Tuesday, 28 April 2009

You tell me

Air Force One flies over NYC (ground zero) with 2 F-16s in tow, andwhite house lie spreader Gibbs says its no biggee, just a photo op. According to WHLS Gibbs, no one can say why it was there nor who exactly was behind the mistaken photo op.
President puffy chest said he didnt even know about the incident until he was told a day later.
Some of you younger types dont remember Clinton using the same BS excuse "I didnt even know about it until I read about it in the paper the next day.." when he was asked of the scandal of his day (and they were legion). The student doesnt fall very far from the tree, is my theory.

Good thing that whoever flew this photo op didnt decide instead to take a picture of a Minuteman missle flying towards Syria. Or something.
You know what the difference is between the media types and you regular Robert Gibbs Lie believers? They get paid for being so stupid.
Air Force One has flight plans. Air force One doesnt fly without the president knowing about it. The white house's explanation doesnt add up to anyone but the blindest and sicophantic amongst us.

And I'M the crazy one. And I'M the one who believes "silly theories". And I'M the one who "doesnt't get it".
Yeah thats it.
So what. So air force one flies over NYC, with two fighters escorting it, and the president (you know, the guy in charge of air force one) doesnt even know it flew there. Maybe Nopolitano should be in charge of this incident, too.

Nopolitano has stated that closing our borders and keeping a potential pandemic from occuring, is not an option, that keeping potential disease carrying border crossers is "not going to do enough because we cant stop it anyways".
You know what this reminds me of? I mean the part where our government declares a state of health emergency and then the next day says "theres no way to stop it anyways."
No, not "we will not prosecute anyone regarding torture techniques", and the next day "we're going to sic the attorney general on them..." Thats just a flip-flop.
They are on one hand cogniscent of the potential pandemic, but are also hand tied by something even more important.
Polital correctness, and voting blocks.
This administration believes (by their actions) that not offending potential mexican american voters is more important than not stopping potential disease carriers from entering our country and putting Americans at even more risk. Thats the reasonable excuse. An unreasonable one would be that this administration WANTS the mexican epidemic to become a pandemic.
Thats just NUTS.

And you chicken dance readers who HATE what I say and STILL believe Obama is good for SOMETHING, aren't phased by anything thats happening. You just trust and hope and believe in His Smartness and (insert your selfish agenda here) and you will not lose your faith.
You're the SMART one, I'M the dummy.

Someone the other day told me that they liked Obama because "he is like us, he's worked for everything hes gotten".
You cant make up something so wrong. He is a child of privelage and private (madrassa) schools who traveled all over the world and lived in exotic places for much of his life. He did NOT go to PS-14 in Harlem, and without getting unecessarily nasty, his mother traveled even more than he did while he was growing up. Spare me the packaged image, its a lie.
As far as "working" goes, hes been a communty organizer, and a senator for exactly 100 working days. Didnt make a difference. No, this one was a fundamental believer, following Obama and his promises despite those pesky irrelevent details.
Others like him because he agrees with their stance on abortion. No argument there, he does (if you believe in state funded abortion on demand for all pregnant females with no interference from anyone whatsoever, regardless of age).
My point is that none of the insanity matters, only their selfish misguided interests, and they are all too willing to forgive, forget, and not even see all the insanity. They agree with Obamas stance (or stances), so what he does besides that doesnt matter. George Bush disagreed with their stances, so everything he did was scrutinized with absolutely dispicable intensity. Its not a double standard, its an insane standard.

We have a potential pandemic on the verge of outbreaking (according to WHO and our white house) and we have no intentions of closing the border where the epidemic is currently underway. And we have 24/7 coverage and updates of every person sneezing in the united states. Media crews are standing by at the ready for that FIRST sick person who actually dies from this flu thingy in the United States, and you know its coming.
Its everywhere, on every show.

This isnt it.
This isnt what we need to be worried about currently.
This is just a major league distraction.
Yes, I've seen the explanations of this mutated virus, how it has portions of human, pig, and bird flu in it, and how deadly that combination can be.
It doesnt add up. Either that, or this administration is even stupider than I believe.
Something getting this much coverage, something killing so many 18-44 year old mexicans (not sickly frail old senoras), and this government says restricting people from coming here is a worthless action. Shepard smith on FoxNews says keeping mexicans from coming to america is like "closing your door after the burgler is inside, because the flu is already here".
Huh. That makes total sense. Mexico has a sickness, we also have some sickness, so keeping more sickness from coming here is a useless endeavor.
And these are the people in charge saying this.

Remember 9-11.
Nobody saw it coming, and we were all blindsided.
There was no weeks long warm up to it, it just happened.

We are being distracted (by the white house and their media monopoly) from what we are supposed to be watching right now, but dammed if I know what that is.
Besides the gang in the white house, I mean.

Somethings up. I can feel it, but cant put my finger on it.

Keep looking up, cuz somethings up.

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