Sunday, 3 May 2009

It was Patton's troops that liberated the Jews in Nazi Germany

Not "Jesus".

O geeze.

Stay with me folks, I'm going to make a few points, and piss off EVERYBODY in the process.

I ran into a friend the other day, in a grocery store. My friend is a christian, as I am.

After the usual greeting and pleasantries exchange, the conversation switched to current events (his doing, not mine).

In a nutshell, he asked me "whats wrong with our nation?", and I, not needing too much prodding in this area, proceeded with the readers digest version of an answer.

There was a pause, and then he said, "Its all about Jesus...", to which I replied (to myself) "oh geeze....."

Now I understood his point perfectly, and in fact I said "I understand your point perfectly", but this other stuff, especially the political, military and foreign relation stuff I touched on was all pertinent. He then said that none of the other stuff mattered, that ONLY the spiritual mattered. Again, I agreed it was important, but not in total.

Now I imagine everyone is asking "what the heck do I care about some insane conversation in a checkout line!?!?!?"

Because what HE said mattered, thats why.

Its NOT all that matters, but it most certainly matters. Most people fall into the same category my friend falls into. Except most people believe the spiritual doesnt mater at all, IF they even believe it exists at all. Too narrowly focused, missing very important portions of the equation, as it were. Tough to add it up when one has all the components, leave out a few, and its hopeless.

So heres a couple of points, for my friend and for you who believe the spiritual doesnt matter at all in current events.

First for my friend the Believer;

Jesus didnt liberate the nazi concentration camps, the American 3rd army did (yes, and other units as well). Point is, the military of the united states DOES matter in world events, even those on a biblical scale.

Second, when asked what believers should do regarding Ceasar, Jesus answered "render unto Ceasar what is Ceasars".......which means that this world and things in it, DO matter in the life of believers. If it didnt, the answer would have been more like "who careth?"

Hey, this stuff had me talking to myself for days, trying to figure out what is the correct response to my friend's attitude. This is as much for me, (if not moreso) as it is for you all. My journey is your journey.

Everybody who knows me personally knows what a jerk I can be, and what horrible things I've done in my life (regarding sin).
Thats why what I'm saying is so important.
I know it even better than you do. I'm the king of the dirt bags, and I know that.
But I also "know" that God wants to use me for some reason. Me. He knows what a fool I've been even more than you do, and thats saying something.
Having said that, and understanding to some extent the spiritual aspect of life, I feel its important to keep in mind how our spiritual life is affected by non-spiritual events.
And Vice-Versa.

I'm sick of politics.
I'm sick of news.
I'm sick of entertainment.
I'm sick of being told whats real and important by those trying to sell me something.

are you?

I'm trying to refocus my life and put the puzzle pieces together properly. I'm not trying to invent a "just Jesus" picture, or a "just republican or democrat" picture. (I am SO sick of politics)
I am just asking you all to read and think, and wonder the big question. Yes, a dirt merchant is asking you all to ponder the meaning of our lives.
And to put all the puzzle pieces on the table, even if they make you squirm. "what life is all about" is pertinent to the issues we are dealing with and focusing our attentions on today. One must be focused and grounded to interpret the news of the day. Get your focus out of whack, and your interpretation is automatically out of whack.
To just accept what you are fed, will make you fat, not smart. (mentally speaking)
Too many mentaly fat people believe themselves to be smart. They were fed a HUGE diet of mental junk, and absorbed it like a sponge.

So what makes my junk different from their junk, you ask?

Heck thats easy.

I'm smarter.

I'll get back to rambling about politics, but I want you to understand that those arent the most important or only events that we need to pay attention to. Just ONE of the many puzzle pieces. Dont leave out pieces, and dont focus on only one piece of the puzzle, cuz you wont figure out anything that way.

To my friend in the store, God love ya, you're right. To an extent, but you're wrong, too.
To the rest of you, HE'S right, you know, but theres more we need to pay attention to. A LOT more.

Pay attention people, theres a lot going on now.

Stay tuned for further instructions.

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