Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Same Old Same Old

Who here believes "OH ITS JUST LIKE IT'S ALWAYS BEEN?"

I've said a few times that I'm sick of poitics. I am. Politics isn't even politics anymore.

First, Obama said he didnt want to run the banks of america.
Then he forced them to take tarp money. The CEO of wells fargo banks said he was told in no uncertain terms, that unless he signed onto the tarp fund "bailout", he would not physically be allowed to leave the room where the "conference" was taking place.
THEN, the Fed said the banks "couldn't" pay back the monies they (forcefully) received, but instead the gov't "requested" that as a repayment, common stocks would be accepted instead.
Common stocks, for those of you who didn't know, give the federal government a SHARE, in the banks...............that Obama SAID he "didn't want to run".

And then Obama said "Ayyyyye, dontwantto run American carcompanies......", aaaaaaaaaaaaand then proceeds to set into motion a series of events that gives the federal government a MAJORITY share, of GM. Oh, and then he proceeds to FIRE the old ceo of GM, and appoint someone he deems "more worthy".

All this from a guy who says he doesnt want to run anything.
Like Healthcare.
He says he doesnt want to run that either, yet hes doing everything in his (omnipotent) power to make certain that the federal government in fact, DOES run healhcare in this country.
He SAYS he doesnt want a socialist healthcare plan, then tells us (over and over and over) that unless the federal government takes over healthcare in this country, the crisis we are supposedly in the midst of, will cause us to go bankrupt, again. You know, like we were going to go bankrupt if he didnt save the banks, and GM. Well, GM did in fact go bankrupt (even after a bazillion taxpayer dollars were spent to prevent exactly that), but its a nice happy kind of bankrupt.
So, Obama SAYS he doesnt want to run banks, but forces them to take federal dollars, and in return, demands common stock from them as a repayment.
He SAYS he doesnt want to run american car companies, but then gets a majority share in them, and fires the boss.
He SAYS he doesnt want a socialist healtcare program for america, and that he WANTS private insurers to remain in the mix, but every human with 4 working brain cells and ANY knowledge at all of The insurance industry, knows that if the federal government enacts this "non-socialist healthcare plan", it will result in every private insurer going belly up. And I dont think that Obama will come to their rescue, either.
THIS, is how this guy operates.
Always has.
Eliminate the competetion.
Sure must suck to be involved in Ford Motors these days. They have a HUGE bullseye on their heads, and Obama is sharpening up the sword as we type. Think I'm being silly about him eliminating the competetion?
Its how he got elected to his first public office. Oh he "regreted doing it", but stated that "it wasn't illegal".
This is how he did it.
He had a staff of "investigators" research every one of the 1,600 signatures collected by longtime south side activist (Chicago) and 5 year incumbent state senator Alice Palmer.
His team disqualified hundreds and hundreds of them, until they had enough disqualified to remove her name off the ballot.
(some for being printed instead of written, some for being filled out in maiden names when the
filler-outer was NOW married....)
Obama did admit to "being uneasy over the tactic", but added "If you couldnt run a successful petetion drive, then that raised questions in terms of how effective a representative you would be..."

"I dont want to run american car companies..."

You people need to wake up. You need to open your eyes to what is happening to OUR country.
Next week, ABC news is going to broadcast their NEWS, from the White House, and later in the evening, they are going to present a "news special" show on Barrack Obama's Healthcare reform Plan. With NO opposing points of view. From the white house.
In other words, ABC news, you know, JOURNALISTS, are going to be selling Obama's (non-socialist) healthcare reform plan. Do you understand what that means?
Does the name Josef Goebels ring any bells?
Google that guy. Oh gee, I just lost credibility because I referenced a nazi propaganda minister, and obama uses ABC to do his work, instead.

I know you want hope and change.
I know you wish for the best, and want the guy to succeed, because hes just so darn SMART and nice and his wife is so hot and all.
I get all that.
What you (collectively speaking to the american public) dont realize is what is actually occuring to our nation, while everyone is hoping for the best.
Whats happening isnt politics, its a coup, done with smiles and lots of "gosh-gees" for the cameras.

Do you care?

"I dont want to tell you what to think"
"I dont want to make you think that the president lies through his teeth every time he speaks"
"I dont want to make you depressed for the future of our great nation, like I am at times".

I should be president.
Then everyone would believe me no matter what I said and did.

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