Saturday, 1 January 2011

happy new year

Yippee. Do any of you have ANY idea whas in store?
Well, since most already consider me nutty as frickin peanut brittle, here goes.

I bought a junky 11 year old car last summer, because of what the even nuttier people I listen to said was coming regarding gasoline prices.
Last july, the prediction/declaration was, 3 dollar a gallon gas by christmas, (ahem), and 5 to 7 dollar a gallon gas by the following summer. On New Years eve day, CNN fired the first salvo in that realm, softening up the zombie viewers to the possibility of 5 dollar a gallon gas.

Their story was that it was a POSSIBILITY, SOMEDAY, and maybe as soon as 2012. Thats how these things work. At first, the story is just leaked out in dribs and drabs. Because it seems, the general public doesnt handle shock very well. The reader-ette doing the story said something retarded like "Oh well that'll stink. But we'll see" .
Yeah, we'll see. Just another news story. Process it with the "oh well we'll see" philosophy. Its what they want you to do. Nothing. Maybe wait till june to try to buy a gas saving vehicle. But hey, we warned you all about it.
Also on new years eve day, I watched an interview with peter schiff on msnbc, or cnbc. Or xyznbc. I dunno. Anyways, a panel of "experts" in The Market, sat there and basically laughed off peter schiffs warnings and predictions. Why? His are dire, and theirs are what you hear no matter WHERE you look. "Oh the market will rebound. It ALWAYS does." Or worse yet, "the economy IS on the rebound".
Its not, and it wont. Not this time. That was Schiff's warnings. Its NOT the same old, not even a worser version of the same old same old.
What we are in the midst of, has NEVER been experienced in this country, or in the history of the world. Schiff's been saying this for a few years now. Cute. The panel couldnt accept the possibilitry that all was not well in Oz.
30 seconds after Schiff left them, the panel went back to what they say ALL the time. What everybody says. Stay the course. Diversify. Invest for the long term.
Idiotic advice from experts who cant see the evidence in front of their noses.
Yeah I know, more doom and gloom from me. Hell, I've been glooming the world for a couple years now. Thats WAAAAAAAY too long for the farmville playin facebook obsessed with retarded society we live in today. Gotta show em something NOW, and, it beter be shiney info too.
The federal reserve, OUR federal reserve, is deliberately devaluing the dollar, and continues to do so, even though a few loons like Peter Schiff and Ron Paul are trying to inform the public of their actions.
Russia, China, and Germany, (to name a few) have stated that they are "moving away from using the dollar as the world currency". You dont understand what that means, because you dont know that oil is traded in dollars. That means, that even China has to convert its currency and buy dollars to buy the gazillions of barrels of oil that its economy needs. Well, they just decided that they are not going to do that in the future.
The near future.
You still dont get it. WHEN that happens, and loony experts like Lindsey Williams say it might be late next spring, gas goes to 7 bucks a gallon, in one day, to start. Not IF, but WHEN.
"Oh if this were true, it would be in the news."
It IS in the news, but not the mind numbing stuff you watch/read.
Let me explain what Ive learned.
The republicans vs democrats bullshit is all FAKE. The conservatives versus liberal rift that has literally split this country in two, is fake. Oh the political views of people is real, but whats done with it is not.
Its all manufactured. Precisely to do what it is doing. Keeping americans at odds with each other. Keping their focus on the false enemy. Each other.
Now Im going to ask you to open up your mind.
The parties and the politicians dont run the country, make the rules, or even write the bills that get passed.
Corporations, mainly large banks, their interests, and their people, do. Same with the news you see/hear. All spun and processed for a purpose. Say Baaaaaaaaaah. Foxnews was started precisely because people werent watching cnn anymore. They were leaving in droves, so billionaire buildeburger media genius rupert murdoch starts fox news to keep the straying masses in check and in their pens. And to make a boatload of bucks in the process.
Give em the same shit, just put a SLIGHTLY different pitch to it.
Watch both networks and you tell ME what the diference is between the two. There isnt one. But, there IS a perception that there is. Thats all thats needed. Sheep food.

One event has changed how I view everything now. No, not being married to a loon.
No WAY in hell it was what we are being told it was. No way in hell. The only evidence you need amongst the million of facts that you could research, is building #7, and its fate.
Or, as the judge in the 9-11 responder's trial called it, "building WHAT?"
Yeah, building what. Google that too. Building what.
A building not touched by anything, comes crashing down. Demolition style. Just like the two towers that were hit by jets 7/8ths of the way up their length.
Building seven wasnt touched by ANYTHING, and it came crashing down.

I know, I know, conspiracy theory nonsense.
Yeah, nonsense.
Know what I call nonsense?
Believeing a 40 story concrete and steel building comes crashing down because.......well....because they SAID it came crashing down.
Just google "building 7 collapse" and watch a few of those videos. Maybe watch the BBC's report of building 7's collapse BEFORE it collapsed. Now THATS what I call good reporting.
Once you cross that threshold and believe what really happened, everything changes. Your eyes will be opened. You will understand that the carrier groups were moved in position to attack afghanistan a month BEFORE 9-11, that the patriot act passed because of 9-11, was done so to strip american "patriots" of their freedoms, not to protect them. It NEVER would have passed without the staged terror act.
Once you open up your mind, you are able to understand why NORAD had issued a stand down order for all fighter interceptors on 9-11.
From there, you understand why the war in Iraq was not only unnecessary, but just a stage, a training ground. And a money maker.
Ever heard of Blackwater security? Not before 9-11, thats for sure.
They became pretty famous during and after the Iraqi war, didnt they? Now, they are part of the "civilian security force just as well funded and trained as our military" that prez Obama spoke of. A security force used to "protect americans at home". Yeah, like the patriot act protects our freeedom. A organization that came to be, because of the iraq war, and 9-11.
Let me ask you something. If we were indeed in danger of evil radical terrorists striking us, dontcha think its a LITTLE important to maybe put some barbed wire or somegoddamthing, on the very open US/Mexico border? Do ya THIINK that maybe mexican drug cartels having total control of the border area, is maybe a BAD idea?
Yeah, but politicians keep coming up with ideas as to why we CANT secure our border to the south. Up north? Heaven help you if you buy cuban cigars in canada and try to smuggle them across. Its curtains for you friend. Border patrol boats are a regular scene up on lake ontario these days. You know, in case the radical muslim terrorist navy/salmon fishing fleet ever tries to make their attack on Watertown NY. Yeah, we're in good hands.
And STILL, people believe what they're told. Right up to the point they're ordered into the boxcars.

Understand this. The soldiers arent the enemy. The individual politicians arent the enemies.
The people ordering /directing them, are.
People you never even hear or heard of. Now there comes a point when the politicians and the foot soldiers ARE responsible for their actions, but we're not going to dissect that animal here, now.

I dont believe in the republican or democratic parties anymore. I dont believe we've had a "real" president since.......well, since JFK, at least.
No, not even Reagan. One act of lowering a tax rate does not a patriot make. He, like every president in the past 50 years, has kept the country chugging in the same direction. Towards globalism. Reagan appointing Bush Sr to VP, and then later basically handing him the baton of the presidency, says all you need to know. Conservatives, moderates, liberals.....its all nonsense. Bush Sr was chosen by Reagan. Bush Sr was THE president that made REAL and public proclamations and executive orders promoting global government. Bush Sr was supposedly hand picked by the most conservative of conservative leaders this country had in that century, and HE hands the country over in ONE term, to an admitted globalist. Reagan's worshipped by people who wrap themselves in the U.S. constitution, and he hands the country over to someone who is a bonafide globalist. Thats someone whos NOT in favor of the US constitution folks. Thats someone who is in favor of global laws, and a GLOBAL constitution, folks.
Yeah, and IM the crazy one.

Here. Watch these videos. Theyre free and painless. Unless of course, youre a retarded army major/banker who understands neither the military or banking. In which case, youre gonna blow a gasket when you see how ignorant you really have been.
Watch "fall of the republic" on youtube. Then watch "end of america3"

Please. This is what is happening.

I'll get back to complaining about my crazy wife later. Or not. Its enough for her to know that I WILL post her insanity. I've noticed a reluctance in all out assaults recently, and have nothing to explain that away other than I will POST any and all insane actions.
Hers and mine.

I really dont give a shit anymore.

happy frickin new year.

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