Friday, 6 March 2009

Strange Things in Strange Places

Theres a lot of weird stuff going on these days. No not in American/global political scene, but in the natural world.
Seems that in Australia, Whales and dolphins have been washing up on their beaches recently like lawyers at the scene of a plane crash. Hundreds of em. (link)
This kind of thing has happened before, globally, but what happened there today (yesterday, if you are there) is quite interesting indeed.
Australia experienced a rare (for them) earthquake. (link)
I've read responses to those stories that range from; "This shows you that dolphins ARE indeed more intelligent than we are!!! They were trying to WARN us!!!"...................
to; "earthquake shmirthquake, this was caused by Alien Radar tractor beams" (or some such nonsense)...........
Now unlucky for you, I'm not very read in either Dolphin warning languages, or Alien tractor beams, but I can't help but connect the two events. Especially given the sequence of events.
This one DOES add up, I just dont know how to do the math here.

A little closer to home, we have a little natural disaster of our own to contend with.
Bats are dying, and nobody knows why. Seems like honeybees, bats are a pretty important part of our world, and like the honeybees, something is killing them off in biblical proportions. Oh theres "theories" about whats killing off both the bats and the bees. Viruses and heretofore undiscoved diseases...............but no one is sure, for sure.
The bats problem is being pursued (as you can read in the one article) from the "white fungus" angle.
I'm not saying its NOT "white fungus" which is kiling the bats, I'm saying in a very unscientific, very anecdotal way, "there aint no white fungus on the dead bats I've collected here in the past few weeks".
February in my neck of the woods is not exactly the kind of time for a warm blooded mammal to come out of hibernation. Especially for warm blooded mammals who rely on eating insects to survive. There's not much in ther way of insect life around here in Feb. Pests, yes, insects, no.
I noticed Bats flying on three different days in February this year, and two different species of them, to boot. Now I have a small collection of dead bats, and am not quite sure what to do with the frozen little victims.
The curious thing about the dolphins, whales, and the bats, is that they all navigate, or utilize a form of radar-sonar for navigational purposes. Do you think THAT, could be significant?
The white fungus thingy is said to cause the bats to not be able to store energy for hibernating, which is why they are coming out of hibernation early (like February) and when they do, they find no insects to consume and replenish their depleted energy stores, and they die.
That all makes perfect (albeit scary) sense, but why now? Where'd the fungus come from? And how did it spread so fast?
Lots of smart people are working on those questions, and even ones that really matter, I'm sure. I'm just here to notice stuff, and to point it out.

I wont even mention how many new manmade electronic transmissions are being pumped into the stuff-O-sphere, or how THAT might have something to do with it.

Because I dont want to scare you off.
Or scare you.


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