Monday, 9 March 2009

Please Use a Condom

Here's an update on the honeybees story.

Its getting increasingly discouraging with every step these days.
One has to look no further than the mysterious honeybee die-off to reach that conclusion.
It appears as though we are faced with another enviornmental/health/social disaster, for which we have been given a bum steer.
As with the AIDS virus, there was hoopla, and a "caring" suggestion given that we all wear condoms.
Voila. That'll fix it.
Pay no attention to that man over there behind the curtain, we were told. Wear condoms.
Many of you less thoughtful types may not even realize how dying honeybees can even rank up there with being mentioned with the AIDS virus.
I'll splain it for you loocy.
If we dont have honeybees to polinate crops, food doesnt grow. There ARE other ways were crops are polinated, spiders, flies, mosquitos, butterflies....................
but when was the last time you noticed a gaggle of busy little spiders in a patch of wildflowers?
Or in your tomato garden?

Sure, you CAN "do it with a Q-tip", like some half-full-glass drinking scholar on an internet chat site suggested, but I have one word to anyone with that idiotic idea.

Kansas. ok, two words. Iowa. Go visit a "garden" that is measured in sq. miles, not square feet, and get back to us.
Theres a reason why honeybees are a commodity that are vital to crop pollination. They get the job done.
Not to mention that currently, we are at the doorstep of a worldwide food shortage, with a little known (well, outside of farmers) wheat blight sweeping the world which threatens our very breadbasket's bread basket.
In short, if we cant grow the food like we have been, the whole world is screwed.
Whether Einstein said it or not, if honeybees go, we go with them, within 4 or 5 years.
Some internet evolutionist scholars are quick to point out that "honeybees took millions and millions of years to evolve to where they became proficient and abundant enough to do what they do, and life survived before they did, so its all good."
Now, I'm not one to quickly jump on the whole evolution from a ball of fire and gas and now we're the Planet Earth being celebrated on the National Geographic Channel bandwagon, but...............................
We didnt have bees for millions and millions of years...................but we weren't exactly *poofed* into a state of double latte mocha sippin beings overnight, now were we?? We might have been in Slug form when bees were making their big transmorgification.
Not very encoraging, those evolutionists.
So. Back to the story on the story.
The BBC says that there is NO evidence that the mysterious bee die-off is being caused by the previously thought(condom wearing) diseas, like we have been told it was.
That REALLY doesnt add up. I mean, its not like SCIENTISTS would deliberately deceive us, would they?? Scientists!?!?
They're like the Priests of the New Church of Progress. They couldn't lie!!
Ok, so maybe they didnt lie. Maybe they just gave us the best answer they could.

Like "Wear a condom and have a nice day. Now go wear the appropriate colored ribbon......and...well, have a nice day."

I've mentioned that little thing about whales and dolphins and bats and bees.
Read this story, and see if maybe this story merits at least a "huh, how bout that" from you.
Things are happening in our world, that while you may view them as insignificant or not even view them at all, their effects will eventually smack you in the forehead like an "I coulda had a V-8" moment, administered by Mike Tyson.
If we dont find out, or identify what is causing these events, your world just might go from worrying about (fill in the blank) to survival.
The second article linked talks about the GWEN network. That takes us headlong into the conspiracy "eeeevil dark Lords of Government" territory. From there, its a hop, skip and a flick of the switch to HAARP-ville.. (neato, a cartoon illustration that even an idiot like myself can follow).
Some have even theorised that its HAARP itself thats responsible.

I dunno.
What I DO know, is that once again, we have a dilemma that is not being reported with forthrightedness.
(I dont know if forthrightnedness even exists anymore.)

Maybe we just need to start making a lot of little bee-sized condoms.

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