Thursday, 30 April 2009

The President Be-Bops his way to the Podium.

Fire up the addin' machine folks, cuz might not get another chance to add any of this up.

President puffy chest (and in case any of you didn't figure out that name yet, its a result of his unparalled arrogance), seems to be more concerned with the NAME of this swine flu, than with actually acting to stop its spread.
It seems that calling the swine fly the swine flu, isnt technical or intellectual enough, for presdent puffy and his fellow science-minded followers. No, it needs to be called H1N1, or R2D2, or some damn thing,but not the swine flu.
Maybe its a muslim thingy, I dunno.
NO, I'm NOT calling PPC a Muslim, I'm just reminding you all that he bowed down to one.
Obama said today "closing the mexican border would be like closing the barn door after the horses are out". The virus is already here, he said, "so why close the borders?, he asked with an arrogant smirk as if incredulous to the suggestion.

And STILL people like everyone in the media believes hes a genius.
Even after listening to his appointee Janet Nopolotano, speak.
"we are passively monitoring mexican citizens crossing our borders into this country....."
Um.................................ok. Whats that mean?
When asked that very question, Ms. No-terrorist-opano said "well, we are ACTIVELY surveilling them, to get an idea of who is sick or not............."

Oh thats just perfrect. We're passively actively watching people come across our borders and can tell just by looking at them if thay have a deadly virus or not.
Or something like that.
MEANWHILE, the vice president who's family crest should read "never let a chance go by to say something you shouldnt"..................
HE said that not only wouldnt he let his family go or fly to mexico, he wouldnt let them fly anywhere, or take a train, or a subway, either. One sneeze on a plane, and everybodys infected, he said.

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo k.

THEN, the THIRD in the chain of command (yeah, I'm serious here, think about that for a second) Speaker Nancy Pelosi says
"I told my family not to even leave their homes".

Well at least all the leadership is on the same page.
President puffy says theres no need to stop potentially infected people from coming into our country.
Second in charge Biden says he wont let his family go to mexico, or even use ANY public transportion, and the third nit-wit in charge, wont even let her family leave their homes.

And STILL, the media thinks its been a marvelous 100 days.

Sometime back in one of my older blatherings, I mentioned keeping ones eyes on the ball, because this gang is nothing if not expert at distractive techniques.

So I looked around a little bit.
Like at Pakistan, and at how close the Taliban (you remember Death to America! and 9-11 and all that), those people are THIS close to defeating Pakistan's army, and that means, acquiring nuclear missles.
Uh-huh. the Taliban. Nuclear Missles.

Flu Shmu. Theres something else a buzzin.

So I found this story. Just one persons perspective, as are most stories, but some people you ought to listen to, (and some you should avoid like the R2D2 flu virus).

So there you have it.
Either that, or we're twice as screwed as anyone realizes.

Oh, and one more thing, while I'm at saying things that people like bill oreilly and laura Ingraham and glenn beck say the next day..................................

I watched over and over how president puffy chest walked out to the podium on his 100 day press conference/celebration.

He be-bopped.
No, he did.
He dropped one shoulder as he stepped, he had a cadence that mimic'd Big Bad LeRoy Brown walking into a pool-hall.

No, thats not racist, its an observation that no one else will have the courage to say.

The president Be-Bopped on his way to the podium.

Hey, I've made a career out of being ahead of my time. I was telling people last year that the government KNEW there was going to be an epidemic/pandemic in this country in 2009. I was telling people to buy (fill in the blanks) because the economy was headed into the crapper, a year before it did.
Rush Limbaugh said that there is NO way the American voting public will elect Obama, because he is obviously just an empty suit. I didnt disagree about the empty suit part, I just knew that the american voting public is a lot dumber than Rush Limbaugh believes.
I KNEW as soon as Oprah Winfrey introduced the smooth charming man who gave THE speech at the 2004 democratic convention, that he would be elected president the next time around.

Obama be-bopped to the podium, and it was just the begining of The Transformation.

You watch.

If I were wrong, people wouldn't hate what I said so much.

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