Friday, 13 March 2009

Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's

I'm beginning to see a pattern develop here.
Some talk-show-talking head makes a few comments, and because I don't have a show yet, I run here to comment on the comments.
I can't help it.
A: somebody has to do it, and 2: they make it SOOOO easy.
Jon Stewart, Comedy Central Network's (a political heavyweight network if ever there was one) "variety show" host, got his panties all bunched up when CNBC's Jim Cramer made a few comments on air about Stewart.
CNBC is more financial than Comedy Central is political or even valid, so what would make Stewart believe he had a right or even a reason to respond to Kramers comments?? (answer to follow)
Kramer is somewhat of an idol to the younger, more financially intune zombies of today. His on-air antics are a cross between Chuck Barris on the Gong Show and Andy Rooney on "60 Minutes". Serious enough to warrant him to be given a parking space at the studio, I suppose.
Stewart, on the other hand, makes his living, and fills most all of his air time with lampooning other people, their ideologies and stances.
Yeah, on the comedy central network. A good place to do it if you're just trying to be funny, but his humor is just a vehicle to forward his idiotic ideologies. (leftist-thin-skin-ism).
And too many of those younger-zombie-pseudo thinking individuals consider Stewart and others like him to be their source for news, information, and opinions. Why? Because he MENTIONS news articles, and then comments on them with al the intellectual weight of a re-run of "Caddy Shack". Just the mere MENTION of the "story" allows the viewers to feel educated, AND informed. THEN they get the bonus to hear what Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central Network'"news comment" show has to say about it.
Voila, idocy validation.
"Hey! This guy is GREAT!! Its exactly what I was thinking, but he ain't shoving a funnel down his gullet and having friends pour a quart of beer down it while he's saying it!!!!!!!!"
Point is, he appeals to college aged folks, and those who still think like they're in college.

A guy that makes his living spouting his opinions and lampooning those he (well, his WRITERS) disagrees with politically, got a tad bit upset when an admitted admirer of his, made a few semi-harmless comments on air. Pale by comparison to what he says about everybody, on his show.

Jon Stewart PRETENDED to attack the SERIOUSNESS of Kramer's show, saying that peoples investments (MONEY) weren't a joking matter!!!! (my paraphrase)
Oh, is that right, mr stewart?
But, I suppose people's heartfelt and strongly held beliefs, are??
Political, religious, personal beliefs, are fodder for a frat boy pop-culture idiolog???? Thats too rich.
I find it amusing that the Stewart drew the line for "serious behavior and commentary", only when money was involved. Stewart said that Kramer had a duty to inform his viewers of the oncoming disaster .
REALLY, Jon? How bout your PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE!?!?!? Think that maybe HE (being a Harvard Graduate / Genius and all) should have seen this coming!?!?
Chew on that for a while.
Do you think for a second that Stewart (or his writers) didn't watch Kramer's show and DO what he was saying, causing Stewart (his writers) to get Madoff'd?? I'd bet the farm on it. This is personal, and financial. He took a major hit, and hes throwing a major tantrum.

So Jon Stewart can say whatever he wants to on his show, and shape people's opinion on ANY matter/idea he deems worthy, but money???
Oh no, hands off money. All bow down to the idol of the new age.

I believe that Jon Stewart has caused a lot more people to lose a lot more than their 401k's. Jon Stewart and his writers have caused people to become politically and intellectually bankrupt by spewing their idiotic opinions on a "daily" basis, for years. Far worse than any responsibility Kramer has for not shouting that the sky was falling if and when he realized it was.

Oh, and for the record, The Royal Bank of Scotland and other financial heavyweights issued a warning for dopes like me and kramer to read, regarding the "coming economic global catastrophe. this was first posted in june of 08.

Last Spring.
I told people I knew, what I read, and I was discounted as an alarmist loon (still am today).
What do you think Jon Stewarts writers would have come up with if Kramer would have said "get out NOW!", when the DOW was at 13,000, when I read what I was reading???
Yeah, they'd have chewed him up and spit him out.
BUT, because (my hunch) they lost their shirts and their guaranteed sweet retirements, they're now blaming who they can. The guy who didnt warn them but if he did, they'd have ridiculed him. Conjecture?
Not totally. Stephen Colbert proves my point, no more than a few days ago.

Look what happened just last week when Glenn Beck warned of other "possible disasters" (see one of my posts below). Guys like Colbert and Stewart make fun of people for a living, with impunity. Its what they do. The warnings were (are) out there, and they still make jokes at people like myself's expense.
You cant tell "smart" people anything . They have to find out for themselves. And boy oh boy are smart people being educated these days.

Well, Jon, you just found out what NOT to put your hopes and trust in.
Sucks to be you.
At least you have somebody to blame.

What about all those who mistakenly looked up to what YOU had to say???? You could lose more in your life than just your retirement investments, Jon.
If I had a show, Youd be a guest on it tomorrow night, but unlike Kramer, I'd neither claim nor pretend to be a friend or an admirer of yours. Which means the sandbag tactics you used on him, wouldnt work on me.
No backing up to a defensive position for me, Jon.

You get what you get in life, depending on your priorities.

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