Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Papers, Please............

Bad boys Bad boys............
whatcha gonna do................ indeed.

I cannot believe what I'm watching on tv right now.
Its a show about US border and coast guardsmen and such doing their jobs. No applause tracks, but plenty of flag symbolism. To make you proud, I believe.
"Homeland Security".
This is quite a few steps up from the regular "COPS!" show that I'm used to being repulsed by.
You know "COPS!", where they show us how faithfully police all across the country spend countless dollars and hours pursuing and arresting people for having a gram or two of a controlled substance on their person. Oooooooooooooooooh, I feel safer with each episode. Where DO they keep finding all these bad people!?!?
Then there is the "SWAT in DALLAS!" show. I watched one episode where the SWAT team, for lack of a better word, invaded a home, complete with a fancy gadget that hooked onto bars on the windows and yanked them off with a Whoosh! "HUT HUT HUT HUT HUT!!" (Blues Brothers, stay with me)
Only to find out that they got the wrong house. "whoops. gollly gee"
"Damn homeowners were probably up to no damn good anyways. Aaaaaah, we'll be magnanimous and not charge em with anything"............... "yuk yuk yuk,", as they slapped each other on their backs and walked away....

Huh. America the Beautiful.
Now I see a propoganda show that is as slick as any "Matrix" movie. Homeland Security.

Holy Cow, what has happened to us?
I had a whole lengthy fun and fact filled post all ready for you earlier today, but accidentally sent it into never never land with the wrong key. You'd have liked it.
All about Martial Law, FEMA, and the New World Order.
This TV show would have tied into it wonderfully. Teaching us how all these wonderful "law enforcement" uniformed types are really out there for "our own good", and as long as don't break any laws, they will not lock us away. At least not on camera.
Look, I'm not anti-cop, or anti-law. What I AM, is anti-what-our-country-is-being-turned- into. Both by the bad guys, and by the "good guys".
"Homeland Security". "Patriot Act". Those are SUPPOSED to be good things, but I'm not so sure about the first one, and I'm DAMN sure that the second one isn't.
Someday soon I'll retype my thoughts on those previously mentioned matters, but for today, I want you to wake up to the fact that we really shouldnt have police blockades in our roads "for our own good". Not for DUI checkpoints, or especially for the new reason, "safety checkpoints".
Might as well have a sign as you enter the roadstops, "Prepare Your Papers!"
Yeah I know, I sound like a loony Floyd R. Turbo all bent out of shape about "mah con-stah-tooo-shunal-rahts."
I am.
We shouldnt have to be subjected to stops, because driving really ISN'T a "privalege", like they want you to believe it is, because quite simply put, we PAY to do it, and everything that goes with it, including the building of roads and the crews that service them. Thats like saying working is a privelage. (oh wait, my state DOES say that. Damn)
"oh as long as you're not doing anything wrong...."
I can hear the chorus of baaaaah-baaaaahs now.
The problem with that convaluted logic, is that THEY make the laws, and the laws are made on a sliding scale anymore, not even set in anything as stable as sand. Whats legal today, might be on the "do not allow" list tomorrow, to preserve our freedom and keep us all safe from....um.........you know...."bad" people.
Just THINK, about where "safety checkpoints" are going to lead to. You dont think it WON'T lead anywhere else, do you??
We went from...... me as a child spending most every car ride either on my dad's lap wedged between him and the steering wheel, or standing on the front seat with my hands on the dashboard (and never a scratch).....oh, and breathin in cigarette smoke 24/7 to boot........
To.......... a neurotic generation of ninnys where parents are frantic if their 9 year old doesnt have the proper booster seat/belt configuration on. In one generation. Thats not "enlightenment" to safety issues, that idiotic ninny-ism. (you can quote me on that).
Whats next, Helmets for everybody in cars?? Oh, THATS unreasonable?? It'll prevent head injuries, y'know. It will. That alone is reason enough to mandate them, using current logic. All these changes, "for our own good". All these "necessary" infringements on our rights as citizens.
Sure each one all by themself is no biggee, but they're NOT all by themself alone. They're connected, and parasitic. They feed off the last one, and necessitate the next one.....
"safety". Who knew we needed so much of it?

Speaking of Safety on Steroids, You know what I REALLY love seeing on the road?
Women driving Volvos, with their "man" sitting in the back seat, in the center. (you know, thats the "safe" place to be and all)
THAT, is a Poster child for Eugenics. The Thumbs down side of the Eugenics program, that is.
Serves em right, Volvo drivers. The Swedes are pretty much responsible for the whole eugenics movement anyways.

If you non Volvo-drivers are ok with the concept of being stopped on you law-abidin' way, then not much will change that I suppose.
But next time you are, ask yourself how we got to this point, and what is the next point you are willing to acquiesce to in the name of "safety". And the next.
And the next.

If you cant stand up to simple stupid things like this, do you REALLY want me to tell you whats coming regarding FEMA, Martial Law, and the suspending of the constitution (for specifically stated reasons like......."economic unrest"??? Yeah, like thats a real stretch of the imagination anymore.)

"britains top cops prepares for possible summer of rage"

We and our "officials" in this country, ( like the ones on those slick tv shows) are preparing for exactly the same thing.
You think about the stupid stuff in this, and we'll deal with the really scary stuff, later.
For now you gotta get either your priorities, or your papers, in order.

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  1. you forgot to mention those who are of the opinion
    "well....nothing i can do about it..."