Sunday, 29 March 2009

Let the Dead Bury the Dead........

Know who said that?
It happens to be my favorite Bible verse.
I know, I know.............most people pick warm and fluffy verses about love and peace and kindness and all.
To those of you who are scared or turned off by bible verses..............tuff.

Do you wonder what makes one news stories worth reporting over another? I do. Too much, perhaps. The big story of the past week or so was the AIG bonuses, which totaled around a hundred and sixty million dollars of taxpayer monies. Thats a lotta money, but it pales by comparison to how much of AIG's bailout (taxpayer) money was given to foreign banks. U.S. taxpayer money, given to banks in countries including France, Germany, and England totaled 50 BILLION. With a b.b.b.b.b.b.b.b..b B.
dont believe me? Read for yourself.
Yet here in the land of the free, we have rallies and protests and all kinds of outrages on EVERY network and comments by every half witted radio "personality" (you know, the crazy morning drive folks on the radio who are never too bashful to show us how little they understand about the world they live in....) All these media types are getting everybody all worked up over a hundred and sixty MILLION dollars being given to AIG execs, when congress not only KNEW about those bonuses, they specifically APPROVED them, before the money was given to AIG.
Can you say slight of hand? Can you say " keep your eye on the cup, and tell me which cup has the REAL story underneath it"?? If theres outrage to be directed in ANY direction, its towards congress, Secretary Geithner, and President Obama, who ALL knew exactly of the details of those bonuses ahead of time, and gave them and AIG, their blessings. But no, we channel our outrage towards the recipients of the money, not those responsible for the money ending up there.
THAT, doesnt add up.

Then theres Fargo North Dakota. Its under just barely unfrozen water right now, and its the story of the week, this week. Nothing against Fargo ND, (even though I've been there) but I hardly think that
A: its been a slow news week, or
B: Fargo ND being underwater is something that the nation is on the edge of its seat over.
But you wouldnt know that by watching, listening to, or reading what the media types are focused on. No offense to Fargo-ians, but as Fargo goes,......................., well, the nation doesnt even know about it.

So what does this all mean?
I think we as a nation and a culture have become people who are told what matters, and whats important, as opposed to bothering or caring enough to find out (pay attention) for and by ouselves.
Who has time? Its much easier to read or listen/watch for 60 seconds to what "professional" news people have figured out for us.
My thats an awfully trusting philosophy. Especially so of a media that has earned nothing but deserved mistrust. And its across the board, not limited to outlets that lean in one way or another, philisophically or politically. CNN, ABC, FOX, MSNBC, the whole lot of em.

Do you know what new and improved laws and programs your congress has passed while you were so attentive to the unfortunate North Dakota residents? Do you know what ELSE besides what was passed in the past week, they are considering passing into law, next?
You should, because what they are doing, is going to change how you (and especially your KIDS) will live your and their lives.
Really, really important stuff, and its not being covered, because of the oh-so-important flood in Fargo, N.D. Center stage is a town that most people only know exists because of a movie title from years past. (no, thats NOT an exagguration)

REgarding the new laws and bill passages, no, I'm NOT going to tell you.
I want you to think, not be directed by me. Go find out for yourself.

But the next time a commuter plane crashes near Ogden Utah, or a tornado touches down in Trailer Park, Alabama, ask yourself "what ELSE is going on right now?" Why THIS story, at this time?
Learn to do that. For your own sake.

Jesus was walking with His disciples when one of them pointed out a funeral procession in the distance. "master, should we go and tend to the greiving relatives of the dead person?" (my paraphrase)

"Let the dead bury the Dead", was Jesus' response.

Pay attention to what really matters, was His response.
Sometimes what you are focused on, is not whats most important, was His response.

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