Tuesday, 2 June 2009

murder she wrote

Liberals cant understand how people can be pro life, and pro death penalty at the same time.
They cant understand how people can say its alright to kill animals to eat them, but its not alright for a woman to end the life of the (whatever, to them) in their womb.

When roe v. wade was decided in the supreme court, abortions were legalized in the united states, but only for woman who were in the first trimester of pregnancy. Today, a couple two tree decades later, we have evolved as a culture and a society of laws, to include babies partially born. This hideous procedure was one of the ones that the infamous dr george tiller perfomed with apparent indifference.
Theres more to this story,and some news outlets and most partisan bloggers are yakking incessantly about his recent trial and the ramifications of the decision regarding it, but the REAL story, to me, is this.

Who let this guy walk in the doors of that church???
No, not the crazed gunman who gunned down doctor tiller, I mean WHO LET TILLER IN CHURCH!?!?!?
I know, I know, all you libs are shouting the one bible verse you're familiar with........
"JUDGE NOT!!!!!"
Well, as usual, you're wrong. "Judging" is something we are SUPPOSED to do, it's CONDESCENDING that we're not supposed to do. We are also supposed to CONFRONT those who are publicly and knowingly engaged in activities that could harm the body of believers.
Heres where most part ways. By harm, we're talking spiritual consequences for physical activities, not just the ones who are burning down churches and shooting parishoners.
Ok, blah blah blah praise the lord and pass the ammunition already, you're probably saying.
Well, as I've stated before, I'm DONE with politics, and if you want to read "blah blah blah republicans this, and blah blah blah democrats that", then go read a zillion other blogs.
I'm interested in what is shaping, and what is GOING to shape, our nation.
You may believe its going to be political rallies, and grass roots movements that wake up the american masses, but you're wrong about that, too.
Here's why.

simplify simplify simplify.

I've been saying that for years, much to the disgust of over-thinking types everywhere, and its never been more pertinent.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I believe in God. We as a nation have acknowledged that we as a nation do as well, in song, in official creeds and mottos, and in print, in the words that formed our nation in the first place.
Well, heres the kicker.

God aint a sunset, a waterfall, or a baby seal. (if he were the latter, hed be REALLY pissed at the Eskimos by this point......)
Anywho, Who He is, is pertinent to who WE are.
And HOW we are, is pertinent to HOW we are blessed, protected, or not, by Him.
If you believe He is God, (you know, the God of Jesus, Issac, abraham and Moses and all that) then you have to understand that we dont make the rules, and He wont sit by idly forever while we screw tings up in our special evolutionary way. Every step we take that mocks what we KNOW of Him, puts us as a nation, one step further from His "divine providence". You know what "divine providence" is, right?
In simple terms, its dumb luck. Like when heavy rain and fog kept the continental army from being exterminated, when they were outnumbered and surrounded on what is now manhatten island.
There was no doubt in george washington's army who and what saved his army that night, and he wasnt afraid to say it, either.
Well, running out of dumb luck, when there are insane people like radical muslims and unwrapped Korean dictators who are gettting nukes quicker than obama is getting private sector industries, thats a pretty bad thing indeed.
If ever we needed divine providence, its now.
You dont have to believe me, but understand that the men who were considered the most briliant nation builders the world has EVER seen (up until modern day libs hit the scene), felt it necessary to acknowledge Him, in many many writings and official documents.
That says something.
These men were ALL studied men, well educated in history, languages, and classic literature, as well as the scriptures. WELL studied. They were NOT a collection of farmers and back woods folk, like modern day revisionists would have us believe.
My point is these brilliant men (on a historical scale, not just a contemporary one) acknowledged the God of Abraham Issac and Jesus as the guide and guiding force behind them and their nation building endeavor.
So I feel empowered to do the same, and to say that until we realize He still is, all the political correctness and societal evolving we do, is fruitless.
Which, brings us back to the infamous doctor who killed babies that could have survived outside the womb (if their heads werent crushed like over ripe punkins).
We as a nation have decided and declared that this procedure, is "just and humane, and in fact a right in our culture", and THAT, is everything, today.
We can still sing "God Bless America", but I'm telling you it's not going to happen with laws like this.
"Let me assure you, God will not be mocked". Those arent my words, people.

So this abortion champion gets his brains blowed out while supposedly worshipping God, and I believe there is a message somewhere.

Oh yeah. "god will not be mocked".
No, I'm NOT saying that God sent that wacko in that church to kill that Doctor.
I'm saying that THAT is what happens to people who mock God. There is a difference. If you cant see the difference, than maybe a little more learning and a little less indoctrinating is in order.
Decide if you in fact believe in God, and then decide if its God, or some god you can invent everything around. You know, intellectually. with intellectual rules and stuff.
The founders didnt believe in a modern day intellectual kind of god. And they wouldnt have let doctors like george tiller, who believed themselves to be followers of God, to carry on his charade in their day.
Look at the nation THEy created, and look at the nation WE created.
Who's resembles something brilliant, and who's resembles something pathetic, disheveled and discombulated?
George Tliler sitting in church spiked many an Irony-O-meter.
George Tiller getting shot in church, made those meters blow up in a billion little pieces, and it's not by accident, either.

Dont mock God, is the message of the day.

I'm telling you, this is what you need to focus on.
What, you think its what George Will or George Snuffulupagus has to say?

Yeah thats it.

We as a nation of laws, are going to get what George Tiller got.
Our just reward.
We as a nation are toast, and remember, the bible didnt say "if you turn around and elect CONSERVATIVES, I'll spare you my wrath".
Stop believing that this nation is something it isn't, because your (Christian) beliefs are NOT what this nation represents, anymore.
Wake up, focus, and understand that this nation is NOT "one nation under God", anymore.
Despite how desperately you and I want it to be.

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