Wednesday, 8 April 2009

I dont even know where to begin.

At ten AM today, I had about a thousand words all ready to be plunked down, but then our glorious leaders made a few more public statements, and my head just plum spun off my shoulders in disbelief.

An American flag flying ship was hijacked by Somali pirates today, and Hillary the secretary of state said;
"we are very concerned, NOT just by this particular instance of a hijacking, but of all the hijackings that have been occuring. We are very focused on this situation..." (I actually felt a warm rush of security flow over me when she uttered those profound words) ," and we believe that the world needs to come together to deal with this situation. But we are very concerned and working on the situation very dilligently....."

Yep, we ned to get the "world working together on this situation..."
Yeah, like we need to get the world focused on a stern response to North Korea's missle launch of this past weekend.

President puffy chest promised a "stern and immediate response from us and the world", and what we and North Korea got, was what Saddam Hussein got from the world when he was doing whateverthehell HE wanted to do.
For 14 years.
Then, When ole "Half-Cocked-Dubya" DID go in after Hussein (14 years of U.N. sanctions later) what we heard (and still hear) from half-wits LIKE Hillary of State CLinton, was that W. went in unilaterally and waaaaaay too fast".
Well, at least this administration is firm and strong on ONE country in the warnings Dept.


Allow me to explain the danger we face.
Somali Pirates have been wreaking havoc on the coast off their country for a few years now. They hijack ships on a regular basis, and even got one going from Russia to Iran (and it was full of Weaponry like tanks and stuff) but that mission didnt end very well for at least half of those pirates. No more hijacking crazy weapon hauling russian ships, I suppose.
Anyways, No american ship had been boarded in that region, by pirates, in these modern pirating times.
Until today. And today, Hillary of State issues a tough as cheese cloth decree about the "world needing to get together in this matter" or some such Jimmy Carter-esque nonsense.
Three days after President Puffy Chest promised to lay down the law to Kim Jung Il if he launched the missle, and boy oh boy I bet Mr Il is all kinda scared now.
A week after President Puffy chest DIDN'T visit the graves at Normandy when he was in France, but instead spoke to citizens in Strassburg and told them how bad we as a nation were. I guess president PuffyChest forgot about Normandy, and who did what, for whom, there. Instead he apologized for our sins (AGAIN), and promised the world that we'd be better in the future.
Again, hard to be better than an American in Normandy.
But what the heck do I know.

Whadda week. Today, with very little fanfare, President Puffy chest made good on his promise to FORCE healhcare workers (you know, STUPID people like doctors and nurses) to perform abortions. Even against any moral objections, if they are so knuckle draggingly backwards as to hold such a moral standard.
I want you to read the words of the very pro-obama administration supporters, CNN
Do any of you (three) realize how horrible a law that is!!?!?
THIS, is who this guy is, and THIS, is who people like myself were SAYING this guy is, all the while everyone kept chanting "hope and change", and "oh hes SOOOOOOO smart", and "oh I have a warm feeling run down my leg whenever I hear him speak..."
I was shouting "HES A FRIGGING MONSTER!!!!" while all the world was ooh-ing and aaaah-ing.

and I'm the one who was right.

Only a MONSTER, would force people who believed that abortions killed a baby human, to do exactly that.
Only a MONSTER, would force his views, HIS choices, on doctors and nurses (and healthcare institutions, like Catholic hospitals) to perform abortions, OR ELSE!
Only a MONSTER, would discard deeply held, deeply thought beliefs of people, and cause them to either do what they BELIEVE to be killing a baby, or get a new profession.
Those are the only "choices" President Puffy Chest leaves those people.
Obey HIM and his laws, or their God and His laws.
I cant emphasise enough the significance of this event, people. If any of you are into TM, go "ooooohhm" on that for a while. This decree has cosmic implications. THIS, is president Puffy Chest taking on God. Plain and (nuts) simple.
THAT, is why he's doing this. And remember where you heard it first. Right here, from a stupid dirt merchant.

I'm wigged out about a thousand things going on in what used to be our country, but stuff like this, takes the cake.
You dont have to be in the pro-life camp to understand the horribleness of this law. You dont have to be anything but a thinking, reasonable human frickin being, to understand the evil, that is this law.

I dont care WHAT John McCain said during the campaign. This guy IS evil, and he SHOULD be feared.

If you believe that a president who would force this kind of law into action, WOULDNT eventually crush ALL beliefs he didnt "approve of", you're an idiot.

Nothing can prove my point more than what this guy has already done.

You'd better go take an inventory of your beliefs. And you'd better read everything I read, before the election, regarding Barrack Hussein Obama's beliefs. start here

Nothing hes saying or doing now is accidental. Its all consistant to his beliefs.
He, the president of the united states, is forcing people to think and believe a certain way, "or else".

That should scare the HELL out of you.

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  1. When this jerk said he wanted a citizen's army equal to our military, that's when I knew this clown was about the most anti-freedom loving president ever. He wants his citizen army to be as powerful as our military? Why? So guys like me can be imprisoned and reprogrammed? Anoher name for the HITLER YOUTH MOVEMENT!

    I guess being gun loving, anti abortion, and for family values is against his values, well then the hell with Obama and his outlandish agenda.

    He's a muslim, he bowed to the king of saudi arabia. He is the Manchurian Candidate. He's a citizen of the world. I'm glad he didn't go to Normandy, he's not worthy of that honor.

    He's not worthy of his office and we will pay a heavy price for this man who has a "backbone of steel". What a wimp!