Friday, 3 April 2009

Always go TOWARDS the gunfire.

Thats what soldiers and marines are taught every day. Not to run in the opposite direction, in the direction of supposed "safety", but to attack where the gunfire is coming from. It sounds illogical I'm sure (to those of us who have no desire to be classified as a bulet stopper) but if you consider that you're objective as a soldier is to ELIMINATE enemy gunfire, not avoid it, it makes perfect (you first) sense.
So what is all this nonsense about, anyways? , you ask.
As I sit here listening to our Glorious Leader speak in Strassburg France (to a enthralled audience) I ask myself "what has happened to us, where this gobbeldy-gook, is considered intelligent!?!!?" I'm listening to every word, (and believe me, I wont turn down financial compensation and/or non-monetary donations for my efforts) but Obamas efforts sound more like a stumbling, bumbling, tip-toeing effort to SOUND intelligent, than to actually BE intelligent. Know what I mean? Of course you do, youre reading my attempts to do the same.

But what about the gunfire?

Our society ( the people that make it up) now consider this guy, and his speeches, intelligent.
What brought us to that point? I cant imagine George Washington, John Adams, or especially Thomas Jefferson considering ANYTHING Barrack Obama has EVER said, to be intelligent.
If you read nothing besides George Washington's farewell address, you'll see what I mean.
Thought, reason and logic are all evident, even to a dope like me, in that farewell address.
I can even understand Thomas Jefferson's writings, and no one argues HIS intellectual abilities, right!??
But when I listen to Our Glorious Brilliant Leader, I shake my head in confusion and ignorance, because he cant string two sentences together about ANY issue (off promoter) without sounding like a lawyer attempting to not get pinned down with an inescapable statement.

But what about the gunfire?

We have become a nation that considers itself to be "intelligent", by and large. Thats quite remarkable, considering we have moved further and further away from the intelligence that was John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. That alone doesn't add up.
We have a different standard of intelligence nowadays. It appears as though the more your face gets put on the television, the more you are considered intelligent. Take George Snuffalupagus. He makes Einstein look like a Junior High Science teacher (on the IQ-TV exposure scale) in pop-culture land.
Intelligence, is now the ability to "twitter" efficently (while looking good on the telly).
Great. No one knows how to cook....... or make clothes.......... or machinery, or ANYTHING without the aid of a computer, but we can twitter. We've evolved, I guess.
I heard someone talking the other day about the Golden Gate Bridge, and how it was built using Slide Rules, in 3 years. In the 1930's.
Thats scary intelligent.
We cant even come up with an appropriate NAME for the new ex-world trade centers (in 8 frickin years) let alone BEGIN construction on them. I guess when you've intellectually evolved, things become more complicated. Gotta allow for twitter time, I suppose.

But what about the gunfire?

I view the transition that is our intellectual evolution, as an assault on our society. A very UN-accidental assault. An assault that if it were done with guns, would enable trained individuals to run TOWARDS the gunfire.
But is wasn't, and isn't. Hard to run at something when you dont know where it is, or where its coming from, right?

Well, WE may not know where the assault is coming from, but the assaulters sure think they know.
To them, Its coming from Religion. Specifically, from Christianity.
While I dont believe that life was ever perfect, I'm old enough to know that life was indeed better a generation ago. Oh sure the group-ists will argue that their group was SEVERELY disenfranchised in the Good Ole Days. Why THEIR group wasnt even allowed to publicly MEET, let alone hold public protests/outcries, like they can today. Why we were so backwards, we didnt even know they existed, let alone were treated as second-class-groupists.

Meanwhile, I was a 12 year old with a paper route that began on Main street in a town in NE Pa., at 5 AM. Today I wouldn't go to that street, in that small town at 5 AM armed with an assault rifle. Think I'm joking? It is Edwardsville. Norman Rockwell America, then, and now it more closely resembles third world America.
I did it at 12, alone, and neither I nor my parents were concerned in the least about my safety then. Anecdotal? Sure. True? Sure is.
I'm pretty sure that the whole "safety thingy" was due to the fact that society (while less intelligent) was held together by a set of (non-government forced) "rules" that kept us all voluntarily "in-check". Kinda like having a focus on life that wasnt "too smart", but it enabled 12 years olds to walk a paper route... Not exactly a Taliban-esque style of governence as far as I'm concerned, but you'd never know that by listening to people like The Athetiest Society.

You cant make up stuff like this

My point and my view, is that society has devolved away from God (capital G on purpose) , and devolved in general.
Intellectual evolution aside, its hard to argue that our cities, our neighborhoods, our schools, our NATION, are a better, safer place to raise kids than it was even a generation ago. (spare me the "racial injustices" of a generation ago. I admit the problems in that area, but I hardly consider the destruction of ALL society, as a reasonable exchange for the racial injustices of the past. Case closed.)
We have run away from God, and it has brought us to this point in no small coincidence, and yet the non-believers amongst us (ahem, the assaulters) say we're not FAR enough removed from the "imaginary god"... ...........THAT is our problem, they say. Lets get "un-baptised", they say.

To a "t", everyone who has near death, or life and death survival experiences, says that they now realize that what is important in this life, is NOT what we are all falsely focused on.
You know, careers, wealth accumulation, educational advances........etc.............

Its LIFE. Its your family and friends. Its relationships that bind and bond us together. Its intangiable things like "love". Its a recognition that there IS more to our lives than just "what we got, how we got it, and how we look while gettin' it. "
It is, in fact, God with a capital G. God with a capital G is not a footnote in our existance, or a thank you to be said at awards ceremonies, or a concept to be discussed philosophically with other deep thinkers, but the very reason for EVERYTHING.
This life is short, and its getting shorter by the tick-tock. Yet we live it like its all about being 18-45 and financially secure or fashionably mature.
We'll acknowledge Capital G-God if and when we need to, or manybe if we can phrase the concept in a way that makes us look intellectual or enlightened.
Forget the "we-subjects, He-creator", thingy . Thats SOOOOO sixteenth century.

I cant believe we think we sound intelligent.
I cant believe being "smart" nowadays is thinking its reasonable and acceptable to where someone who has cheated on his taxes, (while claiming that the "Turbo-Tax form was too vague") should be in charge of the worlds largest economy, and the tax system therein. That, and that guy, is now considered "brilliant".
I cant believe its now considered intellectually superior to distance ones self from "an imaginary God", especialy considering how all previous distancing has led us further and further down our society's devolving road. Yet down that road we rush, shouting "OUTTA MY WAY!!" as we romp.

It absolutely positively makes no sense.
If you remove all God from life (as the athiests desire) , it will not make us better, or a better society. Not by ANY stretch of the imagination. Yet they tell us it will do exactly that, despite all evidence to the contrary. Evidence you dont even need a history book to recall, just a glance in the rear view mirror.
Speaking very anecdotally and personally, the more I distanced myself and my life from God, the more miserable my life was. And verse-vice-a.
Same goes for my little orbit of life here in NE Pa. The "smarter" society became, the less friendly society became.

At some point, you either listen to and believe the people who stood at death's door, or you believe the guy who runs our financial system who said "The Turbo Tax form wasn't explicit enough for me to do my taxes correctly".

You chose how intelligent you want to be in this life. Maybe you too will get a second chance to stand at death's door. A chance to tell others "what really matters".

Or not.

What the heck do I know.

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  1. I wrote this on Friday morning hours before I learned about the shooting in Binghampton, NY. (at 8:53 AM when posted it)
    Just a strange coincidence.
    And of COURSE I have somethng to say about the Binghampton shooting, but I'm gonna let the idiots (media) tip their hand first, in that matter.