Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Saving Private Ryan

Just when you thought it couldnt get any worse. Ok, I didnt think it could get any worse, with regards to this administration.
Did you know we now have "Green Czar?" We have a lot of "czars", actually, and the reason why we have "czars", is becausae a "czar" doesnt have to answer to anyone else in the government. No checks and balances, no chain of command, no nuthin, but (I'm guessin) a scepter or somethin to "czar" with.
So you think maybe I'm just some wacko nobody blogger venting his stupidity and ignorance for all the world to see?? A gold star for you.
But I'm not alone in my concerns for all these "czars" in our government.
Maybe if you read some "expert"from the L.A. Times (hardly a right wing, or a dopey representative voice, no?) voice HIS concerns, THEN it would carry some weight?
Ok then, here it is. Please read it for some intellectual balance to my rantings.

Big whoop. One columnist that you say I wouldnt even line my birdcage with, if he didnt agree with me for a change.
Fair enough. See what The Obama Daily Paper (the New York Times) and a Democrat Senator have to say about it. Thats saying something. Sorta like when the New York Times printed a year after AlGores big lie of a movie, that "it WAS in fact, a big ole lie of a movie...."
I digress.
Obama has appointed a Health Reform Czar, a Urban Affairs Czar, Energy and Climate Czar, Car Czar, Aids Czar, Drug Czar, A stimulus Czar, a Regulatory Czar(Read all about Cass Sunstein here, please), and his most unbelieveably telling appointment to date, a Green Czar. A chap by the name of Van Jones. Sound familiar?
Nah. Not to me either. But a "green czar" sounded interesting to me. (translation, scary stupid) Well, on that note, Obama did my instincts fine. He appointed somebody scary stupid, to a scary stupid post.
Here. READ in his own words, in an interview with the Mother Earth News.
The reason I dug up the mother earth news interview, was because I guessed that if this guy would be honest and open with ANYBODY, it'd be with the Mother Earth News.
Then I stumbled onto THIS. ", or some such.
This is great. Not only is his guard down, but I think he and the interviewer are passing a bong back and forth too.
2 fer 2 tonight.
2 homers.

"Jones will work with agencies and departments to advance the administration's climate and energy initiatives"..... among other things. Like being in charge of stimulus monies that are dedicated for "green jobs" (whatevertheheck they are).
Read what the guy in charge of "the administrations climate and energy initiatives" THINKS about our on-the-verge-of-the-point-of-no-return-fragile-as-a-1967-Bald-Eagle's-egg, environment. A guy with capital R radical beliefs, in charge (with NO congressional oversight) of "environmental policies".
Think Mali.
No, not the big lug in the movie "The Jungle Book". The country in Africa, where people live as they have for centuries. You know, dirt floors, dirt roads, dirt hats, dirt for food......... the good lfe.
THAT, is what guys like "Van" envision as a "kindler, gentler, America". Wiiiiith, no oversight, from anybody. Oh I'm neither kidding nor exaggurating here.
You see, thats what most "green" people supporters dont realize about the whole Green movement. The Greens, which is the Mothership organization for most "green" outfits like greenpeace and such, have quite a radical agenda that if left up to them, would make life on Main St Mali, the norm for everybody, worldwide.
Mr Jones has an interesting resume, besides being a greenie. Hes a sooooocil aaaactivist. You know, community organizer. What, you expected me to say engineer, or architect?? Well he IS a lawyer, but up against these other things, that actually looks good.
No, hes just another theoretical genius, hell bent on inflicting his genius on the rest of us, and now he has a willing and equally brilliant administration to allow him to do exactly that.
He is one of the many who believe that Global "climate change" (as it is now called) is irrefutably manmade, and to disagree with that stance, is not only "anti-science", but anti-social.
thoughts like this will get you a ticket to re-education camps in Obamas Future World.....
think I'm exaggurating again? Read This. A site where science types give their true opinions of those "non believers". Like the line about scientists who happen to believe in God.
"walking talking Oxymorons" is how they're described.
Man, you can FEEL the elite-ism in the words.

And people like this, are going to make laws, that govern how you and I live.
They really and truly believe themselves to be superior, and wholly capable of deciding for US, what changes WE must make in our lives.
Sort of like AlGore, saying how bad burning fossil fuels is............ and then flying all over creation in his Private DC-10-ish Jet to repeat it, ad infinitum. Amazing how these super intellects have no problem telling us what WE need to do, to be better citizens and all, but they cant be found on main st mali....anywhere.

Someday after I die, I'm going to visit the massive graveyard at Normandy France, and I'm going to ask some of those soldiers who ran onto (and died on) that beach under a hail of hellish fire. I'm going to ask the guys that died charging those beaches, for THIS country......

"what'd you think when THIS administration started to run things?

"Yeah, me too".

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