Thursday, 5 March 2009


So Stephen Colbert, (who's audience resembles a cast of "High School Musical", recently, again, hammers Glenn Beck for..................well...................for being "anti-intellectual", among other things.
Like for being an alarmist nut-job. (my translation)
I like Stephen Colbert, really I do. Hes like novacaine. I especially like his vapid expressions when he thinks he's said something amusing. Hes good at that.
I like him more than I like Keith Oberman, thats for sure. Cant even watch that guy.
If I ever have to go to war, and am forced to make a suicidal charge, I have prepared a "Best Of Keith Oberman" show on tape to give me the inspiration(rage) to accomplish my task. It'll make me make the Muslim suicide bombers look like girl scout cookie sales(persons) by comparison.

So anyways.
Colbert says Beck is among other things, always wrong.
Well, this much I do know.
I've read all the executive orders that the Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil George W. Bush signed, regarding martial law, FEMA, and related subjects. I read them waaaaay before I saw Glenn Beck talk about such things. I KNOW what these executive orders say, (and you can by just clicking here), and it always struck me as odd that the federal government would take the time to make such detailed executive orders regarding such matters, if its all just "anti-intellectual nonsense".
What Beck said, to you High School Musical types was that there are a lot of events occuring that MIGHT lead us to a place that isnt all sunshine and lollypops. I guess thats anti-intellectual. Or maybe its the part that if you even ENTERTAIN the possibility of those events resulting in a less than rosy ending, thats anti-intellectual.
I suppose that not taking at face value what this administration is saying is in itself anti-intellectual. Couple that with reading about the "global economic collapse" being harped about by fellow anti-intellectuals, (The Royal Bank Of Scotland)............I dunno.......maybe it makes you an extremist anti-intellectual.
Me, a little ole dope out here in the hinter lands of Free speech and (reading) told everyone I knew of a coming ecomomic tsunami. Last spring.
I was considered even lower than someone with a TV show who would say the exact same thing months after I did.

Until about last October. Then I was some kind of a Prophet to some, aaaaaaaaaand just a lucky roulette wheel spinner to others. (even a blind man finds a light switch once in a while......that sort of thing)
I suppose the "others" would be the High School Musical/ types, who just dont want to even entertain the possibility that everything is not Sunshine and My Little Ponys in this world. You know, the Intellectuals. So I got lucky once. Big stinkin deal. It'll be alright. The Harvard Grad said so.
THAT, I'm guessing, is the intellectual way to approach the issues.

I'm not sure if being an Intellectual makes you opposed, impervious, allergic, or just scared to see what is happening in our world. Maybe they are so intellectual because they have no time to bother with trivial matters like "imminent global catastrophic collapse", and instead focus their time and energies on important things.
Like Stephen Colbert.

It just doesnt add up.

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