Wednesday, 3 August 2011


in august of 1939, adolph hitler murdered a bunch of polish citizens, placed german military uniforms on them, and then videotaped the dead "german army" bodies and broadcast them to the german people. think Im making that up too? then read, or remain ignorant. It got his people all fired up to attack poland. mis and disinformation, for a purpose.

Rachael Carlson conducted a study on bald eagles in alaska, and the conclusion of her study was that because of the presence of DDT, bald eagles eggs did not have the sufficient calcium present to allow the eggs and their occupants, to mature and hatch. ZERO eggs made it to hatchlings.

Because of that "study", DDT was banned from america.

This isnt about whether or not ddt is harmful. It is about a false deliberately altered "scientific study", that had huge ramifications. What Ms Carlson left out of her official findings, was that in her controlled experiment, racheal removed ALL calcium from the eagles diet. ALL of it. Now what kind of effect do you think THAT little tid bit of info had on the study? Eggs are primarily, calcium. hmmmmm.
Ms carlson admitted it decades later, but you know what, Pittsburgh recently named a bridge after her, for her work to make the planet a better place to live.

Ignorant, stupid fools who think because the results were what THEY wanted, the study was valid.

mis and dis information.

Dont even get me going on global warming. its a hoax created by those who will profit and control in the new "carbon regulated" world. You were told its to save the planet, but thats just a schtick. a pitch. Read.

the ultimate mis and dis information. it is going to RULE your existance, and you are going to allow it joyfully, because you believe you're saving mother earth.

So go ahead and drive across ms carlsons bridge and feel all safe because ddt is nnow banned . Oh, and malaria is at an all time high. Oh, and nations where malaria is rampant are reinstating ddt as an accepted chemical. But you feel good because youre so smart.

Hell, YOU never even hear of rachael carlson before you read this, and you think IM stupid.

Dont worry.

You're like the dad (who played second string in high school) that takes his kid to the super bowl and says, "you know, I used to play football too....."

Just shut up and watch, you dont understand or know about anything, let alone what it takes to get to the super bowl. Shut up and learn.

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