Monday, 9 March 2009

Stupid is as Stupid does............

so much for "repairing our image throughout the world"..........

Oh but her ARMS!!!! They're so MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!
The things this media focuses on, its no wonder why Americans in general are attracted to American Idol and such. American Idol is an intellectual step UP from the news reporting thats going on anymore.
Maybe its just that Barry and Michelle dont really LIKE England all that much.
Maybe thats why they decided to send back the gift given to the "people of the united states, by the people of England", when they "moved it on up" and checked into the white house.
Seems a Bust made in the Image of Winston Churchill, which was presented to the people of America after 9-11 in the spirit of resoluteness and unity, was "offensive" to the current administration/first family.
Seems that being a gift from one people to another, doesnt matter much when compared to "personal offense". At least when the offend-ee is the new president of the united states.
After all, Winston Chrchill, of all people, was a staunch enemy of "da people", (as defined by people who wave red flags with gold stars on them) If you have a better explanation, I'm all ears. Winston Churchill wouldnt exactly be on Bill Ayers "people I'd like to meet", list.
Oh, the official response was "it was offensive because Barry's grandfather was "tortured" by Britain in a war. Long ago. In Africa. (huh. Another Obama on the wrong side of things. I'm begining to see a pattern develop here.........)
So 9-11 and a message of hope and alliegance be damned. Barry was offended for an ancestor's sake.
Chew on that for a while. Really (turn off the dammed I-pod and THINK, for a change) about what you just read.
No biggee, you conclude. Just a bust of a dead english guy. England even said "it was a gift to your people, put it in a museum, please" (brits are a polite lot)
Nope. Barry (Michelle?) wanted it GONE. Bust-non-gratia.

Then theres the official gift exchange between the Obamas and the Browns You heard about this, right? It was like The Bradys meet the Bundys. I'm surprised that the Obamas didnt give them some left over campaign buttons and posters with "Yes we CAN" on them.

Gordon Brown gives Obama a pencil set/holder made out of the wood from this ship. . A desk is already present in the white house, made out of the sister's ship's wood, and the pencil set was to match that desk. Well thought out gift-givers, those Brits. History, alligiences and craftsmanship all in a gift.
So what did Barry the Harvard Grad/genius give in exchange???
A DVD set of american classic movies, that the Browns cant even view in England, due to their configuration, and Europe's DVD viewing systems. I think he either sent someone out to the corner 7-11 to get a quick gift, or maybe the DVDs were left there by a recent visitor to the white house, Stevie Wonder. Some dope probably gave them to Stevie, and Stevie (having little need for DVD's) gave them to Barry, and Obama (in the true spirit of saving the earth via re-cycling) gave them to The Browns.
Maybe Barry thought when he heard that "the Browns" were coming, it was Chris Brown and his entourage /battered girlfriend Rhyanna (whatever).
Who knows.
The Obama whitehouse-tailspin control folks have an answer for this. "The president is extremely tired from dealing with the current economic crisis, and" it comes, and I quote
" doesnt even want to pretend to be interested in foreign policies, especialy protocals. "

hmm. Not a good sign for a nation at war.
Not a good sign for a nation that has bullyseyes being fixed upon it by every two bit despot run country (with NUKES) around the globe. "dont even want to pretend to have an interest in foreign policy..." "too tired"
Oh the poor babies!!!!!
Maybe they should curtail the "Wednesday night in Big Mama's House" parties that are becomming regular there.

and Pelosi called Bush "stupid"........ "dangerous".........
This administration is, pardon the pun, beyond the pale.
And THIS gang promised to "fix america's standing and image around the globe".
They cant even "fix" a frickin gift, for cryin out loud!

Never mind Hillary handing Hamas a check for billions of American taxpayer dollars.
Nevermind Obama's apointee to the National Security Council, Samantha Power's words, (regurgitated from Thomas Erudite Friedman) promising/suggesting/threatening Israel with the United States placing military troops IN PALESTINE, TO KEEP ISRAEL IN CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!!! .
No, nevermind that.

Hamas is good, and Palestine is (according to Hillary) "going to be a seperate state, and we are going to make sure of that."
Wow. That'll sure improve our standing.
With terrorists everywhere.
Well, what'd you expect from a president who's FIRST phone call as president, was to the Mahmoud Abas, chairman of the PLO?
Who's first TV interview, was with Al-Arabyia television.
His first attempt to restore Americas image in the middle east?
Hand Hamas a check for 20 million, and then have Hillary promise 900 billion more shortly afterwards.
A president who cant figure out a proper gift, a president who couldnt figure out without a teleprompter, to say "God Bless you" (not that he would) if someone were to sneeze in the room.

What DO they teach at Harvard, anyways??
Sure as heck aint Economics. Or how to appoint someone who understands economics.
Or how to fulfil your promise to "stand behind Israel as America has always done.."
like he promised during the campaign..........

Sure must suck to be an American Jew who supported this president, huh?
70some% of them voted for Obama, and they have only themselves to blame for what is about to happen to Israel.

People said he cared, that he was "smart" and that he would "fix" things. People said to me "he is running a masterful campaign, so he will naturally run a masterful administration".
Oh yes they did say that, to me personally, and to the voting public via their mouthpieces in the American (and worldwide) media.
SMART people said that to me. Smart people, who inferred (in no uncertain terms) that the reason I didnt understand that, was because I wasnt quite smart enough.

I could agree to that.
But if this president is "smart", somebody had better get busy painting ceilings with my images on them, for posterity's sake, cuz I'm off the frickin charts.

It just depends upon what your definition of "smart", is.
(I learned to think like that from another "smart" American President.)

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