Monday, 20 April 2009

Learning how to learn how to think.

I'm not so good at this. Following instructions, I mean.

Lotta instructions being given on how we should think, these days. No, I'm not kidding, and in case you missed the lessons being handed down, let me show you what I'm talking about.

We've had, and I've already written about, a rash of killings via guns in the country. Well, our beloved teachers, the media (and whoever greases their greasy little minds' wheels) are telling us how we should think in response to these gun atrocities.

Last Friday (good Friday for you heathens) ABC news did an expose' about how although some citizens MIGHT think its reasonable to want to own a gun what with all these shootins goin' on, its really going to result in nothing beyond you either shooting yourself, or making some bad person REALLY mad, (much madder than he originally would have been), thus forcing him to do even badder things to you. Or something like that, I told you I'm not too good at these instructions. It was painful to watch. I was hoping those who did the show would rush out and buy handfuls of guns.

We (those of us who for some stupid reason go to news shows like moths to flames) were subjected to stories of the anniversary of the Va. Tech shootings. Stories of victims' relatives who were pursuing making background checks for gun buyers, "A new law". Actually, they were focusing on that evil loophole that is Gun Shows, where regular folks can go and buy whatever gun they want, no questions asked. Cash and carry it outta here.

Not in my state, but apparently in 30 others, like Virginia where the Va Tech shootings occured. (follow me here). The movement is being headed by victims relatives, for sentimental reasons. God knows sentiment wins more arguments than logic anymore, so its probably a smart move.

The problem with the whole movement is, the shooter who did all the killing at Va Tech, DID have a background check. He DID pass the FBI background check, and was allowed to buy his guns, on the record. When that little factoid was pointed out to one of the sentiment promoters, he said (and I cant make this up) "yeah, well, he did, but its only a matter of time before SOMEONE buys a gun at a gunshow and does something like this..."

Statistically speaking, hes probably correct, but its only a matter of time until our sun super novas. Maybe we should pass a law against that, too.

The shooter did have "mental issues", which werent included in the background check because background checks deal with legal issues, not every possible mental disorder on the planet. (stick with me)

"ok", you say, "lets MAKE them deal with every mental disorder". Be very careful what you wish for, because politicians like this present gang who cant shoot straight want to do exatly that, and much more. Included in that "mental disorder" category, is anyone whos ever taken "psychological disorder drugs" like ridlin, or Prozac. Poof, there goes at least half of the next generation in one fell swoop.
heres what I'm talking about This new law goes further than what they're lettin on.

gee, imagine that. This law is what I meant when I said anyone who ever took ridlin or prozac will be prevented from owning a gun.

Even that evil bunch of potential terrorists known as war veterans run the risk of being included in the mix. What, you're surprised from a president who had a questionaire for all potential staff members, that included the question, "do you, or any member of your family own a gun"? You know whats REALLY amazing about that question being posed?! The fact that there are people who dont think its preposterous, thats what. That people who REALLY consider themselves bright, aren't alarmed in the least. Thats scarier than the absurdity of the question.

Big whoop you say. Guns are for bad people anyways, you say.

Kinda like Ron Paul bumper stickers, or according to Janet Neopolitin, "people who believe the federal government is becomming too intrusive in our lives..........."

That last little tid-bit is in the most recent memo haded down from what used to be Homeland Security, to Law Enforcement agencies, nationwide. Its an alert for Law enforcement to be educated (ahem) about "neo-nazi-possible-skinheaded-disgruntled-war-vets-non-President-Puffy-Chest-supportin-right-wing-radical-....................................................................................


So now I'm a potential terrorist, according to Janet Napolotano's memo. Like janet Napolotano had ANYTHING (besides a fluffy signature) to do with that "memo".

This is standard operating procedure for president puffy chest. "Eliminate ALL opposition".
Think I'm kiding? Just read how he won his very first election. This guy is a snake, and a nasty snake, at that. Obama removed his opposition from his very first political race, on a technicality. His staff, just before the deadline for appropriate registration expired in the Illinois senate seat race, went through the 1500 of the necessary 750 signatures required for the election ballot, and got enough "disqualified" for technical reasons to kick his opponent out of the race, with no time for HER to respond. President puffy chest"regretted the hardball tactics", but conceded it was fair and legal. Thus rendering her invalid as a candidate, and giving him the "landslide victory" we read about. Of course it was a landslide!!! HE HAD NO OPPOSITION!!

So president puffy chest believes anyone who owns a gun is at best, required to admit that fact before employment, and at worst, a terrorist.
Great. He bows down before some muslim king, he has a royal shmooze-fest with a maniacal dictator (OOOOOgo Chavez) He thinks opening up relations with another maniacal dictator (Castro) is more pressing than protecting american citizens at home from maniacal Mexican drug Lords and their armies. He spent most of his time in Europe apologizing for America's sins.
He just today decided to "forgive" the bank bailout debt, and instead told the banks that we, the government, will take instead market value stock in your banks as payment, instead of cash.
(at least) Partial ownership of the banks, by the government. ABC News reported tonight on wall streets most recent nose dive as being the result of "jitters about this or that", but not a word about the government's (president puffy chest and co.) new plan to hijack the banks in a way that OOOOOOOgo Chavez could only dream about.
And you wondered why OOOOgo loves puffy so much.

My advice?
Get ready. Prepare for a government AFTER the people, who OWNS the people, and DESPISES, the people.

Oh, you're too intellectual for that approach? Yeah thats it.
You now have more than enough insight as to what exactly is occuring in our beloved nation, and until you wake the frick up, the blame rests squarely on your sloped weak shoulders.

Being fooled before the election is bad enough. Remaining in the spell of stupidity and blindness, is quite another.
I dont care what you think/thought of W. Bush.
When an american president is celebrated by Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and Mahmoud Achmadinajob, somethings very very wrong.

This man is destroying America, on purpose.

Somebody had to come out and just say it.

as if life wasnt difficult enough, we have a president who is a direct product of 60's radical stupidity to deal with.

From Janet No Clue nopolitano to cass sunstein to the loon who is his green czar pick one. Theyre all radical leftists who put government First at every opportunity. Leftist goverment czars who would make Stalin proud.
And in case you really are so dumb as to believe that that is not such a bad thing, it is.

People, prepare your lives fior some radical changes.
Mostly bad ones.

Thats all the good news for tonight.

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  1. Good read. I have to agree on all points about Obama, communists, dictators, and gun lovers (now potential terrorists).

    The Second Amendment: A well regulated Militia, being NECESARRY to the SECURITY of a FREE State, the RIGHT of the PEOPLE to KEEP AND BEAR ARMS, shall not be infringed.

    JOHNNY GET YOUR GUN (or in this case many guns and lots of ammo).


    It's our right, not a privilege and that's what the framers of our constitution had in mind and in hand.

    AGAIN< JOHHNY GET YOUR GUN (or in this case many guns and lots of ammo)>