican-loving god-fearin-public-protectin-politician, or an  AMC network executive.
It seems that hardy anything gets done in this country anymore without great fear predicating its doing. (again, read the patriot act).  This is Standard Operating Procedure anymore, and its working swimmingly.  
Make an event that scares the public and the legislators, pump the story in the news with every angle covered, with obligatory arguments on Foxnews and CNN, and let the Murica-lovers do the rest.

It matters, because, well, everything matters, eventually.  
But as long as you think your gov't is good and wants to PROTECT you, you won't see or hear ANYTHING, until its either too late, or it doesn't matter anymore.

Just watch the story with a bit of suspicion.  Ask "who has something to GAIN from this story?"
In other words, follow the money, or the control.   Who gets $$$$, or Control, because of this story?
STOP believing (like a goddam child) that your voted for politicians are thinking of YOU and your safety and security in Washington D.C.    Its no less or more a fairy tale, than the story of santy-claus.

Same with the story of Cuba.
The embargo was a symbol of everything that's wrong with America (especially since the fall of the soviet union), and its' ending now, is not for why we are being told.   Not completely, anyways.
The day of the story, we were told "banks would benefit because debit cards and credit cards could be used there ....."
Just a 5 second blip but it speaks volumes.
Banks run the world.  Banks run the gov't(s). 

Banks run your life.

Think I'm exagurating?  Not only do they run it, you cant seem to let them run it enough!
Your "credit rating", is YOU.
It affects what kind of home you can rent, or buy.
It affects what kind of job you can get. 
It affects how much you pay for Insurance.
You can't do SHIT without it, and you (collectively) are now taught that you MUST have an app on your phone that enables you to access and check your credit rating, while walking in the park, or eating lunch.  You have been taught to make it your priority, just so you can become MORE indebted to, you guessed it, the bank system.
A good citizen has a GOOD credit rating.  And that sounds normal and right, doesn't it.  Logical even.  Its for your own benefit, right? 

Well I won't change you and you surely know I'm hopelessly beyond changing back to the numb side.

Just wake up.  Wake the frick up a little bit at least.