Monday, 6 April 2009


deceitful, treacherous, sly. lit., lying in wait, from insidae, an ambush, plot, from insidre, to sit in or upon, to lie in wait for; in, in, and sedre, to sit.

How bad is it when a guy like me feels so compelled to TEACH?
I work with Joe The Plumbers. (Actually, I work with some guys who couldn't SPELL Joe the Plumber).
You know, Regular Joes. Guys busy with normal life stuff who cant be bothered to pay attention to "non-life" issues. I try and explain to them why I am the way I am, and its not that they dont GET what I'm saying, they just think I'm nuts.
I dont know how to relate.
I cant comprehend NOT seeing what I see, read, listen to, discern, investigate, and learn.
I cant comprehend believing that yesterday's NASCAR race really IS more important than what the president said the day before that.
*poof*. Instant blown circut. It does not compute, Will Robinson.
But, I still try. I try to explain to people who REALLY need healthcare for their families, that "free healthcare" really isn't a good thing. I try and explain to them that if in fact we DO get that oh-so-sought-after-holy-grail that IS Universal Health Care, they, we, you, me, and us, are really screwed.
I even explained WHY, that is.
"Oh, THAT'LL never happen", is the usual response.
After the 15 second pause before they blink, that is.

People who dont think outside their orbit (be it NASCAR or a college "think" club), are confined by their own orbits. Confined by what they don't allow inside their orbit. The "It'll never happen" club.

Take President Barrack Hussein Obama's most recent faux-pas, where he genuflexed before King Abdullah of Jordan. You Catholics know what genuflex means. You used to do it when in front of the Holy Altar. Now, we mostly nod our heads, and give a "Sup G" in recognition and reverence to The God on the Cross in front of us.
Obama genuflexed in the old fashioned (my LORD) style, in front of King Abdullah, recently. Some people, believe that George W Bush did the SAME thing, when he BOWED his head (well, the king was placing a medal around Bush's head, so Bush HAD to bow down so the king could do it) but you know, ITS THE SAME THING!
I'm not one of those people. I see what Barry the puffy chested did as a true and symbolic sign of submission from a lesser, to a Greater. Presidents dont "bow". They barely "nod", when the Country's custom dictates it.
They're EQUALS, not subjects. Especially in THIS case. An American (ok, some say Kenyan) president DOES NOT bow down, especialy to a Muslim King. It means a LOT. To Muslims.
"Ok", the smarter amongst us say, "so what? Thats a GOOD thing, and shows the (muslim) world, that America IS a different America Now, more open to "change" and such".

You know, like Sharia change.
If you dont know what Sharia Law is, you should find out, because its the law that people like King Abdullah desire Americans to live under.

I tried explaining today why things like this matter, to them, in their lives, today. I believe I did a fairly good job in doing it, too, but got the.................................................................................... usual ................................................................................................................*blink* the response.

I came to the conclusion today, that if people dont believe life in these United States will ever be any different than it always has, then no evidence to the contrary will matter to them.
"naaaaah. THAT'll never happen."

I feel like Paul Revere riding through the roads of New England shouting "THE BRITISH ARE COMING THE BRITISH ARE COMING!"
Only to be met with heads stuck out of windows saying "Who?"

The whole insidious thing is, that people, regular workin' and educatin' Joes, didnt get this way by accident. A numb herd is much easier to get to do what you want, than...say........a bunch of people who sign documents pledging their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred Honors.
THOSE kinds of people, are a particularly snotty group to deal with. Hardly accomodating, and ever focused on silly matters like Presidents bowing down to Foreign Kings.

I have decided, despite urgings to the contrary, that I am not going to fill this site with endless links and videos making my job (and your job) easier. Or hipper (if thats even still a word)
Or shorter. "Its gotta be shorter to keep peoples attention" I'm told repeatedly.
How bout this,

If you are so Hamster-brained that you cant read this many words without flittering off to La-La land, you deserve what you get. You deserve sharia Law. You deserve These guys. (one link hardly a hipster makes) Read that sites accounts of a few of Obamas appointees. They just might be responsible for how you live your lives, ad if they have their way, that way is going to be very different from how you live it today.

As I told the guys I was working with today, there are real serious "changes" occuring in our country, and barely anyone is paying attention to them, yet they are indeed going to change who we are, and how we live, forever.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, it'll NEVER happen".

How insidious it is that we are at this point in our history. More and immediately drastic changes are occuring, and nobody is paying attention.

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