Sunday, 26 April 2009

So whats it all mean?

Thats the million dollar question.
Last June or so, I ran across that article in the London Telegraph that quoted the Royal Bank of Scotland, who warned of a coming global economic collapse. I told some people of what I'd read, not to get them to DO anything per se, about the news, but to show them they need to START looking at whats being said, where.
Then last october, the collapse happened. Or at least it began in earnest.
Also sometime last fall, I stumbled on some cocamamie predictions of a coming pandemic/epidemic that would have devastating consequences. I told some people about that, too, but no one I know of actually seriously considered what I was saying. Heck, I only halfway accepted it.
Today, we have this swine flu thingy that has governments around the globe all discombobulated.
The London Telegraph to the rescue again. (get this in your favs, people)
There are a few sentences that stand out in this article. Not the least of which being our beloved White House inhabitants have "declared a state of public health emergency". Have we HAD one of these before? I didnt even know a state of public health emergency existed, but thats not saying much.
The article goes on to say how "Britain is well stocked up on the anti-viral Tamiflu, so Britians have nothing to fear. Then in the next sentence, they say that "britain has enough dosages to treat HALF of the entire population of britain".
Huh. Half. I guess thats whatchacall a half full glass, isn't it? HALF of Britain's population is guaranteed to be protected. Sucks to be on the other half looking in, however.
Thats government planning in action people. At it's best, in the most critical of potential circumstances. HALF is better than none, I suppose. Where do I sign to put these people in charge of EVERYTHING??
Yeah yeah yeah I know, Oprah said that we were all doomed from a guaranteed outbreak of the bird flu, and she said that two years ago. This is nothing more than the media doing what the media does. Sell news stories.
Of course then theres the quote by virologists in Britain who said a worst case scenario is 120 million dead, worldwide.
And the world health organization (WHO) warning
of a "potential pandemic" as it launched a global emergency system to monitor the virus.
Aaaaaaaaaaand, that white house declaration of public health emergency.
Somethins a-brewin.
Did anybody see the pictures of the mexican soccer stadium? Completely empty, and not because women were playing, but because of the swine flu scare. Now an empty soccer stadium in the United states represents nothng more than our better judgement, but in mexico, it means they're REALLY scared. They dont miss soccer games. It'd be like missing an empty freight train headed north of the border. Not an option.

Time to read between the lines, folks.
Time to put on your tinfoil hat and remember who warned you of what, and when, in the past.
The media indeed makes mountains out of molehills on a regular basis, but the governments of the world are more noted for down playing events and occurances that may lead to panic.
This one doesnt add up on a very big scale.

So what does it all mean? It means that janet (watch out for those nasty canadiens) nopolitano said that we have nothing to worry about, that we are taking all the necessary steps.."
Great. FRICKIN great, to be exact. Theres some reassurance for ya. The (wo)man put in charge of terrorist threats, decides its important to not call terrorists, terrorists, and that those non-to-be-called-terrorist persons are all coming across the canadien border, by the by.
Oh, and that the crack outfit that put HER in charge, is doing absoutely everything possible to prevent a health catastrophe in this country.

Yep, I'm sure sleeping soundly tonight .


What, you want maybe some instructions, some advice for what to do if a pandemic hits?
Sorry, you have to put all your eggs in the "government knows best" basket at this point.
Get your masks, your latex gloves, keep at least 6 feet between you and EVERYONE else, and oh yeah, no kissing. Reminds me a lot of the "wear a condom" approach to the aids virus.
"Keep 6 feet between you and everybody else". Ok, that means that that soccer stadium could have been at least a quarter to a third full, and using the government's safety standards, everything should have been a-OK.
Even soccer fans know better than to trust the government. If they didnt, I'd be convinced that this was all an evil plot by the world boogeyman organization to cull large percentages of the earths population, startin with soccer fans first.
I might even go along with that part. Thin the herd, startin with soccer fans, and gradually moving up to nascar and poker on tv fans. (I know, I definately should have been an evil villian type)

Me? I'm hopin that that implant the ailens put in my foot when they abducted me way back when, will protect me like a magical force field.

and you thought you'd heard it all.

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