Thursday, 30 June 2011

whats wrong with this sentence?

"30,000- 55 gallon drums of radioactive plutonium waste, stored in fabric tents...."

Well, if you're staring at the farmville crops or porn online, probably not much. If however, you happen to have access to your cognative thought capabilities, then its a different story.

As if the Fort Calhoun Nebraska nuclear facility being within one foot of missouri river water from becoming a real catastrophe wasn't bad enough. Or that much or most of the midwestern farmland in the united states remains underwater, and hence unplantable, theres this. Theres another fire at the Los Alamos nuclear labratory compound. On those facility's grounds, theres a "section G", where approximately thirty thousand (55 gallon) drums of radioactive waste are stored, under fabric tents. Fabric tents. They're stored in fabric tents because when they used to be buried underground, it was too lately-discovered that they leaked. SO, to make it easier to inspect them, they just roll them to a spot (called area G) and stick them in tents. WHICH might seem sorta reasonable.......

Except that they had another wildfire fire at Los Alamos not too long ago. 2003 I believe, and to the best of my knowledge that fire wasnt dubbed "The one and only wildfire that did or would ever hit new mexico". Its kinda hard to believe that the supposed bright people running a place where things like nuclear bombs are built and developed (among other higher tech gizmos), anyone in charge of something so dangerous there would consider it reasonable to stick 30,000 barrels of radioactive plutonium in tents. Kinda like building a nuclear reactor on top of the most active faultlines in the united states, but thats another story. (equally idiotic)

So what. Who cares. Everyting's fine, and the experts are saying as much.

Again, I have to ask you. At WHAT point do you the farmville playing braindead out there, start to NOT swallow everything you are fed!?!? At this point, I believe its at no point. There is a percentage of the population who see through the BS that is shoveled our way on a constant basis, and the rest just take it in and start chewing. Whether that is due to a lack of flouride in our systems, or simply "genetic deficincies", some of us just see piles of brown stinky yukky stuff whenever some expert takes the microphone. Conditioning maybe. I dunno.

Anybody know the story about how the famous Rothschild Family made their incredible fortune? Pretty interesting, and the rest of this video is worth watching to find out, too.

I suggest you watch it, because its kinda connected to the next disjointed subject.

George Soros, is apparently buying up flooded farmlands in the united states, and hes getting a good deal too. Who wants flooded farmlands anyways? Now if you've been paying attention, you are at least partially aware that A: the nations weather this year alone has been pretty much unprecedented, or at the least VERY unusual.

And B: One man's calamity is another mans profit.

Worst drought, EVER, in Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and the worst flooding EVER, just a hop skip and yee haw to the east, along the mississippi and missouri river basins. But wait, it gets bettter. The army corps of engineers deemed it necessary to open the morganza spillways for the first time ever. They flooded farmlands, instead of risking flooding the city Baton Rouge and other more populated areas downstream. Sounds logical. The really interesting part is, part of the farmland that was flooded by morganza spillway water, was IN that drought zone previously talked about. You cant make that stuff up. From severe drought, to under 15 ft. of water in a day. Progress I suppose. Cant plant crops because of the drought and (unless you're farming catfish) if there's 15 feet of water on your farmland, you're not going to grow too much then either.

So what. I get it. So a rich guy is buying farmlands up and taking advantage of people's misfortunes. Not exactly breaking news there.


Unless the flooding isn't "natural". Unless it was done purposefully to create cheap, buy-up-able-farmlands. Think thats preposterous?

I dunno. What I DO know, is we are being told everything is fine and under control at the fukushima plant. And it isnt.

30,000 barrels of highly radioactive junk in very real danger of becoming airborne, and we're told everything's fine. And it isn't.

The nuke plant in nebraska on the flooding missouri river, is safe and sound. So long as none of the dams or levees upstream break, that is.

So there you have it. Everything's just fine. Or not.

And you're more worried about what food to buy for the 4th of july weekend than you are what kind of mess you're going to be in if, for whatever reason, there is no more food to be bought.

And I'M the crazy one.

Ok by me, but you are what you eat, y'know.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

smart meters

Did you know there are people who wear tinfoil around their heads?
Did you know that I'm not one of them?

Smart meters are fancy little techno devices that connect your house and everything in it, to something esoterically called the smart grid. Well, if its smart, it HAS to ge good, right? and if something is called good, then it has to be good, right?
No, and no.
Smart meters will supposedly save money and electricity, by making your electricity usage viewable by the power companies and the powers that be, in real time. By doing so, they will be able to get rid of meter reader people, and their vehicles used to read your meters physically. That sounds reasonable. Unless of course you happen to be a meter reader or an automobile manufacturer/seller who makes part or all of your living off of reading said meters.
The meters are called smart, purposefully to automatically categorize those who oppose them, as less than smart. That in itself is ingenious, in a dastardly way. But thats the world we live in these days, the world of words.
By enabling the power companies and the powers that be access to individual energy usage, the theory is that.....(and this is the gov. of calif.'s sales pitch).....if we can know when power usage spikes, we can charge more for said power, thus automatically decreasing usage, and preventing rolling black outs.
But wait, it gets stupider. He said as an example, if usage increases during the hottest time of the day, when people will need their air conditioners, then rates can be increased to discourage wasteful usage of electricity.
Doesnt sound so smart when its said like that, does it?
Like, DUH! We KNOW usage will increase during heat waves and in the mornings and evenings, when most people statistically are home DOING STUFF. Why, if we already know this, do we need a radio transmitting (yep, ANOTHER electrical magnetic frequency) signal being sent through us to make our lives better. By knowing when power usage spikes, power companies can and will increase rates in an attempt to discourage over usage. They wont increase output to meet the demands of the customers, they will sock them when they are most vulnerable, and do it in the name of smartness or saving the planet or some other nonsense. AND, their profits will soar in the process.
Sounds like a win win, right?
Again, unless you are a meter reader, or some selfish planet hating neanderthal who isnt wiling to turn your air conditioner off when theres a heat wave.
Booooooooo!! BAD citizen!!!!

But thats just the UP side of the smart meters and the smart grid.
You see, the smart meters and smart appliances that are being manufactured and sold today, are able to transmit radio signals, as well as RECEIVE. That means, and you really are pretty naieve if you cant figure this one out on yur own, that all your smart-make-your-life-skip-to-my-lou-easier appliances can and will be controlled by someone other than you, the appliance owner.
I know, I know, enter the favorite stand by reply of non-smart people, "well, if you're not doing anything WRONG, then theres nothing wrong with the technology, RIGHT!?"

Let me ask you compliance nazis something.
Should WE, the united states of A., be bombing the country of Libya, because their leader is supposedly being mean and bad to those in his country that oppose him!?!?
I bet you think thats a stupid off topic question, but its exactly why you need me.
That country and their problems are their business. MY point is, OUR country and OUR leaders decided to bomb ther hell out of THEIR country, all in the name of humanity.
Imagine if a bomb went off in your neighborhood and there was some foreign leader on CNN proudly stating that you are being bombed because they decided it was in your and your country's best interest.
We are doing that, and we currently have leaders who are in charge of US doing that.
Now, who's the crazy one for not wanting this government in control of ANYTHING else in our personal lives!?!??
ME!?? Not hardly.
You believe what they tell you, even though they said the Libyan "kinetic action " would last days and not months. Even though they said there would be no ground troops there. ( ops troops have been there for months already and are most probably responsible for the "uprisings" in the very first place.) Even though they said we would be getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan.
Do you REALLY believe that ANYTHING they do is for your benefit or your freedom or the good of society?
Why? Upon what do you base that belief or trust?
Because it feels good and is sensible, is why. They, the people running this country, make sure that you believe WHAT you believe, for their benefit, not yours. Everything you see and hear in your daily life is to promote goodness and sensibility. Unless, of course, you're someone like me who searches out what the hell is really going on in the world.
As long as dancing with the stars is on and you can play farmville on facebook, and the fireworks displays are displayed on the 4th of july, you are a very managable herd.

I have taken the red pill folks*, and have awakened from the matrix that is our life and our country. Once you do, there is no going back. Once you realize how much we have been lied to, the lies are much easier to see.
Whats it going to take?
At what point are you willing to say "this doesn't add up?"

Hey, dont worry. After reading my tripe, go to a site called "good". Its smart and educated and reasonable and nice and earth friendly and progressive and ........oh yeah........their motto is "a collaboration of individuals, businesses, and non profits PUSHING the world forward".
I'm not trying to "push" anybody anywhere. I want you to wake up and see for yourselves. Their approach, is to push.
As in shove. As in down your throat. And, as in the article you can read there about smart meters, if you disagree, you aren't smart, and they're going to have to do something about that, too.

Some people are sensitive to the emf signals that smart meters and cell towers send out, and some of them are forced to emf proof their homes or their heads. Some, but not all. Some plants and and animals and insects too. Tomatos, bees and bats, f'rinstance, have all been studied and shown to react negatively to emf signals.
Some humans too. As in cancer. As in migranes. As in a slew of health issues directly related to emf signals.

But, as long as some mega power company can regulate what we can turn on and when, and how much we have to pay for that privelage, everything is honky-dory.

Just don't mess with my internet .

woops. I forgot to mention that one.
Some other day.

Go back to sleep. At this point, with SO much going on, you're probably better off and much happier burying your heads in the proverbial sand.

*this is a Matrix movie reference and in no way indicitave of me actually taking any real pills, so you can't run to your lawyer with this one either.*

Thursday, 16 June 2011

news you can use

and you sure as hell aren't getting it from your tv or facebook pages.

Fukushima Japan is a nightmare of unmeasurable proportions. Heres a story you wont see on cnn these days. You're not hearing any of the important news from japan, because another dimwitted U.S. congressman decided to take pictures of his private parts and send them to other than his wife type of women. Stop the presses eh? Or give this guy his own show on cnn too. It seemed to work out for Elliot Spitzer. Maybe Weiner can team up Spitzer and host the Weiner Spitzer hour. Or not. Has a nice ring to it though. Betcha Bill Clinton wouuld be a regular guest on it.

Oh, and a psychopathic woman from florida killed her daughter, so everybody has to focus all their efforts and thoughts on the court case. This morning, the 3 major network infotainment shows had the casey anthony story on, simultaneously. Naaaah. Its just coincidence. Only CRAZY people believe its done that way by design. Americans really DO want to hear about it.

Its no surprise that americans have no idea about the american nuclear reactor that is in a level four emergency state as we speak. Heres a short video about this story if you can drag yourself away from the weiner or psychopath stories..... Its being reported that the FAA declared the fort calhoun nebraska nuclear facility a "no fly zone", because, and I kid you not, of "high power lines at the site". Huh. A nuclear facility that stores spent (radioactive) fuel rods in below ground level pools, in UNCOVERED areas that may or may not be now part of the flooded missouri river, isn't allowing anyone to fly over the facility, because of high power lines. Yep, that makes perfect sense.
Hey, didja hear that casey anthony may or may NOT take the stand in her defense!?!?!? Wow, huh?

Oh, and then theres this . I dunno. Some official paranoid guy in Kansas (downriver from Nebraska), is warning kansas citizens against using, touching, allowing pets or livestock to contact, missouri river water. But flood waters are always contaminated. Its just that upriver states like montana, iowa and north and south dakota have folks in charge that aren't quite as on the ball as kansas. People in Kansas know this and joke about it all the time. They say things like "hey, how many montanans, north dakotans, or Iowans does it take to screw in a light bulb??" Discard this as well I suppose.

And, Kansans know all about casey anthony too.

Do me a favor. Look at this site. I'm pretty sure I've posted this before, but you've got to see whats going on while the world is all caught up with the new sunscreen labeling and all. This is NOT normal. Its as unusual as it appears to be.

Speaking of sunscreens, theres a reason why the media is bringing up this now. Yeah, another disaster is looming with the suns rays, but theres nothing to worry about because we have sunscreen to protect us and casey anthony to think about.

Far out? Thats nuthin. Ever heard of a brown dwarf star? You will.
You know, when publications like The Scientific American, use phrases like "potentially catastrophic consequences", you really should pay attention. Or not. What the hell.
This story is the biggest of the lot, and the biggest part of it is this. A nasa conspiracy? Doesnt get any better than this folks. This one is OUT there. Literally. Yes, this last link is a lengthy read, and it will take you away from the Weiner photos and CSI90210, but it will be time well wasted. Now take those last two links and watch this one. a NASA email sent to all NASA employees.

Its all about timing folks.

I could go on for hours, but your attention probably crapped out at the mention of fukushima. If there are no pictures on cnn of glowing sushi, we're not going to pay attention to any silly words here.

Hey, farmville has new features.

Gotta go.