Thursday, 30 April 2009

The President Be-Bops his way to the Podium.

Fire up the addin' machine folks, cuz might not get another chance to add any of this up.

President puffy chest (and in case any of you didn't figure out that name yet, its a result of his unparalled arrogance), seems to be more concerned with the NAME of this swine flu, than with actually acting to stop its spread.
It seems that calling the swine fly the swine flu, isnt technical or intellectual enough, for presdent puffy and his fellow science-minded followers. No, it needs to be called H1N1, or R2D2, or some damn thing,but not the swine flu.
Maybe its a muslim thingy, I dunno.
NO, I'm NOT calling PPC a Muslim, I'm just reminding you all that he bowed down to one.
Obama said today "closing the mexican border would be like closing the barn door after the horses are out". The virus is already here, he said, "so why close the borders?, he asked with an arrogant smirk as if incredulous to the suggestion.

And STILL people like everyone in the media believes hes a genius.
Even after listening to his appointee Janet Nopolotano, speak.
"we are passively monitoring mexican citizens crossing our borders into this country....."
Um.................................ok. Whats that mean?
When asked that very question, Ms. No-terrorist-opano said "well, we are ACTIVELY surveilling them, to get an idea of who is sick or not............."

Oh thats just perfrect. We're passively actively watching people come across our borders and can tell just by looking at them if thay have a deadly virus or not.
Or something like that.
MEANWHILE, the vice president who's family crest should read "never let a chance go by to say something you shouldnt"..................
HE said that not only wouldnt he let his family go or fly to mexico, he wouldnt let them fly anywhere, or take a train, or a subway, either. One sneeze on a plane, and everybodys infected, he said.

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo k.

THEN, the THIRD in the chain of command (yeah, I'm serious here, think about that for a second) Speaker Nancy Pelosi says
"I told my family not to even leave their homes".

Well at least all the leadership is on the same page.
President puffy says theres no need to stop potentially infected people from coming into our country.
Second in charge Biden says he wont let his family go to mexico, or even use ANY public transportion, and the third nit-wit in charge, wont even let her family leave their homes.

And STILL, the media thinks its been a marvelous 100 days.

Sometime back in one of my older blatherings, I mentioned keeping ones eyes on the ball, because this gang is nothing if not expert at distractive techniques.

So I looked around a little bit.
Like at Pakistan, and at how close the Taliban (you remember Death to America! and 9-11 and all that), those people are THIS close to defeating Pakistan's army, and that means, acquiring nuclear missles.
Uh-huh. the Taliban. Nuclear Missles.

Flu Shmu. Theres something else a buzzin.

So I found this story. Just one persons perspective, as are most stories, but some people you ought to listen to, (and some you should avoid like the R2D2 flu virus).

So there you have it.
Either that, or we're twice as screwed as anyone realizes.

Oh, and one more thing, while I'm at saying things that people like bill oreilly and laura Ingraham and glenn beck say the next day..................................

I watched over and over how president puffy chest walked out to the podium on his 100 day press conference/celebration.

He be-bopped.
No, he did.
He dropped one shoulder as he stepped, he had a cadence that mimic'd Big Bad LeRoy Brown walking into a pool-hall.

No, thats not racist, its an observation that no one else will have the courage to say.

The president Be-Bopped on his way to the podium.

Hey, I've made a career out of being ahead of my time. I was telling people last year that the government KNEW there was going to be an epidemic/pandemic in this country in 2009. I was telling people to buy (fill in the blanks) because the economy was headed into the crapper, a year before it did.
Rush Limbaugh said that there is NO way the American voting public will elect Obama, because he is obviously just an empty suit. I didnt disagree about the empty suit part, I just knew that the american voting public is a lot dumber than Rush Limbaugh believes.
I KNEW as soon as Oprah Winfrey introduced the smooth charming man who gave THE speech at the 2004 democratic convention, that he would be elected president the next time around.

Obama be-bopped to the podium, and it was just the begining of The Transformation.

You watch.

If I were wrong, people wouldn't hate what I said so much.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

You tell me

Air Force One flies over NYC (ground zero) with 2 F-16s in tow, andwhite house lie spreader Gibbs says its no biggee, just a photo op. According to WHLS Gibbs, no one can say why it was there nor who exactly was behind the mistaken photo op.
President puffy chest said he didnt even know about the incident until he was told a day later.
Some of you younger types dont remember Clinton using the same BS excuse "I didnt even know about it until I read about it in the paper the next day.." when he was asked of the scandal of his day (and they were legion). The student doesnt fall very far from the tree, is my theory.

Good thing that whoever flew this photo op didnt decide instead to take a picture of a Minuteman missle flying towards Syria. Or something.
You know what the difference is between the media types and you regular Robert Gibbs Lie believers? They get paid for being so stupid.
Air Force One has flight plans. Air force One doesnt fly without the president knowing about it. The white house's explanation doesnt add up to anyone but the blindest and sicophantic amongst us.

And I'M the crazy one. And I'M the one who believes "silly theories". And I'M the one who "doesnt't get it".
Yeah thats it.
So what. So air force one flies over NYC, with two fighters escorting it, and the president (you know, the guy in charge of air force one) doesnt even know it flew there. Maybe Nopolitano should be in charge of this incident, too.

Nopolitano has stated that closing our borders and keeping a potential pandemic from occuring, is not an option, that keeping potential disease carrying border crossers is "not going to do enough because we cant stop it anyways".
You know what this reminds me of? I mean the part where our government declares a state of health emergency and then the next day says "theres no way to stop it anyways."
No, not "we will not prosecute anyone regarding torture techniques", and the next day "we're going to sic the attorney general on them..." Thats just a flip-flop.
They are on one hand cogniscent of the potential pandemic, but are also hand tied by something even more important.
Polital correctness, and voting blocks.
This administration believes (by their actions) that not offending potential mexican american voters is more important than not stopping potential disease carriers from entering our country and putting Americans at even more risk. Thats the reasonable excuse. An unreasonable one would be that this administration WANTS the mexican epidemic to become a pandemic.
Thats just NUTS.

And you chicken dance readers who HATE what I say and STILL believe Obama is good for SOMETHING, aren't phased by anything thats happening. You just trust and hope and believe in His Smartness and (insert your selfish agenda here) and you will not lose your faith.
You're the SMART one, I'M the dummy.

Someone the other day told me that they liked Obama because "he is like us, he's worked for everything hes gotten".
You cant make up something so wrong. He is a child of privelage and private (madrassa) schools who traveled all over the world and lived in exotic places for much of his life. He did NOT go to PS-14 in Harlem, and without getting unecessarily nasty, his mother traveled even more than he did while he was growing up. Spare me the packaged image, its a lie.
As far as "working" goes, hes been a communty organizer, and a senator for exactly 100 working days. Didnt make a difference. No, this one was a fundamental believer, following Obama and his promises despite those pesky irrelevent details.
Others like him because he agrees with their stance on abortion. No argument there, he does (if you believe in state funded abortion on demand for all pregnant females with no interference from anyone whatsoever, regardless of age).
My point is that none of the insanity matters, only their selfish misguided interests, and they are all too willing to forgive, forget, and not even see all the insanity. They agree with Obamas stance (or stances), so what he does besides that doesnt matter. George Bush disagreed with their stances, so everything he did was scrutinized with absolutely dispicable intensity. Its not a double standard, its an insane standard.

We have a potential pandemic on the verge of outbreaking (according to WHO and our white house) and we have no intentions of closing the border where the epidemic is currently underway. And we have 24/7 coverage and updates of every person sneezing in the united states. Media crews are standing by at the ready for that FIRST sick person who actually dies from this flu thingy in the United States, and you know its coming.
Its everywhere, on every show.

This isnt it.
This isnt what we need to be worried about currently.
This is just a major league distraction.
Yes, I've seen the explanations of this mutated virus, how it has portions of human, pig, and bird flu in it, and how deadly that combination can be.
It doesnt add up. Either that, or this administration is even stupider than I believe.
Something getting this much coverage, something killing so many 18-44 year old mexicans (not sickly frail old senoras), and this government says restricting people from coming here is a worthless action. Shepard smith on FoxNews says keeping mexicans from coming to america is like "closing your door after the burgler is inside, because the flu is already here".
Huh. That makes total sense. Mexico has a sickness, we also have some sickness, so keeping more sickness from coming here is a useless endeavor.
And these are the people in charge saying this.

Remember 9-11.
Nobody saw it coming, and we were all blindsided.
There was no weeks long warm up to it, it just happened.

We are being distracted (by the white house and their media monopoly) from what we are supposed to be watching right now, but dammed if I know what that is.
Besides the gang in the white house, I mean.

Somethings up. I can feel it, but cant put my finger on it.

Keep looking up, cuz somethings up.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

So whats it all mean?

Thats the million dollar question.
Last June or so, I ran across that article in the London Telegraph that quoted the Royal Bank of Scotland, who warned of a coming global economic collapse. I told some people of what I'd read, not to get them to DO anything per se, about the news, but to show them they need to START looking at whats being said, where.
Then last october, the collapse happened. Or at least it began in earnest.
Also sometime last fall, I stumbled on some cocamamie predictions of a coming pandemic/epidemic that would have devastating consequences. I told some people about that, too, but no one I know of actually seriously considered what I was saying. Heck, I only halfway accepted it.
Today, we have this swine flu thingy that has governments around the globe all discombobulated.
The London Telegraph to the rescue again. (get this in your favs, people)
There are a few sentences that stand out in this article. Not the least of which being our beloved White House inhabitants have "declared a state of public health emergency". Have we HAD one of these before? I didnt even know a state of public health emergency existed, but thats not saying much.
The article goes on to say how "Britain is well stocked up on the anti-viral Tamiflu, so Britians have nothing to fear. Then in the next sentence, they say that "britain has enough dosages to treat HALF of the entire population of britain".
Huh. Half. I guess thats whatchacall a half full glass, isn't it? HALF of Britain's population is guaranteed to be protected. Sucks to be on the other half looking in, however.
Thats government planning in action people. At it's best, in the most critical of potential circumstances. HALF is better than none, I suppose. Where do I sign to put these people in charge of EVERYTHING??
Yeah yeah yeah I know, Oprah said that we were all doomed from a guaranteed outbreak of the bird flu, and she said that two years ago. This is nothing more than the media doing what the media does. Sell news stories.
Of course then theres the quote by virologists in Britain who said a worst case scenario is 120 million dead, worldwide.
And the world health organization (WHO) warning
of a "potential pandemic" as it launched a global emergency system to monitor the virus.
Aaaaaaaaaaand, that white house declaration of public health emergency.
Somethins a-brewin.
Did anybody see the pictures of the mexican soccer stadium? Completely empty, and not because women were playing, but because of the swine flu scare. Now an empty soccer stadium in the United states represents nothng more than our better judgement, but in mexico, it means they're REALLY scared. They dont miss soccer games. It'd be like missing an empty freight train headed north of the border. Not an option.

Time to read between the lines, folks.
Time to put on your tinfoil hat and remember who warned you of what, and when, in the past.
The media indeed makes mountains out of molehills on a regular basis, but the governments of the world are more noted for down playing events and occurances that may lead to panic.
This one doesnt add up on a very big scale.

So what does it all mean? It means that janet (watch out for those nasty canadiens) nopolitano said that we have nothing to worry about, that we are taking all the necessary steps.."
Great. FRICKIN great, to be exact. Theres some reassurance for ya. The (wo)man put in charge of terrorist threats, decides its important to not call terrorists, terrorists, and that those non-to-be-called-terrorist persons are all coming across the canadien border, by the by.
Oh, and that the crack outfit that put HER in charge, is doing absoutely everything possible to prevent a health catastrophe in this country.

Yep, I'm sure sleeping soundly tonight .


What, you want maybe some instructions, some advice for what to do if a pandemic hits?
Sorry, you have to put all your eggs in the "government knows best" basket at this point.
Get your masks, your latex gloves, keep at least 6 feet between you and EVERYONE else, and oh yeah, no kissing. Reminds me a lot of the "wear a condom" approach to the aids virus.
"Keep 6 feet between you and everybody else". Ok, that means that that soccer stadium could have been at least a quarter to a third full, and using the government's safety standards, everything should have been a-OK.
Even soccer fans know better than to trust the government. If they didnt, I'd be convinced that this was all an evil plot by the world boogeyman organization to cull large percentages of the earths population, startin with soccer fans first.
I might even go along with that part. Thin the herd, startin with soccer fans, and gradually moving up to nascar and poker on tv fans. (I know, I definately should have been an evil villian type)

Me? I'm hopin that that implant the ailens put in my foot when they abducted me way back when, will protect me like a magical force field.

and you thought you'd heard it all.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Learning how to learn how to think.

I'm not so good at this. Following instructions, I mean.

Lotta instructions being given on how we should think, these days. No, I'm not kidding, and in case you missed the lessons being handed down, let me show you what I'm talking about.

We've had, and I've already written about, a rash of killings via guns in the country. Well, our beloved teachers, the media (and whoever greases their greasy little minds' wheels) are telling us how we should think in response to these gun atrocities.

Last Friday (good Friday for you heathens) ABC news did an expose' about how although some citizens MIGHT think its reasonable to want to own a gun what with all these shootins goin' on, its really going to result in nothing beyond you either shooting yourself, or making some bad person REALLY mad, (much madder than he originally would have been), thus forcing him to do even badder things to you. Or something like that, I told you I'm not too good at these instructions. It was painful to watch. I was hoping those who did the show would rush out and buy handfuls of guns.

We (those of us who for some stupid reason go to news shows like moths to flames) were subjected to stories of the anniversary of the Va. Tech shootings. Stories of victims' relatives who were pursuing making background checks for gun buyers, "A new law". Actually, they were focusing on that evil loophole that is Gun Shows, where regular folks can go and buy whatever gun they want, no questions asked. Cash and carry it outta here.

Not in my state, but apparently in 30 others, like Virginia where the Va Tech shootings occured. (follow me here). The movement is being headed by victims relatives, for sentimental reasons. God knows sentiment wins more arguments than logic anymore, so its probably a smart move.

The problem with the whole movement is, the shooter who did all the killing at Va Tech, DID have a background check. He DID pass the FBI background check, and was allowed to buy his guns, on the record. When that little factoid was pointed out to one of the sentiment promoters, he said (and I cant make this up) "yeah, well, he did, but its only a matter of time before SOMEONE buys a gun at a gunshow and does something like this..."

Statistically speaking, hes probably correct, but its only a matter of time until our sun super novas. Maybe we should pass a law against that, too.

The shooter did have "mental issues", which werent included in the background check because background checks deal with legal issues, not every possible mental disorder on the planet. (stick with me)

"ok", you say, "lets MAKE them deal with every mental disorder". Be very careful what you wish for, because politicians like this present gang who cant shoot straight want to do exatly that, and much more. Included in that "mental disorder" category, is anyone whos ever taken "psychological disorder drugs" like ridlin, or Prozac. Poof, there goes at least half of the next generation in one fell swoop.
heres what I'm talking about This new law goes further than what they're lettin on.

gee, imagine that. This law is what I meant when I said anyone who ever took ridlin or prozac will be prevented from owning a gun.

Even that evil bunch of potential terrorists known as war veterans run the risk of being included in the mix. What, you're surprised from a president who had a questionaire for all potential staff members, that included the question, "do you, or any member of your family own a gun"? You know whats REALLY amazing about that question being posed?! The fact that there are people who dont think its preposterous, thats what. That people who REALLY consider themselves bright, aren't alarmed in the least. Thats scarier than the absurdity of the question.

Big whoop you say. Guns are for bad people anyways, you say.

Kinda like Ron Paul bumper stickers, or according to Janet Neopolitin, "people who believe the federal government is becomming too intrusive in our lives..........."

That last little tid-bit is in the most recent memo haded down from what used to be Homeland Security, to Law Enforcement agencies, nationwide. Its an alert for Law enforcement to be educated (ahem) about "neo-nazi-possible-skinheaded-disgruntled-war-vets-non-President-Puffy-Chest-supportin-right-wing-radical-....................................................................................


So now I'm a potential terrorist, according to Janet Napolotano's memo. Like janet Napolotano had ANYTHING (besides a fluffy signature) to do with that "memo".

This is standard operating procedure for president puffy chest. "Eliminate ALL opposition".
Think I'm kiding? Just read how he won his very first election. This guy is a snake, and a nasty snake, at that. Obama removed his opposition from his very first political race, on a technicality. His staff, just before the deadline for appropriate registration expired in the Illinois senate seat race, went through the 1500 of the necessary 750 signatures required for the election ballot, and got enough "disqualified" for technical reasons to kick his opponent out of the race, with no time for HER to respond. President puffy chest"regretted the hardball tactics", but conceded it was fair and legal. Thus rendering her invalid as a candidate, and giving him the "landslide victory" we read about. Of course it was a landslide!!! HE HAD NO OPPOSITION!!

So president puffy chest believes anyone who owns a gun is at best, required to admit that fact before employment, and at worst, a terrorist.
Great. He bows down before some muslim king, he has a royal shmooze-fest with a maniacal dictator (OOOOOgo Chavez) He thinks opening up relations with another maniacal dictator (Castro) is more pressing than protecting american citizens at home from maniacal Mexican drug Lords and their armies. He spent most of his time in Europe apologizing for America's sins.
He just today decided to "forgive" the bank bailout debt, and instead told the banks that we, the government, will take instead market value stock in your banks as payment, instead of cash.
(at least) Partial ownership of the banks, by the government. ABC News reported tonight on wall streets most recent nose dive as being the result of "jitters about this or that", but not a word about the government's (president puffy chest and co.) new plan to hijack the banks in a way that OOOOOOOgo Chavez could only dream about.
And you wondered why OOOOgo loves puffy so much.

My advice?
Get ready. Prepare for a government AFTER the people, who OWNS the people, and DESPISES, the people.

Oh, you're too intellectual for that approach? Yeah thats it.
You now have more than enough insight as to what exactly is occuring in our beloved nation, and until you wake the frick up, the blame rests squarely on your sloped weak shoulders.

Being fooled before the election is bad enough. Remaining in the spell of stupidity and blindness, is quite another.
I dont care what you think/thought of W. Bush.
When an american president is celebrated by Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and Mahmoud Achmadinajob, somethings very very wrong.

This man is destroying America, on purpose.

Somebody had to come out and just say it.

as if life wasnt difficult enough, we have a president who is a direct product of 60's radical stupidity to deal with.

From Janet No Clue nopolitano to cass sunstein to the loon who is his green czar pick one. Theyre all radical leftists who put government First at every opportunity. Leftist goverment czars who would make Stalin proud.
And in case you really are so dumb as to believe that that is not such a bad thing, it is.

People, prepare your lives fior some radical changes.
Mostly bad ones.

Thats all the good news for tonight.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

the end of the world, personally speaking.

Sometimes, having it all isnt enough. I wouldn't know personally, but I've known people who apparently HAVE had it all, and still it didnt prevent them from taking their own lives. Oh sure lots of theories emerged from lots of people as to the reason why someone educated, affluent, and respected would resort to the option of suicide. I didnt agree with any of em.
Having dealt with the demon that makes his living promoting that option, I can only assume that the same tactics used on me, which are utter hopelessness and despair, work on everyone, in every station of life. Pain is pain, whether mental or physical. How we handle that pain, makes all the difference.
Fortunately for me, God has placed a "knowing" inside of me, that is stronger than the (at the time) feelings of utter hopelessness. That "knowledge" is that He is indeed real, and life is more than a race to the finish line, or an acquisition of properties and/or status.
So I got that going for me.
The suicide of that friend I mentioned really "put the zap" on my thinking. A priority check, if you will.
I imagine not having a heck of a lot as far as status or societal standing helps me keep things "in perspective". I got that going for me too.
I have another friend that appears to be in some sort of personal struggle. A friend that believes (as far as I can assertain) God is a sunset, a mountain top, a "nature" thingy. I dont know about you, but while I've seen more than my fair share of spectacular sunsets, I've never got much in the way of comfort or reassurance from them. Awe, yes, strength to see another day through, no.
So how does someone who doesn't want to know or hear anything about a REAL God, hear that the only thing that can indeed save his life,is that living God??
And you thought you had a dilemma.

Spare me the psychological mumbo jumbo you may feel compelled to "share" as advice for my friend. If a man who was at the top of that field concluded that suicide was the option to pursue, I dont put much credence in Freud and his hypothesees.
The whole equasion tells me that there's more to life and the mind, than what we (sans God) have concluded. Even the best and highest "trained" amongst us havent a clue. Not when you throw extreme pain into the mix. Not at Zero-Hour, or on D-Day.

I'm not a gushy person. When I find myself troubled spiritually for another person, there's got to be a reason besides my part-time-drama queen status. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing with the troubled-ness, but I'm certain that its not "just to be supportive" and such.
I'm flat out scared by what I see. Scared, because I've felt that kind of pain, both physically and mentally. Scared, because I've seen what that kind of pain can do to people.
Scared, because if someone who "has it all" commits suicide, who DOES have any real hope?? Thats like a Couples therapist getting a divorce. Like a Ford CEO driving a Chevy. Like a Penn State Fan wearing a Michigan Shirt.
Its as bad as it gets, and it just doesnt add up.

Never being particularly worried about appearing the fool (what, YOU could put stuff like this down for all to see???) I suppose here is where I could promise to "show you all how God changed this one anti-God person".
But I cant promise anything regarding my friends future, my faith in God notwithstanding. We make our choices, based upon (at best) what we believe to be true.
"Well, if this is all there is to life,whats the point!?!?!?"
That kind of "truth" can have devastating results. That kind of "truth" can be quite restrictive indeed, as opposed to "the truth can set you free" sort of truth.
My friend needs to make his choices regarding his life, and neither God nor I can make him do anything else. Its up to my friend, and all of us actually, to work out for ourselves. To decide which way we shall go with our lives. You may believe that as long as you're a good person and live a good life, its all good.
Lemme know how that works for you when life goes ka-blooey and the extreme pain sets in. Lemme know how it all plays out when nothing makes sense.
When you're standing on the precipice, and the only option that MAKES sense, is jumping off.
Cuz that time will come.

Sorta like Saul's transformation into Paul.
Gotta go in a direction he doesnt even know exists, let alone be willing to go there. Not the opposite direction, but a direction he doesnt even know exists.

Be careful what you put into your mind, what you accept as truth, because it may come back to bite you in the neck at a very inopportune time. Like when you are most vulnerable, or in the most pain. Evil is like that. Opportunistic.
Be very careful what you accept as truth, or even an option.

To all of you readers, theres more to life than places, things, friends, experiences, careers, fortunes,............. even family.
Yes, even family, the holy grail of American Life.
"Thats what its all about"....... Is what I hear a lot nowadays. Like the whole reason for having holidays is for a big family meal.
Man, thats depressing. Life is all about large meals????
And I'M the crazy one!?!?!?
Whoever made up that idiotic phrase, never had a family meal at my house. I need more to my life that that.

Thank you Lord for making me crazy.

Oh yeah. and for last night's sunset.

Film at 11. Me and God gotta work out a plan for my friend now.
see ya.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Happy Easter

Muslims still want to kill Westerners.
That, despite President Puffy Chest telling us that WE, are not at war, with them. Good thing that British MI5 didnt get Obama's memo on the non-war thingy, and abandon their investigation of these guys.
Secretary Hilary is (I'm certain) working harder than she's ever worked before on the Ship captain kidnapping thingy, and we're told that the state dept is working on a "negotiated resolution" to the whole ugly incident.

I say send in a SEAL team to conduct "negotiations". We tried the "negotiations" route, way back in 1979, when"extremists" (who also happened to be Muslim) kidnapped a bunch of American citizens.
444 days later, those Americans were allowed to return home. Maybe we're better at negotiating now. Maybe showing people (who think its a reasonable idea to attack a freighter with a small motorboat) that we're flexible is a good negotiatin' tool. That even though we possess Aircraft carriers with F-18's on them, that we can listen to their greivences. That we're really NOT big bad bullies, who boss their ways and their views around the world.

We've evolved.
We're progressive now.
I bet the crew of the ship feels better that they progressively used the ship's firehoses to blast the would be pirates off their ship before negotiations had a chance to take effect. The ships crew is safe and sound, and not in Pirate captivity because they "negotiated" their own release, and werent all concerned with their images in the process.

Pontius Pilate sent four Roman Officers to verify that Jesus was indeed dead.

The Jewish Sanhedrin had Pilate dispatch 16 of the best Roman troops ( who were trained to defend against an entire batallion) to "protect" the entrance of the tomb where Jesus's body lay.
Then Pilate had the Roman Seal placed on the 2 ton stone in front of the Tomb, and anyone who broke that seal, (if the Crack Roman special forces unit didnt get them first) did so knowing that the penalty for breaking the seal, was death.
And something happened, which caused the Roman Crack Unit to flee like scared (latter day ) United States state department negotiaters. The soldiers ran to the Sanhedrin, who then informed the Roman special forces unit that they were to tell the world "they ALL fell asleep, and that some of Jesus' bold brave followers (you know, those brave bold disciples who would risk breaking the seal under penalty of death, but now hid in shivering fright in a secluded secret room somewhere) THOSE followers rolled the tomb's entrance blocking stone, a few hundred meters UP a steep hill, and stole Jesus's body". Under penalty of death.
Did I mention that part?? Yeah that really adds up.

The Sanhedrin's story would protect the soldiers from the Roman Army's penalty of death for abandoning their posts. Tough choice, huh? A win-win for all concerned parties. Smart negotiating, I'd say.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the disciples were more a-scared and even less informed than the Roman Special Forces Unit. At least the Romans witnessed something remarkable. The disciples were just plain scared.

As usual, and as though a 21st century Hollywood writing team came up with the idea originally, some women figured it all out first. Sorta like the original Laura Croft Tomb Raider Adventure story. Without the outfits and the gratituitous Hi-YAAAA's! flyng all over the place.
A woman is the first to figure out how the world gets saved. A coupla women on their way to do their womanly duties, discover that not only are the big bad romans not there, the dead body they went there to ceremonially treat, wasn't there either.

There are over 24 THOUSAND different ancient- historical references to this event.
The second most "verifiable" ancient book , based upon the number of sanscripts with similar references, is Homer's "Iliad".
There are 6 hundred some for Homers work.
The difference between the first most, and second most, is like comparing an aircraft carrier to a motor boat.
No event in the history of the human race (save possibly the recent innaguration of President puffy chest), has changed mankind more than that one event.
Whether you believe it occured or not, nothing has changed more individual human lives, than that one (historically verifiable) event.

Hippity Hoppity there IS stilll hope today.......................................

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

I dont even know where to begin.

At ten AM today, I had about a thousand words all ready to be plunked down, but then our glorious leaders made a few more public statements, and my head just plum spun off my shoulders in disbelief.

An American flag flying ship was hijacked by Somali pirates today, and Hillary the secretary of state said;
"we are very concerned, NOT just by this particular instance of a hijacking, but of all the hijackings that have been occuring. We are very focused on this situation..." (I actually felt a warm rush of security flow over me when she uttered those profound words) ," and we believe that the world needs to come together to deal with this situation. But we are very concerned and working on the situation very dilligently....."

Yep, we ned to get the "world working together on this situation..."
Yeah, like we need to get the world focused on a stern response to North Korea's missle launch of this past weekend.

President puffy chest promised a "stern and immediate response from us and the world", and what we and North Korea got, was what Saddam Hussein got from the world when he was doing whateverthehell HE wanted to do.
For 14 years.
Then, When ole "Half-Cocked-Dubya" DID go in after Hussein (14 years of U.N. sanctions later) what we heard (and still hear) from half-wits LIKE Hillary of State CLinton, was that W. went in unilaterally and waaaaaay too fast".
Well, at least this administration is firm and strong on ONE country in the warnings Dept.


Allow me to explain the danger we face.
Somali Pirates have been wreaking havoc on the coast off their country for a few years now. They hijack ships on a regular basis, and even got one going from Russia to Iran (and it was full of Weaponry like tanks and stuff) but that mission didnt end very well for at least half of those pirates. No more hijacking crazy weapon hauling russian ships, I suppose.
Anyways, No american ship had been boarded in that region, by pirates, in these modern pirating times.
Until today. And today, Hillary of State issues a tough as cheese cloth decree about the "world needing to get together in this matter" or some such Jimmy Carter-esque nonsense.
Three days after President Puffy Chest promised to lay down the law to Kim Jung Il if he launched the missle, and boy oh boy I bet Mr Il is all kinda scared now.
A week after President Puffy chest DIDN'T visit the graves at Normandy when he was in France, but instead spoke to citizens in Strassburg and told them how bad we as a nation were. I guess president PuffyChest forgot about Normandy, and who did what, for whom, there. Instead he apologized for our sins (AGAIN), and promised the world that we'd be better in the future.
Again, hard to be better than an American in Normandy.
But what the heck do I know.

Whadda week. Today, with very little fanfare, President Puffy chest made good on his promise to FORCE healhcare workers (you know, STUPID people like doctors and nurses) to perform abortions. Even against any moral objections, if they are so knuckle draggingly backwards as to hold such a moral standard.
I want you to read the words of the very pro-obama administration supporters, CNN
Do any of you (three) realize how horrible a law that is!!?!?
THIS, is who this guy is, and THIS, is who people like myself were SAYING this guy is, all the while everyone kept chanting "hope and change", and "oh hes SOOOOOOO smart", and "oh I have a warm feeling run down my leg whenever I hear him speak..."
I was shouting "HES A FRIGGING MONSTER!!!!" while all the world was ooh-ing and aaaah-ing.

and I'm the one who was right.

Only a MONSTER, would force people who believed that abortions killed a baby human, to do exactly that.
Only a MONSTER, would force his views, HIS choices, on doctors and nurses (and healthcare institutions, like Catholic hospitals) to perform abortions, OR ELSE!
Only a MONSTER, would discard deeply held, deeply thought beliefs of people, and cause them to either do what they BELIEVE to be killing a baby, or get a new profession.
Those are the only "choices" President Puffy Chest leaves those people.
Obey HIM and his laws, or their God and His laws.
I cant emphasise enough the significance of this event, people. If any of you are into TM, go "ooooohhm" on that for a while. This decree has cosmic implications. THIS, is president Puffy Chest taking on God. Plain and (nuts) simple.
THAT, is why he's doing this. And remember where you heard it first. Right here, from a stupid dirt merchant.

I'm wigged out about a thousand things going on in what used to be our country, but stuff like this, takes the cake.
You dont have to be in the pro-life camp to understand the horribleness of this law. You dont have to be anything but a thinking, reasonable human frickin being, to understand the evil, that is this law.

I dont care WHAT John McCain said during the campaign. This guy IS evil, and he SHOULD be feared.

If you believe that a president who would force this kind of law into action, WOULDNT eventually crush ALL beliefs he didnt "approve of", you're an idiot.

Nothing can prove my point more than what this guy has already done.

You'd better go take an inventory of your beliefs. And you'd better read everything I read, before the election, regarding Barrack Hussein Obama's beliefs. start here

Nothing hes saying or doing now is accidental. Its all consistant to his beliefs.
He, the president of the united states, is forcing people to think and believe a certain way, "or else".

That should scare the HELL out of you.

Monday, 6 April 2009


deceitful, treacherous, sly. lit., lying in wait, from insidae, an ambush, plot, from insidre, to sit in or upon, to lie in wait for; in, in, and sedre, to sit.

How bad is it when a guy like me feels so compelled to TEACH?
I work with Joe The Plumbers. (Actually, I work with some guys who couldn't SPELL Joe the Plumber).
You know, Regular Joes. Guys busy with normal life stuff who cant be bothered to pay attention to "non-life" issues. I try and explain to them why I am the way I am, and its not that they dont GET what I'm saying, they just think I'm nuts.
I dont know how to relate.
I cant comprehend NOT seeing what I see, read, listen to, discern, investigate, and learn.
I cant comprehend believing that yesterday's NASCAR race really IS more important than what the president said the day before that.
*poof*. Instant blown circut. It does not compute, Will Robinson.
But, I still try. I try to explain to people who REALLY need healthcare for their families, that "free healthcare" really isn't a good thing. I try and explain to them that if in fact we DO get that oh-so-sought-after-holy-grail that IS Universal Health Care, they, we, you, me, and us, are really screwed.
I even explained WHY, that is.
"Oh, THAT'LL never happen", is the usual response.
After the 15 second pause before they blink, that is.

People who dont think outside their orbit (be it NASCAR or a college "think" club), are confined by their own orbits. Confined by what they don't allow inside their orbit. The "It'll never happen" club.

Take President Barrack Hussein Obama's most recent faux-pas, where he genuflexed before King Abdullah of Jordan. You Catholics know what genuflex means. You used to do it when in front of the Holy Altar. Now, we mostly nod our heads, and give a "Sup G" in recognition and reverence to The God on the Cross in front of us.
Obama genuflexed in the old fashioned (my LORD) style, in front of King Abdullah, recently. Some people, believe that George W Bush did the SAME thing, when he BOWED his head (well, the king was placing a medal around Bush's head, so Bush HAD to bow down so the king could do it) but you know, ITS THE SAME THING!
I'm not one of those people. I see what Barry the puffy chested did as a true and symbolic sign of submission from a lesser, to a Greater. Presidents dont "bow". They barely "nod", when the Country's custom dictates it.
They're EQUALS, not subjects. Especially in THIS case. An American (ok, some say Kenyan) president DOES NOT bow down, especialy to a Muslim King. It means a LOT. To Muslims.
"Ok", the smarter amongst us say, "so what? Thats a GOOD thing, and shows the (muslim) world, that America IS a different America Now, more open to "change" and such".

You know, like Sharia change.
If you dont know what Sharia Law is, you should find out, because its the law that people like King Abdullah desire Americans to live under.

I tried explaining today why things like this matter, to them, in their lives, today. I believe I did a fairly good job in doing it, too, but got the.................................................................................... usual ................................................................................................................*blink* the response.

I came to the conclusion today, that if people dont believe life in these United States will ever be any different than it always has, then no evidence to the contrary will matter to them.
"naaaaah. THAT'll never happen."

I feel like Paul Revere riding through the roads of New England shouting "THE BRITISH ARE COMING THE BRITISH ARE COMING!"
Only to be met with heads stuck out of windows saying "Who?"

The whole insidious thing is, that people, regular workin' and educatin' Joes, didnt get this way by accident. A numb herd is much easier to get to do what you want, than...say........a bunch of people who sign documents pledging their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred Honors.
THOSE kinds of people, are a particularly snotty group to deal with. Hardly accomodating, and ever focused on silly matters like Presidents bowing down to Foreign Kings.

I have decided, despite urgings to the contrary, that I am not going to fill this site with endless links and videos making my job (and your job) easier. Or hipper (if thats even still a word)
Or shorter. "Its gotta be shorter to keep peoples attention" I'm told repeatedly.
How bout this,

If you are so Hamster-brained that you cant read this many words without flittering off to La-La land, you deserve what you get. You deserve sharia Law. You deserve These guys. (one link hardly a hipster makes) Read that sites accounts of a few of Obamas appointees. They just might be responsible for how you live your lives, ad if they have their way, that way is going to be very different from how you live it today.

As I told the guys I was working with today, there are real serious "changes" occuring in our country, and barely anyone is paying attention to them, yet they are indeed going to change who we are, and how we live, forever.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, it'll NEVER happen".

How insidious it is that we are at this point in our history. More and immediately drastic changes are occuring, and nobody is paying attention.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

911 on your speed dial is not a safety feature.

All the usual suspects have had ample time to exhibit their lack of focus and ignorance, so why should I be any different??
Every network, every talking head on tv tells us of the tragedy that occured in Binghamton NY yesterday. Right up the interstate from where I am, in fact.

what I see and saw.

Remember Va. Tech and the video footage of it all? Remember the accounts of "not knowing how many shooters were involved, or even WHERE the shooter(s) were" while we were all watching the video clips being run worldwide?

I do. And I noticed an eerily similar situation replay yesterday in Binghamton.
Cops, lots of armed cops, hunkered down by buildings and cars, waiting. Watching.
I heard one account this morning of a local person who
"watched more than a dozen police cars fly by my house, so I decided to follow them to the scene. When I arived, I got out of the car, and heard pop.pop.pop.pop.pop.................(many quick gunshots).
The police then ushered me and others out of the area, to safety. "

Sure its easy to second guess the police and their responses. Especially from the other side of a tv screen.
But at what point are Americans going to fix their focus properly, and not on nonsense like "prayer vigils" and "psychological experts being sent to the area to help people cope..." ?
At what point to heavily armed officers hunkered down outside waiting for everybody to be killed, become moot? I mean whats the point? Why even respond???? In case the shooter(s) emerge and make themselves visible viable targets for said heavily armed officers???
Imagine the 911 calls. Imagine being involved in situations like this, and calling 911 for "help"
"911, what is your emergency?"
"We're being shot to pieces. Send help".
"ok, officers are on the way".

"911, what is your emergency?"
"We're STILL being shot in here!"
"Officers are on the scene. Let us know when the shooting stops and officers will come inside and help".

Oh, you think I dont know how much THAT little commentary will piss off people, especially police officers?
Like I care.
Like anybody inside those situations care.
You go back and re-read my previous days commentary, about how soldiers and marines are TRAINED to run towards the gunfire.
NOT get to a safe location NEAR the gunfire, and wait for SOME kind of signal, or 12 level authorized directive to act.

As a society, we are becomming more and more helpless by the day. In that helpless becomming society, we are more and more dependent on things like heavily armed police officers to PROTECT us (as opposed to conducting body counts while dressed like Rambo).
Not exactly a good trade there.
Didja notice the difference between how police respond in sutuations like Va Tech and Binghamton, and say............Oakland California shootings? Know the situation?
In Va Tech and Binghamton, crazed gunmen killed innocent trapped victims, at will and apparently at random. Officers waited outside. For whatever unquestionable reason, they waited outside.
In Oakland California, cops were killed. Assasinated.
No waiting around there. THAT guy got pursued actively and violently like he SHOULD have been pursued and dealt with.
Are you connecting any dots yet?

I'm NOT anti-police.
I'm anti-massacres. I'm anti-sheep mentality. I'm anti "ooooh I hope the police get here soon to help me....."
Protect YOURSELVES, because unless you yourself are a police officer, and or unless the shooter in your particular hypothetical situation makes HIMSELF available to the police, you're on your own. Better knowing that going into any situation.

People (you know, educated types) scoff at fools like myself whenever phrases like "protect YOURELVES" are uttered. "Why, we cant possibly become a society where we all walk around carrying guns....."
No, we cant all walk around with guns. But we KNOW that crazed loonies have them. And when the police come-a-runnin' to respond to one of those crazed loonies, unless said crazed loony makes himself visible and viable as a target, OR unless said crazed loony kills an officer or two, hes NOT going to be stopped until HE stops HIMSELF, as recent history has shown us.
And you're ok with that?

Its true that no one can prepare for every disaster or possible disaster that may occur.
Its true that there are no easy answers to situations like this one in Binghamton (or Va Tech or Sampson Alabama...........)
We live in a world where NOTHING is guaranteed, and little is truly safe. We BELIEVE it to be safe (and for the most part it is) but it can all go "pop.pop.pop.pop.pop" in a heartbeat.
So. I suppose you can go in a few directions here. Be prepared to die, I guess is an obvious one. That one makes sense without incidents like the one in Binghamton.
Be prepared to save lives, too. Maybe yours, maybe others, maybe a BUNCH of others.
Know that there ARE a few good people, walking around with guns, and sometimes, it works out for the good.
Not without risks, as this guy can tell you, but for the good.

I'd be willing to go out on a limb, and say that any one of the victims in yesterday's shooting, would have LOVED for the Burger King concealed permit holding citizen, to have been present in their building in Binghamton, yesterday.

People like him, and me, are not the crazy loons that the media and other enlightened types infer we are.

The loons who do things like shoot up people at random, are the bad guys.
Cops, are the good guys, but cops cant protect you from the crazies.
Sometimes you have to protect yourself, and each other, from the bad guys.

I'm so sick of the bad guys.
I'm so sick of people like myself being portrayed as a bad guy.
I'm so sick of good people being deceived into believing that people like myself are bad guys.

Its sad.
As sad as what happened in Binghamton yesterday.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Always go TOWARDS the gunfire.

Thats what soldiers and marines are taught every day. Not to run in the opposite direction, in the direction of supposed "safety", but to attack where the gunfire is coming from. It sounds illogical I'm sure (to those of us who have no desire to be classified as a bulet stopper) but if you consider that you're objective as a soldier is to ELIMINATE enemy gunfire, not avoid it, it makes perfect (you first) sense.
So what is all this nonsense about, anyways? , you ask.
As I sit here listening to our Glorious Leader speak in Strassburg France (to a enthralled audience) I ask myself "what has happened to us, where this gobbeldy-gook, is considered intelligent!?!!?" I'm listening to every word, (and believe me, I wont turn down financial compensation and/or non-monetary donations for my efforts) but Obamas efforts sound more like a stumbling, bumbling, tip-toeing effort to SOUND intelligent, than to actually BE intelligent. Know what I mean? Of course you do, youre reading my attempts to do the same.

But what about the gunfire?

Our society ( the people that make it up) now consider this guy, and his speeches, intelligent.
What brought us to that point? I cant imagine George Washington, John Adams, or especially Thomas Jefferson considering ANYTHING Barrack Obama has EVER said, to be intelligent.
If you read nothing besides George Washington's farewell address, you'll see what I mean.
Thought, reason and logic are all evident, even to a dope like me, in that farewell address.
I can even understand Thomas Jefferson's writings, and no one argues HIS intellectual abilities, right!??
But when I listen to Our Glorious Brilliant Leader, I shake my head in confusion and ignorance, because he cant string two sentences together about ANY issue (off promoter) without sounding like a lawyer attempting to not get pinned down with an inescapable statement.

But what about the gunfire?

We have become a nation that considers itself to be "intelligent", by and large. Thats quite remarkable, considering we have moved further and further away from the intelligence that was John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. That alone doesn't add up.
We have a different standard of intelligence nowadays. It appears as though the more your face gets put on the television, the more you are considered intelligent. Take George Snuffalupagus. He makes Einstein look like a Junior High Science teacher (on the IQ-TV exposure scale) in pop-culture land.
Intelligence, is now the ability to "twitter" efficently (while looking good on the telly).
Great. No one knows how to cook....... or make clothes.......... or machinery, or ANYTHING without the aid of a computer, but we can twitter. We've evolved, I guess.
I heard someone talking the other day about the Golden Gate Bridge, and how it was built using Slide Rules, in 3 years. In the 1930's.
Thats scary intelligent.
We cant even come up with an appropriate NAME for the new ex-world trade centers (in 8 frickin years) let alone BEGIN construction on them. I guess when you've intellectually evolved, things become more complicated. Gotta allow for twitter time, I suppose.

But what about the gunfire?

I view the transition that is our intellectual evolution, as an assault on our society. A very UN-accidental assault. An assault that if it were done with guns, would enable trained individuals to run TOWARDS the gunfire.
But is wasn't, and isn't. Hard to run at something when you dont know where it is, or where its coming from, right?

Well, WE may not know where the assault is coming from, but the assaulters sure think they know.
To them, Its coming from Religion. Specifically, from Christianity.
While I dont believe that life was ever perfect, I'm old enough to know that life was indeed better a generation ago. Oh sure the group-ists will argue that their group was SEVERELY disenfranchised in the Good Ole Days. Why THEIR group wasnt even allowed to publicly MEET, let alone hold public protests/outcries, like they can today. Why we were so backwards, we didnt even know they existed, let alone were treated as second-class-groupists.

Meanwhile, I was a 12 year old with a paper route that began on Main street in a town in NE Pa., at 5 AM. Today I wouldn't go to that street, in that small town at 5 AM armed with an assault rifle. Think I'm joking? It is Edwardsville. Norman Rockwell America, then, and now it more closely resembles third world America.
I did it at 12, alone, and neither I nor my parents were concerned in the least about my safety then. Anecdotal? Sure. True? Sure is.
I'm pretty sure that the whole "safety thingy" was due to the fact that society (while less intelligent) was held together by a set of (non-government forced) "rules" that kept us all voluntarily "in-check". Kinda like having a focus on life that wasnt "too smart", but it enabled 12 years olds to walk a paper route... Not exactly a Taliban-esque style of governence as far as I'm concerned, but you'd never know that by listening to people like The Athetiest Society.

You cant make up stuff like this

My point and my view, is that society has devolved away from God (capital G on purpose) , and devolved in general.
Intellectual evolution aside, its hard to argue that our cities, our neighborhoods, our schools, our NATION, are a better, safer place to raise kids than it was even a generation ago. (spare me the "racial injustices" of a generation ago. I admit the problems in that area, but I hardly consider the destruction of ALL society, as a reasonable exchange for the racial injustices of the past. Case closed.)
We have run away from God, and it has brought us to this point in no small coincidence, and yet the non-believers amongst us (ahem, the assaulters) say we're not FAR enough removed from the "imaginary god"... ...........THAT is our problem, they say. Lets get "un-baptised", they say.

To a "t", everyone who has near death, or life and death survival experiences, says that they now realize that what is important in this life, is NOT what we are all falsely focused on.
You know, careers, wealth accumulation, educational advances........etc.............

Its LIFE. Its your family and friends. Its relationships that bind and bond us together. Its intangiable things like "love". Its a recognition that there IS more to our lives than just "what we got, how we got it, and how we look while gettin' it. "
It is, in fact, God with a capital G. God with a capital G is not a footnote in our existance, or a thank you to be said at awards ceremonies, or a concept to be discussed philosophically with other deep thinkers, but the very reason for EVERYTHING.
This life is short, and its getting shorter by the tick-tock. Yet we live it like its all about being 18-45 and financially secure or fashionably mature.
We'll acknowledge Capital G-God if and when we need to, or manybe if we can phrase the concept in a way that makes us look intellectual or enlightened.
Forget the "we-subjects, He-creator", thingy . Thats SOOOOO sixteenth century.

I cant believe we think we sound intelligent.
I cant believe being "smart" nowadays is thinking its reasonable and acceptable to where someone who has cheated on his taxes, (while claiming that the "Turbo-Tax form was too vague") should be in charge of the worlds largest economy, and the tax system therein. That, and that guy, is now considered "brilliant".
I cant believe its now considered intellectually superior to distance ones self from "an imaginary God", especialy considering how all previous distancing has led us further and further down our society's devolving road. Yet down that road we rush, shouting "OUTTA MY WAY!!" as we romp.

It absolutely positively makes no sense.
If you remove all God from life (as the athiests desire) , it will not make us better, or a better society. Not by ANY stretch of the imagination. Yet they tell us it will do exactly that, despite all evidence to the contrary. Evidence you dont even need a history book to recall, just a glance in the rear view mirror.
Speaking very anecdotally and personally, the more I distanced myself and my life from God, the more miserable my life was. And verse-vice-a.
Same goes for my little orbit of life here in NE Pa. The "smarter" society became, the less friendly society became.

At some point, you either listen to and believe the people who stood at death's door, or you believe the guy who runs our financial system who said "The Turbo Tax form wasn't explicit enough for me to do my taxes correctly".

You chose how intelligent you want to be in this life. Maybe you too will get a second chance to stand at death's door. A chance to tell others "what really matters".

Or not.

What the heck do I know.