Sunday, 8 March 2009

God Bless the USA

Let the grave rolling begin.
I'm sure Terry Schiavo is tossing and turning with the proud proclamation by our government (through one of its official mouthpieces, NPR), that on Monday, March 9, 2009, restrictions placed on the funding for embryonic stem cell research will be "reversed".
Do any of you you-tube generation types even KNOW who terry schiavo was?
Old fuddy duddy anti-progress and anti-science types like myself got HAMMERED by the intelligencia for even entertaining the thought of allowing terry schiavo to continue to live.

If ever there was a story that didnt add up, it was this one.
I'm not going to go into painful detail about it, but the significant point is this. when given the chance, the state via a judge and the courts, erred on the side of death. Instead of doing whatever it took to maintain a human life (however frail and "non-productive") her state, the "State", weighed the evidence and decided to err on the side of death.
That says something.
It is decisions like that one that define a society, and its destiny.

Didja notice after 9-11, how many people who NEVER would be caught dead (court ordered dead or not) praying, were now seeking divine protection and intervention? Lotsa people started prayin' and going to church again.
My guess is that they realized that even if they lived in America, they might someday die, and just in case, they'd better at least acknowledge a belief in some kind of God. Its a start, I suppose. Large building being blown out from under you will have that effect. I suppose.
So how does 9-11 tie into Terry Schiavo, and stem cell research?
It doesnt. It ties into who we are as a society. It defines who we are, and, (in case you are not particularly scholarly in the religion category), it defines how God responds to us.
I'm not going to preach, but I'm not going to be a milquetoast-mamby-pamby-can't-we-all -just-get-along-weenie, either.
Most people view God like the police. "He'll be there if we need Him" (we hope). As long as we dont break any MAJOR laws, its all good (the little ones, and the ones we get away with, don't REALLY matter anyways)
Then we go and redefine what constitutes a "major" law breaking, when we become "enlightened". Its a pretty simple albeit enlightened process.
Meahwhile,. we expect God to change how HE views things also. After all, if we little humans can become enlightened in our thinking, surely an omnipotent being can tag along as well.
If that sounds a tad bit arrogant, then perhaps you need to visit a site called "think progress" and view their opinion/viewpoint on terry schiavo and the sanctity of human life. To disagree with their elevated point of view is "idiotic".
I dont claim to know or understand more than a God who was able to create me (as I believe) out of a handful of dirt. Therefore, when He makes His views known (as I believe He did) by having written down for posterity "the two things He hates the MOST, are a lying tongue, and the shedding of innocent blood", it says something. Of ALL the things that could piss God off, lying and innocent blood being shed, are the worst.
Well, when a society through its laws and leaders declare "an innocent" human life to be not really all that its cracked up to be on the scale of importance (like, say, a progress-thinking individual) it might have a cosmic effect on that society. Like breaking Rule Number One, with extreme prejudice.
It has consequences, whether we progressively ignore that fact, or not.

Josef Goebels said "tell a big enough lie often enough, and it'll become truth". Goebels was the head of one of the most evil propoganda machines known to mankind, Hitler's Nazi Party.
One of the worst.

I believe it and He have been relegated to second place, by this gang of miscreants who now run our country. Our current president, while as a junior senator from the state of Illinois (never reached the point of being a senior senator), publicly and solely supported the death of any newborn (human beings) who had survived an abortion.
The process was one of a drug induced abortion that caused (through extreme contractions) the fetus (whatever) to be killed during the contractions and the prematurely, deliberately caused delivery. More than a few "babies" survived this nightmare, which left healthcare workers with a conundrum. "What do we DO with these "babies" ?
Well, after the public was made aware of these procedures/events, the state of Illinois decided to do something about it.
Our Harvard Graduate of a genius (now) president, decided that any person in any capacity while employed in any institution/business where this event occurs, is forbidden by law from assisting the newborn (accidently) alive, baby(thing).
It must be placed, unassisted, uncomforted, in a way which will alow the newborn (whatever) to complete the procedure that was started. It must be allowed to die.
That says something.
Thats extreme.
That, my friends, is evil personafied. "the sheeding of innocent blood.." is not something thats done lightly, nor is it considered lightly by God.

Then theres Terry Schiavo.
Hardly anyone who wasn't a member of the O.J. Simpson Jury believed what her "husband" claimed to be his version of events/statements. Hardly anyone (including his live in girlfriend of a few years) could bring themselves to believe that this man had his wife's "best interests" at heart when he petioned the courts to "just kill" his wife, already. Well, except progressive types, of course.
Like the judge and the Florida courts.
Life support was ended, and she died, starving to death.
What DID we gain, as a society, as a result of that decision?? A few less taxpayer dollars being spent to keep someone alive?? Careful which road you take with that kind of thinking, because all forks of that road lead to some REALLY dark, dangerous locations. Someone (like that benovolent judge) will someday redefine the word "productive" as it relates to YOU, or maybe your parents, etc. It can't HELP but end up there. When the sanctity of life it debated, life itself gets debated.

Back to the recent news flash that has the folks at NPR (and I'm sure all a-flitter with progressive glee.
So now we can begin experimenting with human embryonic stem cells . YAY!!!!

One problem. There never WAS any "restriction" placed upon embryonic stem cell research, by the eeeeeevil George W bush or even dick cheney or carl rove.
There were only restrictions placed on TAXPAYER monies regarding it all.
So we were forced to endure countless lies regarding "how Bush and the religious right wackos staunchly "resisted progress and science by NOT allowing stem cell research". You thought that W. wouldnt allow stem cell research, didntcha??
Well he didnt. Just the funding.
I also bet you didnt know that not ONE lead, not ONE promise of ANYTHING, was ever connected to "embryonic stem cell research".
Even though Christopher Reeves and lots of peole on the Left made claims to the opposite. Even though LOTS of progress and discoveries WERE made regarding ADULT stem cell research, the Left hammered the lie home that embryonic stem cell research held THE answers.

And most peolple believe that lie, currently.

Goebels was correct.

Second fiddle as far as applying the concept,but correct nonetheless.

We as a nation will now fund the creation of human life (in whatever form) for the sole purpose of destroying that life.
God Bless the USA.

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