Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Ignorance is Bliss

Not so much.
Its not easy being Ignorant. Trust me. Especially nowadays.
I've been told I cant understand the Nuances of what our Genius of a president has to say, because, well, I'm just not bright enough to "get it".
Take giggling on camera, while discussing the mess that is our current economy. I dont get it. "Gallows humor..." was the definition Obama gave "60 minutes" interviewer Steve Kroft. Gallows humor, huh? Sounds lame, but then again, I'm just a dope.
It seems Youtube yanked videos containing the Giggling Chief Executive. Kinda ironic that they would do that on the same day China announced that Youtube would henceforth be considered Website Non-Gratia in their country. I could yak for an hour on that coincidence, but I'll leave it for you smarter types to contemplate on your own.
I would define "gallows humor", as Reagan telling the EMT just after he'd been shot, "Tell my wife I'm sorry that I forgot to duck". Or when he was being wheeled into an operating room because of said gunshot (as a sitting republican president), he commented: "I hope the doctor's a republican".
THATS, gallows humor.
What we all witnessed on 60 minutes the other night, was frightening.
But, frightening is as frightening does.
You smart types might want to check why someone in his position would giggle at a time like this, in a setting like that. I'd bet the house that there aren't too many psychological experts (outside of malibu California) that would say its a good thing for him to be giggling like that. Sure wish I knew someone who had at least a FEW college psycological courses to explain all this to me. (ok, thats a dig. So sue me)
This president, has taken this (cant mention it enough) "inherited economy", and greased the proverbial firepole in order to fast track all of his ideological programs and agendas.
never waste a good crisis is something we're hearing more and more these days, and it seems that those saying it, are serious about the philosophy.

Without even allowing those who vote on these new programs, to READ what's in them, he shoves them through with the nuanced battle cry;
So much for nuance. Seems to be the m.o. of this administration. They should probably add, "before anyone finds out what the HELL is in here!!!" to their battle cry, too. We "needed" the Porkulus bill passed immediately, without allowing a single voting house and/or senate member any time at all to read what was in the bill. That makes sense. After all, its a crisis and all. Gotta move NOW!!! (um, on a bill that most of the monies contained therein wont even be spent until AFTER 2010. yeah. I know, doesn't add up)
But thats old news. We have new crisees to deal with. Like The new (you dont REALLY need to vote on this thing) Budget, and Cap and Trade. You know, "how to fix the global climate crisis, by taxing carbon dioxide production". This one DOES add up, from a liberal perspective. Most of the time, taxing an activity usually criples or kills said activity, depending on the rate of government While the Harvard giggling genius has stated that there are "details that need to be out", we need to PASS IT NOW!!!!! or......................compete and total disaster will be the result. You know, more nuance.
I'm beginning to see a pattern develop here. "We know what to do, but not exactly what to do yet, but you gotta give us the authority to do whateverthehell we come up with as a solution, when we come up with it." Or else.
Gotta have more money spent than ALL the money thats been previously spent in the history of our nation combined, in order to "fix" our economy, and its being said with straight faces.
Gotta have control over the banks, cuz the banks just cant be trusted.
Gotta have control over private corporations, cuz they can't be trusted.
Heaven forbid they might give out bonuses out that we knew about ahead of time, (but didnt do anything to prevent) so we gotta be in control." Or something like that. I told you I was a dope, and I'm sure someone smart like Keith Oberman can understand it better.
To Regular dopes like me, Last nights speech was confusing, at best. Boringly scary, at worst.
Lines like "we need to seriously invest in the investing of our nation, before theres no more investing to be invested in, so investments are necessary to prevent a lack of investability. For the investments.
Ok, I paraphrased. I probably left out an "invest" or three, but its not too far off what was said, and HE was serious when he said it.
And not a ONE "reporter" (of the bloggers who were given permission to ask questions) bothered to question him on the "investment" thingy, or anything else of imortance.
Regarding the line of reporters, and who was allowed to ask questions last night, did anyone else find it strange that not one question was taken from a member of the "too big to fail" print media? You know, folks like the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, that sort of thing? I would think if they're so important so as to require taxpayer funding to save their financial arses, the least he could have done was to call on one of em.
Instead, we had "representatives of "the politico" and other bloggers who were given the floor to do their best. The upside was, one got Obama's ire aroused (a gold star for him). Disdain and contempt, too. Geniuses dont like to be questioned, and This One especialy so.
I guess its ok to giggle at others expense, or at their lot in life (special olympic types), but dont you DARE question His Geniusness.
Lotsa telling stuff last night, if you had the ears to hear it, which, apparently, not too many media types do.

Obama said in Jan. O8, that his cap and trade plan "would necessarily cause energy prices to spike, and that people would just have to learn to do with less energy", if they couldnt pay the necessary price spikes. Last night in his telepromter conference, Obama said that "we still have to work out the details of the plan, but we need to pass it NOW, for the country's sake". For the EARTH'S sake. Doesnt get much more serious than that. Pay (exponentially) more for your microwaved ravioli, or we all DIE!!!! Well, nancy pelosi will still be able to jet her friends and family back and forth across the Fruited Plains at will (and at taxpayers expense), but you cant have affordable electricity anymore. Sorta like AlGore's bazillion square foot house, preaching to all of us minions how we need to have a smaller footprint on ole mother earth. From his G-8 jet.
You know, the whole "lead by example" thingy that gets the Left all upset whenever a Christian preacher doesnt eat dirt and wear burlap bags for clothes. They point out the hypocricy of all that, but algore somehow "deserves" how he lives. The left knows how WE must live our lives, but they dont consider themselves quite in the same circumstance as us minions. Serfdom is a good thing, for the serfs. (start chanting that now, because it'll take a while to kick in)

On a bad note, Hypocrisy is the least of our worries. We have a president who says we MUST give him all the authority he demands (its for our own good after all) . Even if he doesnt know exactly HOW to fix all these crisees, he surely WILL figure it out eventually, but in the meantime he needs unprecedented authority over previously private institutions and industries.
I say nuh-uh. I say he has to figure out those pesky little details, and figure them out in a way that allows for dopes like me to understand what our government is doing, and why. I say "prove' that carbon dioxide is bad (considering that plants NEED it, and that one eruption of the volcano on the island of Krakatoa produced MORE carbon dioxide in one week, than all the carbon producing man made machines EVER have........................)
I think we need to reseach this eeeevil carbon dioxide thingy a little more. BEFORE we tax the HELL out of Americans to the point where ALL energy is either too expensive to produce, or too regulated to bother producing.
Most of you intelligent types cant even grasp the concept of living in an America where energy (you know, electricity) isnt available. Most intelligent types believe dopes like me to be just dopes, and Chicken Little dopes, to boot. "oh it'll NEVER happen", they smartly say.
I bet there were a boat load of smart peole in Germany saying stuff like that in the 1930's, too.
Right up to the point where the train doors opened.
While there may not be any prisoner train cars being loaded in our country, there ARE programs and plans being put into effect that can drastically change how We The People live our lives.
Drastically. More and more the radicalness of this administration, of this president, becomes evident.
During the campaign, we were told by the smart people that all of those people in Obama's past were irrelevent. That all past and current associations had NOTHING to do with who he was. He was a "centrist" they told us. He would govern us as he SAID he would, with honesty and intelligence and hard work and a chicken in every pot and all. They believed him, for one smart reason or another. They still do. For some smart reason or another. Doesnt matter who he associates with (appoints), doesnt matter the details of his agenda, lets just trust his smartness.
Never mind the giggling.
Or the making fun of the handicapped.
Or even showing up on things like "The Tonight Show"..
Cool presidents do things like that. And thats ok, apparently, with many smart people everywhere.

So he inherited a debt of 1.3 Trillion dollars. Thats a tough position to be (voluntarilly) thrust into, thats for sure.
His plan of escaping that debt??
To multiple the debt. By 9. Like I said, I'm not smart enough to do that kind of math, but on the surface, it doesn't make any mathematical sense.
Not much does anymore.
Up is down and down is up. Ignorance is scary as hell and worrysome, and intelligence seems to be the new place of blind trust and unquestioning, obedient, bliss.

Sure wish I was smart these days.
Well, we could just give him more time, and give his programs more and more control over more and more of our lives, and hope for the best.
Just don't do what I did. Dont read about Saul Olinsky, Noah Chompsky or Jerimiah Wright or Bill Ayers or Cass Sunstein or ANYBODY associated with Barrack Obama.
Cuz it just wont add up in a Blissful kinda way.

I suggest you get ignorant like me, and wake the hell up, before its too late.
And tell your smart friends that its time to jettison the bliss for some good old fashioned common sense.
Go join in on a tea party somewhere.

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