Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Happy Thoughts

I'm not going to say anything about who or what I am, because then you(collectively) will be uber-focused on that. This is about "stuff", not me.
Not about politics, not about conservativism vs. liberalism, (although I'm sure theres room for ONE more of those in the blogosphere). Its not about religion, sports, the economy, or even UFO's.
Its not about who I follow, who I believe in, or who I hate.
Its about stuff, and I want you to think about stuff.
Stuff that we're being told to hate, believe in, follow and avoid.
Stuff, that when you look at the stuff presented, against other stuff out there........................
it just doesnt add up right.
My reason for not telling you anything about myself is this. If I told you I was a Harvard graduate with an advanced degree from (pick an ooh-aaah institution), you'd automatically think my idears were top shelf, right??
Well, thats what lots of people thought regarding our president, isnt it?
Turns out to be not-so-written in stone, doesnt it?

I have this senator, and this senator recently voted on this "stimulus package of a porkulus (non-earmarked) bill", and I told my senator if my household were this nation, I wouldnt handle this current "crisis" quite the same way he or his fellow geniuses in Office were handling it. I wouldnt be asking my wife if she thought that since we're so deep in debt, and since we dont have any money to spend, and no way to really create any more money (besides going down to the basement and firing up the old printin' press), and nothing to offer anyone in exchange for obtaining more money, and no way really to pay the bills that are staring us in the face now..............................
"honey, do you think we should just SPEND more money than ALL the families of this country COMBINED, have EVER spent, in TOTAL, since our country was FORMED!?!?!? Do you think THAT would solve this "crisis", honey?"
yeah thats it.
But thats what our beloved senators thought was a good idea(r). Doesnt make sense. Doesnt add up.
BUT, when a Harvard muckety-muck speaks, we lower echelon types had just better toe the line. (I'm guessing here). After all, HE's the one who went to Harvard, and understands such things. Maybe at Harvard they teach how to add like that.
Maybe Wall Street types need to send more of their folks to Harvard too, because they apparently dont know how to add like that, what with their responses and reactions to what the Harvard Grad is doing these days.
I have some regular educated friends, not Harvard of course but by regular universities, and they are standin' at the Eternal Spring of Hope with all this stuff. They tell me to "give the guy a chance", give his policies a chance.
"A chance for WHAT?", is my response? I READ what his idea(r)s are, and they aint good.
Maybe they meant a chance to totally fail so miserably that THEN his Harvard genius will kick in and save us all.
I dunno. Doesnt add up.

I heard they "need" another 3 or 400 Billion to re-stimulate the stimulus bill they just passed. And maybe 800 more billion on top of that one later on.
No wonder Harvard is so expensive. It must take all that money stimulated educatin' to figure out scenarios like this.
What do I know.

Hey, know what I learned today?
An Ex-KGB agent (turned Billionaire) just purchased Englands largest newspaper.
Heres the story
Seems like a nice enough guy.
Although I think even even a Harvard grad would be hard pressed to make sense out of that one.
Most of you younger generation types dont know what the KGB was. Think Gestapo. Don't know what that is either? Ok, think George Bush with a trenchcoat and lots of nasty little Dick Cheneys running all over the country making sure that nobody is doing anything wrong...OR ELSE!!!
(gotta speak to the audience, folks, sorry)
So this Ex-KGB guy turned billionaire (that ALONE doesnt add up) buys a newspaper and says that his politics will in no way interfere with the running of his new paper.
Of COURSE they wont interfere.
They'll DICTATE.

One has to ask why an ex-KGB turned billionaire would invest his however gotten fortune (I'm SURE it was completely on the up and up) into a newspaper that is less than succesful, as business investments go.
You add part A, an Ex-KGB guy, to part B, a failing newspaper, and you come up with................
I dunno.
I think one needs a big ole glass of water from the eternal spring of Hope for this one. Maybe two.
The water kinda smells like dead ex-kgb enemies, however. Like that Alexander Litvenindo chap that ended up dead yeah England.
Just doesnt add up.
Not much does these days.

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