Friday, 25 May 2012

of evolution and the Desperate Housewives

Its a quaint subject, and I could post for days on the subject of evolution and its secondary originator, Charles Darwin , but I won't.  This is where smart people comment about me writing stupid phrases like "secondary originator", and then scurry off to google to see what they don't know about charles darwin and all "his" idears about evolution............
Ok. We all have a basic idea about the concept of evolution.  Start as a amoeba or zygote and emerge from a smoldering hurling through space fireball of toxic supernova aftermath,  and after three weeks less than an eternity of time, change due to adaptive abilities into an inconceivably complex myriad of organisims and ecosystems and beings.................  yeah thats a pretty good summary.

I'm speaking of evolution on a much more personal level.  Mine.  
The problem with evolution , and I'm speaking here of evolution of thought and beliefs, is that it doesn't go like climbing a ladder from (at least for me) one level of awareness to another higher level of awareness.    Its much more like that scene from Monsters Inc, where Scully and mike grabowski and Boo jumped from  one magic closet door conveyor track to another.  Hundreds of tracks with millions of doors on them, all traveling in different levels and directions of travel, at very high speeds.
If you dont have kids and never saw the movie, imagine suspending a dozen hand grenades in a large warehouse, at different levels of height and in different locations throughout the warehouse, which by the way, is empty.
Now set them off. Simultaniously.The thousands of  fragments of steel chards would travel in different directions on different planes.  Got it?  Imagine riding on one of those pieces, then deciding at some point to jump off the one your riding on and leap to one traveling near yours, but going in a totally different direction. 
THATS what its been like.
And if you cant draw a mental picture from that, you have no business here.
Is it just me, or is everything changing like that? 
Do you still watch the news on tv, or listen to what they tell us is news, on tv (or the radio?)  Now I know this is nothing new in the bitch about life dept., but its gotten REALLY bad in the past few years, and it seems to be getting worse almost daily.
Or is it just me?
My tolerance to let the tv stay on in the backround is almost nonexistant anymore.  In a few short years I went from believing everything I wanted to know was on the right channel or show or network, to believing each one is as retarded as the next, and  worse than the last.  Now I turn it on to see if the tv news in the morning has video of europe in smoking ruins or california being called the new atlantis, or something along those lines, and thats pretty much it. 
Once I hear the people start to talk about a story of a house fire in Mcadoo or the latest run/walk/jog/'all-you-can-eat-fest to end breast cancer, or the 18 minute description of todays weather.......*click* goes the clicker.   Alls right with the world.  For another day at least.
I used to love and believe in, america.
I don't anymore.
I used to love and believe politics was important and more important than important, that it was REAL. 
I cant believe I used to believe that anymore.
I used to think I believed In God.
But it was like saying "I don't believe in gravity", while deciding to NOT jump off the cliff. 
What you believe is what you DO.  I just told that to my daughter today.  As a counter to what she was being told by her mother. 
"If you love something, set it free, if it comes back to you it is yours".....blah blah blah.  You know the phrase.  Its pasted on a piece of shellacked pecan wood in the spare bedroom of your moms house.

What the plaque DOESNT say, is "If you love something, curse it and do everything you can to destroy it completely, and at the same time, tell your little girl that you still love, "it".  That, is just twisted.    

I used to watch the show Desperate Housewives, back in the day when all was right with the world.  I even used to discuss the previous night's episode with a guy I worked with. I liked it back then.   Of course I liked a lot back then.  Even so,  it had some interesting story lines and..............well we talked about  it while working, not sharing a hot tub together.  Lets let it go at that.
A few weeks ago the series finalle was on, and I watched it.
Seems one of the shows primary couples, Tom and Linette, were split up.  Seems Tom went and got himself a new and improved life partner, and even moved in with her, or verse-vice-a.  It also seems that despite this fact Linette still loved Tom, and ACTED like she did.   At the end of the show, Tom and Linette got back together in made for tv dramatic fashion, and lived happily ever after in our imaginations.
and I KNOW, the dots I connected with Lynettes actions, and Tom's Re-actions, weren't connected by anyone watching, except me.  I turned to my new and improved life partner and told her what I got out of the show, and she licked me.  Then I let her go outside to go pee.

The more I examine myself and what I think and believe, the more I realize how wrong Ive been and how much more I need to know.    But I know that I was on the right track, cuz I was moving.  You cant sit with your arms folded tightly and your mind folded even tighter, and expect to learn anything.
gotta keep moving.

evolving, so to speak.