Thursday, 19 March 2009

so many words, so little time...........

Talk about not addin up.
Tuesday night, on the local news, the weather-person informs all the good viewers that the Space Shuttle Discovery will be visible to us at around 7:40 pm, traveling in the clear sky from west to east.
Neato. I've seen it before on previous launches. It looks like a normally bright star, traveling smoothly and quickly across the sky.
Not this night.
What I can best describe as double or triple the intensity of a commercial jet aircraft landing lights (viewed from the front) streaked across the sky. While watching it with my kids, I commented that it was unbelieveably bright for such a small object, 200+ miles above the earth. Much brighter than the other times I viewed it. Grabbing my large-alien spotting binoculars, I looked at it through them, but that just made it like looking directly into a car's oncoming headlights. Maybe even halogen ones.
Oh well no biggee. 7:42, space shuttle was right on schedule.

um............except when I checked the NASA records, and about a hundred (ok TEN) other sites, they said that the space shuttle had docked with the space station, an hour and a half earlier. Maybe that explains the brightness.
Or not.

The official weatherperson/nasa spokesperson didnt return my call where I asked "what it was that we saw, the shuttle or the space station?"
Truth be told, he never answered my other calls either. I dont think intelligent weather people like being questioned or (GASP) doubted by a regular (NON-SCIENTIST!) person.
This is the same weatherperson who said that those large beautiful contrails are "just due to an approaching warm weather front..................."
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand everytime I catalog them during an approaching COLD front, well, I guess he's too busy to comment or return my calls.

This, is what I DO know.
At multiple times throughout the 50's and 60's (that we know of) the american military sprayed Canadian and American cities, with chemicals and or biological agents in an attempt to learn how to properly.........well..........spray large populations with chemicals and biological agents.
Sounds harmless enough(!?!?!?) read for yourself.......
No need to fear, Congress passed a law making such practices illegal, henceforth.
So that'll fix em. The bastards.
they're persistent bastards to boot .
So they did it once. Ok, dozens of times. They'd NEVER do it again, right? Especially with a congressional order and all, right? Most people believe they wont (the ones who are even aware they did it in the first place). Most people view people like myself as fringe nutjobs who need a hobby. (I tell them that taking photos of jet trails IS a hobby.)

What I think, is that we are like their 300 million guniea pigs. But what the heck do I know. Smart people like television weather persons say its all in my imagination. That its all due to warm weather fronts.
Pictures and stiff neck muscles be DAMNED, its just weather.

Or maybe chemicals.
I'm not alone in this theory. Lotsa sites like this one out there. Lots of illogical types like myself look up with interest, instead of staring at the telly and manufactured crisees like "Porkulus outrage!", or "AIG Bailout outrage!" ...or "Octomom outrage!!" (lotta outrage stories these days) Hey, you believe YOUR stupid stories, and I'll believe mine.

What else I DO know...................
Yesterday, the Fed gave the order to print a trillion NEW crisp clean dollar bills, to buy OUR own debt.
Now this is a step that is pretty much theoretical (that means nobody knows if it'll work), but with a bunch of Harvard geniuses at the helm, we're safe as in church, right??
think you've heard really bad news lately?? Ha. Read that. We're screwed like Paris Hilton at an MTV Hip Hop party.

So, a weather person tells us we can see the space shuttle when its already docked with the space station. (I checked this really cool google site) they said nuh-uh.
So I got my doubts about this weather spokesperson guy.
And our military chemical spraying program.

And all the while THIS stupid stuff is going on, our economy has one foot in its grave, and the other on a banana peel.

And.............. our beloved Harvard Grad Genius of a president, is on the Tonight Show, yukking it up with Jay Leno and an audience of normal, reasonable people.
I'm posting this on Thursday night, because I feel that Tomorrow, Friday, could be the blackest of all black fridays we've ever seen.
Or not.

But what do I know?
I'M the crazy one...............................

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